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Colony (2016)

Season 1

Colony Colony [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 14 Jan 16

Earth has been conquered by alien Overlords. They rule indirectly, through a militia called the Red-Hats. Not unlike the villainous overlords in Fringe: Season 5 . It is of course a metaphor for the American Revolution, like in Falling Skies . And of course, Sleepy Hollow makes constant reference to it. There seems to be a theme developing here.

Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) lives in Los Angeles. The aliens have built a massive wall around the city, and he wants to get through it for a day-trip to Santa Monica. The bad news is, the Red-Hats do not want him to. The good news is, they want him alive so he can do a mission for them.

Katie Bowman ( Sarah Wayne Callies ) is trapped in the Los Angeles Ghetto. The place has terrible shortages, especially at the hospital. They do not have a National Health Service, it seems. No change there, then. Perhaps the alien invaders would have more popular support if they provided free health care, like in V (2009) .

Colony Colony [Season 1, Episode 2] A Brave New World
Shown 21 Jan 16

Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) starts work at his new job. He is partnered with Beau (Carl Weathers - Predator ) and sent out to catch the man who bombed the truck in the pilot episode. This involves infiltrating a Latino neighbourhood, where a white man would stand out like a plainclothes cop. Unfortunately Beau wants to play it slow and sit in the car, so the white guy has to do the action-adventure stuff single-handedly.

Katie Bowman ( Sarah Wayne Callies ) spies on her husband on behalf of Resistance Godfather Quayle (Paul Guilfoyle AKA Mickey Cohen in L.A. Confidential ). Why the the Resistance recruited Suzy Home-maker instead of her US Army Ranger/FBI manhunter husband is not explained. At least the Resistance are not portrayed as being the Good Guys - they are liars who put their own secret agenda first. But how (and why) can the home-maker fool her FBI husband?

There is a subplot concerning the hero's buddy, Carlos the mechanic. The Homeland Security team have arrested him for petty black marketeering. Our hero's new Police rank is not enough to save the mechanic. Likewise, his wife's Resistance buddies do not care enough to help the man's family.

Katie's sister Maddie Kenner ( Amanda Righetti ) bumps into a former boyfriend, who is now Number Three in the government's Water Distribution network. This explores the concept of collaboration. It seems that anyone who actually works for a living is guilty of helping the Occupation.

Colony Colony [Season 1, Episode 3] 98 Seconds
Shown 28 Jan 16

The episode starts with a radio broadcast from Geronimo, the symbolic leader of the Revolt. A bit like John Connor, but using cultural appropriation of a Native American name. He tells his eager audience a glamourised (i.e. fictionalised) version of the bombing that our hero got caught up in during the Pilot episode. The red-hats are after him in a radio detector van, like the French Gendarmes chasing Gaullist spies in the early 1940s. However, a better comparison for this show is the more recent Occupation of Iraq. The Occupation Forces drive around in US Military armoured trucks. They serve a Quisling government, a proxy for an indestructible superpower. The main difference is that the situation in Iraq was sectarian and tribal. And let us not forget, Battlestar Galactica (2003) did it better and they did it first.

Katie Bowman ( Sarah Wayne Callies ) joins the Revolt when they stage an armed robbery. She gets some blood on her, and she feels bad about it. Twenty-two people died in the shootout the rebels started, but she justifies it to herself. The only problem is that she has to lie to her husband and the nanny. Can the nanny be trusted to keep her mouth shut?

Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) does a great job of tracing the Revolt cell that did the robbery. Or perhaps they were just overconfident and used poor tradecraft. Admittedly Bowman and his partner also have poor tradecraft, and nearly walk into an ambush. They are saved only by the fact that the Revolt are terrible shots - perhaps deliberately so. Bowman also discovers he has a new co-worker at Homeland - a girl who looks like Claire Danes .

Colony Colony [Season 1, Episode 4] Blind Spot
Shown 04 Feb 16

Katie Bowman ( Sarah Wayne Callies ) stages a firebombing of her own home. It seems to backfire, because the redhats search her entire home. It also brings her to the attention of her husband's boss.

Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) closes in on Geronimo. The good news is, he fulfills his bargain to Snyder. But is the radio Shock Jock also the brains behind the revolt? Or is he just a hired helper? And will Bowman keep his mouth shut and get out of the dodgy deal?

Colony Colony [Season 1, Episode 5] Geronimo
Shown 11 Feb 16

Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) closes in on the brains behind the Geronimo radio broadcasts. They are using posters and fictionalised stories about terrorist incidents to inspire leaderless resistance. Of course, this is all just violence for the sake of violence.

Snyder offers the radio broadcaster a deal. The man is a bit-part actor, as are half the people in the Los Angeles ghetto. If he plays along with a show-trial, Snyder will spare his life. Can Snyder be trusted to keep his word? Geronimo does not have much choice, because even a public execution is better than being tortured to death by aliens.

Bowman's eldest son tries to make a deal with his teacher. After all, supplies secretly looted from beyond the massive alien wall are bound to make things sweeter.

Colony Colony [Season 1, Episode 6] Yoknapatawpha
Shown 18 Feb 16

Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) gets a lift with Snyder. Unfortunately, the revolters execute their well-rehearsed plan to ambush the convoy. Bowman shoots his way out, and gets Snyder as far as the only safe place nearby - the Yonk.

Katie Bowman ( Sarah Wayne Callies ) is unhappy about being trapped with Snyder, especially since she is revolting against him. She might not have been a gun-person in the ambush, but she was one of the lookouts so she is guilty of conspiracy. However, she must make a decision. The gunmen have held up their agreement not to kill her husband, although eventually he will get suspicious that they always spare his life but kill all the other guards.

Snyder starts to divulge info to the Bowmans. He claims that he is in fear of a coup by political rivals, and there may be an element of truth to this. After all, his boss ( Allie Walker ) views him as being entirely expendable. He states he ran Stanford University on the East Coast of the USA, but the aliens hand-picked him to run the Los Angeles Ghetto. Naturally, Snyder is incredibly vague when it comes to describing the aliens' biology and technology. A pity, because if he could cooperate then he would be much more valuable as a defector-in-place than as a kidnapped hostage or tortured detainee. But he does reveal that the aliens have the humans' full database. They know everything about everyone, he says, and they ran background checks on everyone who works for him. If that were really the case, how could the Revolt have infiltrated his bodyguards? And how could the Geronimo couple have a place in the Green Zone if the aliens could blacklist people with their sensibilities?

Colony Colony [Season 1, Episode 7] Broussard
Shown 25 Feb 16

Katie Bowman ( Sarah Wayne Callies ) becomes aware that she is no longer trusted by the Revolt. They are not in their usual hangouts, but the deadly hitman knows where to find her.

Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) makes a lot of progress in tracking down the mastermind behind the attack last week. The man's tattoo marks him as USMC Recon, and a few other facts about him become apparent. The Homeland girl is an expert at searching personnel databases. It turns out that she ran an Internet dating company. Yet another civilian who was conscripted to run things once the aliens had killed all the professionals.

In a Soap Opera subplot, Katie's sister Maddie Kenner ( Amanda Righetti ) has a good job in an art gallery run by Kathryn Morris . Her duties include having three-ways with the boss and her husband (Adrian Pasdar - Agents of SHIELD ).

Colony Colony [Season 1, Episode 8] From the Cold
Shown 03 Mar 16

Snyder gets news from his boss ( Allie Walker ). She tells him the East Coast Governor is going to visit the city. It seems like all the Revolting activity has made Snyder look bad. And while Snyder may be a vicious manipulative little creep, his boss quotes 1984 as if the Stalinist form of government would be a good thing. If anything happens to Snyder, his replacement will be a lot worse.

Resistance Godfather Quayle (Paul Guilfoyle - L.A. Confidential) offers to make a deal with Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ). He will trade Broussard and the entire Revolting group - the few that are still alive after the failed ambush - in exchange for free travel out of the city.

Bowman's son is still hanging around with the science teacher. They have built an improved telescope, and with it they discover that there is a massive alien facility on the moon. It turns out that The Factory is not a death camp, it is a penal labour facility on the surface of the moon itself. This info does no real use, since the human species no longer has any capacity for space travel. And since the alien invaders took out all Earth's defences during the invasion, there is really no way the humans can actually fight back.

Colony Colony [Season 1, Episode 9] Zero Day
Shown 10 Mar 16

Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) and his partner Beau (Carl Weathers - Predator ) have a plan to escape from Los Angeles. They make up a story that the Revolters have a secret base outside the wall. Instead of saying that the Redhats are corrupt, they suggest that there is a secret tunnel under the wall. Unfortunately, this means the security crew actually DO find the secret tunnel.

Katie Bowman ( Sarah Wayne Callies ) still conspires with Broussard. Their once massive Revolting group has been all but annihilated. There are still a handful of technicians hanging around. However, Broussard is the only hitman in the entire team. He has a new plan - a duplication of the kidnap attempt on Snyder. The difference is that the ambush is on a subway train, and the target is an out-of-town VIP. However, without any other killers to make up a murder-gang Broussard has to use Katie as a makeshift murderer.

Colony Colony [Season 1, Episode 10] Gateway
Shown 17 Mar 16

Katie Bowman ( Sarah Wayne Callies ) and her revolting friends make off with the VIP's body. This is the first time anyone has had a chance to do an autopsy on an alien. However, they have one minor problem. The alien is in an armoured suit, and their technology is incapable of penetrating it.

Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) is in charge of the manhunt. If he does not recover the alien VIP, the whole city will be destroyed. In fact, the aliens start by using cruise missiles to destroy skyscrapers at random.

Proxy Snyder is out of a job. He tries to cover his ass by helping a political ally (Adrian Pasdar - Agents of SHIELD ). By incredible coincidence, this is the same political bigwig who Katie's sister Maddie Kenner ( Amanda Righetti ) has shacked up with.






Colony Colony [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th Feb 2017

Reviewed in our special supplement Colony

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  • Colony (2016)

    Season 2

    Colony Colony [Season 2, Episode 1] Preoccupation AKA Eleven.Thirteen
    Shown 12 Jan 17

    This episode takes place before the Invasion. Back in Colony [Season 1, Episode 6] Yoknapatawpha , Snyder claimed he used to run Stanford University. Now we see the truth, that his real roots were far more humble. Then he got selected to serve the aliens ... before the invasion!

    Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) was in the FBI, serving with a partner he felt was potentially corrupt. Before he could ask for a transfer, his unit was assigned to investigate the kidnappings of some VIPs.

    Katie Bowman ( Sarah Wayne Callies ) was friends with Broussard. He hung out in her bar when he was on leave, although he got called up for an emergency.

    The alien invasion is brief and brutal. They use an EMP to take out GPS and other communications, then drop the massive blocks that make up the wall.

    Colony Colony [Season 2, Episode 2] Somewhere Out There
    Shown 19 Jan 17

    In 1969, the Apollo 11 astronauts found an alien structure on the moon. Yes, the alien invasion plans go back at least fifty years.

    Back in the main timeline, Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) is in Santa Monica looking for his son. Luckily his old partner from the FBI lives there, so he has at least one friendly face to help him out. Unfortunately he decides to go on a kill-crazy rampage, at a time when every human life is sacred and the survivors rely on black marketeers for many of their goods.

    Katie Bowman ( Sarah Wayne Callies ) goes to her sister Maddie Kenner ( Amanda Righetti ) for help. Katie's teenage son has been shipped off to a labour camp. Luckily his fellow convicts include Maya ( Jessica Parker Kennedy ), and former Proxy Snyder is also there.

    Colony Colony [Season 2, Episode 3] Sublimation
    Shown 26 Jan 17

    The Resistance stage a massacre of people who are willing to enlist in the Government. Perhaps the revolting rebels are Libertarians, who oppose a socialist regime that rations food according to the individual need. The alternative, rationing by ability to pay, would mean they are merely Black Marketeers who wish to get rich by enforcing scarcity of basic commodities.

    Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) seeks to escape Santa Monica with his son. A people-smuggler will take them over the wall. For a price, of course.

    Carrie is under pressure from her new boss at Homeland, who demands that she somehow produce Broussard. She goes to the only potential informant she has - Katie Bowman ( Sarah Wayne Callies ).

    Colony Colony [Season 2, Episode 4] Panopticon
    Shown 02 Feb 17

    Snyder's boss ( Allie Walker ) is the new Governor of California. Now her number one job is to dissuade the World Council from telling the alien invaders to destroy the LA colony. Since Broussard's terrorists stole some alien tech, either she gets it back or the city is toast.

    Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) gets home with his younger son. Unfortunately the kid is still traumatised from his time as the Artful Dodger, and will need time to re-adjust.

    Carrie is under pressure from her new boss at Homeland. The emphasis has shifted from spying on individual suspects to keeping massive amounts of people under constant surveillance. There is a warehouse full of security goons, watching CCTV cameras hidden in peoples' houses - like in 1984 .

    Colony Colony [Season 2, Episode 5] Company Man
    Shown 09 Feb 17

    Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) returns to work, and finds everything has changed. Carrie is nowhere to be seen, and Will is assigned a tight-assed new partner.

    There is an explosion at Snyder's work-camp. The Security chief tries his usual tactic, terrorising the slaves and using random violence. Luckily Snyder has a better plan. Of course, Snyder's mole is playing both sides. He lets Maya ( Jessica Parker Kennedy ) feed him a couple of suspects.

    Colony Colony [Season 2, Episode 6] Fallout
    Shown 16 Feb 17

    Katie Bowman ( Sarah Wayne Callies ) tries to settle back into her old life running the bar. She has cut her ties with her revolting friends, but now they need her help yet again. One of them was working on the alien gauntlet they stole, and now it appears to he has contracted radiation sickness.

    Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) has returned from his quest to find his younger son. The good news is, he still has his job as a detective. The bad news is, all his old cow-orkers have been transferred - a euphemism for something nasty, no doubt. Now he is denied access to the office computer, and his new partner is an Internal Affairs type.

    Proxy Snyder avoided execution. He is in a prison camp - as the director. A political ally, Nolan (Adrian Pasdar - Agents of SHIELD ), pays a visit. He is the one that Katie's sister Maddie Kenner ( Amanda Righetti ) has shacked up with, and she uses this opportunity to see her nephew.

    The nephew got caught breaking the law, but instead of taking responsibility for his actions he just blames his family for not getting him set free. However, prison is not that bad. For example, it is co-ed and he gets to work with Maya ( Jessica Parker Kennedy ).

    Colony Colony [Season 2, Episode 7] Free Radicals
    Shown 23 Feb 17

    A Resistance cell uses a femme fatale to organise suicide bombings. Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) is put in charge of finding them. The Resistance put up a good fight against the SWAT team, but Bowman has a pistol so he can do a better job than the men with helmets and rifles. However, his new partner's tactics are just as ruthless as the people he is hunting.

    Bowman's eldest son is happy in prison with Maya ( Jessica Parker Kennedy ). Unfortunately, she is just another manipulative femme fatale who wants to do the same suicide bomb tactics.

    Maddie Kenner ( Amanda Righetti ) and her lover Nolan (Adrian Pasdar - Agents of SHIELD ) are in trouble because of the computer file that Katie Bowman ( Sarah Wayne Callies ) stole. Worse, Katie cannot open it so she must pass it on to Broussard in the hope his surviving nerd can open it. The information contained is about the prison inmates, but an extrapolation of the numbers involved will give an accurate projection of the date by which all humans will have become slave labour for the aliens.

    Colony Colony [Season 2, Episode 8] Good Intentions
    Shown 02 Mar 17

    Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) is back hunting the new Resistance cell, the Red Hand. They are as ruthless as ISIS.

    Proxy Snyder wants to avoid execution again. Unfortunately the aliens are bound to retaliate after the bombing. But will Snyder bother to save Bowman's son too?

    Snyder's boss ( Allie Walker ), the new Governor of California, has some loyalty to her old buddy. Well, he has always kept her informed ... and she would have ahell of a job replacing him.

    Colony Colony [Season 2, Episode 9] Taman Shud
    Shown 09 Mar 17

    A couple of US military types try to sneak into Los Angeles. Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) is put in charge of the hunt. Meanwhile, his partner Bob is putting the clues together. Katie's assistance of Broussard in Season One, and her abuse of her sister's trust this Season, have put the whole family in jeopardy.

    The redcaps put the Bowman children under armed guard. However, despite the guards having SWAT gear Katie and Broussard can just shoot their way in using pistols.

    Colony Colony [Season 2, Episode 10] The Garden of Beasts
    Shown 16 Mar 17

    This episode starts with some Resistance types, building something secret in San Fernando. They get raided by the Blackjacks, a Special Forces unit so good they can defeat night-vision and a gatling gun. The Blackjacks are after specific targets, who they take alive and stick in the coffins that Snyder sends up.

    Maddie Kenner ( Amanda Righetti ) is interrogated by the Blackjacks. She and her lover Nolan (Adrian Pasdar - Agents of SHIELD ) are accused of helping the Bowmans.

    The Bowmans decide to take advantage of the situation. They test Maddie's loyalty, and lure the Blackjacks into an ambush. This is all a bit premature, since they do not have the gauntlet that the Red Hand stole.

    Bowman's eldest son is unhappy, especially when he remembers the good times he had in prison with Maya ( Jessica Parker Kennedy ). Instead of giving his info to Broussard's cell, he goes to join the Red Hand!

    Colony Colony [Season 2, Episode 11] Lost Boy
    Shown 23 Mar 17

    This episode is split into different sections. They all cover the same general time period, with each one from the perspective of a different character.

    The elder Bowman boy joins the Red Hand terrorists. He tells them about the aliens' destruction of the work camp, which is more than he shared with his parents. In return, they put him on a mission with a bunch of others. Instead of targeting the aliens, their target is the Green Zone where the rich and powerful live. Yes, at a time when the aliens are depopulating the city and the human race will be extinct in a couple of years time, the Red Hand seek to help the aliens by killing other humans.

    Colony Colony [Season 2, Episode 12] Seppuku
    Shown 30 Mar 17

    The Red Hand terrorists managed to murder over a hundred and forty victims. Despite this, about half the terrorists are still in their headquarters. Worst of all, they still have the alien gauntlet they stole from Broussard.

    Broussard meets with the Red Hand leader, and offers a deal. He has finally decided to think strategically, and work with the group outside the wall who might be able to destroy all the alien ships in one go. However, the Red Hand are happy to destroy the ships one at a time. Instead of defeating the aliens, the plan is to just make them angry and force a retaliation.

    Broussard leads an attack on the Red Hand HQ. The Bowmans are along as backup, along with the nerdy tech girl ... and the pilot. Of course, the pilot is the only one who can take them to the group outside the wall. Do they have a backup plan in case she gets killed?

    The Governor tries to cover his ass, and orders Nolan (Adrian Pasdar - Agents of SHIELD ) once again to get rid of Maddie Kenner ( Amanda Righetti ). Of course, this just gives Snyder an opportunity

    Colony Colony [Season 2, Episode 13] Ronin
    Shown 06 Apr 17

    Will Bowman (Josh Holloway - Lost ) has the stolen alien gauntlet, and since the Resistance cannot use it he wants to trade it. Unfortunately it is too late. Because of all the murderous Resistance activity, the aliens have decided to liquidate the entire Los Angeles ghetto.

    Snyder is offered a way out. However, he gets the chance to play another card. Will he help the Bowman family yet again, or will he sell out what remains of the human species in exchange for brief and temporary comfort for himself.

    Maddie Kenner ( Amanda Righetti ) is down on her luck. She has lost everything, and with her sister on the run she has nobody to turn to. She gets caught up in the evacuation system. The whole thing is more than a little reminiscent of the Holocaust, a deliberate metaphor on the part of the showrunner.

    Colony (2016)

    Season 3

    Colony Colony [Season 3, Episode 1] Maquis
    Shown 02 May 18

    Colony Colony [Season 3, Episode 2] Puzzle Man
    Shown 09 May 18

    Colony Colony [Season 3, Episode 3] Sierra Maestra
    Shown 16 May 18

    Colony Colony [Season 3, Episode 4] Hospitium
    Shown 23 May 18

    Colony Colony [Season 3, Episode 5] End of the Road
    Shown 30 May 18

    Colony Colony [Season 3, Episode 6] The Emerald City
    Shown 06 Jun 18

    Colony Colony [Season 3, Episode 7] A Clean, Well-Lighted Place
    Shown 13 Jun 18

    Colony Colony [Season 3, Episode 8] Lazarus
    Shown 20 Jun 18

    Colony Colony [Season 3, Episode 9] The Big Empty
    Shown 27 Jun 18

    Colony Colony [Season 3, Episode 10] Sea Spray
    Shown 04 Jul 18

    Colony Colony [Season 3, Episode 11] Disposable Heroes
    Shown 11 Jul 18

    Colony Colony [Season 3, Episode 12] Bonzo
    Shown 18 Jul 18

    Colony Colony [Season 3, Episode 13] What Goes Around
    Shown 25 Jul 18