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The Outpost

Season 1

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 1] One is the Loneliest Number
Shown 10 Jul 18

Talon ( Jessica Green ) is a warrior woman on a revenge quest. She journeys across a landscape that looks like South Africa, but turns out to be Utah of all places.

This is interspersed with flashbacks to her childhood, when she lived with her family in a small peaceful village. They were wiped out by a bunch of marauders, like in Conan the Barbarian , and she survived by the mercy of one of the attackers. Then she was fostered by locals who had Irish accents.

Grown-up Talon crosses the wasteland to get to the remote outpost. She is jumped by some zombie-type creatures named Plaguelings, and rescued by the dashing Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ). Yes, this makes him a potential love interest.

At the outpost, Talon meets a few more people. One of whom is one of the marauders, whom she decides to assassinate. All in all, a lot like the storyline of Hell on Wheels.

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 2] Two Heads Are Better Than None
Shown 17 Jul 18

Talon ( Jessica Green ) was stabbed twice through the torso, but all it takes is the village blacksmith (Kevin McNally - Supernatural ) to stitch her up a bit and she is fine. Despite apparently losing a lot of blood, she is still strong enough to overpower the smith!

Talon's victim only had a single stab wound, but died soon after writing a last message in his own blood. Gate Marshal Wythers (Andrew Howard - ) investigates the murder. There is really only one suspect, and she makes no attempt to disprove her guilt. There is no trial, Wythers is the acting Magistrate so he merely sentences her to be decapitated by gillotine at dawn.

Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) has problems of his own. The General orders him to expand recruitment to their army. The zombie plague has claimed half a dozen more victims, so a quarantine has to be enforced.

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 3] The Mistress and the Worm
Shown 24 Jul 18

Talon ( Jessica Green ) and Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) deliver the fresh body of a Plagueling to their South Asian friend. He is the nearest thing they have to a scientist, even though the word scientist would not exist in a Medieval society. Perhaps it is a Renaissance society, like in The Gentleman Bastards, because despite not having gunpowder at least it has spectacles.

The noble woman summons Talon to hang out with her. Somehow she deduces that Talon, despite having perfect makeup, is in dire need of a bath. She even gives Talon a cleavage-enhancing dress, which will help her to earn tops as barmaid in the town's only tavern.

The demon that Talon accidentally summoned in the previous episode is still around, and it leaves her a dead human as a gift. Talon falls under suspicion from Gate Marshal Wythers (Andrew Howard - ).

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 4] Strange Bedfellows
Shown 31 Jul 18

Talon ( Jessica Green ) and Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) do some flirty fighting. Unfortunately his girlfriend is her new BFF, so there is a cliched love triangle situation.

Gate Marshal Wythers (Andrew Howard - ) is having an affair with the woman who owns the tavern. While the main storyline with the young sexy stars is boring, the subplot involving the middle-aged supporting characters is interesting and provides a lot of background info on the world. For example, they reveal that the General used to be in the King's bodyguard but he defected to the First Order when they staged a successful coup.

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 5] Bones to Pick
Shown 07 Aug 18

The demon is still on its murderous rampage. Talon ( Jessica Green ) cannot defeat it or control it. Gate Marshal Wythers (Andrew Howard - ) thinks the quickest way to stop it is by executing her. He discovers the General's secret, and extorts his help.

A group of cut-throats ride into town. They are there under the First Order's command. Their leader is a combinatuion of various villainous traits - he has the black cowboy hat of an old-time western movie character, the hair and beard of the mad monk Rasputin , and the South African accent of the mercenaries in Legend of Tarzan (2016) .

Talon takes the opportunity to wipe out the killers before they can find her. The smart thing to do would be to blame the zombies for everything, and lure the cut-throats into a kill-zone safely outside the city walls. Instead she just tries to cut their throats in their sleep. Even if this plan worked, the Prime Order would know it happened within the city and thus would blame Wythers and his allies. This of course would lead straight to Talon herself. But she does not seem to understand the concept of advance planning.

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 6] The Book of Names
Shown 21 Aug 18

Talon ( Jessica Green ) has taken out some of her enemies. The best news is that she has managed to control the demon. However, she has also lost an important ally. His last dying wish is for her to seek out The Book of Names before the Prime Order can get their murderous hands on it.

Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) escorts his girlfriend to the army's camp. They encounter a patrol of the First Order's troops. Spears is so good with a sword that he kills most of them himself. Somehow he can slash through men wearing breastplates. Meanwhile, his soldiers engage the First Order in a shoot-out with crossbows that are so accurate they always cause a fatal head-shot.

The landlady sends the asian nerd out to collect the drug shipment. He talks Talon into accompanying him as a bodyguard, in exchange for his help translating her ancient magic books into a language she actually speaks.

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 7] The Colipsum Conundrum
Shown 28 Aug 18

A body turns up, amateurishly buried in a shallow grave in the only place people would be likely to dig her up. The Queen recognises it as her handmaid, whom Gate Marshal Wythers (Andrew Howard - ) had claimed was on her way safely to another city. Despite their agreement, the Queen double-crosses Wythers. She imprisons him in the slave mines, where most of the inmates are dangerous criminals he sent there. Obviously they were not dangerous enough to be executed. Also, some of them have been bribed by his mistress.

The Queen has to punish some other miscreants. Some young soldiers who volunteered to defend their homes from invading grey-skin goblins are unhappy that their officers have dragged them into a civil war. They try to escape from the camp, which is now punishable by death. Yes, the good guys are not much better than the tyrants they seek to depose.

Talon ( Jessica Green ) and the asian nerd reach the rendezvous point. The Colipsum smugglers meet them there. However, the smugglers are grey-skins!

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 8] Beyond The Wall
Shown 11 Sep 18

Former Gate Marshal Wythers (Andrew Howard - ) recovers from his injuries. Unfortunately he is still imprisoned. Can he escape somehow?

Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) has been bitten by a plagueling, and has spent the previous three days drinking all the alcohol in the pub's cellar. The asian nerd tries to find a cure for him.

Talon ( Jessica Green ) wants to retrieve the mystical Book of Names. It is located in a temple, but the temple happens to be in grey-skin territory. She takes Garret and the asian nerd to help her.

The Prime Order's ambassador arrives at the Outpost. His smaller patrols never returned, so he has brought a small army with him. All he knows for certain is that a lone black-blood is in the town. He has no idea that the Queen is there and she has a personal army. However, the General does not know that. Will he take the opportunity to kill the ambassador and defeat the Order's army?

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 9] The Vex Rezicon
Shown 18 Sep 18

Talon ( Jessica Green ) takes Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) and the asian nerd to help her retrieve the mystical Book of Names. It is located in a temple, but the temple happens to be in grey-skin territory. They get caught by Greyskins, who detect the fact that Garret has been bitten by a plagueling. For some reason they offer him some Calipsum, the mysterious narcotic they have sold to the humans.

Back at the Outpost, the Queen is on the run. She and her new handmaiden hang out in the sewers, which are remarkably clean considering it is a medieval society. We get to find out where the handmaiden's true loyalties lie.

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 10] The Dragman is Coming
Shown 25 Sep 18

Talon ( Jessica Green ), Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) and the asian nerd return to the Outpost. The bad news is, it is in the hands of the Prime Order. The good news is, the Queen still has her own army.

The battle is quick and decisive. Our heroes, predictably two-dimensional, have no flaws or weaknesses that would make them human or relatable. The only thing that slows them down is actual plot twists, such as the fact that the magical list of names is in a dead language that nobody can translate. Nobody except the mysterious Dragman, that is.

The Queen has to deal with the consequences of firing Gate Marshal Wythers (Andrew Howard - ). His replacement, whom she chose herself, is not merely incompetent but corrupt to the point of treason.





The Outpost

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2018 [Wednesday]

Reviewed in our special supplement The Outpost

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