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Season 1

Olympus Olympus [Season 1, Episode 1] The Temple of Gaia
Shown 02 Apr 15

Just as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys created a slew of imitators in the late Nineties, so has the success of Game of Thrones popularised the historical fantasy genre once again - albeit without the jokiness or anachronisms. This particular effort is reminiscent of the relatively low-budget BBC show Atlantis , but with the blood and violence of Spartacus: Blood and Sand . Instead of amazing real-life locations it is shot entirely on green-screen!

The protagonist (Tom York - ) is on a mission, to save the Oracle ( Sonya Cassidy ) from the Cyclops. Instead of a lightsaber, his weapon of choice is a length of rope. Dealing with the monster is relatively easy, but the Oracle is just as feisty as every Princess since Star Wars: A New Hope four decades ago. Her visions have sent her on a mission.

Elsewhere, the city of Athens is besieged by King Minos of Crete. However, the Athenians have even bigger problems to contend with. Someone wants to assassinate their King, presumably as part of a coup d'etat. Yes, palace politics do not cease even while under siege.

Olympus Olympus [Season 1, Episode 2] Daedalus
Shown 09 Apr 15

The protagonist and the Seer ( Sonya Cassidy ) escape, or it would be a very short show. They team up with a crazy old inventor named Daedalus (Matt Frewer - Eureka ), who is escaping the clutches of King Minos. Does this line-up seem familiar? The chosen farmboy, a feisty warrior-priestess and a wise old man? Okay, it is pretty generic in this kind of thing (thanks to Star Wars ) but it actually seems to be a poor copy of the terrible show Legend of the Seeker .

Queen Medea ( Sonita Henry ) runs things in Athens. She puts her teenage son in charge of the military. He seems remarkably competent, and the generals (while initially resistant) see how they are better off with him in charge. Especially when they discover his weakness and how to manipulate him.

Olympus Olympus [Season 1, Episode 3] Ring of the Magi
Shown 16 Apr 15

The protagonist, the Seer ( Sonya Cassidy ) and Daedalus (Matt Frewer - Eureka ) reluctantly continue their quest for the Ring of the Magi. We finally get some exposition about why the landscape (or green-screened CGI facsimile of one) that our characters have been trekking across is strewn with massive statues. The statues are remnants of a civilisation from thirty thousand years ago, created by creatures now regarded as gods. The ring is a magical artefact that can either kill the gods or open the gateway to their realm in Olympus.

Queen Medea ( Sonita Henry ) runs into trouble in Athens. Her teenage son has won victories over king Minos, and with them the respect of the military. His supporters would see themselves rid of her. However, the office politics storyline has one minor flaw. Medea is untrustworthy, as are her secretive opponents. There is really nobody to cheer for. Both sides do their best to keep the teenage heir on their side, and he is the most sympathetic character. He would be a better ruler than his Machiavellian mother or brutal father, but he would not be happy with them getting their just desserts.

Olympus Olympus [Season 1, Episode 4] Minos
Shown 23 Apr 15

The Magi warrior woman who killed the protagonist's mother is back. She hunts down the hag who he rescued from the Cyclops, in an effort to find his trail again.

Our heros are in the hands of the wicked King Minos. The Seer ( Sonya Cassidy ) is about to lose her magic powers, because Minos wants her virginity. He is an atheist, and does not believe in her visions. The protagonist is given to Minos' daughter, Princess Ariadne ( Sophia Lauchlin Hirt ), to be tortured to death. And Daedalus (Matt Frewer - Eureka ) gets a horrific punishment for his desertion.

Over in Athens, the King is back in charge again. He plans to follow up the expert ambush and the masterful night-time raid with an idiotic and suicidal full frontal assault in broad daylight. In all fairness, it is the last thing anyone would expect.

Daedalus has problems with his new cow-orker. The farmboy demands respect, even though he has done nothing to deserve it. Also, he seems blissfully unaware that if Minos executes Daedalus, he will kill the helper as well!

Olympus Olympus [Season 1, Episode 5] Blood Brothers
Shown 30 Apr 15

This week things start to get sexed-up, perhaps because the showrunners realized they needed to put in more sex to make this show more like the one it is ripping off, Game of Thrones .

Princess Ariadne ( Sophia Lauchlin Hirt ) uses oil to interrogate the Seer ( Sonya Cassidy ), and gets an unexpected response. Then Minos wants an opinion on his general's new plan of attack. It seems about as good as the Athenian king's plan. The Oracle puts in a good word for Daedalus (Matt Frewer - Eureka ), who has a cunning plan involving a big brass bull.

The protagonist forgets about the Athenian who rescued him, and infiltrates Athens single-handedly. Unfortunately he is dressed as a Minoan, and everyone in the city is paranoid about spies. Yes, he is as unwelcome among the Athenians as he was among the Minoans. Of all the Royal family, only his wicked stepmother Medea ( Sonita Henry ) is keen to see him.

The conspirators confront Prince Lykos and tell him they want to go along with his plans. Unfortunately they have no idea what his real plan is, and jump to entirely the wrong conclusion. Even worse, while Lykos may be the smartest one in the palace the years of abuse he suffered at the hands of his father have made him unbalanced.

Olympus Olympus [Season 1, Episode 6] The Lexicon
Shown 07 May 15

The Magi warrior woman who killed the protagonist's mother is back. She goes after the priests at the Temple of Gaia. After the Protagonist's escape in Episode Two there are only a couple of them, and they were not very good fighters to begin with.

The protagonist is accepted by the Athenians, although they only want him because of the magic lexicon in him.

The plot to negotiate with the Minoans is underway. However, it just makes King Minos suspicious of what is really going on.

Olympus Olympus [Season 1, Episode 7] Love and Time
Shown 21 May 15

The protagonist (Tom York - ) accompanies Medea ( Sonita Henry ) to the temple of Aphrodite. He is under orders to kill Love ... but at the temple he meets the Seer ( Sonya Cassidy ). How literally should he take the order?

The Magi warrior woman is still on the protagonist's tail. He finally gets a showdown with her.

Olympus Olympus [Season 1, Episode 8] Danger and Desire
Shown 28 May 15

Daedalus (Matt Frewer - Eureka ) has to deploy his bronze bull weapon against Athens in the next attack. Either he takes the city, or King Minos will have him horribly executed.

Olympus Olympus [Season 1, Episode 9] Pandora's Tomb
Shown 04 Jun 15

The protagonist (Tom York - ) and Minos' daughter, Princess Ariadne ( Sophia Lauchlin Hirt ) go on a quest together.

Daedalus (Matt Frewer - Eureka ) works out why the statues of the gods are so big. They are not statues ...

King Minos is upset at his daughter's disappearance. He is willing to cut a deal with the Seer ( Sonya Cassidy ). She in turn is upset at the protagonist's hook-up, and asks for the execution of King Aegeus. This may seem like a brutal move, but Aegeus is a violent sociopath and ingrate who is currently cowering in his own dungeon. It may actually be better than he deserves.

Olympus Olympus [Season 1, Episode 10] Heritage
Shown 11 Jun 15

The protagonist (Tom York - ) is heartbroken because he has lost Minos' daughter, Princess Ariadne ( Sophia Lauchlin Hirt ). The good news is, he gets to see her again. The bad news is, she is a ghost and he has opened the gates to the underworld.

Medea ( Sonita Henry ) gives the protagonist guidance. He has already killed his love, albeit accidentally. The next step is to destroy his heritage, which is the embodiment of the Kingship of Athens.

The Seer ( Sonya Cassidy ) has thrown in her lot with King Minos. After all, they both want to prevent Hero from killing the gods. Unfortunately the mystical fog has scared off his men. The soldiers have mutinied and the generals have fled.

This episode was directed by Amanda Tapping .

Olympus Olympus [Season 1, Episode 11] The Speed of Time
Shown 18 Jun 15

The protagonist (Tom York - ) and Medea ( Sonita Henry ) are trapped together in the frozen palace. As the story of Oedibus tells us, after you have killed your father you must sleep with your mother. Or your wicked stepmother, if she is the nearest thing.

The Seer ( Sonya Cassidy ) and King Minos are slowly freezing to death. Daedalus (Matt Frewer - Eureka ) manages to keep warm by obsessing about the gods. Yes, finally the gods make an appearance.

Hero is at his worst in this episode. He threatens Daedalus and Minos for no reason, and shows a complete double standard towards the Oracle.

Olympus Olympus [Season 1, Episode 12] Door to Olympus
Shown 25 Jun 15

The supporting characters have been written out and the sub-plots have been tied up. The protagonist (Tom York - ) takes Daedalus (Matt Frewer - Eureka ), the Seer ( Sonya Cassidy ) and Medea ( Sonita Henry ) on his quest to find the realm of the gods.

To get this far, the protagonist had to make three human sacrifices. Hopefully the next step will be more original than True Love's kiss.

Olympus Olympus [Season 1, Episode 13] Truth
Shown 02 Jul 15

The protagonist (Tom York - ) has taken Daedalus (Matt Frewer - Eureka ), the Seer ( Sonya Cassidy ) and Medea ( Sonita Henry ) to the realm of the gods.

They all have to face their own fates. Finally the plot is tied up, and everything comes to a fitting conclusion. The protagonist comes face to face with Zeus himself, so a viewer can hardly say that this is anticlimactic.






Olympus Olympus [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2016 [Wednesday]

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