ORBzine - "Charmed" April 2000

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  • Holly Marie Combs as Piper Halliwell-Wyatt
  • Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell
  • Shannen Doherty as Prudence "Prue" Halliwell [ 1-3 ]
  • Brian Krause ( Stephen King's Sleepwalkers ) as Leo Wyatt
  • Dorian Gregory as Daryl Morris
  • T.W. King ( Timecop ) as Inspector Andy Trudeau [ 1 ]

    Season One

  • Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 1] Something Wicca This Way Comes
    Shown First Week, April 1999

    Three sisters, Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano (who looks remarkably like Roxxan Dawson from Star Trek: Voyager ), discover they are witches and have Sabrina type powers. Their ancestor had three powers (telekinesis, stopping time, visions of the future) and they each get one power.

    A serial killer is killing all the witches in San Francisco and absorbing their powers - and the three sisters are next!

    The show is remarkably glossy and soulless - this reviewer was not surprised to discover it is an Aaron Spelling Production.

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 2] I've Got You Under My Skin
    Shown Second Week, April 1999

    Background music for the episode is Torn by Natalie Imbruglia.

    Pru ( Shannen Doherty ) has shagged her cop ex-BF (T.W. King - Timecop ), and is now looking for a new job at an Auction House. Will her new boss be her new love interest, or a demon?

    Piper (Ms Combs) watched a (totally inaccurate?) TV show about the Salem witch trials, which stated that a witch who tried to enter a church was struck by lightning. Ms Combs asks her local preacher, who gives the King James Version line Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. A pity nobody told him that the KJV line is a deliberate mistranslation, and the original Hebrew text states poisoner instead of witch.

    Phoebe ( Alyssa Milano ) uses her power at every opportunity, even cheating in the State Lottery. She also dates a photographer, who is more than he appears to be ...

    The only notable dialogue is the use of the familiar online abreviation FYI, for your interest.

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 3] Thank You For Not Morphing
    Shown Third Week, April 1999

    The three sisters have a visitor - their estranged father. Hmm, yes, that is a completely original idea for a television episode.

    Strangely, in this ep he is not played by James Read (who was also Jimmy's dad in Lois & Clark).

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 4] Dead Man Dating
    Shown Fourth Week, April 1999

    Phoebe ( Alyssa Milano ), the Precog, gets a job as a hotel Psychic. The middle sister is followed around by a Chinese-American ghost, because only the three witches can see him.

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 5] Dream Sorceror

    Phoebe ( Alyssa Milano ) casts a spell to help her to get laid. As if Alyssa Milano would ever have trouble getting action. The spell works, getting her safe sex ... a LOT of safe sex!. And her sisters get the magical overflow!

    Cops Andy (T.W. King - Timecop ) and his partner investigate a series of mysterious deaths. Women who spurned a crippled genius are found driven insane through their dreams ...

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 6] The Wedding From Hell

    Piper is hired to cater a wedding. She and Phoebe ( Alyssa Milano ) suspect the Bride-to-be is a demon.

    Apparently Hekate must marry and get pregnant by a mortal. Normally nobody would care, but she is usurped a mortal woman who was meant to be getting hitched!

    Pru's bosses at the Buckland Auction House sent the bride a gift.

    There is a secret cabal of Vatican Priests who kill demons!

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 7] The Fourth Sister
    Shown Second Week, May 1999

    Phoebe ( Alyssa Milano ) befriends a young Goth chick. And as you can guess, an Evil Entity (tm) pops up and the three babes have to use their powers and make it go away.

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 8] The Truth Is Out There ... And It Hurts
    Shown Fourth Week, May 1999

    Pru ( Shannen Doherty ) casts a truth spell over herself and her two sisters - everyone they question must tell them the truth, but they themselves must always tell the truth when questioned.

  • Phoebe ( Alyssa Milano ) admits that she is only after the handyman because her sister wants him
  • The sister and the handyman get off together
  • Pru ( Shannen Doherty ) discovers her ex-BF, the cop (T.W. King - Timecop ), is not ready to have a relationship with a Witch.

    The main plot concerns a Demon from the future who, Terminator -like, comes back to kill off everyone who will cause his destruction. He uses his third eye to fire a laser beam into his victim's skull. Well, the SPFX are okay ...

  • Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 9] The Witch Is Back
    Shown First Week, June 1999

    Pru ( Shannen Doherty ) is examining a locket when she accidentally frees Matthew Tate, a 17th Century Warlock. He knew the sisters' ancestor - she put him in the locket - and is after their skills!

    Yes, this is more or less a steal from the film Warlock - the villain even looks not unlike Julian Sands! The girls call up their ancestor, and raise her from the dead.

    It is revealed that Pru's employers themselves answer to a higher power - but apart from this minor piece of Arc exposition, the reset button gets pressed at the end of the episode as per usual.

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 10] Wicca Envy

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 11] Feats of Clay
    Shown 13th July 2005

    Phoebe's ex-BF, Clay, arrives in town. He gives her an ancient Egyptian urn, for Pru to sell at the antiques auction.

    Surprise, surprise - the urn is cursed. Stacey Haiduk appears (in cleavage-enhancing Cleopatra garb) as the urn's mystical guardian.

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 12] The Wendigo

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 13] From Fear to Eternity

    Barbas the Fear Demon (Billy Drago - Vamp ) is on the loose. But unfortunately the three sisters are not getting along as well as they should.

    Piper is trying the trade up, netting an eligible (ie rich and powerful) bachelor.

    Pru has visions of their mother. Her ghost, actually.

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 14] Secrets and Guys

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 15] Is There a Woogy In The House
    Shown 14th July 2005

    An earthquake unleashes a shadow-spirit trapped under the sisters' basement. It unleashes Phoebe's evil side. Foreshadowing, of course, the fact that Phoebe has a stronger evil side than the others. Though her actions, while evil, are illogical rather than selfish.

    Pru's boss almost sees her use telekinesis to adjust a picture-frame. Does she know about the Chosen ones?

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 16] Which Prue is it, Anyway?
    Shown Fourth Week, July 1999

    The villain of the week is Alex McArthur, last seen as one of Mel Gibson's taxi passengers in Conspiracy Theory. He needs to steal a boxer's killer instinct - so he kills him!

    Phoebe ( Alyssa Milano ) takes up kick-boxing, and proves she can get her legs really wide apart. Hmm, I can see where that would come in useful.

    Shannon Sturges proves that there is life after Savannah - she pops up as an art collector in need of an appraisal. This reviewer would rather have seen more of her on-screen sister, Jamie Luner .

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 17] That 70s Episode
    Shown Fourth Week, July 1999

    The trio are attacked by a Warlock who is immune to their powers, because he wears a ring blessed by their mother. They cast a spell to undo the blessing, and find themselves in the 1970s just before the ring was blessed.

    This is the perfect excuse to make references to other Aaron Spelling shows - specifically The Mod Squad, his early 1970s hit. It is also a chance for character development. Phoebe ( Alyssa Milano ) tries to bond with the mother she never knew.

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 18] When Bad Warlocks Go Good

    Pru's BF is Michael Weatherly ( Dark Angel ). He wants to become a priest, to avoid becoming one of the Evil Charmed Ones. He faces his pair of evil brothers.

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 19] Blind Sided
    Shown Third Week, August 1999

    A couple of young boys are kidnapped by albino demons, who steal the kids' power of sight. The demons can then identify the auras of good people, and murder them by supernatural means.

    Pru ( Shannen Doherty ) tries to stop the abduction, but fails. Worse, she is spotted by a journalist. The journo's interference means that Pru's cop BF (T.W. King - Timecop ) gets a greater idea of what her secret is.

    Phoebe ( Alyssa Milano ) interviews a survivor who had been kidnapped by the demons 20 years previously. Is he a future love interest?

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 20] The Power of 2
    Shown Fourth Week, August 1999

    Phoebe ( Alyssa Milano ) takes a trip to Alcatraz, where she discovers an evil spirit played by Brenda Bakke ( American Gothic ).

    Meanwhile, Doherty's police detective BF is being investigated by IAB.

    Dialogue of the week: kick-boxer Milano asks Where's Buffy when you need her?

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 21] Love Hurts
    Shown Second Week, September 1999

    Piper's BF is a supernatural creature with healing power. Unfortunately he cannot use it on himself. She is angry at him because he never told her his true nature, though the cop (T.W. King - Timecop ) must accept Pru's deceptions.

    The three babes discover a spell that makes them swop powers. Pru ( Shannen Doherty ) has to make Phoebe ( Alyssa Milano ) angry to make her use the telekinesis. She reminds her sister of the time at school everyone thought she was a slut, and called her Phreebee!

    The point of the episode is that the babes must cold-bloodedly assassinate the poor bastard who works for the other team. His weakness is that he has fallen in love with a bimbo ( Lisa Robin Kelly ).

    Charmed Charmed [Season 1, Episode 22 - Season Finale] Deja Vu All Over Again
    Shown Third Week, September 1999

    A Warlock goes after the sisters - and every time he messes it up, his demon pal (David Carradine - Alias ) turns time back so he can do it all over again. Of course, Phoebe ( Alyssa Milano ) is a precog so she knows what is going to happen ...

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