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Season 1

  • Caterina Scorsone as Jess Mastriani
  • Gloria Reuben as Brooke Haslett [ 1 ]
  • Justina Machado as Sunny Estrada [ 1 ]
  • Dean McDermott as Alan Coyle [ 1 ]

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
    Shown 2 Aug 03

    Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) is teenage girl who gets hit by lightning, and has metaphor-filled dreams which appear to have psychic content! She teams up with FBI Agent Gloria Reubens in order to solve crimes.

    A young girl and a man old enough to be her father are on the run.

    A psycho kidnaps his ex-GF, and plans to murder her.

  • Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 2] They Come as They Go
    Shown 9 Aug 03

    A female FBI cadet goes missing. She is locked up in a basement - she tries to escape ...

    It takes a Psi to find a serial-killer, when a smart profiler could have done it as well!

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 3] Insomnia
    Shown 16 Aug 03

    Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) has trouble sleeping. A nightmare keeps her awake - a nightmare caused by a kidnapping case!

    Her brother, who also has mental problems, stays in her huge, pre-furnished apartment.

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 4] I Thought I Knew You
    Shown 23 Aug 03

    A teenage girl reports her parents missing. It seems they have been kidnapped, but it turns out they have a hidden secret.

    A figure from their past is after them, wanting revenge for something that happened a quarter of a century ago!

    This makes psi-girl Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) re-evaluate her relationship with her mother.

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 5] Thin Air
    Shown 6 Sep 03

    A woman goes missing aboard a plane in flight. It turns out she may be targeted by a Haliburton-type conspiracy.

    The FBI are so bad at profiling, they think a man who sends flowers to an african-american woman would also be a die-hard admirer of blonde, blue-eyed Heather Locklear !

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 6] Never Go Against the Family
    Shown 13 Sep 03

    A Mafia widow goes MIA, along with a stash of Mob cash.

    Harry Hamlin ( Clash of the Titans ) is the local FBI boss. He has his own plans to take down the Mafia, and resents the MIA team for treading on his toes.

    Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) is sympathetic towards the MIA woman. She breaks FBI protocol ...

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 7] This Is Your Life
    Shown 20 Sep 03

    A Witness Protection Program woman's husband goes missing.

    The FBI must find him, without alerting the villains.

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 8] Ties That Bind
    Shown 27 Sep 03

    The team get some personal time. Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) discovers that her mother still has a sex life. Gloria Reuben and her new BF attend a wedding, but the bride goes MIA!

    It turns out the Bride was of the Russian Mail Order variety.

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 9] M.I.A.
    Shown 11 Oct 03

    The Feds investigate drug mules from Bolivia.

    A US Special Forces soldier, declared dead in the 1980s, is back in action. But he is caught between a drug lord and the military police.

    A moron makes a reference to Remo: Unarmed and Dangerous by mis-pronouncing Sinanju!

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 10] 72 Hours to Kill
    Shown 18 Oct 03

    A man is on death row, to be executed in three days time. Gloria Reuben was a rookie on the team that captured him - but now she suspects he is innocent.

    The villain's motive is revenge for pollution that poisoned a town full of people. Damn tree-hugger!

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 11] Deliverance from Evil
    Shown 1 Nov 03

    Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) and her BF go on vacation to a forest park, and just happen to stumble across a boat full of blood!

    Turns out that a woman is being held captive by tree-huggers. Damn tree-spiking eco-terrorists!

    Jess, after a suspected concussion, sees ghosts that talk to her - instead of the usual surreal visions.

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 12] Victoria
    Reviewed 7th January 2006 [Saturday]

    A diabetic white woman gives a lift to an African-American hitcher, and goes missing.

    Psi-girl Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) has visions of women receiving old-fashioned medical treatment. They investigate an Asylum, where a nerdy pharmacist flirts with the married Latino babe.

    Meanwhile, Psi-girl's brother goes missing.

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 13] White Whale
    Shown 22 Nov 03

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 14] Basic Training
    Shown 6 Dec 03

    The US Army Intel woman is back. She requests Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) for an undercover assignment, as a cadet in a Military academy. Supposedly an Army academy, though they all use a Navy salute!

    Slow Cadets are going MIA, or dying in training accidents. It may be due to bullying, as in Lords of Discipline.

    Rachel Skarsten is Jess's roomie.

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 15] Father Figure
    Reviewed 5th July 2005 - Tuesday

    The boss's dad (Louis Gosset Jnr - Stargate SG-1 ) is a suspect in a kidnapping/disappearance. Meanwhile, Psi-chick Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) fancies the new boy in the Agent (the token male).

    This ep was directed by TJ Scott.

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 16] Lost Sister
    Reviewed 12th July 2005 - Tuesday

    The teen babe Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) goes undercover as a gangster's moll, with the Agent she fancies. The black chick ( Gloria Reuben ) investigates a missing journalist who had conspiracy theories about the FBI.

    This was filmed in Toronto, Ontario - which accounts for the unimpessive budget.

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 17] Delusional
    Reviewed 19th July 2005 - Tuesday

    Heroine Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) became a Psi after being struck by lightning. In this ep she gets stessed, paranoid and delusional (seeing vampiric people, etc). The FBI are untrustworthy.

    They are working on a missing woman's case. Apparently, reading a loony's mind can make you delusional as well!

    Missing Missing [Season 1, Episode 18] These Dreams Before Me (a.k.a. The Fisher Queen)
    Reviewed 25th July 2005 - Tuesday

    A mother and toddler are carjacked, late at night.

    Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) is stalked by a crazy old homeless woman (Mercedes Reuhl - Last Action Hero ) who claims to know everything about her. Meanwhile, the FBI must solve an abduction case.

    Missing Missing [Season , Episode ]


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  • Season 2

  • Vivica A. Fox as Nicole Scott [ 2- ]
  • Mark Consuelos as Antonio Cortez [ 2- ]
  • Justin Louis ( Stargate: Universe ) as John Pollack [ 2- ]

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 1] Sea of Love
    Reviewed 19th September 2005 - Monday

    Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) is pulled out of FBI training early, and given a full Special Agent rank and badge. She is part of a new team working to solve Abductions and Missing Persons Cases. Nicole Scott ( Vivica A Fox ) is her new partner, a cliched bad-ass lady cop. Forensic backup comes from a Latino CSI guy. Their boss is a Deputy-Director (Justin Louis - Stargate: Universe ) who engages in office politics and when it suits him he turns a blind eye to Vivica's lax attitude to the rules.

    Their first case together is the disappearance of a teenage girl. They have a videotape of her walking into an elevator, but she does not come out!

    Vivica gets to kick ass. She may not have got to the second half of Kill Bill , but here she wins in hand-to-hand with a male US Army commando!

  • Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 2] One Night Stand
    Reviewed 11th August 2005 - Thursday

    Psychic Chick Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) has a new partner - gung-ho African-American babe Nicole Scott ( Vivica A Fox ). Together they have to find a woman who is missing-believed-abducted/murdered.

    What is the bigger fiction? The idea of the FBI employing teenage psychic babes? Or the FBI having an elite team of Missing Persons specialists who launch manhunts for any random citizen who goes missing, anywhere in the USA, even BEFORE the traditional 24 hours are up?

    Yes, that is right- the FBI does not have a Missing Persons department!

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 3] Judgement Day
    Reviewed 18th August 2005 - Thursday

    The psi-babe Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) is up for her annual firearms re-qualification. She is good at bullseyes, but does not like shooting at humans. Hmm. What are the chances that in this ep, she will have to kill a bad guy.

    The FBI are indicting a Russian mobster, but the Judge's daughter ( Ksenia Solo ) is kidnapped. Luckily, the Missing Persons Dept are the ones behind the indictment.

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 4] Resurrection
    Reviewed 25th August 2005 - Thursday

    A woman sees a teenage boy on TV, and thinks he is her son who died 10 years earlier. The Feebs investigade, doing a bit of Cold Case work on the original death.

    Vivica A Fox is not only in the credits, she is Exec Producer.

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 5] Last Stop
    Reviewed 1st September 2005 - Thursday

    The Cagney and Lacey duo are on the case of a missing bus-load of people. Yes, twenty people mysteriously abducted in broad daylight.

    The high point, of the ep, if there is one, is when they pose as gun-toting call-girls and beat up some security guards.

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 6] Domestic Bliss
    Reviewed 8th September 2005 - Thursday

    A teenage goth-chick comes home one night to find her suburban family are MIA, with signs of a struggle.

    The plot thickens as the DEA is somehow involved. It turns out that Meth-Amphetamine is connected ...

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 7] In the Midnight Hour
    Reviewed 15th September 2005 - Thursday

    In NYC a Medical Examiner goes MIA, along with the murder victim she was taking to the morgue.

    It turns out that the disappearances are linked to a long-term investigation being overseen by the Deputy-Director (Justin Louis - Stargate: Universe ). He is personally involved in the case, and is a lot more sympathetic (as in prior eps) than the nasty, vicious little Vivica A Fox character.

    The villains are working on a grand scale to a timetable - the result being something akin to 24.

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 8] Cop Out
    Reviewed 22nd September 2005 - Thursday

    A pair of cops go MIA, and their bloodstained car turns up empty ... across the State line, 217 miles away!

    The FBI are called in, and it seems that a cop-hunting serial-killer sniper is on the loose. However, there is also a paranoid sense that police corruption might be involved!

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 9] Puzzle Box
    Reviewed 29th September 2005 - Thursday

    A US Senator's daughter is kidnapped. The Deputy-Director (Justin Louis - Stargate: Universe ) suspects a political motive. However, it turns out the case has more to do with Chinese people-smugglers.

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 10] Pop Star Story (a.k.a. Pop Star)
    Reviewed 6th October 2005 - Thursday

    A successful pop-singer needs help, because of the daughter she gave up for adoption years previously.

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 11] Mr Nobody
    Reviewed 13th October 2005 - Thursday

    A woman goes missing while delivering subpoenas. The Feds trace the clues back to a quiet, unnoticeable man employed in a large Corporation. Unfortunately, he is missing too!

    Things get more complex. A hired assassin is somehow involved!

    The writer was Lisa Klink, veteran of Star Trek: Voyager .

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 12] Truth or Dare
    Reviewed 20th October 2005 - Thursday

    People are going missing. It turns out they are in the Witness Protection programme. The Mafia, and a mysterious Con-man, are somehow involved. Luckily, an expert is on loan to our FBI heroes.

    Part II of the story is in the next episode.

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 13] Truth or Dare (part 2)
    Shown 27th October 2005 - Thursday

    The Feds are after the Mobsters, but things are more complicated than they appear. The con-man's motives are unclear. Whose side is he really on?

    The Feds are being blamed for the security breach at the Witness Protection Dept. The boss needs them to solve the case before Internal Affairs turn up!

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 14] Deep Cover
    Reviewed 3rd November 2005 - Thursday

    Nicole Scott ( Vivica A Fox ) goes undercover to infiltrate a kidnap gang. She has a history with these perps - she infiltrated them (and helped them get busted) years earlier. Their boss has a thing for her. He also has a hitwoman on his payroll.

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 15] John Doe
    Reviewed 10th November 2005 - Thursday

    A torture victim has amnesia. This is the opposite of the usual case - they are looking for an identity, rather than a missing person.

    This is linked to a kidnapping gang. An FBI agent tried to arrest them previously, but it turned into a bullet-festival. Now he gets another chance.

    The ep's theme is redemption. The Fed, and the amnesiac. Also, the Latino Fed gets a field assignment for a change. Nicole Scott ( Vivica A Fox ), conversely, has very little to do. And Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ), the psi girl, declares her interest in a Doctor at the hospital.

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 16] Phoenix Rising
    Reviewed 24th November 2005 - Thursday

    A woman is kidnapped. It turns out her sister is the local DA - and the Latino FBI Agent's ex-wife! Yes, finally the token man gets some kind of backstory.

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 17] Paper Anniversary
    Reviewed 17th November 2005 - Thursday

    A woman goes missing. Turns out she once belonged to the harem of a rich man. Can the feminazi Feds destroy everyone's life, destroying the man and his sons, removing the concubines from a life of wealth and great sex on a regular basis?

    Missing Missing [Season 2, Episode 18] And We Shall Be Changed (AKA We Are Coming Home)
    Reviewed 1st December 2005 - Thursday

    A paranoid female scientist ( Tamara Gorski ) goes MIA. Is she victim of a US Government Conspiracy, or just delusional.

    The psychic girl Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) meets with her mother, but her brother has not been seen lately. Can she find him?

    What are the chances these two cases are connected???

    The FBI Director (Justin Louis - Stargate: Universe ) is finally appreciated by the team. Yes, it is nearly the end of the season but they admit he sticks up for them. Apparently he is such a workaholic he has not taken a vacation in nine years! How do his wife and kids put up with it?

    This is the end of Season Two. But Season Three has been broadcast in the USA, so it will be available in the UK eventually.

    Season 3

  • Alex Appel as Janey Cooper [ 3- ]
  • Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 1] Anything for the Baby (1)
    Reviewed 12th January 2006 [Thursday]

    The Feds are back from their holidays. Nicole Scott ( Vivica A Fox ) and the Latino guy are still covering up the fact they spent the fortnight together. Now they have an extra team-member, a perky blonde asistant for the Latino guy. She is otherwise the complete opposite of Claudia from Relic Hunter .

    A nine-months-pregnant woman was kidnapped outside a pregnancy clinic.

    The Feds are surrounded by suspects. Lori Loughlin runs the clinic. Melina Deines is a gangster's moll client of hers. And a convicted sex-offender takes a liking to Jess ( Caterina Scorsone )!

    Jess has visions. Not the usual jumble of abstract images, however. No, she interacts with halucinations of the missing woman, who literally TELLS her where she is!

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 2] Anything for the Baby (2)
    Shown 19 Jun 05

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 3] Unnatural Disaster
    Shown 26 Jun 05

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 4] Off the Grid
    Reviewed 16th February 2006 [Thursday]

    A woman is kidnapped in broad daylight in a carpark full of witnesses. With CCTV cameras recording everything.

    Finding the kidnappers is easy enough. But the victim is a different matter. She is living Off the Grid, avoiding all bureaucracy.

    A Chicago-based security consultant is after her. Is she the innocent victim of a psycho-stalker? Or is she a lying thieving bitch?

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 5] And the Walls Come Tumbling Down
    Shown 17 Jul 05

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 6] Looking for Mr. Wright
    Reviewed 16th February 2006 [Thursday]

    A man is kidnapped from a luxury hotel. Luckily, the Deputy Director (Justin Louis - Stargate: Universe ) is separated from his wife and is staying at the same hotel.

    The victim's girlfriend ( Kelly Ripa ) is comforted by the Latino Fed. He also played her love interest in the sitcom Hope and Faith - in this she does not have an inch of makeup on her.

    The victim's info does not check out. The Attorney General wants the case buried. The whole thing screams North by North-West, but the Feds take forever to see what has happened.

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 7] Last Night
    Reviewed 23rd February 2006 [Thursday]

    A pre-teen boy goes missing from his parents' mansion.

    The villains are of the Leopold and Loeb variety.

    Meanwhile, Nicole Scott ( Vivica A Fox ) and her Latino buddy are stressed because the Director (Justin Louis - Stargate: Universe ) might punish them for their illicit relationship.

    The psi-girl Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) has a regular BF of her own. Some kind of undercover cop, or something.

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 8] Fugitive
    Shown 14 Aug 05

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 9] Analysis
    Shown 21 Aug 05

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 10] Try Again
    Shown 11 Sep 05

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 11] Patient X
    Shown 18 Sep 05

    A disappearance is linked back to a psychiatrist. It seems that one of her clients, Patient X, may be involved.

    The Director (Justin Louis - Stargate: Universe ), now in a much more flattering casual look (he is temporarily suspended from duty), distracts the psychiatrist by taking her on a date.

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 12] Sisterhood
    Shown 25 Sep 05

    The nephew of Nicole Scott ( Vivica A Fox ) goes missing in a park. She bonds with her estranged sister, and settles a score with her brother-in-law.

    The other Feds take time off from their vacations to help their buddy.

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 13] Death in the Family
    Shown 2 Oct 05

    A pair of wee blonde girls are kidnapped by a crazy man who claims to be their father.

    Psi-girl Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) meets a devout Christian lady minister.

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 14] Have you seen This Man?
    Shown 11 Dec 05

    Psi-girl Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) is handed a flyer about a missing man, and gets a psychic flash about him. She leads the investigation, since Nicole Scott ( Vivica A Fox ) has a concussion and is in denial.

    The missing man is son of an oil billionaire. The suspects are South American eco-terrorists.

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 15] Spring Break
    Shown 8 Jan 06

    A college girl goes MIA. She is the daughter of a potential POTUS nominee, so the Director (Justin Louis - Stargate: Universe ) makes her recovery a main priority.

    Nicole Scott ( Vivica A Fox ) is still suffering from the effects of her concussion. The blonde office-assistant has been replaced by a more mature yet otherwise rather similar character.

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 16] Cut
    Shown 15 Jan 06

    A US citizen goes MIA after getting plastic surgery in Hungary. Nicole Scott ( Vivica A Fox ), Psi-Girl Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) and The Gooch are sent to investigate.

    The Director (Justin Louis - Stargate: Universe ) is left to give comfort to the missing man's wife.

    The villains are AK-47-toting Russian ex-paras. And the ending is somewhat murky ...

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 17] Double Take
    Shown 22 Jan 06

    An inventor gets kidnapped. But the FBI gets two different ransom demands!

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 18] Exposure
    Shown 29 Jan 06

    Nicole Scott ( Vivica A Fox ) is moving house, and getting to know the mother who abandoned her.

    A Dept of Justice Agent has gone MIA. The FBI team up with psi-girls' undercover love interest from Season One.

    The killer may be a Mole within the Dept of Justice. A journalist is involved, and gets leaned on by the Justice boys.

    The Latino Agent is getting strange threatening letters ...

    Missing Missing [Season 3, Episode 19] So Shall Ye Reap
    Shown 5 Feb 06

    A pair of paroled murderers go missing. It looks like they are starting a killing spree ...

    Jess ( Caterina Scorsone ) has visions about the Latino Agent being killed with a scythe. She warns him about them - strange, since she always treats visions as allegories! However, he has been getting strange threatening letters ...

    The ending is quite impressive!