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Season 1

Krypton Krypton [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 21 Mar 18

This is set on planet Krypton, centuries before Superman's birth. His ancestor Val-El (Ian McElhinney - Game of Thrones ), a political dissident, is executed by the Government. Yes, the city of Kandor is a dystopia - specifically a religious dictatorship.

Fourteen years later, the dead man's grandson Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe - Time After Time (2017) ) is a young rogue who hangs around with Kem (Rasmus Hardiker - Your Highness ). The duo are recruited by Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos - Dark Matter: S2 ), a time-traveller from Twenty-First Century Detroit.

Krypton Krypton [Season 1, Episode 2] House of El
Shown 28 Mar 18

Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe - Time After Time (2017) ) wants to take revenge on Daron-Vex (Elliot Cowan - Frankenstein chronicles ). Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos - Dark Matter: S2 ) reminds him of his higher duty, to prevent Brainiac from destroying Krypton. Luckily, Seg-El's new job as a scientist should make that easy. However, the Government technology is not good enough to detect Brainiac yet. The only computer powerful enough is the secret one in the Fortress of Solitude, which was built fourteen years ago. Yes, Moore's Law does not apply in Kandor.

Strange and Rem go out looking for meteorites. Hopefully some proof of Brainiac's existence can be found.

Krypton Krypton [Season 1, Episode 3] The Rankless Initiative
Shown 04 Apr 18

Lyta-Zod ( Georgina Campbell ) wants a promotion. Unfortunately the only way you can get one in the Sagitari is if you defeat your commanding officer in a duel to the death. Yes, she must defeat a man who is taller, stronger and more experienced.

Krypton Krypton [Season 1, Episode 4] The Word of Rao
Shown 11 Apr 18

The Brainiac probe has infected a woman in the slums. Its mission is to access the local communications system so it can send a message back to Brainiac.

Lyta-Zod ( Georgina Campbell ) is given her first mission as a commander. Her unit must clear the poor people out of the slums. Naturally, it all goes horribly wrong.

Krypton Krypton [Season 1, Episode 5] House of Zod
Shown 18 Apr 18

Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe - Time After Time (2017) ) goes looking for an arch-terrorist (Colin Salmon - Arrow: S1 ) who has links for Black Zero.

Lyta-Zod ( Georgina Campbell ) stands trial for the mess in the previous episode. The reality is that she did a good job, but is now a pawn in political games. Will her mother, Primus Jayna-Zod ( Ann Ogbomo ), agree to help Daron-Vex (Elliot Cowan - Frankenstein chronicles ) to take over the Government? Vex may be a creepy back-stabber, but he actually seems more reasonable than the religious fundamentalist in charge of Kandor.

Krypton Krypton [Season 1, Episode 6] Civil Wars
Shown 25 Apr 18

Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe - Time After Time (2017) ) and Lyta-Zod ( Georgina Campbell ) team up with the arch-terrorist (Colin Salmon - Arrow: S1 ), and go off in search of a secret doomsday weapon. Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos - Dark Matter: S2 ) gets chained up and left behind, because he with-held info from the others.

Back in Kandor, Daron-Vex (Elliot Cowan - Frankenstein chronicles ) and the conspirators continue their plot. What they do not know is that the Face of Rao is not merely a religious bigot and totalitarian despot. Worse, he has been taken over by Brainiac (Blake Ritson - DaVinci's demons )!

Krypton Krypton [Season 1, Episode 7] Transformation
Shown 02 May 18

Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe - Time After Time (2017) ) and Zod arrive back in Kandor, unaware of the reason for the massive security clamp-down. Radimus gives them some exposition - Lyta is scheduled for execution for her part in the plot. Seg goes to save her, despite her only being his arranged bride Nyssa Vex ( Wallis Day ) and the fact she blackmailed everyone. It turns out that she does not really need his help.

Daron-Vex (Elliot Cowan - Frankenstein chronicles ) has been enslaved by Brainiac (Blake Ritson - DaVinci's demons ). It has not lobotomised him, but its sensors have a lie-detector mode and if he tries to decieve it then it will kill him. However, he is just as much a victim as anyone.

Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos - Dark Matter: S2 ) has been left at the Fortress of Solitude, where he and the hologram of grandpa El (Ian McIlhinney - Game of Thrones ) try to repair his intergalactic teleportation device.

Krypton Krypton [Season 1, Episode 8] Savage Night
Shown 09 May 18

Zod (Colin Salmon - Arrow: S1 ) and his grandma visit the Black Zero leader - yet another Matriarch. She gives them her version of You're either for us or you're against us - originally said by Neo-Con George W. Bush but now the unofficial motto of AntiFa. In her mind, the Guild system is to blame for everything. If the skilled labourers were no longer in charge, the unskilled masses would be able to take over.

Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos - Dark Matter: S2 ) tries to correct his mistakes. He makes a deal with Vex, possibly to help him double-cross Brainiac (Blake Ritson - DaVinci's demons ).

The body of one of Brainiac's brainwashed troopers is taken to the Fortress of Solitude, where the girls and the hologram of grandpa El (Ian McIlhinney - Game of Thrones ) try to hack his transceiver. Their plan is to distract Brainiac.

Krypton Krypton [Season 1, Episode 9] Hope
Shown 16 May 18

Krypton Krypton [Season 1, Episode 10] The Phantom Zone
Shown 23 May 18

Brainiac (Blake Ritson - DaVinci's demons ) has arrived at last. Not just a probe that infects locals, but the original creature itself.






Krypton Krypton [Season 2 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2018 [Wednesday]

Reviewed in our special supplement Krypton

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    Season 2

  • Emmett J Scanlan ( In The Flesh (2014) ) as Lobo [ 2 ]
  • Krypton Krypton [Season 2, Episode 1] Light-Years from Home
    Shown 12 Jun 19

    Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos - Dark Matter: S2 ) arrives back at Kandor to discover the timeline has been vastly altered. General Zod (Colin Salmon - Arrow: S1 ) has become the Great Dictator, and Lyta-Zod ( Georgina Campbell ) is his murderous hench-woman. The good news is that Val-El (Ian McElhinney - Game of Thrones ) leads an armed Resistance movement based on Krypton's moon.

    Nyssa Vex ( Wallis Day ) goes looking for her estranged father, Daron-Vex (Elliot Cowan - Frankenstein chronicles ). Will she murder him, or just humiliate him?

    Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe - Time After Time (2017) ) is trapped in the Phantom Zone. Brainiac (Blake Ritson - DaVinci's demons ) is also a prisoner there. If Seg escapes, what are the chances that Brainiac will somehow follow him?

    Krypton Krypton [Season 2, Episode 2] Ghost in the Fire
    Shown 19 Jun 19

    Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos - Dark Matter: S2 ) meets up with his buddy Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe - Time After Time (2017) ). Unfortunately they run into Lobo (Emmett J Scanlan - In The Flesh (2014) ), a bloodthirsty bounty-hunter who is after Brainiac (Blake Ritson - DaVinci's demons ). And while Brainiac's body may be dead, his parasitic probe could infect and possess people so there is no reason to believe his main conscious could not also be transferred.

    General Zod (Colin Salmon - Arrow: S1 ) sends Nyssa Vex ( Wallis Day ) to contact Val-El (Ian McElhinney - Game of Thrones ) on the moon, and go undercover in the Resistance.

    Krypton Krypton [Season 2, Episode 3] Will to Power
    Shown 26 Jun 19

    Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos - Dark Matter: S2 ) and Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe - Time After Time (2017) ) try to evade Lobo (Emmett J Scanlan - In The Flesh (2014) ).

    Lyta-Zod ( Georgina Campbell ) asks General Zod (Colin Salmon - Arrow: S1 ) to send her to fight Val-El (Ian McElhinney - Game of Thrones ) on the moon. However, he has other plans.

    Krypton Krypton [Season 2, Episode 4] Danger Close
    Shown 03 Jul 19

    The rebels ambush the Sagitarii conscripts and wipe them out. Of course, this all happens off-screen in the biggest disappointment since the missed battle at the end of Game of Thrones: Season One . The good news is that Kem (Rasmus Hardiker - Your Highness (2009) ) survives, and becomes a major character again.

    Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos - Dark Matter: S2 ) and Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe - Time After Time (2017) ) return to Kandor. General Zod (Colin Salmon - Arrow: S1 ) has not just removed the Rankless people, he has removed and replaced their entire district of the city - as easily as if he had just destroyed and rebuilt some movie sets. Adam goes to join the Resistance on the moon, while Seg stays in the hope of seducing Lyta-Zod ( Georgina Campbell ).

    General Zod (Colin Salmon - Arrow: S1 ) makes his next move against the Resistance on the moon. They have a counter-stroke planned, but Nyssa Vex ( Wallis Day ) conspires with Val-El (Ian McElhinney - Game of Thrones ).

    Krypton Krypton [Season 2, Episode 5] A Better Yesterday
    Shown 10 Jul 19

    General Zod (Colin Salmon - Arrow: S1 ) has defeated the rebels, and sends his mother ( Georgina Campbell ) to negotiate a truce with them. Unfortunately the rebel leader seeks to re-negotiate on her own terms.

    Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe - Time After Time (2017) ) goes after Zod. The pair of renegade Sagitauri break into the palace to do the same thing.

    Krypton Krypton [Season 2, Episode 6] In Zod We Trust
    Shown 17 Jul 19

    Grandpa (Ian McIlhinney - Game of Thrones ) is elected the new leader of the rebels on the moon.

    Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe - Time After Time (2017) ) and the pair of renegade Sagitauri try to escape from the palace.

    Nyssa Vex ( Wallis Day ) wipes out yet more of the Sagitauri. After all, they are just faceless nobodies whose only job in life is to get killed of by the good guys.

    Krypton Krypton [Season 2, Episode 7] Zods and Monsters
    Shown 24 Jul 19

    Brainiac is still in Seg-El's brain, so Seg-El goes to the Fortress of Solitude. After all, the only one that can help him is the hologramatic AI of his Grandpa (Ian McIlhinney - Game of Thrones ). He takes Nyssa Vex ( Wallis Day ) and the baby along, so they can have a naming ceremony. Unfortunately the child's Vex heritage is entirely obscured from memory, even though Daron Vex is dead while Grandpa El still lives.

    General Zod (Colin Salmon - Arrow: S1 ) has a new plan of attack. He gets his top scientist to start reactivating Doomsday. This gives us flashbacks to a thousand years previously, when there was another civil war on Krypton. The Zod clan were scientists back then, so one of them teamed up with an El scientist to make a volunteer into a super-soldier. The plan was to make a man into a super-hero, but they just made him a monster.

    Radimus Hardicker ( Your Highness (2009) ) is put in charge of a unit sent to sweep up the Sagitauri forces hiding in the caves. Until recently he was a reluctant conscript in the Sagitauri army, and now he may be the one responsible for wiping them out. With the damage done by Brainiac in the first Season, and the killings committed by the Resistance in this Season, any more slaughter might be an act of genocide. After all, the only Afro-Caribbean people in Kandor are the Sagitauri. Adam Stranger ( Dark Matter ) tags along to help out.

    Krypton Krypton [Season 2, Episode 8] Mercy
    Shown 31 Jul 19

    Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe - Time After Time (2017) ) and Nyssa Vex ( Wallis Day ) team up with the renegade Sagitauri to infiltrate Zod's base. Naturally, it all goes wrong.

    It turns out that a certain character who was killed off has now been brought back from the dead - sort of. Farscape did this mind of thing a lot, but that was virtually a parody. This is a more serious kind of show, but it falls back on the kind of trope that its comic-book origins left behind in the 1970s.

    Krypton Krypton [Season 2, Episode 9] Blood Moon
    Shown 07 Aug 19

    General Zod (Colin Salmon - Arrow: S1 ) plans to conquer the galaxy. He needs the moon because that is where the solarium mines are, and he needs the solarium to fuel his starship armada. Despite having lost the entire conscript army he based on the moon, he still has enough troops to invade other planets.

    Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe - Time After Time (2017) ) and Nyssa Vex ( Wallis Day ) travel to the moon to warn Grandpa (Ian McIlhinney - Game of Thrones ). He has his troops take defensive positions, like in Empire Strikes Back (1980) .

    Zod's ship is big enough to carry five battalions of troops. This does not sound like a lot to conquer a world, since it would only be enough to make up a single regiment of a thousand soldiers. But this was written for an American audience, and an American battalion is the size of a regiment. Thus the ship could contain a brigade-sized formation of five thousand troops. Instead, Zod plays it safe and sends his super-weapon ... Doomsday!

    The rebels on the perimeter soon discover that Doomsday is bulletproof. Val orders them to retreat, but the tactical commander mutinies. Since firing from cover is no use, he leads a bayonet crarge (albeit without bayonets). Later, we see Nyssa use exactly the same tactic when she leads a full-frontal assault on Doomsday's backup crew. Luckily she has a dagger that can slice through a bulletproof breastplate or two, without even dulling its edge.

    Adam Stranger ( Dark Matter ) is assigned to evacuate the population. Seg and Radimus Hardicker ( Your Highness (2009) ) are sent to boobytrap the solarium mine. It all ends in tragedy.

    Krypton Krypton [Season 2, Episode 10] The Alpha and the Omega
    Shown 14 Aug 19

    General Zod (Colin Salmon - Arrow: S1 ) is the greatest warrior in Kandor. Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe - Time After Time (2017) ) cannot face Zod alone, so he goes tag-team with Lyta-Zod ( Georgina Campbell ).

    Brainiac (Blake Ritson - DaVinci's demons ) still has Seg's infant son, Jor-El. Luckily Lobo (Emmett J Scanlan - In The Flesh (2014) ) has made his own way to Krypton. This is a setup for another Season, which unfortunately was never made because the show was cancelled.