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Intergalactic (2021)

Season 1

Intergalactic (2021) Intergalactic (2021) [Season 1, Episode 1] Commonworld 2143
Shown 30th April 2021

Ash Harper ( Savannah Steyn ) is the top cop in the year 2126. She is well regarded by her boss, Sergeant Wendell (Neil Maskell - Utopia ), and her mother - Arch-Marshal Rebecca Harper ( Parminder Nagra ). Unfortunately she is framed, and ends up on a prison ship.

The ship is full of violent female thugs, and that is just the guards. The inmates stage a breakout, and try to fly the hijacked prison ship through hyperspace. Since they know that Ash was a cop, they want to kill her on general principle.

All the active characters are female, and most of them are women of colour. There are THREE white males - one of them is corrupt and the others are incompetent. To avoid spoilers, you will have to watch it yourself if you want to know which one is which. Basically, it does not matter.

Intergalactic (2021) Intergalactic (2021) [Season 1, Episode 2] Pau Rosa
Shown 30th April 2021

Ash Harper ( Savannah Steyn ) escapes into the desert, wearing a bright yellow convict uniform. She discovers a slave labour camp, so naturally she breaks into it. This is not as stupid as it seems, since her aim is to steal a vehicle. She also meets a cheeky criminal, a Han Solo type.

Intergalactic (2021) Intergalactic (2021) [Season 1, Episode 3] Nar 59
Shown 30th April 2021

The spaceship needs fuel, so Ash Harper ( Savannah Steyn ) leads a heist on a fuel bunker.

Sergeant Wendell (Neil Maskell - Utopia ) is tracked down by Arch-Marshal Rebecca Harper ( Parminder Nagra ).

Intergalactic (2021) Intergalactic (2021) [Season 1, Episode 4] Professor Baker's Ship
Shown 30th April 2021

The runaways decide to hijack a new spaceship. The good news is that the only inhabitant is an apparently harmless scientist (Michael Smiley - The Aliens ). The bad news is obvious to everyone except them.

It turns out that the immortal vampire woman has cells that need to be harvested by a qualified scientist so that the ecosphere can be saved. However, this egg-harvesting gets strangely sexualised. It turns out that a vampire's consent is of more value than the existence of the ecosphere. Yes, every life-form in the galaxy can be sacrificed just so the vamp-woman can feel respected and dignified.

Intergalactic (2021) Intergalactic (2021) [Season 1, Episode 5] Skov
Shown 30th April 2021

Ash Harper ( Savannah Steyn ) is suffering from a strange malady, so the others take her to the nearest inhabited planet. It is the homeworld of the token white convict, so she takes the others to meet her mother.

The police send in a special operations unit. These guys are so dumb that instead of using night-vision goggles they just strap torches to their heads to give away their location. However, despite the cops using automatic weapons they seem incapable of hitting anything. In comparison, the convict women hit with every single pistol shot from their single-shot pistols. The police-issue body-armour allows them to die instantly from every shot, which means it must be specially designed to maximise lethality instead of minimise it.

Intergalactic (2021) Intergalactic (2021) [Season 1, Episode 6] Hemlock
Shown 30th April 2021

Ash Harper ( Savannah Steyn ) gets the blame for things going badly on the previous planet. Although she and the others have made their escape on the ship, they will eventually decide they are better off without her.

A SWAT cop has stowed away on the ship. Luckily, his armour does not protect him at all. The bad news is that whatever killed him is also a threat to the main characters. They must band together to overcome this threat.

Intergalactic (2021) Intergalactic (2021) [Season 1, Episode 7] Kelp
Shown 30th April 2021

The Witch, the only one of the runaways who knows how to get to Arcadia, is in a prison on the planet Kelp. The rest of the runaways want to break her out, but get distracted by a high-stakes poker game in a nearby casino. One of the entrants has the coordinates to Arcadia.

Ash Harper ( Savannah Steyn ) breaks into the prison, and confronts her mother - Arch-Marshal Rebecca Harper ( Parminder Nagra ).

There is a lot of swearing, so this show is not intended for children. Strangely, all the violence is off-screen - probably to ensure that the female protagonists seem sympathetic even though they are bassically a bunch of killers.

The two main storylines climax at the same time, although only one vistory is necessary for the protagonists to reach Arcadia. One of the storylines will result in the incarceration of a regular character. So which one will win out?

Intergalactic (2021) Intergalactic (2021) [Season 1, Episode 8] Gates of Arcadia
Shown 30th April 2021

The crew of the Hemlock discover that they have a traitor aboard. Yes, once again they are riven with suspicion and mistrust.

Back on Commonworld, the bigwigs of the Evil Empire meet up to replace the leader who was murdered in the previous episode. Arch-Marshal Rebecca Harper ( Parminder Nagra ) decides that the best thing to do is to stage a military coup.





Intergalactic (2021)

Intergalactic (2021) Intergalactic (2021) [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown 30th April 2021

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