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Season 1

Tripped Tripped [Season 1, Episode 1]
Shown 8th December 2015 [Tuesday]

Milo (George Webster - Versailles ) is a casual user of recreational substances. Unfortunately this makes him an unreliable sort, so when his best friend (Blake Harrison - Inbetweeners) is getting married he rules Milo out as Best Man. As a result, Milo does some (more) drugs to get over this disappointment.

Milo discovers that he and his buddy are being hunted by a killer from an alternate universe. Their only hope is to jump into other universes, like in Sliders but even more chaotic and humourous. Okay, they may end up jumping at random with no control over their destination, but at least there is an ongoing story-line with a recurring villain.

The guys arrive in a world where Milo is a sad mummy's boy and his buddy is an suit-wearing office worker. It seems that their lives only worked out properly in the real world because the two of them were best of friends. In the other worlds, where they were not friends, things went badly for them.

Tripped Tripped [Season 1, Episode 2]
Shown 15th December 2015 [Tuesday]

The guys arrive in a world where Milo (George Webster - Versailles ) is a Rock Star and his buddy is an anorak-wearing obsessive fan. Unfortunately the local Milo is missing, presumed suicided, but this just means everyone is eager to accept him back. Georgina Campbell is his manager-cum-GF.

There is a down side to the world, or at least a different side. Nigel Farage has been elected Prime Minister, and because he decriminalised hand-guns everyone carries one. However, the guns turn out to be very useful. Also, the local version of the mad killer is actually quite helpful.

Tripped Tripped [Season 1, Episode 3]
Shown 22nd December 2015 [Tuesday]

The guys arrive on an Earth where their arch-enemy has already murdered their doubles. As a result he is unlikely to return there any time soon, so it seems like a good place to hide out for the moment.

The Prime Minister is Peter Andre, a once-famous Reality TV star. The place is on the brink of nuclear war, so everyone lives for the moment. As a result, everyone buys their cocaine from Tesco because the Waitrose packs are twice as expensive but not actually any better in quality.

The next jump point is inside a secure bunker. The bunker is not government property, it is owned by a MegaCorp that is renting out rooms to rich people. Rather than just buy a room, the lads start a riot and try to get the locals to storm the place.

Tripped Tripped [Season 1, Episode 4]
Shown 29th December 2015 [Tuesday]

Milo (George Webster - Versailles ) ends up on the Earth that his doppelganger originated on. Everyone has been reduced to using medieval technology, due to an apocalyptic event. The villain, Callum, invented the interdimensional transporters and this has destroyed his own world's ability to use electricity. Yes, this is a Revolution type scenario, somehow reminiscent of the world-without-plastic in Doorways .

This is where things stop making sense. Callum, the inventor, is regarded as a hero. However, the lads are treated as criminals. They get mistaken for their doubles, and put on trial for their lives. Their only hope is if they somehow catch their own doubles.

The doubles may not be the nice guys we assumed them to be. And how they got to be experts in swordplay is not explained. After all, their world only lost its ability to function beyond the Victorian level of technology AFTER they started to jump to other worlds. Therefore they should be modern 2015-era man-boys instead of the barbarian warriors that they somehow became.

One of the main plotlines is tied up. However, the ending is left open. Yes, it seems there was meant to be a continuation which (at time of writing this review) has failed to appear.






Tripped Tripped [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th December 2015 [Tuesday]

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