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  • Skeet Ulrich [ Chill Factor, Scream ] as Paul Callan
  • Angus MacFadyen [ Alias S5 ] as Alva Keel
  • Marisa Ramírez as Evelyn Santos

    Miracles Miracles [Season 1, Episode 0] Pilot

    This is an X-Files rip-off by David Greenwalt Productions.

    Paul Ferguson (Skeet Ulrich - Chill Factor, Scream ) has visions. He is a suspect, and potentially the next victim in a serial killer case. Is the killer working for God or for Satan?

  • Season 1

    Miracles Miracles [Season 1, Episode 1] The Ferguson Syndrome
    Shown 27 Jan 03 Paul [Skeet Ulrich - Chill Factor ] investigates supposedly miraculous events on behalf of the Catholic Church. He quits, but when Hector Elizondo [ Century City ] sends him to investigate a healer boy named Tommy Ferguson, it seems Paul may be more involved with miracles than he wants.

    The setup for the rest of the series is when he joins a scientific investigator [Angus McFadyen - Braveheart ] to do the same job ...

    This is the first ep [after the unaired pilot?]. It has a decent budget, which allows for a very impressive car-crash sequence.

    Miracles Miracles [Season 1, Episode 2] The Friendly Skies
    Shown 3 Feb 03
    Shown 30th May 2006 [Tuesday]

    A passenger plane flying into Logan Airport, USA, disappears in a flash of light. When it returns, everyone exhibits signs of a different phenomenon. Spontaneous human combustion, speaking in tongues, miraculous healing ...

    By strange coincidence, our heroes' office is nearby. Also, the NSA investigator in charge is a frienemy of MacFadyen's.

    Miracles Miracles [Season 1, Episode 3] The Patient
    Shown 10 Feb 03
    Shown 1st February 2006 [Wednesday]

    A Doctor tries a new cure on a paralysed patient. Not only does it enable the patient to communicate, he even suggests new cures!

    The Doc's daughter calls in the demon-busters. Is the patient possessed?

    This introduces a recurring character, Mister Friendly.

    Miracles Miracles [Season 1, Episode 4] Little Miss Lost
    Shown 3 Mar 03
    Shown 1st June 2006 [Thursday]

    Skeet sees a wee girl at places, just before terrible accidents happen there. Either she's warning him, or she's causing the accidents.

    The team must discover the girl's parents, to lay her ghost to rest. In the meantime, there are some quite exciting scenes as they try to prevent disasters!

    Skeet/Paul's investigation to find his own father almost comes to a head.

    Miracles Miracles [Season 1, Episode 5] The Bone Scatterer
    Shown 10 Mar 03

    Miracles Miracles [Season 1, Episode 6] Hand of God
    Shown 31 Mar 03
    Shown 3rd June 2006 [Saturday]

    Skeet isn't the only one who saw writing in his own blood. Half a dozen others did - and someone is murdering them!

    This is an arc story. The murderer thinks he's obeying God. So who are the good guys, and who are the villins?

    Miracles Miracles [Season 1, Episode 7] You Are My Sunshine
    Shown 14 Nov 03

    The team investigate a haunted house. Its dark power connects with Skeet Ulrich's negative side or whatever.

    Miracles Miracles [Season 1, Episode 8] The Battle at Shadow Ridge
    Shown 21 Nov 03
    Shown 6th June 2006 [Tuesday]

    The team are called in to investigate an apparent haunting. It seems that a Confederate soldier's ghost is hanging out in a convenience store!

    Skeet explains the ghostliness to a couple of pre-teen kids. They question the nature of the fabric of reality, so their mother offers them the scientific facts. These scenes alone make the ep worth watching!

    Technically it's not a ghost, just a porous spot in the fabric of time. Thus, this ep has a scientific explanation [of sorts] instead of a religious one!

    Miracles Miracles [Season 1, Episode 9] Mother's Daughter
    Shown 28 Nov 03
    Shown 27th April 2006 [Wednesday]

    An Amish girl has stigmata, and dies in an accident.

    A big-city girl commits suicide.

    Both girls are reincarnated in the same body. Or something.

    WTF is going on? Which girl is which? Who cares? How did this show get commissioned? It lacks the Whodunnit factor of Millennium , but is every bit as bleak and depressing.

    Miracles Miracles [Season 1, Episode 10] Saint Debbie
    Shown 5 Dec 03
    Shown 28th April 2006 [Thursday]

    Angus McFadyen ( Braveheart ) investigates a woman who can apparently work miracles. He falls in love with her.

    She's a waitress who recovered instaneously from fatal injuries incurred from a violent man in the diner workplace. Just like Liz in the first ep of Roswell !

    A Guest-star and a credited cast member? What are the chances this will end badly?

    Miracles Miracles [Season 1, Episode 11] The Ghost
    Shown 12 Dec 03
    Shown 8th February 2006 [Wednesday]

    A Real Estate Agency in New Jersey appears to be haunted.

    Miracles Miracles [Season 1, Episode 12] The Letter
    Shown 19 Dec 03

    Miracles Miracles [Season 1, Episode 13] Paul is Dead
    Shown 26 Dec 03

    The guys investigate a TV psychic who makes blatantly fake and generalised guess-like predictions - except when he touches Paul (Skeet Ulrich). Paul has visions of his dead son, then the Latina babe's son is kidnapped.

    Paul flat-lines himself for 4 minutes (although he would get brain damage after only 3) to communicate with his son's ghost.

    Miracles Miracles [Season 1, Episode 2 ]
    Shown th June 2006 [Tuesday]

    Reviewed in our special supplement Miracles

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