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The Rook

Season 1

The Rook The Rook [Season 1, Episode 1] Chapter One
Shown 30th June 2019 [Sunday]

A young woman wakes up in London with amnesia, surrounded by dead bodies. Like Arnie in Total Recall (1991) , she books into a cheap motel and starts going through messages she left for herself earlier. This includes a pair of colour-coded keys to bank deposit boxes. In a blatant reference to The Matrix (1999) , the blue key is blissful ignorance while the red key is the call to adventure.

Lady Linda Farrier ( Joely Richardson ) is in charge of the investigation, as well as the cover-up. She sends her sidekick, Conrad Grantchester (Adrian Lester - Doomsday ) to collect American liaison officer Monica Reed ( Olivia Munn ).

The protagonist is telekinetic, and works for a secret branch of British Intelligence. Her cow-orkers are also super-powered individuals. One of them is the mole who was behind the attack that left her with amnesia. Can she catch them before they strike again?

The Rook The Rook [Season 1, Episode 2] Chapter Two
Shown 7th July 2019 [Sunday]

This starts with a flashback to 2004, when the protagonist Myfanwy ( Emma Greenwell ) first discovered her super-power. This is a pale shadow of Gwen Raiden's backstory scene in Angel: Season 4 .

In the main storyline, the protagonist attends a briefing. The secret agents refer to super-powered people with the term EVA. Science Fiction fans know this as shorthand for extra-vehicular activity, which regular people refer to as a spacewalk. However, in this show it means Extreme Variable Ability. The superpowered people are meant to be extreme humans, like in Mutant X .

Conrad Grantchester (Adrian Lester - Doomsday ) conducts an investigation. American liaison officer Monica Reed ( Olivia Munn ) also investigates, but is careful to keep the Brits out of the loop.

The Rook The Rook [Season 1, Episode 3] Chapter Three
Shown 14th July 2019 [Sunday]

The villains are still after the protagonist, Myfanwy ( Emma Greenwell ). One of them is the man who came back from the dead. He is lucky that the pathologist left his autopsy until tomorrow. She is lucky she has the Gestalt siblings to run interference for her. On a related note, we finally discover which one of them she hooked up with. Out of three males and one female ... she starts kissing the female. Is this fan-service to lesbians or to the male gaze?

The villains seem to have a detailed file on the protagonist. They even know thing about her that are redacted on her official British Intelligence file. This is strange, since if the knew what she was capable of then they would not have gotten eight of their people killed in one go. However, she does start digging into her own background.

American liaison officer Monica Reed ( Olivia Munn ) has her own sub-plot, where she infiltrates the buyers network of the super-human-trafficking world.

The Rook The Rook [Season 1, Episode 4] Chapter Four
Shown 21st July 2019 [Sunday]

The protagonist Myfanwy ( Emma Greenwell ) tracks down Dr. Andrew Bristol (James D'Arcy - Agent Carter ), her former psychiatrist at the Glengarry institute. She gets multiple warnings not to procede further, both from the Gestalts and via a letter from her old self. Nevertheless, she persists. Be careful what you wish for.

Did the shrink have an inappropriate relationship with the protagonist? Will she be okay with it?

American liaison officer Monica Reed ( Olivia Munn ) has a couple of Russian thugs under surveillance. Their cargo, an EVA, goes MIA. Monica needs the Gestalts to help track the rogue EVA down.

The Rook The Rook [Season 1, Episode 5] Chapter Five
Shown 28th July 2019 [Sunday]

Myfanwy ( Emma Greenwell ) starts to put things together. She teams up with American liaison officer Monica Reed ( Olivia Munn ), the only one she thinks she can trust.

Conrad Grantchester (Adrian Lester - Doomsday ) closes in on Myfanwy ( Emma Greenwell ). He only knows half the battle - unless he is the mole.

Lady Linda Farrier ( Joely Richardson ) is carrying on a secret plan of her own.

The climax is a meeting at a public park in London. It turns out that this is Greenwich park, which seems very sparsely populated when in reality it is a major site for tourism.

The Rook The Rook [Season 1, Episode 6] Chapter Six
Shown 4th August 2019 [Sunday]

Conrad Grantchester (Adrian Lester - Doomsday ) interrogates Myfanwy ( Emma Greenwell ). She has to tell him the truth - after all, he can literally read minds when he has to.

Myfanwy finally gets to talk with the sister she never knew she had. Will she start to get her memories back?

American liaison officer Monica Reed ( Olivia Munn ) has flashbacks to an evening she spent with her then-fiance. She had just been promoted to Deputy Director, and he wanted her to give him a desk job in the procurements department. This makes her realise that she has something in common with Gestalt, who are trying to get over the fact that Myfanwy lied to them.

The Rook The Rook [Season 1, Episode 7] Prologue
Shown 11th August 2019 [Sunday]

This is a flashback episode, of the memories leading up to Myfanwy ( Emma Greenwell ) waking up in the rain at the bridge in Episode One. The solutions to the mysteries are revealed, including which one of the Gestalt quartet she hooked up with.

The Rook The Rook [Season 1, Episode 8] Chapter Eight
Shown 18th August 2019 [Sunday]

Myfanwy ( Emma Greenwell ) gets what she always wanted - a clean getaway from the Shekey. She forgets the old saying, be careful what you wish for!

Conrad Grantchester (Adrian Lester - Doomsday ) got what he wished for - promotion to command of the Shekey. The problem is that he inherited it from Lady Linda Farrier ( Joely Richardson ) when she got caught being naughty, and now he has inherited all her problems. The Government has ordered a review of the agency, and their plan is to dismantle it and spread the assets around. Naturally this would be a terrible plan, because the assets must be used in combination and are best utilised against a very specific form of threat.

It seems that the only answer is what Reese came up with in the finale of Malcolm In The Middle. Make a mess so big that you are the only person who can clean it up, and you automatically become indispensible.

American liaison officer Monica Reed ( Olivia Munn ) has her own unrelated subplot. She wants to go full Eternal Sunset of the Spotless Mind and have the arab boy wipe her memories of her failed relationship.





The Rook

The Rook The Rook [Season 1 , Episode 1 ] Chapter
Shown th July 2019 [Sunday]

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