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Season 1

Extant Extant [Season 1, Episode 1] Re-Entry (60 min)
Shown 09/Jul/14

Molly ( Halle Berry ) is an astronaut who comes home from a thirteen month deep space mission. Her doctor (a sidekick from Ghost Whisperer ) tells her that she is pregnant. Is it an alien baby like in The Astronautís Wife , sent like a Species rip-off to destroy the human race?

Worse, Molly and her roboticist hubby (Goran Visij - Elektra ) already have a son named Ethan. He is an experimental android, like David in A.I. , but he has a darker side. He has flashes of apparent anger (or a robotic facsimile of it). and is found with dead birds. Is he a serial killer in the making, like Michael Myers in Halloween Reboot ?

The trailers for this show make it out to be either an alien baby or a pre-teen robot serial killer show - and the pilot implies it could be one against the other. This could be really good, if unlikely (aliens AND killer robots in the same show?) ... But the epís ending also implies there is a complicated conspiracy at work too!

Extant Extant [Season 1, Episode 2] Extinct
Shown 16/Jul/14

Molly ( Halle Berry ) takes Ethan the creepy robot boy to the museum, where he sees lots of holograms. He also discovers the meaning of the word Extinct as applied to the Neanderthal species when Cro-Magnons came along.

Molly discovers that another astronaut had similar visions.

The NASA Boss (also the Drugs kingpin in Bates Motel) tells Molly that she was the victim of an illegal experiment. Can she trust him? She never suspects that her best buddy ( Camryn Manheim ) might be one of the illegal experimenters.

Extant Extant [Season 1, Episode 3] Wish You Were Here
Shown 23/Jul/14

Molly ( Halle Berry ) and her hubby (Goran Visij - Elektra ) hold a house-party. A friend of her ex's turns up. Until, of course, Molly looks at the snapshot photos of the evening.

Molly's boss is the crime boss from Bates Motel. He is a career rent-a-villain, he could not be mistaken for a trustworthy individual by anyone except a trusting fool. He is in cahoots with a Japanese Billionaire scientist.

Extant Extant [Season 1, Episode 4] Shelter
Shown 30/Jul/14

Molly ( Halle Berry ) and her family go on the run. They hide out at her dad's cottage, on a remote island.

Ethan the robot boy has another emotional episode, and runs away into the woods. Hubby (Goran Visij - Elektra ) sends pregnant Molly to find the boy, while he and her dad (the two grown men) stay to liaise with the sheriff. When the sheriff discovers the missing child is only a robot, he calls off the search. Yes, even though a pregnant woman is wandering lost in the woods as well!

Extant Extant [Season 1, Episode 5] What on Earth Is Wrong?
Shown 06/Aug/14

Molly ( Halle Berry ) and Ethan the robot boy are discovered by the rescue team. Ethanís memories are fried, but Daddy (Goran Vissinj - Elektra ) is willing to risk sacrificing the robot in order to find out what happened to Molly.

Extant Extant [Season 1, Episode 6] Nightmares
Shown 13/Aug/14

Ethan the robot boy has a nightmare. Yes, he has exceeded his programming.

Molly ( Halle Berry ) and her hubby (Goran Visij - Elektra ) decide to run surveillance on the Corporation.

Extant Extant [Season 1, Episode 7] More in Heaven and Earth
Shown 20/Aug/14

Molly ( Halle Berry ) decides to confront her boss. She has enough to connect him to an unlicensed space-mining operation, but she does not realise that he is just as out of his depth as she is. All she cares about is getting her alien baby back.

The NASA security goon has an agenda of his own. He has a personal association with the case - by incredible coincidence, of course.

The B-plot, featuring the husband and the other child, takes a step forward too. Ethan the robot boy now speaks fluent Japanese, even though he had no way of learning it.

The assistant roboticist girl, who last week was shown to have an active sex life, has a new suitor this week. However, he does not want to be just a one-night stand. He is into commitment, which means he has an ulterior motive.

Extant Extant [Season 1, Episode 8] Incursion
Shown 20/Aug/14

Molly ( Halle Berry ) and her new allies plot to hijack the Offspring when the villains try to move it to a more secure location.

Hubby (Goran Visij - Elektra ) tries to work out what has gone wrong with his robotic son Ethan, the most powerful AI on the planet. However, he is distracted by what Molly is involved in.

Extant Extant [Season 1, Episode 9] Care and Feeding
Shown 27/Aug/14

Molly ( Halle Berry ) is still trapped in the building. The Japanese money-man sends in a clean-up team. Will she evade them? Can she do a Die Hard and scale the elevator shaft?

The NASA Boss (also the Drugs kingpin in Bates Motel) goes on the run with the Offspring. What will happen when it needs to feed?

Extant Extant [Season 1, Episode 10] A Pack of Cards
Shown 27/Aug/14

Hubby (Goran Visij - Elektra ) and his robot boy are guest-ages (guests-cum-hostages) at the Japanese Industrialistís fortified mansion. David/Ethan/whatever (the robot boy) tries chess for the first time, and easily defeats experienced players. How long will it take for him to outsmart the guards and sneak away?

Molly ( Halle Berry ) realises that her companion is loyal to the Jap, and has SWAT team backup. In a sense, they are both wrong. She is obsessed with the idea that The Offspring (an alien parasite with mind-control abilities and an unknown agenda) is her helpless baby. He believes that a new SWAT team stands a better chance against the monster than the original team did against the same creature when it was weaker and locked in the basement lab.

The Offspring has its own agenda. It brainwashes Molly into reliving the death of her original child, and then into thinking she can save the child if she uses her NASA login details to hack a computer system. But since the monster already controls her boss, would he not be able to remote login and do anything she can do?

Mollyís former allies are looking for the runaways too. They have FBI identification, so they do what the Winchesters would in Supernatural - They pay the local Sheriff a visit, and ask for help. Unfortunately, the Sheriff has been brainwashed by the Offspring.

Extant Extant [Season 1, Episode 11] A New World
Shown 03/Sep/14

The Jap has his SWAT team ambush the car with the Offspring in it. Naturally, this turns into a bullet-fest.

The NASA Boss (also the Drugs kingpin in Bates Motel) defects back to Molly's side. After killing someone right in front of her, that is, but she still gives him the benefit of the doubt.

Extant Extant [Season 1, Episode 12] Before the Blood
Shown 10/Sep/14

The NASA mission control eventually realise that they have lost contact with the space station. They can however contact the nearby French space station, the ones who recovered the escape pod but did not bother to tell anyone about it!

The astronaut (Viktor from Dollhouse ) bunks down with the distressed damsel that the French rescued. But is it a coincidence that the aliens sent him in her direction? Is he imagining her, or is she possessed?

The anti-tech guy convinces Ethan that the techs are going to shut him down. Will Ethan press the magic button? Will the tech girl work out that her new BF is too good to be true?

Mollyís two sons - the android and the alien - finally meet. This is almost as good as it could have been, but judging by the showís misuse of the premise it is better than it ought to be.

Extant Extant [Season 1, Episode 13] Ascension
Shown 17/Sep/14

Ethan the robot boy has a bomb inside him. Unfortunately, the bomb is too dangerous to attempt to move or defuse. Worse, Ethanís program is too complex to create a backup of. Nobody thinks of partially disassembling him while in a shut-down state, but they need to contrive jeopardy because this is the end of the Season.

Ethanís mommy, Molly ( Halle Berry ), is the only one with the training, experience and security clearance to save the space station. They give her a high-tech spacesuit with a built-in hallucination-detector, and shoot her off in a tiny space shuttle. Unfortunately she did not pack a spare detector, so when she finds the guy from Dollhouse she cannot help him to recover his sanity.

The doppelganger from the escape pod was the girlís Alien hybrid Offspring. It has a physical presence, and aims to spread alien spores into the Earthís atmosphere by crashing the space station. But surely the spores would burn up due to the friction. Also, since she was on the French Space Station should NASA not contact the French and quarantine their team too?

Mollyís Offspring takes over NASA HQ, so he can crash the space station and kill his doting mother. He can cause any human interferers to hallucinate, so they evacuate. Luckily, they have a robot with a built-in bomb - Ethan! Yes, this is a wonderful coincidence! Finally the two boys get a proper face-off.






Extant Extant [Season 2, Episode 1 ]
Shown th July 2015 [Wednesday]

Reviewed in our special supplement Extant

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    Season 2

  • Extant Extant [Season 2, Episode 1] Change Scenario
    Shown 01/Jul/15

    Molly ( Halle Berry ) has spent the last few months in a mental health facility. Most of the episode is a flashback, to show how the loose ends from the previous Season were tied up and the new Season's story arc is set up. For example, NASA has been taken over by the Military in the form of David Morrissey ( The Walking Dead ). Worse, so have all experiments in robotics.

    Last Season, Julie the Lab Assistant tech girl had a fling with a young man who had a secret agenda. It turns out that she also found the time to have a fling with Molly's hubby (Goran Visij - Elektra ). Molly takes this quite badly, although she herself was away in outer space for over a year - and got pregnant by an alien while she was away! This show has always been a character-based drama (AKA a soap opera) and for the new Season to start the fast-paced thriller arc that we have been promised in the trailers for the show.

    While Molly has been incarcerated, a series of mysterious deaths have happened that match the alien births in Season One. She escapes by taking advantage of one of the staff at the clinic. Since she is a medical doctor and experienced astronaut in her mid-forties, she is hardly an innocent victim. She costs him a seven percent pay raise, which he estimates at being worth fourteen thousand dollars. This means he is making two hundred thousand a year, which might be a slight exaggeration. Solving a murder and arresting the killer is worth a mere twenty thousand in comparison.

    Molly teams up with her new partner-cum-love-interest, a bounty hunter named JD Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Watchmen ). Not only does this mean that Catwoman has a superhero team-up with The Comedian against Species 2 , it also allows John Winchester to do his first Hunting since Supernatural . On another note, the two new major male roles in this show are both villains in The Walking Dead .

    Extant Extant [Season 2, Episode 2] Morphoses
    Shown 08/Jul/15

    Molly ( Halle Berry ) and bounty hunter JD Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Watchmen ) interview the dead woman's doctor (Phlox from Enterprise ). He admits she had a mysteriously accelerated pregnancy, and puts them on to a woman with similar symptoms - Alexandra Breckenridge . She is this show's THIRD cast member shared with The Walking Dead !

    Unfortunately, Richter is so down-to-Earth that he ignores all the facts and thinks that Molly is insane for believing in an alien invasion. To continue the investigation alone, she has to ditch him. Luckily he always has a beer before driving home. However, Molly forgets that her inhuman spawn can also put the whammy on humans, using its telepathic powers to roofie them. As a result, at least one woman meets a stranger in a bar and wakes up with no memory.

    USMC General David Morrissey ( The Walking Dead ) tries sending a Special Forces unit after the alien hybrid. Evidently nobody told him what happened to the SWAT team last Season. His next step is to locate ths suspect using CCTV and facial recognition software, then take out the building with a missile from a drone. Yes, rather than wait until the suspect is isolated in a vehicle he is willing to take out a bar with fifty-three civilians in it.

    Elsewhere, Ethan the robot boy throws a temper-tantrum because his mommy is not around. The US Military-Industrial Complex wants the next generation of mandroids finished ASAP. This means the have to cut corners. Ethan has taken ten years in the making, and he only has the mind of a child. The Military want super-soldiers, with amped-up strength and reflexes. Naturally, with the increased emphasis on the hardware then the shortcuts will be on the software side. Ethical subroutines, for example, are not a high priority.

    Extant Extant [Season 2, Episode 3] Empathy For The Devil
    Shown 15/Jul/15

    USMC General David Morrissey ( The Walking Dead ) pulls some strings, and gets Molly ( Halle Berry ) released from psychiatric care. This means she has no further need to associate with bounty hunter JD Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Watchmen ).

    The next android is activated. She looks like a teenage girl, and has the rebellious spirit of one. The Military-Industrial Complex do not care about this. Nor do they care about her lack of ethical subroutines. No, all they want to be certain of is her moral flexability when it comes to killing anyone designated as a target. To anyone sensible this would seem like a terribly dangerous combination.

    Extant Extant [Season 2, Episode 4] Cracking The Code
    Shown 22/Jul/15

    USMC General David Morrissey ( The Walking Dead ) pulls some strings, and gets Molly ( Halle Berry ) to help out decoding the alien DNA.

    Just as Molly is working on the biological code of the alien DNA, the roboticists have trouble with Ethan's electronic code. He still has memories of Molly, so he decides to go looking for her. Charlie is babysitting him while Julie is out of town, so he must secretly take the female android (Ethan's sister) and find Ethan. Of course, Charlie is a bleeding heart so he will never compromise Ethan's independence. This is like supporting the right to bear arms ... for ten-year-olds!

    Bounty hunter JD Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Watchmen ) has a problem of his own. His daughter is pregnant, and the father could be one of the hybrids. Is she doomed to die in premature childbirth?

    Extant Extant [Season 2, Episode 5] The New Frontier
    Shown 29 Jul 15

    Molly ( Halle Berry ) discovers that Ethan is still alive and kicking. She orders USMC General David Morrissey ( The Walking Dead ) to hand the robot boy over to her. It is out of his hands, but he organises his boss (US Secretary of State for Defence) to oversee a custody dispute between Molly and Julie. This show is becoming more of a Soap opera with every episode.

    Molly gets bounty hunter JD Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Watchmen ) to investigate the death of her husband.

    The teenage android girl gets Charlie to take her out for a drink. Of coffee, that is. She spots an alien hybrid, and takes matters into her own hands. Everyone thinks this is great, although Julie is the only one who realises there are greater ramifications.

    Extant Extant [Season 2, Episode 6] You Say You Want an Evolution
    Shown 05 Aug 15

    Molly ( Halle Berry ) had another encounter with the man from the bathroom stall. he realises she has alien DNA left over in her system from the foetus she carried. It is turning her into a hybrid, which gives her a telepathic superpower but also acts as a psychic roofie. USMC General David Morrissey ( The Walking Dead ) cannot give her a sample, so she goes to to the main source - her son.

    Bounty hunter JD Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Watchmen ) accompanies her. He has nothing better to do, since his ex-wife has told him that his daughter wants nothing more to do with him. This cannot all be his fault - after all, the daughter stole his car in the previous episode. She is all take, no give. Strangely, Richter does not seem to remember that he is meant to arrest the son for the series of murders that happened when the hybrid babies were born. Of course, he cannot arrest an alien so he should just let the Military use the bio-weapon Molly created for them. Unfortunately the alien can brainwash Molly into feeling sorry for him.

    Ethan has years of life experience but he is still a child, while his sister is a newborn in the body of a teenager so she gets treated like an adult. The teenage android girl's artificial intelligence is copied onto the new robot army. There are now a hundred stroppy teenage androids with superhuman strength and no conscience. Julie is smart enough to know something bad is bound to happen. However, she has problems of her own.

    Extant Extant [Season 2, Episode 7] The Other
    Shown 05 Aug 15

    Bounty hunter JD Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Watchmen ) may be old-fashioned, but he manages to defeat the most high-tech defences employed by USMC General David Morrissey ( The Walking Dead ). Molly ( Halle Berry ) tries to convince them to have a truce with the alien hybrids. She ignores the fact that the hybrids use their telepathy to roofie humans, and that their accelerated process of procreation itself poses a threat to the human species.

    Julie is off in Washington DC again. The teenage android girl starts to manipulate Charlie again. He has nobody but himself to blame. After all, his high-minded morals prevented him from giving her a conscience. Worse, she might talk him into deactivating her expiration date, thus rendering her virtually immortal.

    Extant Extant [Season 2, Episode 8] Arms And The Humanich
    Shown 12 Aug 15

    USMC General David Morrissey ( The Walking Dead ) deploys the Humanix. For some reason the showrunners deliberately misspell the name of the robots, but that is not the show's biggest problem.

    The virus starts to kill the alien monsters by making them age at an accellerated rate. Since they were already given faster gestation periods and a practically non-existent childhood period, this seems a natural step rather than a cruel fate. The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long, to quote Blade Runner . And that brings us on to our second point.

    Lucy tries to extort favours from Charlie the idiotic lab tech. Yes, he now has reason to understand how vicious and manipulative she is. Will he finally do the right thing for a change? After all, it is HIS fault she has no conscience - he deliberately did not programme it into her, even though he was specifically ordered to so so.

    The two plots mirror each other. The aliens and the robots both demand eternal life, and humans cannot possibly co-exist alongside with such superior species. It would obviously be immoral (or at least stupid) to give the robots such an ability. What Molly cannot see, because of her emotional involvement, is that it would be equally wrong to allow the aliens' life-span to exceed that of humans. If they breed faster they should die sooner, to maintain the balance.

    Extant Extant [Season 2, Episode 9] The Other Side
    Shown 19 Aug 15

    Molly ( Halle Berry ) is on the run. Her son, an alien hybrid, is dying of the virus she created. Can she make a cure in time?

    Bounty hunter JD Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Watchmen ) hands himself in to USMC General David Morrissey ( The Walking Dead ) in order to save his daughter.

    The lab techs finally work out that Lucy the Humanix is evil. But she and her army of killer robots is also the only defence against an alien counter-attack.

    Extant Extant [Season 2, Episode 10] Don't Shoot The Messenger
    Shown 26 Aug 15

    USMC General David Morrissey ( The Walking Dead ) finally decides to help Molly ( Halle Berry ). However, his superiors have plans of their own.

    Lucy the psycho killer android has been re-activated and promoted. She has overridden Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, although Julie's half-wit assistant did not install any limiters in the first place. However, Lucy claims to answer to a Higher Authority ... does she mean the female politician, or is there another player involved?

    It turns out that there is another expert in Humanix - Keith David ( The Thing (1980) ). He has never been mentioned before, but he was apparently the co-creator along with Molly's husband. He may be secretly manipulating Lucy and her army, but Molly's husband believed he would prevent the humanix from going off-mission. So is he the savior or the destroyer of the world?

    Extant Extant [Season 2, Episode 11] Zugzwang
    Shown 02 Sep 15

    Molly ( Halle Berry ) and Bounty hunter JD Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Watchmen ) go looking for the previously unknown scientist, Keith David ( The Thing (1980) ). He claims to be the victim of a frame-up. But can he be trusted?

    Julie says a tearful goodbye to Ethan. However, she has bigger things to worry about. Lucy the psycho killer android has been re-activated and promoted. How long will she wait before she takes revenge?

    The female politician running things is beginning to realise something is wrong. Yes, when the top NASA and USMC experts agree on something then she is right to pay attention for a change.

    Extant Extant [Season 2, Episode 12] Double Vision
    Shown 09 Sep 15

    The little hybrid girl is still on the run from the killer robots. By incredible chance she bumps into a familiar face - the ex-wife of JD Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Watchmen ).

    The female politician realises that Lucy the killer android is up to no good. Worse, a sample of the original virus (also deadly to humans) has gone missing. Yes, it is too late for the authorities to do anything. But Molly and her team of enthusiastic amateurs might have a chance.

    Extant Extant [Season 2, Episode 13] The Greater Good
    Shown 09 Sep 15

    Molly has to lead an attack on the robots' HQ. Luckily, they are all directly controlled by the A.I. so if she takes it out, it will be like the end of Star Wars I: Phantom Menace . All she has to help her is JD Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Watchmen ) and Charlie the nerdy guy. Luckily, the robots are very seaily killed. They may be humanoid, but they are nowhere near as tough as a Terminator .

    Unfortunately, Molly's robot son is linked to the A.I. as well. Will he be sacrificed to save the human race from extinction?