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Season 1

South Of Hell South Of Hell [Season 1, Episode 1] Demons Are Forever
Shown 27 Nov 15

A lot of shows these days are set down south in Dixieland. New Orleans (Louisiana) is host to American Horror Story , while Atlanta (Georgia) has Vampire Diaries . Now there is a new show, this time filmed in Charleston (South Carolina) and directed by Eli Roth .

Maria Abascal ( Mena Suvari ) is a young woman who is possessed by a green-eyed demon. However, she uses this to her advantage, and earns a living as an exorcist by getting her demon to eat other (blue-eyed) demons.

This episode gives an introduction to the protagonist's life. She lives in a trailer park with her junkie brother, a lecherous dwarf for a landlord and a muscular pretty-boy for a neighbour. Unfortunately she has to keep her emotions under control, or the demon will take over.

our heroine gets a couple of exorcism jobs this week. The first is a boy, the stepson of an abusive Judge. The second is the sister of a preacher man. It turns out that the cases are not only related to each other, but also to her own backstory. She and her brother are believed to be the only survivors of a demon-worshipping cult wiped out in a Waco-like massacre.

South Of Hell South Of Hell [Season 1, Episode 2] Jury and Fury
Shown 27 Nov 15

The junkie brother is framed by the Sheriff (demonic as well as corrupt) and thrown in jail for drug possession. He starts to go cold turkey, and hallucinations set in. Is he being harrassed by real deamons or imaginary ones?

Our heroine Maria Abascal ( Mena Suvari ) teams up with the preacher to get her brother free. The Judge is the child-beating git from the first episode. The exorcist makes a deal with him - finish the job she started, and he will quash her brother's charges (and leave the kid alone).

South Of Hell South Of Hell [Season 1, Episode 3] I See You
Shown 27 Nov 15

Maria Abascal ( Mena Suvari ) has a secret admirer - a bartender that she met in the previous episode. He is obsessed with her, and begins stalking her. He thinks he knows everything about her, but he does not have a clue! Shen she reports him to the sheriff, it is not herself she is worried about.

Meanwhile, Maria's brother has a problem of his own. In the previous episode, he as also befriended by someone. This particular someone is a member of a racist cult, the Society of Sons, and the Cult wants to kill the black Preacher. Worse, in fact - they want Maria's brother to do it for them!

South Of Hell South Of Hell [Season 1, Episode 4] White Noise
Shown 27 Nov 15

The Society of Sons are after the black preacher's daughter. He sends her off with Maria's brother. Unfortunately, when they leave town they do not go far. Maria's brother gets his rich girlfriend to take them to her father's lake-house. This is not a log cabin, it is a massive three-storey mansion. Unfortunately the GF is a junkie, and her dealer is one of the Society of Sons!

It turns out that the Sons have a mother - and since they are demonically possessed, she is a demonic entity too. This demon produces the drug that the Sons distribute - Mother's Milk. Abigail identifies her as the Mad Demon, and her madness is contagious to other demons. Hence, Abigail will need help to take her out.

The Sheriff is still sniffing about, looking for trouble. First he visits Maria's trailer in search of the barman who was stalking her. Second he visits the lake-house to keep the rich junkie girl out of trouble. He may be corrupt, but who is he really working for?

South Of Hell South Of Hell [Season 1, Episode 5] The One That Got Away
Shown 27 Nov 15

Maria gets another client for her exorcism services. The man's wife is possessed by a Lillith Demon, a succubus that kills by sex. Just like last week, this demon was selected by Enos because she can take on Abigail. She is Abigail's ex, and even offers to share a host with her.

The Lillith demon is also a shape-shifter, and mimics the form of Abigail's current host. Since that host is Maria, the sheriff has CCTV footage of the victims with someone that looks like her. On top of everything else he has on her, this might be enough for him to arrest her.

South Of Hell South Of Hell [Season 1, Episode 6] South of the Border
Shown 27 Nov 15

The black preacher's daughter has gone off with a charming stranger. He is an old-fashioned Southern Gentleman, so this makes him an obviously untrustworthy person. Obvious to everyone except the girl, that is. She discovers herself in a monochrome world. Yes, she has crossed over into Hell - the villain's domain.

Maria Abascal ( Mena Suvari ) goes south into Hell to save the girl. While there she discovers what happened to her mother.

David gets talking to the black preacher. We discover why the preacher does not want his daughter to be with David.

South Of Hell South Of Hell [Season 1, Episode 7] Take Life Now
Shown 27 Nov 15

South Of Hell South Of Hell [Season 1, Episode 8] Blood Relations
Shown 27 Nov 15





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South Of Hell South Of Hell [Season 2, Episode 1 ]
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