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Season 1

Crazyhead Crazyhead [Season 1, Episode 1] A Very Trippy Horse
Shown 19th October 2016 [Wednesday]

This starts with a young woman abducted by people in clown masks. While it starts intensely, things soon get over-the-top in a played-for-laughs way. This sets the tone for the rest of the show - not laugh-a-minute wisecracking like in a sitcom, but one where the comedy comes from characters taking ridiculous situations seriously.

The main story is told in flashback. The protagonist is a young woman who sees people with demonic faces - like Grimm . She has been diagnosed as delusional by the NHS, and put on medication. However, she meets another patient who tells her that the demons are real. This is backed up by the fact that the demon-faced people start to attack her.

Dr Callum (Tony Curran - League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ) is an NHS psychiatrist. But is he more deeply involved in the demonic goings-on?

The casting is a bit cliched. The working-class girl is black while the middle-class one is white. Also, there is a vampire-with-a-soul character similar to Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer .

Crazyhead Crazyhead [Season 1, Episode 2] A Pine Fresh Scent
Shown 26th October 2016 [Wednesday]

The girls try to dispose of the dead body. However, they are inexperienced at such things so it takes time to get it right.

The demons come after the girls. Luckily, Raquel the black girl has a guardian angel of sorts. He is not a vampire with a soul ... he is a demon, and also her father.

Crazyhead Crazyhead [Season 1, Episode 3] Shave the Cat
Shown 2nd November 2016 [Wednesday]

The dead girl has come back from the dead. She is not exactly alive, though - she is a blood-sucking revenant. The others decide to take her to a Cabin in the Woods until they can find a cure for her. No point in mocking them - it is just that kind of show.

The demons are still stalking Raquel. However, they want her alive and unharmed for their own agenda. Also, she meets an apparently average human boy of about her own age who takes a liking to her.

Crazyhead Crazyhead [Season 1, Episode 4] Penguin Or Cow?
Shown 9th November 2016 [Wednesday]

The girls have a sleep-over in their one-piece night-dresses. One is a penguin, the other is a cow. Amy chooses the penguin, and ends up hooking up with Raquel's brother.

The demon overlord has the blood-sucking revenant as a hostage. He uses her as bait to lure the others into a trap.

Crazyhead Crazyhead [Season 1, Episode 5] Downward Facing Dog
Shown 16th November 2016 [Wednesday]

Raquel goes on a date with her creepy new boyfriend. She tells Amy that she is going to pilates, hence the Yoga position used in the episode's title. . Will she discover the truth about him? How much does he really know about her?

There are recriminations all round. Raquel accuses everyone of lying to her and deceiving her, but the truth is that she is just as guilty as they are. And their explanations are every bit as convincing as hers are.

Crazyhead Crazyhead [Season 1, Episode 6] Beaver With A Chainsaw
Shown 23rd November 2016 [Wednesday]

Raquel gets word that her boyfriend has taken a turn for the worse. Will she do the smart thing and stay safe, or will she return to the city and risk getting caught? After all, the demons need her in order to open the gates of hell.

The ending is a bit lacklustre. There is a big Halloween party, but the conflict is quickly resolved. At least the show sets up the possibility of a second Season.






Crazyhead Crazyhead [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th November 2016 [Wednesday]

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