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Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman

Season 3

Lois & Clark Lois & Clark [Season 3, Episode 1] We Have A Lot To Talk About
Shown 17 Sep 95
Shown 26th July 1999 [Monday]

The show is back again, a reminder of how witty and entertaining the show was before it descended into the living death of its final seasons.

This takes off from the cliffhanger ending of the previous Season. Because this show is about the two main characters, rather than Superman and supervillains, the cliffhanger was Clark's marriage proposal to Lois.

Another marriage is planned - that of Bill Church [Peter Boyle - X-Files ] to his bimbo, Mindy ( Jessica Collins ). He also decides to go straight, and has Intercorp arrest all criminals in Metropolis. Yes, the head of Intergang is reformed, unfortunately, and a boring old straight-arrow.

Luckily for the plot's sake his son is around to stage a takeover - Bruce Campbell [ Xena ] plans to usurp his father's control of Intergang!

I have to say, however, that while BC acted the cast of Homicide off the screen when he guested on their show, he is his typically wooden self here.

Lois & Clark Lois and Clark [Season 3, Episode 2] Ordinary People
Shown 4th March 2002 - Monday

Lois runs an expose on hedonist billionaire Spencer Spencer. He lives in a Love Fortress and his porno empire is a front for prostitution and gambling. Obviously Lois feels morally superior to him.

Lois has still not responded to Clark's proposal. He tries to woo her by getting her presents. Since Superman's costume has no pockets, he can't carry money so he must be stealing them!

Spencer is mutilated, in a Christopher Pike wheelchair! He wants a full-body transplant, and decides he wants superman's body. To kill two birds with one stone he surrepticiously arranges for Lois and Clark to spend a romantic weekend on his remote desert island. Spencer's sidekicks repeatedly try to put the couple in peril, but since Lois has demanded that the couple act as ordinary People Clark surreptitiously removes the dangers!

Lois & Clark Lois and Clark [Season 3, Episode 3] Contact
Shown 11th March 2002 - Monday

Lois and Clark are starting to have a relationship. Well, a relationship is merely a connection and they always had a workplace partnership, but now they are dating.

Unfortunately, Lois believes that she is a victim of Alien Abduction. Is this really the case, or is a nerdy scientist type trying to distract Superman from his plans to build a superweapon and take over the world?

 48.   3- 4     457404     15 Oct 95   When Irish Eyes Are Killing
Lois & Clark Lois & Clark [Season 3, Episode 5] Just Say Noah

Lois and Clark have split up, but keep getting dragged together again. Perry sends them undercover as a married couple to a romantic retreat.

The man running the retreat seems like a dumb redneck, but he is actually very sharp and perceptive. And unusually for this show he's a bible-belt bible-basher.

 50.   3- 6     457406      5 Nov 95   Don't Tug on Superman's Cape
Lois & Clark Lois & Clark [Season 3, Episode 7] Ultra Woman
Shown 13th May 2002 - Monday

Shelley Long and Mary Gross zap Superman with a red Kryptonite laser. He is holding Lois at the time, so his superpowers are transferred to her. She becomes the superhero, and Clark dubs her Ultra Woman.

Clark has to adjust not only to being a mere mortal, but also to having a woman more powerful than himself. He cuts himself shaving, which begs the question - if Superman's chin-hairs are invulnerable, how can he be clean-shaven?

Since their relationship has improved, the issue of the marriage proposal is revived. This contrasts with the state of Perry's marriage ...

Lois & Clark Lois & Clark [Season 3, Episode 8] Chip Off The Old Clark
Shown 17th May 2002 - Friday

A white-trash single mother claims that her son is superman's love-child. The problem for Clark is, the boy has superpowers!

Lois & Clark Lois & Clark [Season 3, Episode 9] Super Mann
Shown 20th May 2002 - Monday

A trio of Nazi German super-soldiers from WWII [including Sandra Hess - obviously not restricted to Kinder, Kirche, Kuchen] come out of suspended animation after 50 years and find they are in Metropolis. They are enlisted as the heads of the National Society for a Better America, a Nazi society run by a US Senator.

Three years later the trio have become a Country & Western singer, an American Football player and a supermodel. Each rises to the top of their profession, and the NSBA recruits lots of new supporters. This is meant to show the incidious danger of Nazism, but all it does is show that American is Fascist at heart! One character is supposed to be villainous because he actually cares about political issues! And when the Nazis make a TV broadcast its morals are indistinguishable from Superman's!

How will this end? Will the show advocate the rounding up of people merely because they have strong political views?

Lois & Clark Lois & Clark [Season 3, Episode 10] Virtually Destroyed
Shown 27th May 2002 - Monday

Lois is invited to test a new Virtual Reality system. Unfortunately the designer wants to access Lex Luthor's computer system, and only Lois knows what the passwords are. She and Clark get trapped in VR, with interesting results.

The villain is more or less your stereotypical techno-nerd. Jimmy Olsen is apparently a techno-nerd too ...

Lois & Clark Lois & Clark [Season 3, Episode 11] Home is Where The Hurt Is
Shown 3rd June 2002 - Monday

Intergang is back, now under the command of Mindy Church ( Jessica Collins ). She hires an assassin to kill Superman!

Meanwhile, Lois' parents come to town.

Lois & Clark Lois & Clark [Season 3, Episode 12] Never On Sunday
Shown 10th June 2002 - Monday

Metropolis is visited by a Carribean illusionist named Baron Sunday. He is secretly a Voodoo Priest, out for revenge against some corrupt NIA Agents, and Clark Kent is on his list.

Lois' mother is in town to help plan the wedding. Lois herself is wearing very un-revealing clothes for a change.

It's nice to see a villain who is both reasonably sympathetic and also powerful enough to pose a threat to Superman!

Lois & Clark Lois & Clark [Season 3, Episode 13] The Dad Who Came In From The Cold
Shown 17th June 2002 - Monday

This is the climax of the Season's mini-Arc concerning corruption within the NIA. The NIA send in their best man [James Read - Charmed ], who also happens to be Jimmy Olsen's father.

The real star of the show is Read's Femme Fatale sidekick, a catsuit-clad oriental babe with the bond-girl name of Sweet Tart [ Una Damon ].

Of note, the actor James Read has played the father of the Halliwell girls in Charmed and of Harvey the boyfriend in Sabrina The Teenage Witch !

 58.   3-14     457414     21 Jan 96   Tempus Anyone?
 59.   3-15     457415     11 Feb 96   I Now Pronounce You...
Lois & Clark Lois & Clark [Season 3, Episode 16] Double Jeopardy
Shown 18 Feb 96
Shown 18th August 1999 [Wednesday]

Lex Luthor has returned from the dead again, and has replaced Lois with a clone. The real Lois has amnesia, and thinks Luthor is her BF Clark!

 61.   3-17     457417     25 Feb 96   Seconds
Lois & Clark Lois & Clark [Season 3, Episode 18] Forget Me Not
Shown 10 Mar 96
Shown 19th August 1999 [Thursday]

They face yet more problems. Lois has amnesia, and has forgotten about her relationship with Clark. Her doctor takes advantage of this ...

Also, Superman has to save Perry from a hitman hired by former Intergang members.

 63.   3-19     457419     24 Mar 96   Oedipus Wrecks
 64.   3-20     457420     28 Apr 96   It's a Small World After All
 65.   3-21     457421      5 May 96   Through a Glass, Darkly
 66.   3-22     457422     12 May 96   Big Girls Don't Fly




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