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Season 1

Aftermath Aftermath [Season 1, Episode 1] RVL 6768
Shown 27 Sep 16

This is a SyFy original TV show filmed in the Pacific north-west. It is about a group of survivors who drive across a post-apocalyptic USA while listening to radio broadcasts from someone who might know how to save the world. In other words, it has almost the same plot as Z Nation ! However, this is not a Zom-Pocalypse. As in the movie Legion it appears to be supernatural creatures that are responsible. In fact, this could actually be a prequel to that movie's TV sequel Dominion .

The family's father is played by James Tupper. He has a lot of experience in television shows - he was the main girl's father in Revenge. But the reason he is in the show, along with the much more recognisable figure of Anne Heche as his wife, is because she is the mother of his child in real life.

There are two main kinds of monsters the family encounters. One are humans who have been driven crazy by a virus. They are called Fever-Heads, and the mother (an ex-US Air Force hard-ass) can deal with them. The other danger is the Skin-Walkers, a demonic entity that can possess a human host. Luckily the family's father is a Professor in Comparative Religions or whatever.

Aftermath Aftermath [Season 1, Episode 2] In Rats Alley
Shown 04 Oct 16

Brianna Copeland ( Taylor Hickson ) has been seperated from the rest of the family. She relies on the kindness of strangers, but has a lot to learn about people.

Anne Heche picks up her sister, a hippie chick who is also a nurse. They talk about their estranged father, who has never seen his grandchildren and spent the previous fifteen years in prison. Perhaps these two facts are linked. Heche blames her father for the estrangement, but evidently she just did not bother to contact him or encourage any of her children to do so while the poor man was in confinemnet.

The Copeland family give a lift to a Chinese-American man and his tweenage son. Matt Copeland (Levi Meaden) knew the son before the apocalypse, but now he seems to be acting unusually. Is he a skin-walker?

Aftermath Aftermath [Season 1, Episode 3] In Our Empty Rooms
Shown 11 Oct 16

Brianna Copeland ( Taylor Hickson ) tries mugging some horny losers she finds camping in the woods. Luckily some Amish teenagers come along and invite her to join their religious commune. Despite living on a farm, they do not appreciate her earthy references to excrement and body-parts.

Anne Heche takes the family to loot an abandoned store. They run into some local military guys, who want the supplies for themselves. Despite the fact that Heche is only a chopper pilot, she is a better fighter than the infantry soldiers, but they have the advantage of numbers. Luckily her husband macguyvers up a solution using items in the store. He certainly has hidden depths, and not just in terms of ingenuity.

The eldest son is left alone at his paternal grandfather's house. After all, he is a football player with a gun. Despite looking too young to shave, he is supposed to be twenty-two years old. He meets a young woman who claims to be from New Zealand, which is quite a coincidence because his sister was talking about the All Blacks' Hakka earlier.

Aftermath Aftermath [Season 1, Episode 4] Fever of the Bone
Shown 18 Oct 16

Brianna Copeland ( Taylor Hickson ) is still at the religious commune. The local girls are jealous of her, and convince themselves she is in league with demons. The local boy next door, Devyn, has a Witness moment. However, the Preacher may be possessed by a demon.

Anne Heche and the rest of the family reach a medical compound guarded by a trigger-happy Steve Baccic ( Andromeda ).

Aftermath Aftermath [Season 1, Episode 5] A Clatter and a Chatter
Shown 25 Oct 16

The bad news is, the family's RV is pursued by fever-heads in an eight-wheel armoured car - probably a US Marine Corps LAV, derived from the 1970s Swiss Piranha armoured car, itself inspired in part by the 1960s Russian BMP. Luckily, help is on hand. A passing horseman with a 40mm grenade launcher lends a hand.

Aunt Nurse is on the run with guard Steve Baccic ( Andromeda ). The outpost has fallen, and they are pursued through the woods by fever-heads. Can they somehow manage to get to safety?

Just like in the previous episode, Anne Heche bumps into a familiar face from her days kicking ass in the US Air Force. He offers the family safety in his compound. One of his soldiers takes a liking to the youngest daughter, who is only sixteen. This may be under-age in the USA, but it is legal in the UK and the apocalypse has already begun. However, the big brother is unhappy about his sister jeopardising herself.

Aftermath Aftermath [Season 1, Episode 6] Madame Sosostris
Shown 01 Nov 16

The family decide to move on from the safety of the camp. The boss sends a couple of his fighters to help.

The scientist goes to the nearby college to track down Dr. Gloria Douglas ( Leslie Hope ), a rival whose career he destroyed by mocking her belief in magic. Now he realises that she was merely predicting the apocalypse, and that she knew about it all along. However, the nearby volcano Mount Rainier is about to erupt.

Anne Heche and the others go to loot a nearby summer-camp. It looks like Camp Crystal Lake from the Friday the 13th movie series, although there is not a hockey mask in sight. However, there are a gang of female convicts on the loose, armed with automatic weapons. Not a good combination.

Devyn, the Amish boy, has problems of his own. He is infected by a demon.

Aftermath Aftermath [Season 1, Episode 7] What the Thunder Said
Shown 08 Nov 16

The family try to outrun the volcano before it erupts. They stop to pick up a hitch-hiker. He dresses like an Observer from Fringe and talks like Rain Man, to paraphrase a line from Supernatural , so he may be some form of fallen angel. Anne Heche and one of the soldiers accompany him up a mountain to find a prayer wheel.

The rest of the family still have one soldier to protect them. He is the young girl's boyfriend, although nobody except big brother beefcake has a problem with this. They also stop to pick up more hitch-hikers, a couple of mountaineers who got trapped.

Aftermath Aftermath [Season 1, Episode 8] Here is No Water But Only Rock
Shown 15 Nov 16

Once again, the family gets split up for dramatic effect. A couple of teenagers are trapped in a bunker. The others get stuck outside, where there is an enormous flying lizard on the loose.

Anne Heche gets stuck in a cave with some cave-paintings of a winged serpent. She also meets a scientist with a broken leg. Will she save him and bring him along with the family, or will she just forget that he ever existed?

Aftermath Aftermath [Season 1, Episode 9] The Barbarous King
Shown 22 Nov 16

The family's mobile home is stopped by a biker gang. Luckily their leader is yet another familiar face for Anne Heche , so they are welcomed into his camp. He has converted his illegal Meth lab and makes medicine with it instead. This seems too good to be true.

The teenagers need to blow off some steam. They escape from their overprotective mother, and join a foraging mission to get alcohol from a nearby bar. Unfortunately there is a shape-shifter chasing after them.

Aftermath Aftermath [Season 1, Episode 10] Hieronymo's Mad Again
Shown 29 Nov 16

Anne Heche and the daughters go to a hospital to pick up supplies. The nursey woman running things seems nice enough. She offers them supplies, if they help her move the patients about. What could possibly go wrong?

Aftermath Aftermath [Season 1, Episode 11] Where the Dead Men Lost Their Bones
Shown 06 Dec 16

The teenagers go looting - I mean foraging - in a town. They make friends with some other teenagers. Well, sort of. The boy meets a suicidal girl - well, it is his turn to get a love interest. His sister runs into a gang of bullies.

Aftermath Aftermath [Season 1, Episode 12] Now That We Talk of Dying
Shown 13 Dec 16

A couple of Federal Agents are on the family's tail. The Feds want to end the apocalypse and save the world. About damn time the Government did something about the problem. Unfortunately these Feds are trigger-happy, and have come to the conclusion that Bob 'Moondog' Black (Louis Ferreira - Stargate: Universe ) is the cause of the apocalypse.

Aftermath Aftermath [Season 1, Episode 13] Whispers of Immortality
Shown 20 Dec 16

As always, the family splits up so we can have two storylines in one episode. The suicidal girl goes walkabout. The eldest boy goes looking for her, and his eldest sister goes along to keep him company.

The rest of the family teams up with Bob 'Moondog' Black (Louis Ferreira - Stargate: Universe ) to stop the apocalypse. If they can open a portal above the radio station's Tesla tower, they might be able to suck up all the meteors before they hit the earth's surface and create an extinction level event!






Aftermath Aftermath [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2016 [Wednesday]

Reviewed in our special supplement Aftermath

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