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The Outpost

Season 1

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 1] One is the Loneliest Number
Shown 10 Jul 18

Talon ( Jessica Green ) is a warrior woman on a revenge quest. She journeys across a landscape that looks like South Africa, but turns out to be Utah of all places.

This is interspersed with flashbacks to her childhood, when she lived with her family in a small peaceful village. They were wiped out by a bunch of marauders, like in Conan the Barbarian , and she survived by the mercy of one of the attackers. Then she was fostered by locals who had Irish accents.

Grown-up Talon crosses the wasteland to get to the remote outpost. She is jumped by some zombie-type creatures named Plaguelings, and rescued by the dashing Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ). Yes, this makes him a potential love interest.

At the outpost, Talon meets a few more people. One of whom is one of the marauders, whom she decides to assassinate. All in all, a lot like the storyline of Hell on Wheels.

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 2] Two Heads Are Better Than None
Shown 17 Jul 18

Talon ( Jessica Green ) was stabbed twice through the torso, but all it takes is the village blacksmith (Kevin McNally - Supernatural ) to stitch her up a bit and she is fine. Despite apparently losing a lot of blood, she is still strong enough to overpower the smith!

Talon's victim only had a single stab wound, but died soon after writing a last message in his own blood. Gate Marshal Wythers (Andrew Howard - Girls Against Boys ) investigates the murder. There is really only one suspect, and she makes no attempt to disprove her guilt. There is no trial, Wythers is the acting Magistrate so he merely sentences her to be decapitated by gillotine at dawn.

Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) has problems of his own. The General orders him to expand recruitment to their army. The zombie plague has claimed half a dozen more victims, so a quarantine has to be enforced.

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 3] The Mistress and the Worm
Shown 24 Jul 18

Talon ( Jessica Green ) and Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) deliver the fresh body of a Plagueling to their South Asian friend, Janzo. He is the nearest thing they have to a scientist, even though the word scientist would not exist in a Medieval society. Perhaps it is a Renaissance society, like in The Gentleman Bastards, because despite not having gunpowder at least it has spectacles.

The noble woman summons Talon to hang out with her. Somehow she deduces that Talon, despite having perfect makeup, is in dire need of a bath. She even gives Talon a cleavage-enhancing dress, which will help her to earn tips as barmaid in the town's only tavern.

The demon that Talon accidentally summoned in the previous episode is still around, and it leaves her a dead human as a gift. Talon falls under suspicion from Gate Marshal Wythers (Andrew Howard - Girls Against Boys ).

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 4] Strange Bedfellows
Shown 31 Jul 18

Talon ( Jessica Green ) and Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) do some flirty fighting. Unfortunately his girlfriend is her new BFF, so there is a cliched love triangle situation.

Gate Marshal Wythers (Andrew Howard - Girls Against Boys ) is having an affair with the woman who owns the tavern. While the main storyline with the young sexy stars is boring, the subplot involving the middle-aged supporting characters is interesting and provides a lot of background info on the world. For example, they reveal that the General used to be in the King's bodyguard but he defected to the First Order when they staged a successful coup.

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 5] Bones to Pick
Shown 07 Aug 18

The demon is still on its murderous rampage. Talon ( Jessica Green ) cannot defeat it or control it. Gate Marshal Wythers (Andrew Howard - Girls Against Boys ) thinks the quickest way to stop it is by executing her. He discovers the General's secret, and extorts his help.

A group of cut-throats ride into town. They are there under the First Order's command. Their leader is a combinatuion of various villainous traits - he has the black cowboy hat of an old-time western movie character, the hair and beard of the mad monk Rasputin , and the South African accent of the mercenaries in Legend of Tarzan (2016) .

Talon takes the opportunity to wipe out the killers before they can find her. The smart thing to do would be to blame the zombies for everything, and lure the cut-throats into a kill-zone safely outside the city walls. Instead she just tries to cut their throats in their sleep. Even if this plan worked, the Prime Order would know it happened within the city and thus would blame Wythers and his allies. This of course would lead straight to Talon herself. But she does not seem to understand the concept of advance planning.

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 6] The Book of Names
Shown 21 Aug 18

Talon ( Jessica Green ) has taken out some of her enemies. The best news is that she has managed to control the demon. However, she has also lost an important ally. His last dying wish is for her to seek out The Book of Names before the Prime Order can get their murderous hands on it.

Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) escorts his girlfriend to the army's camp. They encounter a patrol of the First Order's troops. Spears is so good with a sword that he kills most of them himself. Somehow he can slash through men wearing breastplates. Meanwhile, his soldiers engage the First Order in a shoot-out with crossbows that are so accurate they always cause a fatal head-shot.

The landlady sends Janzo the asian nerd out to collect the drug shipment. He talks Talon into accompanying him as a bodyguard, in exchange for his help translating her ancient magic books into a language she actually speaks.

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 7] The Colipsum Conundrum
Shown 28 Aug 18

A body turns up, amateurishly buried in a shallow grave in the only place people would be likely to dig her up. The Queen recognises it as her handmaid, whom Gate Marshal Wythers (Andrew Howard - Girls Against Boys ) had claimed was on her way safely to another city. Despite their agreement, the Queen double-crosses Wythers. She imprisons him in the slave mines, where most of the inmates are dangerous criminals he sent there. Obviously they were not dangerous enough to be executed. Also, some of them have been bribed by his mistress.

The Queen has to punish some other miscreants. Some young soldiers who volunteered to defend their homes from invading grey-skin goblins are unhappy that their officers have dragged them into a civil war. They try to escape from the camp, which is now punishable by death. Yes, the good guys are not much better than the tyrants they seek to depose.

Talon ( Jessica Green ) and Janzo the asian nerd reach the rendezvous point. The Colipsum smugglers meet them there. However, the smugglers are grey-skins!

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 8] Beyond The Wall
Shown 11 Sep 18

Former Gate Marshal Wythers (Andrew Howard - Girls Against Boys ) recovers from his injuries. Unfortunately he is still imprisoned. Can he escape somehow?

Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) has been bitten by a plagueling, and has spent the previous three days drinking all the alcohol in the pub's cellar. Janzo the asian nerd tries to find a cure for him.

Talon ( Jessica Green ) wants to retrieve the mystical Book of Names. It is located in a temple, but the temple happens to be in grey-skin territory. She takes Garret and Janzo the asian nerd to help her.

The Prime Order's ambassador arrives at the Outpost. His smaller patrols never returned, so he has brought a small army with him. All he knows for certain is that a lone black-blood is in the town. He has no idea that the Queen is there and she has a personal army. However, the General does not know that. Will he take the opportunity to kill the ambassador and defeat the Order's army?

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 9] The Vex Rezicon
Shown 18 Sep 18

Talon ( Jessica Green ) takes Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) and Janzo the asian nerd to help her retrieve the mystical Book of Names. It is located in a temple, but the temple happens to be in grey-skin territory. They get caught by Greyskins, who detect the fact that Garret has been bitten by a plagueling. For some reason they offer him some Calipsum, the mysterious narcotic they have sold to the humans.

Back at the Outpost, the Queen is on the run. She and her new handmaiden hang out in the sewers, which are remarkably clean considering it is a medieval society. We get to find out where the handmaiden's true loyalties lie.

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 1, Episode 10] The Dragman is Coming
Shown 25 Sep 18

Talon ( Jessica Green ), Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) and Janzo the asian nerd return to the Outpost. The bad news is, it is in the hands of the Prime Order. The good news is, the Queen still has her own army.

The battle is quick and decisive. Our heroes, predictably two-dimensional, have no flaws or weaknesses that would make them human or relatable. The only thing that slows them down is actual plot twists, such as the fact that the magical list of names is in a dead language that nobody can translate. Nobody except the mysterious Dragman, that is.

The Queen has to deal with the consequences of firing Gate Marshal Wythers (Andrew Howard - Girls Against Boys ). His replacement, whom she chose herself, is not merely incompetent but corrupt to the point of treason.





The Outpost

The Outpost The Outpost [Season 4 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th July 2020

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    Season 2

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 2, Episode 1] We Only kill To Survive
    Shown 11th July 2019

    Judge Dread is on the run, after the events of the previous Season. He takes shelter in the ruins of an old castle. This is a giveaway that the show is now longer filmed in Utah, but the location shots are now done on the cheap in Eastern Europe. Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) and his knights give chase. They go into the dark and creepy dungeon, where they can be picked off one at a time. The villain has a secret weapon - his huntress is so strong she can punch her sword-blade completely through a man's torso even if he is wearing full plate mail!

    Talon ( Jessica Green ) tries to summon a demon again. Unfortunately this time the demon is accompanied by a black-blooded warrior woman. Yes, Talon has a rival with the same skillset as her own.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 2, Episode 2] This Is One Strange Town
    Shown 18th July 2019

    The Queen sent out messages requesting help from all the regions. Most of them sent back a refusal. Luckily, one Baron brings his army and offers to join the Queen's side. His only request is that the Queen makes her his consort in marriage, so that their child will be heir to the kingdom. Unfortunately he is a boorish jerk, so she prefers not to marry him.

    There is a lot less fighting this Season, and a lot more emphasis put on romantic relationships. Perhaps they are aiming at a female audience instead of a male one.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 2, Episode 3] Not In My Kingdom
    Shown 25th July 2019

    Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) is now in the custody of the leaders of the Prime Order - a trio of bishop-hatted magic-users. They need him alive, so they turn him over to their best healer. She spins him a sob story to make him empathise with her, which is enhanced when the Prime Order's thugs start to torture him.

    The Queen thinks Talon is lonely, so she tries to play Cupid. The best match is Janzo the asian nerd, so the treasonous handmaid is dispatched to play Pygmalion. She gets him a new haircut, and gives him advice on seduction. It seems that since the nerd and the handmaid are both asians they are actually being set up as love interests.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 2, Episode 4] Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears
    Shown 01 Aug 19

    The new female black-blood wants everything her own way. Rather than make a deal with the Queen, she just holds her hostage.

    Talon ( Jessica Green ) tries to summon a demon again. This time she gets another black-blood. This one is a male, and appears to be less aggressive than the other one.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 2, Episode 5] The Blade of The Three
    Shown 08 Aug 19

    Gate Marshal Wythers (Andrew Howard - Girls Against Boys ) arrives at the capital city, in the hope of rescuing his son - Captain Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ). But Garret has been brainwashed by the Prime Order. Will he assume his assigned role as The Blade of The Three?

    Janzo the Asian nerd is still unsuccessful with Talon. But he does make progress with the Queen's handmaiden.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 2, Episode 6] Because She's Worth It
    Shown 15 Aug 19

    The Queen orders Talon ( Jessica Green ) and the other black-blood to banish their demon to the other dimension. Only once it is gone will she trust them to wander alone in the woods.

    The tavern-owner is now the Queen's treasurer. Well, she is a money-lender so she is bankrolling the rebellion. This is in spite of being the sole distributor of calipsum, the local equivalent of hard narcotics. Worse, as discovered last Season it is the source of the plaguelings. She controls the mines, and though she has promised not to use slave labour she does not understand words like health and safety. Now she is the treasurer, she is in charge of taxation!

    Baron Tobin tries to prove himself to the Queen. He starts by sobering up and going tee-total. Then he promises to help her find the traitor. In fact, he actually seems to be smarter than he looks.

    This ends on a cliffhanger.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 2, Episode 7] Where You Go, People Die
    Shown 22 Aug 19

    Talon ( Jessica Green ) pays an unintended visit to the other realm, and meets yet more black-bloods. Unfortunately they assume she is a human, because her ears were perfectly trimmed and have no scar tissue.

    Janzo the Asian nerd has found a cure for the plagueling parasites. To celebrate this, he has a special dinner with his new girlfriend. However, she has a secret that will ruin their day.

    Baron Tobin has agreed to every demand the Queen has made. Eventually she caves and makes a sacrifice of her own. She agrees to marry him. Of course, she does not know that Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) is still alive.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 2, Episode 8] A Crown for the Queen
    Shown 29 Aug 19

    Talon ( Jessica Green ) and Baron Tobin go after Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ). Will the Baron end up dying heroicly as a human pin-cushion?

    Tobin's cousin is less than happy at the situation. He assumes his deal is off, so he has no reason for loyalty.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 2, Episode 9] There will be a Reckoning
    Shown 05 Sep 19

    Talon ( Jessica Green ) has fulfilled her mission to save the Queen. Now she sets off on another mission with Zed, the male black-blood.

    Baron Tobin may have ended up like Boromir in Fellowship Of the Ring , but he is now well on the mend. His cousin decides the only way to get what he wants is to besiege the Outpost.

    Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) is safely behind bars, but he plots his escape. Can Janzo work out a way to deprogram him?

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 2, Episode 10] The Only Way
    Shown 12th September 2019

    Talon ( Jessica Green ) and the black-blood male are still in the woods. They go to a shrine, and recover another one of the superpower parasites. The fact the protagonist is off on this side quest allows the rest of the cast to explore their own storylines.

    Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) escapes. Has Janzo cured him of the brainwashing?

    The outpost is still under siege. However, the gangster lady has everything she needs to put her plan into action. Will there be enough survivors to reinforce the defenders against the Prime Order?

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 2, Episode 11] Nothing Short Of Heroic
    Shown 19th September 2019

    Talon ( Jessica Green ) bumps into a patrol of enemy soldiers. Normally she would wipe them all out with great ease, but their leader talks her into surrendering. Luckily Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) comes along and takes her into custody. He has business in the Capital city, so he takes her along.

    Janzo is still working on the cure for the plaguelings. Now he has extra incentive to do so. The gangster lady, who is like a mother to him, sampled her own goods and has suffered the consequences.

    The Queen is completely unforgiving. Well, she was nice towards her love interests but it is different for Janzo and his mother. They are held in the same low regard as her handmaiden. No matter how successful their actions are in serving her cause, she just regards them as servants. Except for her brother, who turns up at the front gate and demands recognition

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 2, Episode 12] In The Worst Corner of My Memory
    Shown 26th September 2019

    Talon ( Jessica Green ) helps Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) on his revenge quest. She can take on five guards at once. Well, their full plate armour is virtually useless against a mere dagger.

    The first name on his hit-list is the thug in the Citadel who was part of the brainwashing scheme. Next is the High Command who are leading the Prime Order's army while it marches towards the citadel. It turns out that the Trio have a way of resurrecting themselves. Well, they already managed to resurrect Garrett when he was tortured to death. We also discover what happened to three of the magical parasites the black-bloods used.

    The handmaid returns to the Queen she betrayed. Naturally the Queen refuses to forgive her, and discards her story about the enemy's super-weapon. Janzo listens to her, because her prison cell is next to his, and he is her boyfriend. The gangster lady reveals that she knew the handmaid's real parents, which turns out to make things uncomfortable for janzo.

    The Queen has a new visitor. Can he confirm that the man posing as her brother is who he says he is?

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 2, Episode 13] This Is Our Outpost
    Shown 26th September 2019

    The Queen has to decide the fate of her prisoners. After all, they are half the regular cast. Will she be wise and merciful, or bloodthirsty and vengeful?

    Talon ( Jessica Green ) and Garret Spears (Jake Stormoen - Extinct ) are back from the revenge quest. Just the people to lead the defence of the Outpost. The Queen will not retreat, because there are vital iron mines under the town. Well, about time someone mentioned the town's main industry again.

    The ending is a cliffhanger setup for the next Season. Unfortunately the show was cancelled, so we are unlikely to get a resolution to the storyline.

    The Outpost

    Season 3

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 3, Episode 1] For the Sins of Your Ancestors
    Shown 08 Oct 20

    This is set thirty nine days after the final events of the previous Season. Talon opened the portal to the land where the blackbloods were trapped, but the ones who came through have double-crossed the Queen and taken the Outpost for themselves. In the long run this is not a good idea - the outpost is situated between the Goblins of the wasteland and the Prime Order's army of fanatics. If the blackbloods were smart they would keep the humans as allies instead of enslaving them for manual labour in an open-cast mine.

    Janzo is kicked out of his lab by a blackblood alchemist, the daughter of the blackblood priestess. She looks to be his new love interest. About time he got over Talon.

    The blackbloods plan is to open another portal and bring through their prophetess, Yavalla ( Jaye Griffiths ).

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 3, Episode 2] The Peace You Promised
    Shown 15 Oct 20

    Garrett defeats multiple black-blood warriors, even though they have swords while he loses his and has to resort to the use of improvised weapons. This proves that he is the best warrior in the town, except probably for Talon herself. Rather than preserve such a valuable asset, who will be essential in future battles against the Prime Order, the blackbloods decided to play politics and to execute him. The Prophetess ( Jaye Griffiths ) holds a high moral line - a life for a life.

    Naturally, Talon and Janzo are not about to let their friend Garrett get killed off. After all, he is still a regular cast member. Luckily Janzo has a great plan to fake Garrett's death - and Talon is willing to kiss Garrett on the mouth in order to sneak him a mouthful of something useful.

    Princess Gwen has plans of her own. She sends her lover, Baron Tobin, off to gather his own army and besiege the Outpost. Those of his men who survived the battles in the previous Season, that is.

    Wren is ordered to open a mysterious locked puzzle box. Janzo helps her, and together they discover a centuries-old map. It turns out there was a blackblood outpost there before the human town was built.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 3, Episode 3] A Life for a Life
    Shown 22 Oct 20

    Talon ( Jessica Green ) and Janzo accompany the Prophetess ( Jaye Griffiths ) and Wren into the secret tunnels. They have to face a series of death-traps, each of which poses a moral conundrum - like in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade .

    Meanwhile, the blackbloods discover that the Queen has sent the Baron home to bring his army. They send a demon to intercept the Baron. In revenge, the Queen poisons their leader and uses the offer of an antidote to extort submission from him. This could all go terribly wrong.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 3, Episode 4] The Key to Paradise
    Shown 29 Oct 20

    The Prophetess ( Jaye Griffiths ) uses her kinj to magically control the Queen. Now the Queen does her bidding, and spreads the controlled kinjes to her followers. How long will it take Talon ( Jessica Green ) to work out that people are being possessed?

    The baron is home, but he has no army to counterattack with. Luckily a friendly local noblewoman has a militia of ten thousand soldiers that she can lend him. In return, he is expected to marry her. Since she is his regular booty call this is not a bad idea, but now he has become a good guy he feels morally bound to obey his pledge of loyalty to the Queen.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 3, Episode 5] Under Yavalla's Control
    Shown 05 Nov 20

    Talon ( Jessica Green ) and her friends have discovered that people are being possessed. Well, they are being networked - like in that Season of The 100 . The Prophetess Yavalla ( Jaye Griffiths ) can influence them one at a time, but her endgame is to make them into The Unity.

    The possession sub-plot seems to be tied up very quickly. However, Yavalla has the confidence of a supervillainess. She has something up her sleeve. Janzo tries to come up with a plan to defeat the possession, but Wren is unhappy that her mother might be sacrificed.

    With both Queen and Prophetess out of the way, the only one who can unite the Outpost peacefully is Talon. Can she win a vote? After all, she is standing unopposed.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 3, Episode 6] Kill the Rat, Kill the Kinj
    Shown 12 Nov 20

    Yavalla ( Jaye Griffiths ) and her kinjs have spread across the land, like a plague. At least the previous plague seems to have been erradicated. However, lots of refugees are flocking to the Outpost. Janzo and Wren have to find a way to detect and if possible to remove the kinjs, before the Outpost is overrun by infected people.

    A severed human hand is discovered, apparently that of a murder victim. Garret Spears is in charge of the investigation. This brings unwelcome comparisons with the expert, his father - who was slain by a certain brainwashed person on the orders of the Prime Order. Garret does okay at his new job, discovering that a cult of demon-worshippers has set itself up in the Outpost.

    Janzo's brother befriends the Queen's former handmaiden, Warlita ( Tiana Upcheva ), and hires her as the new barmaid. She gets a lot of characterisation, which seems unusual for such a minor character. It turns out that, in order to up the stakes a bit, the story acquires a bit of fem-jep (female jeopardy). Since none of the regular characters is suitable, this new one has been introduced simply as a damsel in distress.

    The demon-worshippers plan to sacrifice their next victim to a masterless demon. Talon and her Blackblood friend go into the woods, hoping to find and tame this demon before it eats another human.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 3, Episode 7] Go Ahead and Run
    Shown 22 Nov 20

    Yavalla ( Jaye Griffiths ) and her pawns conquer the Capital, and imprison the two remaining leaders of the Prime Order. The third one never returned from the battle at the end of the previous Season, and nobody knows what happened to his Kinj.

    Talon ( Jessica Green ) goes on a heroic quest, and leaves Janzo in charge of the Outpost. Since she takes the boss of the human guards and the leader of the blackblood soldiers, it is not explained how Janzo will control either force.

    Yavallah has learned to control individuals, rather than just the great masses. She is now able to spy quite effectively, and to bypass the Outpost's security system.

    Talon and her friends only have one night's sleep before they get to the Capital, so evidently it is at most about sixty miles from the Outpost. Yavallah's kinjs have split sixty-five thousand times, and Jonzo stated this was more than the population of the Capital. In other words, this means a much smaller population and much smaller distances than in real-life medieval England. This is probably a good things, since most America fantasy series like Game of Thrones tend to massively exaggerate the size of everything.

    A group of deserters from the Prime Order's army make their way to the Outpost. Janzo reluctantly agrees to let them in, because they might help defend the Outpost from the infected. Unfortunately they cause more trouble than they are worth.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 3, Episode 8] Dying Is Painful
    Shown 29 Nov 20

    Talon ( Jessica Green ) and her buddies easily rescue the Queen and the Baron. Of course, to free them from the kinjs requires a couple of moral lapses.

    Back at the Outpost, the thugs are still in charge. Janzo tries to keep the food supply solid, but Yavalla ( Jaye Griffiths ) had her minions remove all the domesticated animals from the region in order to starve the Outpost population.

    Talon and her friends make it back from the city in no time at all. No mention is made of an overnight stop. This may not be as bad as the final Season of Game of Thrones , which had a decline in accuracy with regards to depiction of distance and travel time. That is only because this show is much more low-brow, and never had the incredible world-building of the Song of Ice and Fire book series. Basically Talon appears when and where the plot demands, without regard to logic.

    The thugs now running the Outpost have a new system of government. They have abolished the religious dictatorship of the Prime Order, and the aristocratic reign of Queen Roslyn. Their new system is one of Might-Makes-Right, a very progressive meritocracy. Unfortunately they forget that the most mighty character in their world is Talon.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 3, Episode 9] She Is Not A God
    Shown 6th December 2020

    The Queen ( Imogen Waterhouse , who also directed this episode) is just back from captivity. Her first course of business is the trial of the deserters from the Prime Order.

    Janzo and Wrenn work tirelessly to find a cure for the kinjs. After all, they do not want to have to kill Wrenn's mother.

    Talon and Zed have no such compunctions, so they set off to assassinate Yavalla. Their plan is to follow her pilgrims, like Thulsa Doom's cultists in Conan The Barbarian . This plan has one minor flaw. Since Yavalla can infect rats, she can also infect other animals. As a result, hawks are acting like spotter drones.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 3, Episode 10] From Paradise to Hell and Back
    Shown 13th December 2020

    Janzo and Wrenn have reached Yavalla's camp, with Munt in tow. Their plan is to inject Yavalla with the cure. Of course, there are a few episodes left in the Season so things will not go as well as expected. Luckily Talon and Zed are in the area, ready to infiltrate the camp and kill some guards. Also, Janzo has the know-how to create gunpowder!

    Tobin and his wife have left the outpost, along with their surviving forces. They only have a few hundred men, a battalion out of a brigade-sized force. This force is still large enough to further their agenda.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 3, Episode 11] The Hardest Part Of being Queen
    Shown 20th December 2020

    Tobin's wife pushes her luck, and plays politics. This ends with her being summoned to the Queen, and her storyline about being infected with the red kinj is totally wasted.

    Talon wants to go to the Plain of Ashes, in the hope of rescuing her father. After all, he is the one who knows where the black kinj is. Talon and Zed have a volunteer to help them - Wren, the other black-blood who is a regular cast member.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 3, Episode 12] Where Death Lives
    Shown 27th December 2020

    Talon ( Jessica Green ) takes her Blackblood allies to the Plain of Ashes. The follow the trail of bodies in the hope of finding her long-lost father.

    The Outpost gets overrun by the infected. Baron Tobin goes back to look for his wife.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 3, Episode 13] Violence Is Futile
    Shown 3rd January 2021

    Talon ( Jessica Green ) and her Blackblood allies have found her father. Unfortunately he does not want to use his Black Kinj, because he is sickened by all the death and destruction.

    The Outpost has been taken, but the Queen ( Imogen Waterhouse ) holds the citadel. Yavallah launches her final attack, before she can move on to conquer the rest of the world.

    This Season has ended recurring storylines and written out important characters. The ending opens a new storyline, perhaps involving the ancient Blackblood civilisation which the Outpost and the rest of the human civilisation have been built upon.

    The Outpost

    Season 4

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 4, Episode 1] Someone Has to Rule
    Shown 15 Jul 21

    The survivors are still reeling from the shock ending of Season Three. After all, several important recurring and regular characters were killed off. Garret proposes Talon take the throne, since she has the support of all factions and there is apparently no direct claimant to the throne.

    The Baroness is grief-stricken that Tobin is dead. The two survivors of The Three offer to raise him from the dead, but she will have to make concessions to them. This becomes more complicated when it turns out that the Baroness has a bloodline claim to the throne.

    Janzo believes that inherited monarchy is not a good way to select a government. Of course, we are meant to believe that some kind of anachronistic democracy would be a good substitute. Unfortunately that would only help the largest faction, and allow them to oppress the minorities. Perhaps a lottery would be a better idea. After all, meritocracy is a middle-class concept.

    Meanwhile, the ancient gods have risen. They can detect every time someone uses a kinj. Also, they may have something to do with the demons that have wandered off away from their black-blood masters.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 4, Episode 2] A Throne of Our Own
    Shown 22 Jul 21

    Garret Spears attacks the Two, in front of a bunch of witnesses - including the Red Guards. Naturally this does not end well. Luckily the Queen refuses to have him executed. King Tobin tries to talk some sense into Garret, but this does not appear to be an option.

    The Queen accepts some of the Two's suggestions. For example, the Red Guards shut down the tavern and destroy Janzo's stock of alcohol. Yes, their puritanical ideology is now in control.

    The Demons have gone off together, and do not respond to the calls of the black-bloods. Do the ancient gods have something to do with it? Wren does not have any of the answers. She inherited the position from her mother, but she has yet to read all the books of ancient knowledge.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 4, Episode 3] The Gods Thank You
    Shown 29 Jul 21

    King Tobin tries getting the hang of his new teleportation superpower. He hires Munt the barman to help him.

    Queen Falista offers to give the Blackbloods land in exchange for fealty. After all, this is the basis of the feudal system. Talon and the others accept the offer, then portal to the Plain of Ashes so they can collect the rest of their species. Unfortunately, things took a bad turn in their absence.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 4, Episode 4] Going to Meet the Gods
    Shown 05 Aug 21

    Wren is the High Priestess of the remaining Blackbloods, so she holds a funeral ceremony for the fallen. This seems to hold the community together. However, Queen Falista insists that Wren decode the orders of the Gods. This puts Wren in a tough position. Falista is acting like a dictator, enforcing the prohibitionist laws of the Three and sentencing people to death. Tobin tries to talk sense into her, but she follows her Gods because Might Makes Right.

    Talon and Zed abandon their people to Wren's care, so they can follow Two into the wastes and take revenge on her. The trail leads to a nearby cave, where the so-called gods live.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 4, Episode 5] They Bleed Black Blood
    Shown 12 Aug 21

    Wren and Janzo have been ordered to find the Skevikle, so they venture into the mysterious tunnels under the pub. They find even more tunnels under the first tunnels, and a hand-scanner like in Total Recall (1992) that leads to a massive chamber like in The Keep (1985) .

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 4, Episode 6] All We Do Is Say Goodbye
    Shown 19 Aug 21

    Falista and Tobin go to the Capital, where the Gods have drained the life of all the humans in the city. Talon and Zed are taken by the Royal couple, so the Gods can reap four kinjs in one go. Garret and the assassin girl try to free the two blackbloods.

    Janzo and Wren are busy in the Skevikle. They have discovered that the seven sleeping Gods have an army of sleeping minions.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 4, Episode 7] The Power of the Masters
    Shown 26 Aug 21

    Wren nurses the mysterious sleeper they woke from the skevikle.

    With one of the regular female cast members gone, there is now a budget to get a new female cast member. This means Talon and the assassin girl team up with Janzo's sister, the only one who can help them find the key to the skevikle.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 4, Episode 8] The Pleasing Voice of the Masters
    Shown 02 Sep 21

    Talon ends up in the hands of the Masters, who use her as bait to lure in the other Kinj-bearers. Tobin is just dumb enough to fall for it.

    The assassin girl gets to a nearby town, and teams up with Janzo's sister. Yes, that storyline is tied up.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 4, Episode 9] The Price of Immortality
    Shown 09 Sep 21

    Janzo discovers the location of the tombs of the seven Masters. This is the first time we see a map of the country. Despite the show's lazy worldbuilding, with generic names like The Outpost and The Capital, this actually looks well thought-out. It turns out that the country is a peninsula, with the sea on three sides and the greyskins' desert on the southern frontier.

    Talon and Zed have flashes of the Masters' memories. It turns out that Talon's kinj may come from the father of the blackblood race. Of course, nobody is smart enough to realise why he was hanging out with a beautiful raven-haired woman.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 4, Episode 10] Something to Live For
    Shown 16 Sep 21

    Zed and Nedra, his not-a-girlfriend, go to the god's tomb. Munt the barman goes along, to make things interesting. However, the gods are on the march. One of them can teleport, and another has a horse. Those two can travel faster than the three humans can on foot, but they outfight the three humans?

    Janzo and Wren are held hostage by their former prisoner. He wants them to help him waken one or more of the sleepers. Can they do it?

    Talon and the assassin girl go to the other god's tomb. On the way there, they bump into a con-man and take a few minutes to deprive him of his ill-gotten gains. Apart from that, their storyline passes the Bechdel test.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 4, Episode 11] Guardian of the Asterkinj
    Shown 23 Sep 21

    Talon and the assassin girl find the other god's tomb. They have a choice to make - do they try to kill him, or do they wake him up?

    Janzo and Wren have to decide what to do with their former imprisoner.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 4, Episode 12] The Betrayer
    Shown 30 Sep 21

    Talon and the assassin girl bring the other god, Aster, to the Outpost. He reveals the secret means he used to defeat the others - a set of six mystical blades made of a metal from another world. Talon has a dagger she inherited from her mother, but the other five blades are unaccounted for.

    Aster plans to send the six through a portal to another world. Not just the Plain of Ashes, but a world with a sub-zero surface temperature where they will perish quickly. Janzo and Wren have a suggestion for the plan - that they should only defeat the Six after the slaves have been awoken, but before they have been brainwashed into obedience.

    The Six are making faster progress than expected. In order to delay them long enough to evacuate the Outpost, Janzo builds an enormous incendiary bomb. Garret and Zed have to deliver it on a horse-drawn wagon, so they can burn down the woods and block the road with a massive forest fire.

    The Outpost The Outpost [Season 4, Episode 13] Nothing Lasts Forever
    Shown 07 Oct 21

    With the Outpost evacuated, the heroes prepare to ambush the Six. Of course, their new plan involves saving the Kaavi slaves. This means delaying the ambush until it is almost too late.

    Despite everything, the heroes seem to have underestimated the Six. The ambush plan is half-baked, with plenty of room for things to go wrong. It all boils down to Talon being able to save the day single-handed. After all, she proved as far back as Season One that she was a better sword-fighter than Garret Spears. Also, her ability to use her kinj makes her a magical super-heroine. So basically the whole story revolves around her. In any other show, such a two-dimensional protagonist might be a bad thing. However, this is perfectly in line with everything the show has always been about.