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Secret Circle
Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 15/Sep/11

A teenage girl, Cassie Blake ( Britt Robertson ) moves to a new town. Five of the school kids have magic powers - and she is the sixth! They want her to join them so they can bind their powers for the sake of safety.

This was created by the same people responsible for Vampire Diaries , but it is not in the same universe. There are no vamps or werewolves in this universe. Just humans with magical superpowers.

Thomas Dekker played a High School pupil in Nip/Tuck, five years ago. He then went on to play a very mature teenager in Sarah Connor Chronicles - but he's back as a High Schooler again.

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 2] Bound
Shown 22/Sep/11

Natasha Henstridge , too old to be a teenager, is cast as one of the parents. They have conspired to get their own powers back.

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 3] Loner
Shown 29/Sep/11

A psycho is in town. He knows that if he kills one of the teenage witches, the entire circle will be powerless.

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 4] Heather
Shown 06/Oct/11

The teenagers investigate a mysterious fire that wiped out the previous generation of supernaturals a dozen years ago – just like in Teen Wolf . The female lead discovers her witchy family’s Book of Shadows - just like in Charmed . She uses the Book to cast a spell to find out what happened at the fire – but discovers that Demons are real, like in Supernatural .

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 5] Slither
Shown 13/Oct/11

One of the main characters is possessed by a demon, and tries to trick the others into participating in a magic ritual. The parents end up getting trapped in a horrific dilemma.

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 6] Wake
Shown 20/Oct/11

It's only 2 days since their friend died, and the Circle need a 6th member to get their powers back. Luckily the dead one's brother comes back to town. He left under a cloud, with lots of melodrama. Now he is back, and a psycho-chick is after him.

JR Bourne is around, as well. He's not hunting the Teen Wolf , he's a witch-hunter now!

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 7] Masked
Shown 27/Oct/11

It’s Halloween, so the kids decide to party. But JR Bourne ( Teen Wolf ) and his minions want to wipe out the circle. They won’t settle for just ONE dead witch, they want to kill them all. The plan is to trap and burn them together, like their parents.

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 8] Beneath
Shown 3rd November 2011 [Wednesday]

The circle go up to grandma's remote cabin in the woods. Luckily werewolves and vamps don't exist in this universe.

Natasha Henstridge and her conspirator try to cover up their dirty deeds. But they didn't bury the evidence deep enough.

The hunters are still around, and want to murder all the potential witches ASAP.

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 9] Balcoin
Shown 10th November 2011 [Wednesday]

The Hunters realise that Cassie is the most powerful witch in the Circle, so they plan to abduct her. Naturally, their plan goes as badly as their previous one did. Seriously, what a bunch of idiots! However, there is another revelation about Cassie’s bloodline. There may be another witch with Dark Magic power in town.

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 10] Darkness
Shown 05/Jan/12

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 11] Fire/Ice (43 min)
Shown 12/Jan/12

The school hosts a Fire and Ice dance. Unfortunately it is not Game of Thrones Themed event, it is generic social occasion with the trappings of half the Four Elements. The circle's Bad Girl Faye ( Phoebe Tonkin ) teams up with an untrustworthy dude and takes the opportunity to use some black-market magic in an attempt to steal Cassie’s evil powers. Of course, it all goes badly wrong.

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 12] Witness
Shown 19/Jan/12

The friendly witch-hunter JR Bourne ( Teen Wolf ) is back. He agrees to let Cassie telepathically explore his memories with him. Unfortunately, if you die in a dream ...

Faye ( Phoebe Tonkin ) is still an outcast after the events of last episode. She hangs out with the other outcasts, who are the magical equivalents of crack dealers. In fact, they ARE crack dealers who deal magic as a sideline!

Natasha Henstridge plots to steal the magic crystal

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 13] Medallion
Shown 02/Feb/12

A stranger comes to town, and claims to be the girl who spoke to Cassie in the memory search. She is apparently a psychic, someone with powers but not an actual witch. She tells Cassie that they must use the medallion's power to harness the circle's magic. But can she be trusted?

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 14] Valentine
Shown 09/Feb/12

It is Valentines day. Faye ( Phoebe Tonkin , who looks way too mature to be a High Schooler) has two young men interested in her. Rather than choose, she holds a girls only slumber party. Her brunette sidekicks get high on some magic-type drugs. Naturally, this is set up for a Drugs are baaad ending.

Cassie is being haunted by hooded figures, The ghosts of a coven her father killed. They want the medallion, which will not only restore their powers but make them unbelievably powerful.

The friendly witch-hunter JR Bourne ( Teen Wolf ) is back, to provide some much-needed exposition. He also serves as a reminder that war is coming.

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 15] Return
Shown 16/Feb/12

Cassie's daddy comes to town. He has a rep for seriously evil mojo, and since he abandoned his wife and daughter almost 20 years ago she has no reason to trust him.

Witch-hunters are in town again. So are the Caucasian Voodoo crowd, who try to corrupt the other girls in the Circle. Can they trust Connor (the one who looks like Nick Wechsler from Roswell )?

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 16] Lucky
Shown 15/Mar/12

Cassie's dad is looking for something. What is his agenda? Is he the traitor working for the witch-hunter?

The other girls in the Circle encounter a Hot Guy. He's probably trouble ...

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 17] Curse
Shown 22/Mar/12

The curse has taken effect. One of the circle is dying - it's the ex-hunter, and he is haunted by his sins. Literally, as he hallucinates he is being attacked by one of his victims.

Faye ( Phoebe Tonkin ), the now-powerless girl, goes to get her powers back from the Voodoo guy. Unfortunately he has fallen victim to his own meddling.

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 18] Sacrifice
Shown 29/Mar/12

A stranger comes to town, pursued by the witch-hunters. He claims their leader is raising demons, and the only one who can stop them is John Blackwell.

The brunette girls chase boys. One goes ice-skating with an Australian. The other two compete for the attentions of the leader of the school Hockey team.

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 19] Crystal
Shown 19/Apr/12

Cassie's dad has a few enemies in town. They come after him. But is he going to be an easy victim?

The Circle go looking for power crystals. They visit Grandpa John De Lancie ( Star Trek: TNG ). Unfortunately, Connor (the one who looks like Nick Wechsler from Roswell ) is also after the crystals.

The secret of Cassie's half-sibling is revealed.

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 20] Traitor
Shown 26/Apr/12

John Blackwell tells the Circle that to be safe from the Demons they must make a crystal skull. They must collect the 6 crystals - one for each of the previous Circle. Of course, Blackwell has his own agenda.

A parlay with the Witch-hunters reveals that they have had an internal dispute. The circle has problems of its own, thanks to Cassie's addiction to her dark magic. Worse, there is a Traitor Witch who has a grudge against BOTH sides! The Circle go hunting for him/her at a disused fun-fair.

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 21] Prom
Shown 03/May/12

The Circle all go to the Prom. Cassie and her sister use their blood-magic to see where the last crystal was hidden. They see a flashback to when it was hidden - 16 years ago, when their mothers were rivals in the same Circle.

Blackwood goes after Charles, using magic to make him relive his part in Cassie's mother's death.

There is a climactic showdown with Eban the demon-powered witch-hunter. But it is a cliffhanger ending ...

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 22] Family
Shown 10/May/12

Eban and the witch-hunters have Faye ( Phoebe Tonkin ) held prisoner on the old ferry. That is where they burned the previous circle of witches, so the plan is to lure the new circle in and then burn them too.

Blackwell takes Cassie and her half-sibling off to make the crystal skull. Can Blackwell be trusted with such power? Does he have an evil agenda of his own? Worse, the circle must be unbound before the skull can be made.





Secret Circle

Secret Circle Secret Circle [Season 1, Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2011 [Wednesday]

Secret Circle

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