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Peacemaker (2022)

Season 1

Peacemaker (2022) Peacemaker (2022) [Season 1, Episode 1] Chapter 01: A Whole New Whirled
Shown 13 Jan 22

Five months after the events of The Suicide Squad , Christopher "Peacemaker" Smith (John Cena - Bumblebee ) is let out of hospital. Unfortunately the doctor only replaced his clavicle, and did not manage to extract the explosive tracker chip in his head. Amanda Waller has assigned him to a new unit, operating on a made-for-TV budget.

The title sequence involves a choreographed dance routine with the whole cast taking part. This is a giveaway that the writer/director is James Gunn .

Emilia Harcourt ( Jennifer Holland ) has been assigned to the new unit, as punishment for mutinying against Waller. She has the skillset necessary for a field agent, although she is still serving in a support role.

Peacemaker (2022) Peacemaker (2022) [Season 1, Episode 2] Chapter 02: Best Friends For Never
Shown 13 Jan 22

After the events of the previous episode, Christopher "Peacemaker" Smith (John Cena - Bumblebee ) is hiding out from the cops led by Lochlyn Munro ( Jason Vs Freddy ). Emilia Harcourt ( Jennifer Holland ) leads the rescue attempt.

Peacemaker (2022) Peacemaker (2022) [Season 1, Episode 3] Chapter 03: Better Goff Dead
Shown 13 Jan 22

Christopher "Peacemaker" Smith (John Cena - Bumblebee ) is sent off on his first mission. Adrian "Vigilante" Chase (Freddie Stroma) tags along.

Peacemaker (2022) Peacemaker (2022) [Season 1, Episode 4] Chapter 04: The Choad Less Traveled
Shown 20 Jan 22

Auggie Smith (Robert Patrick - Terminator 2 ) is in prison on trumped-up charges. Leota Adebayo ( Danielle Brooks ) may be too inexperienced to kill in cold blood, but she has no problem convincing Adrian "Vigilante" Chase (Freddie Stroma) to kill Auggie.

Emilia Harcourt ( Jennifer Holland ) was quick enough to kill a security guard who could identify her. However, the team goes to great lengths to keep Judo Master alive - even though he is a far greater threat than the Secret Service man was.

Peacemaker (2022) Peacemaker (2022) [Season 1, Episode 5] Chapter 05: Monkey Dory
Shown 27 Jan 22

The team stage a full assault on a location that the aliens are using to process and distribute their food supply.

Economos actually starts to earn Peacemaker's respect.

Peacemaker (2022) Peacemaker (2022) [Season 1, Episode 6] Chapter 06: Murn After Reading
Shown 03 Feb 22

The cops decide to go after Peacemaker. Captain Locke (Christopher Heyerdahl - Sanctuary ) tries to keep things under control.

Peacemaker (2022) Peacemaker (2022) [Season 1, Episode 7] Chapter 07: Stop Dragon My Heart Around
Shown 10 Feb 22

This episode ties up a few subplots in preparation for the big climax in the next episode. For example, Peacemaker's father Auggie Smith (Robert Patrick - Terminator 2 ) and his white supremacist gang chase after Peacemaker and Vigilante for revenge.

The cops, now possessed by Butterflies, go to the motel in search of Murn. Will Harcourt and Adebayo use the opportunity to trap the leaders of the Butterflies?

Peacemaker (2022) Peacemaker (2022) [Season 1, Episode 8] Chapter 08: It's Cow or Never
Shown 17 Feb 22

The survivors travel to the ranch the aliens have hidden their cow under. Adebayo asks her mother to call in the Justice League, but it looks like Aquaman (Jason Momoa - Game of Thrones ) and the others will not get there in time. Peacemaker must lead a full-frontal assault, using his own dove-of-peace shield that puts Captain America to shame!

It turns out that Murn opposed the Butterflies methods, but not their actual agenda. Now Peacekeeper has to decide - do the ends justify the means? Has he actually changed and become a good person?





Peacemaker (2022)

Peacemaker (2022) Peacemaker (2022) [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown 13th January 2022

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