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Season 1

Stitchers Stitchers [Season 1, Episode 1] A Stitch in Time
Shown 02 Jun 15

Kirsten Clark ( Emma Ishta ) is a PhD student studying science in Los Angeles. Her flatmate, Camille Engelson ( Allison Scagliotti ), tries to get her removed from both the college and their shared house. To make her day worse, she is informed by a pretty-boy LAPD detective that her foster-father is dead. The cops think it is suicide, but she thinks it is murder.

Federal Agent Maggie Baptiste ( Salli Richardson-Whitfield ) conscripts Kirsten into a secret US Government project, like 7 Days . The project's nerds are able to plug Kirsten's brain into the brain of a recently deceased suspect, so she can relive his final minutes and get info to solve the case.

Kirsten goes into a lone bomber's brain to find his next target. It turns out that the FBI did not bother to research him, or to investigate his girlfriend and her enemies. Rather than let them further mess up the investigation, she and her nerdy cow-orker/love-interest do it themselves. Not only do the Feds not have files, they do not have image-recognition software that can search for the target.

Kirsten gets roped into joining the project full-time. It turns out that her foster-father's case is intimately linked to the story arc.

Stitchers Stitchers [Season 1, Episode 2] Friends in Low Places
Shown 09 Jun 15

Kirsten Clark ( Emma Ishta ) agreed to join the Stitchers unit because Federal Agent Maggie Baptiste ( Salli Richardson-Whitfield ) promised her first assignment would be to investigate her Foster Father's death. However, Maggie deliberately stalls Kirsten and gets her to do another case first. This is obviously a deliberate tactic, especially since the dead man was apparently a major player in setting up the unit. In other words, if he was assassinated it was a direct attack on the unit itself.

The murder victim this week is a girl who encountered a drug dealer in a night-club. Kirsten insists on dragging Cameron into more field-work, but the only one they know who goes to rave clubs is Camille Engelson ( Allison Scagliotti ). Camille agrees to a double-date, so Cameron calls in his cow-orker Linus Ahluwalia (Ritesh Rajan).

The LAPD detective is also working the same case. He is already suspicious, because the Medical Examiner is sneaking the corpses off to the Stitchers lab. Yes, the NSA does not have official permission to access the corpses' brains and they have to steal them from the police.

Kirsten knows that the Stitchers team have no security or field agents, so she takes it upon herself to drag everyone she knows into the conspiracy. Yes, she basically invents rules and procedures for an elite government unit.

Stitchers Stitchers [Season 1, Episode 3] Connections
Shown 16 Jun 15

The episode starts In Media Res. Kirsten Clark ( Emma Ishta ) and Cameron, the nerdy sidekick, are held at gunpoint by a murder suspect. This is what happens when the nerds do field-work.

The murder victim this week is a woman who was on her honeymoon. The friendly LAPD detective has caught the case, and gives the Stitchers team full access. His main suspect is the husband.

We get further hints about Federal Agent Maggie Baptiste ( Salli Richardson-Whitfield ), and her involvement with the Stitchers programme.

Stitchers Stitchers [Season 1, Episode 4] I See You
Shown 23 Jun 15

The murder victim this week is the downstairs neighbour of Cameron, the nerdy sidekick. Since it might be a case of mistaken identity, and Cameron may have been targeted instead, the Stitchers team have to investigate. This means that the four twenty-something science geeks hang out in Cameron's apartment. It is a massive studio, like in Friends.

Cameron is even more over-protective of Kirsten Clark ( Emma Ishta ) than usual. In fairness to him, her sociopathic natures means she has no sense of fear.

Linus Ahluwalia (Ritesh Rajan) is feeling a bit rejected ever since he hooked up with Camille Engelson ( Allison Scagliotti ).

With the team out of the office, Federal Agent Maggie Baptiste ( Salli Richardson-Whitfield ) has to run things by herself. Despite the complete lack of security, as revealed in previous episodes, she has not done a thing to improve the situation. It is located under a Chinese restuarant, but the staff have to go upstairs to order food rather than have it delivered to the basement.

Stitchers Stitchers [Season 1, Episode 5] Stitcher in the Rye
Shown 30 Jun 15

The murder victim this week is a retired CIA officer who became a conspiracy blogger. His theories were too close to the truth for comfort. Just before his murder, he posted that he had a major revelation.

Linus Ahluwalia (Ritesh Rajan) once again hooks up with Camille Engelson ( Allison Scagliotti ). And once again, after she has her fun she dumps him. This is getting a bit repetitive.

Someone comes gunning for Maggie. Yes, she never bothered to increase security.

Marta is back from the brain-dead, and nobody even knew that she had escaped the hospital a week previously. Will Cameron get the chance to atone for his sins?

Marta acts like an insane conspiracy theorist, and claims that Maggie is up to no good. Well, what the team do not know is that Maggie works for a sneaky MIB, Les Turner (Oded Fehr - The Mummy (1999) ).

Stitchers Stitchers [Season 1, Episode 6] Finally
Shown 07 Jul 15

The team have buried their dead friend, and move on. Their next patient is a scientific researcher who died in mysterious circumstances. A bright, driven young woman who questioned her superiors and wound up dead. Her research involved repairing traumatic brain injuries. As always, Kirsten Clark ( Emma Ishta ) decides to go undercover.

Maggie objects to Kirsten taking unnecessary risks. Well, the girl has no training and minimal backup. Yes, her friendly nerds hang out in the surveillance van. Nobody thinks to involve the LAPD detective, and none of the team have ID in case they have to deal with uniformed cops. Just like every other episode.

The other reason everyone objects is that they think Kirsten will have to fake a traumatic brain injury. Nobody except Cameron seems aware of the fact she already has traumatic brain damage, which is attributed to a car crash when she was eight years old.

In a recurring subplot, Kirsten gets Linus the nerd to check out the mysterious code on the audio tape that her foster-father left her.

There is also a bit of soap opera subplot. Cameron is confronted by the sexy girl he was accused of peeping on in Stitchers [Season 1, Episode 4] I See You. She has found out that the real peeper was his dead neighbour, so she goes back on the implied arrangement she made to trade sex for groceries.

Stitchers Stitchers [Season 1, Episode 7] The Root of All Evil
Shown 14 Jul 15

Kirsten Clark ( Emma Ishta ) has a visitor - her boyfriend, Liam. Despite living with Camille Engelson ( Allison Scagliotti ) for a year or so, Kirsten never mentioned him. It turns out that because she has no concept of time, she can spend massive periods without seeing someone and then start up again perfectly where she left off.

The murder victim this week is a Jane Doe. She turns out to be a blackmailer.

Stitchers Stitchers [Season 1, Episode 8] Fire in the Hole
Shown 21 Jul 15

The victim this week, a suicide this time, is a researcher in a dangerous virus lab. The NSA perform 26 tests on the body, and there is no sign of anything. However, they may not be testing for the right things. She left no written notes of her research, and even her suicide note is incredibly vague.

The team stitch into her, but discover that she had infected herself with Spanish Flu. Worse, they are all now infected and may die. Linus video-phones his parents, like his fellow Indian-American Raj in Big Bang Theory. Since he cannot tell them the truth, he embellishes about his life and his relationship with Camille.

The lab is not merely in the basement of a Chinese restuarant. It is in a disused hydro-electric station, a hundred feet underground. So, despite the complete lack of security up-top there is only one way in or out. The bad news is that there are no stairs, and the elevator shaft will fill up with halon gas in the event of a breach.

Camille is the only one who can squeeze through a tunnel 18 inches by 9 inches. It turns out that her second-greatest fear, after hairy backs, is rats.

Stitchers Stitchers [Season 1, Episode 9] Future Tense
Shown 28 Jul 15

Kirsten Clark ( Emma Ishta ) has still not made up her mind about the proposal. Maggie does not trust Liam, because he may be linked to a high-status target (C Thomas Howell - Red Dawn (1982) ).

Linus told his parents that he had a steady girlfriend, and now has to get Camille to attend a dinner with them. While everyone else investigates the murder case, they have a comedy-of-errors dinner party.

The murder victim this week is a telephone psychic. She was also a witness to a different murder. However, the LAPD detective states that nobody who matches the other victim has been reported dead or missing. Is it a stitch glitch? Or is it a premonition?

The visions are of a cosplayer girl whose career is being ruined by a male douche-bag. Is this a snide reference to allegations against Chris Hardwick, fanboy of The Walking Dead ?

There is also a vision of Cameron on the stitchee slab. Yes, the nerdy pseudo love interest might be in danger. Finally the plot involves potential jeopardy to a character the audience might care about.

Stitchers Stitchers [Season 1, Episode 10] Full Stop
Shown 04 Aug 15

The LAPD detective finally gets to meet his new boss, Les Turner (Oded Fehr - The Mummy (1999) ). The cop previously did a mysterious mission for Turner a few episodes ago, but they must have arranged it over the phone. The face-to-face meeting is for a specific order - to drop the stepfather case.

Kirsten and Camille go on a double-date with Cameron and the LAPD detective. Unfortunately they are interrupted by a shooter - a man in a wheelchair. Strangely, there was also a man of the same description in a scene of the previous episode. Has he been stalking the team in previous stories?

Kirsten goes looking for the safety deposit box that Ed left the key for. She discovers what happened to the missing volume of the encyclopedia. There is an exposition video on a data card, probably a third-generation copy from an older copy.

Linus gets jealous of Camille, because now he sees her as a work colleague instead of a lover and she is a direct threat to his career progression.

Cameron ends up on the Stitchee slab. It is self-inflicted, like in Flatliners . However, the ending is a real cliff-hanger.

Stitchers Stitchers [Season 1, Episode 11] When Darkness Falls
Shown 20 Oct 15

This is the Hallowe'en special. As such it is not part of the main continuity of the show, and the story does not immediately follow on from the previous episode's cliffhanger. Instead it is a stand-alone that belongs elsewhere in the sequence of episodes.

The victim this week, a suicide this time, is a suspect in the disappearance of a young woman. The cops think that he kidnapped her, and the Stitchers must find her while she is still alive.

The team go to the dead man's home. Camille likes it so much that she decides to host her annual hallowe'en party there. However, Kirsten - a borderline sociopath who is never creeped out by anything - is completely creeped out by the house.

Kirsten feels she is being watched, and thinks the dead man is stalking her. Somehow he turns up at her house, peering in through her bedroom window. She hides out at Cameron's apartment, forcing Cameron to sleep on his own couch until she needs his company. Meanwhile, poor old Camile is left alone in Kirsten's house.






Stitchers Stitchers [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2016 [Wednesday]

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    Season 2

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 2, Episode 1] 2.0
    Shown 22 Mar 16

    Kirsten is very upset about the state of her nerdy not-boyfriend. Everyone comments on how out-of-character that is.

    The LAPD detective finally wakes up, and pins the blame on the NSA boss, Les Turner (Oded Fehr - The Mummy (1999) ). He is French-Moroccan, but somehow got security clearance to run the Stitchers program. Kirsten goes looking for him, but a bad guy got there first.

    The Stitchers facility is under high security for a change. A security man, a heavily-armed High School drop-out, demands some exposition. When told about the idea of solving crimes by viewing the victim's last memories, he asks if Kirsten eats the brains. The boss tells him She's not a zombie, this is science. Obviously a reference to iZombie , a show with a very similar premise.

    Kirsten gets a new kevlar-lined leather catsuit, to replace her old wetsuit. Then she tries to stitch into the dead man's head. Unfortunately his mind is impossible to navigate because his memories are fragmented. Somehow he seems to tave trained himself to do it to himself.

    The nerdy tweenagers ditch their NSA field agent guards, and conduct the investigation by themselves. They run into trouble with the LAPD. Instead of punishing them, the boss promotes them to Field Agent status. She even issues them with badges, but not guns. Of course, this is a woman so unprofessional that when her lethal threat to the victim's life is exposed, she decides to resist arrest and look guilty.

    Kirsten discovers that there are more secrets to the Stitchers program. She accuses her boss and cow-orkers of betrayal, because they did their job and did not run to her with every little detail. Worse, she finds it hard to believe that a high-level NSA official, whose job it is to keep secrets, might actually be good at his job.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 2, Episode 2] Hack Me If You Can
    Shown 29 Mar 16

    Linus moves out of his parents' house, and gets his own apartment. It is fully tricked out with internet-operated appliances, which he thinks is a good thing but is probably not properly secured. Camille still pretends to be his girlfriend, but would rather babysit Fisher the wounded cop. Meanwhile, Cameron and Kirsten go shopping for motorcycles.

    The murder victim this week is a NSA specialist assigned to counter-cyber-terrorism. He was involved in a website for cheating partners. Then someone hacked his insulin pump and gave him a fatal overdose.

    Maggie gets a visit from Turner's boss Mitchell Blair (John Billingsley - Star Trek: Enterprise ). He gives her a promotion, but no extra powers or responsibilities. Ironically, the episode's villain uses a reference to Trek (albeit The Original Series ).

    Kirsten is working to track down her father. Somehow, the taxi-cab company is still in business and still has the records from fifteen years ago. If you can accept that, you can also accept them letting her have the records.

    The killer-of-the-week is not a gang of black-hat hackers or a foreign government's intelligence service. It is Ellie ( Cassiday Freeman ), one woman who has super-hacker skills and targets Kirsten's friends in order to hurt her. The team have difficulty finding Ellie, and have trouble with the idea that she may have altered the computer records to fake her own death.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 2, Episode 3] The One That Got Away
    Shown 05 Apr 16

    Detective Fisher goes to his local pub, and gets pumped for info by the barmaid. Meanwhile, Kirsten and Camille have an unexpected house-guest - Camille's brother Theo (Youtube star Logan Paul).

    The murder victim this week is the LAPD detective's mentor, former Police Captain Mullany. She was interrogating a driver about someone he met fifteen years ago. This may be an overlap with Kirsten's search for her father.

    The dead woman was investigating her biggest unsolved case. Fifteen years ago, a serial killer started an eight-year reign of terror. The team try to re-investigate the case, but this is not exactly Criminal Minds.

    Linus tries to help Camille with her brother. He does all the emotional labour of a boyfriend, but these days he gets none of the sex. She would rather hang out with Fisher, and get sweaty pounding his punch-bag. Will he eventually realise that no good deed goes unpunished?

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 2, Episode 4] The Two Deaths of Jamie B.
    Shown 12 Apr 16

    Linus had all his smart appliances stolen by Theo (Youtube star Logan Paul). He has not bothered to call the cops or claim the insurance, because he never bothered to insure his property in the first place. Instead he wants to crash at Cameron's place.

    The murder victim this week is a John Doe with fingerprints removed. It turns out that he was a brain-damaged man who worked in a grocery store. Strangely he has a previous death memory as well. Nobody realises that the first death may have caused the brain damage, and he would have more memories before that.

    Camille finally stands up to her brother. Fisher's boxing lessons come in handy.

    Kirsten and Cameron still have a lot of unresolved tension between them. The Shrink noticed in in the previous episode, and they still have to get it sorted out. However, Cameron meets a cute girl at the comic-book store and may actually turn his attentions elsewhere. This new girl is almost the total opposite of Kirsten, so instead of having a certain type he will just go with any woman he meets.

    The brain-damaged man used to be a scientist, working on nanites that could feed on hydrocarbons. The idea is to use them to clean up oil spills. However, this would probably end up in an apocalyptic scenario like in Doorways . Worse, the nanites have been re-programmed to attack carbon atoms instead of hydro-carbons. Since all life on Earth is carbon-based, except for some silicon-based bacteria, this would kill virtually all life in the known universe. The worst bit is that it may not be an accident. Yes, someone deliberately weaponised the nanites.

    Kirsten goes undercover yet again, this time to trap the CEO ( Brooke Smith ). Cameron and Fisher go along as backup, but Kirsten does not bother playing by the rules and staying safe.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 2, Episode 5] Midnight Stitcher
    Shown 19 Apr 16

    The murder victim this week is a woman who was brainwashed to become an assassin. This is not exactly a new idea - it was the basis for Telefon in the 1970s, and was parodied in The Naked Gun thirty years ago.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 2, Episode 6] The Dying Shame
    Shown 26 Apr 16

    The murder victim this week is a Chinese pop-star. The main suspect is her female bodyguard, with whom Fisher the LAPD detective starts to bond.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 2, Episode 7] Pretty Little Lawyers
    Shown 03 May 16

    Camille takes her new boyfriend home. This is probably a case of subconscious self-sabotage. Why else would she risk Kirsten walking in on them?

    The murder victim this week is a lawyer with a heart of gold.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 2, Episode 8] Red Eye
    Shown 10 May 16

    Cameron has problems with his relationship. He has an amazing girlfriend, but she does not seem to care that he has a job to do. For some reason she is unhappy about him working alongside Kirsten.

    The murder victim this week is a dozen people who all had heart attacks at the same time on a passenger plane. Kirsten must do a dozen stitches, and piece the story together from a dozen different perspectives.

    One of the survivors is a woman who deals with quantum computers. There are only five of these in existence, and one of those is used in the Stitchers program. Another one of them is in unknown hands. Is her involvement a coincidence? And why does nobody pay attention when she says her laptop was fried at exactly the same time as the victims died?

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 2, Episode 9] The Guest
    Shown 17 May 16

    The team have the night off. Fisher the LAPD detective stays in the office to tell the boss lady where everyone has gone. Cameron tries to sort things out with his girlfriend. Camille goes to the hospital to see Linus and his parents.

    Kirsten gets visited by a woman who claims to be her sister, Ivy. They have identical bone structure and body types, although these seem predominent for middle-class white women in the greater Los Angeles area. Ivy offers a trade of secrets. She will tell where her father is, in exchange for info on his inventions. Kirsten cannot say precisely what the Stichers system does, because she suspects this might be a loyalty test by the NSA, but she recounts the current case.

    The murder victim this week is a US Senator's son. The killer was a professional assassin, so it may have been political. The victim was also a host on a couch-surfing website.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 2, Episode 10] All In
    Shown 24 May 16

    The murder victim this week is a recurring character from the show. Camille is very shaken by this turn of events, but Kirsten seems to be more upset about losing her father's trail.

    Cameron is back together with his girlfriend, so Kirsten drops by to demand he comforts her. Camille is lonely, and instead of calling Linus she gives Fisher the LAPD detective a booty call. He is having dinner with his ex-wife the DA. Yes, it is an unfortunate daisy-chain of sexual frustration.

    Maggie's boss Mitchell Blair (John Billingsley - Star Trek: Enterprise ) pulls rank on her. Will the Stitchers commit mutiny against the NSA, including physical violence against their own security team?


    Season 3

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 3, Episode 1] Out of The Shadows
    Shown 05 Jun 17

    Kirsten has been trapped inside her own memory since the end of the previous Season. Luckily it has only been 72 hours for the characters, although they have been on lockdown all that time. As a result, Cameron's girlfriend Nina is unlikely to stay with him. Linus does not know if his father has survived surgery or not.

    As soon as the team rescue Kirsten from her own dreams, they are rounded up and detained by the NSA goons. Kirsten and her sister are sent home, with no protection or surveillance, even though they share the same murderous father. The sisters plan to break into the NSA HQ and rescue the team. However, they have nowhere to go once they are out of the building.

    The murder victim this week is Blair's son. Was he the victim of a random hit-and-run driver, or is he yet another victim of Kirsten's father?

    Kirsten wants to keep her team together by any means necessary. She lacks all subtlety, and decides to blackmail the NSA. Her demands include getting Maggie to take over Blair's job. This is the second such dubious promotion Maggie has gotten in as many Seasons. She should have been overseeing three other projects, and with another promotion she should have a total of sixteen jobs.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 3, Episode 2] For Love and Money
    Shown 12 Jun 17

    Kirsten is avoiding Cameron after they hooked up. However, as soon as they start working together they start making out.

    The murder victim this week is a young woman found in her boyfriend's swimming pool. It turns out that the boyfriend's father is a Russian oligarch, and the dead woman may have had a secret agenda of her own.

    Linus starts to put the moves on Kirsten's sister Ivy. His ex, Camille ( Alison Scagliotti ), starts flirting with the new M.E. Amanda Weston ( Anna Akana ). Fisher's love live is not mentioned, but he was last seen dating his ex-wife again. Yes, everyone has a love interest who is part of their work life. So much for a ban on workplace dating.

    Maggie has accepted her promotion, which means she will have to spend a lot of time in Washington. She must appoint a temporary assistant, to run the Stitchers project when she is running her other fifteen projects. Camille feels entitled to the job, even though she has only been on staff for a year and her main job is to google things on her computer tablet.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 3, Episode 3] Perfect
    Shown 19 Jun 17

    Maggie is off in Washington, thanks to her new promotion. Cameron is in charge, because he has seniority. Camille ( Alison Scagliotti ) blames Linus for the fact she did not get the job, even though she is the google girl and her only training is as Cameron's assistant on the console.

    The murder victim this week is a divorce attorney who worked for high-profile politicians. As always, there is the suspicion that it was a political assassination.

    It turns out that the victim was obsessed with physical beauty. He had relationships with a series of women, but they were as shallow as him and constantly upgraded their looks to please him. A fashion model got breast implants, and became to busty to work as a glorified clothes horse. Presumably she was also too snobbish to do glamour modelling. The plastic surgeon ( Tia Texada ) became addicted to botox treatments. Somehow her weakness was the man's fault too, although she had the education and experience to make her own decisions. The real tragedy is that these women are treated as incapable of accepting the consequences of their own actions.

    Everyone in the Stitchers team seems to have their love life sorted out. Everyone except Cameron and Kirsten, that is. No sooner have they hooked up than something drives them apart. Every time Kirsten stitches into a victim's erotic memory her own hormones go into overdrive. Linus tells them that her horniness is directly proportional to the success of her own sex life. In other words, in order to be good at Stitching she must be sexually frustrated.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 3, Episode 4] Mind Palace
    Shown 26 Jun 17

    The murder victim this week is a former Royal Marine who was trained in spycraft. The team assume he was an MI6 officer. They team up with a young woman who also purports to work for MI6. She claims to have had a privileged upbringing, but has the strangest Oirish accent.

    The victim's memories are encoded. Kirsten must enter his Mind Palace. Is this a countermeasure intended to deceive people using Stitchers tech? There does not seem to be much other use for it.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 3, Episode 5] Paternis
    Shown 10 Jul 17

    Cameron goes to visit his estranged father - in prison. The old man has been inside for fourteen years for defrauding his investors.

    The murder victim this week is a Prison guard, and Cameron's dad is accused of being the killer. Maggie is back in charge again, a good thing because she could choose the case without being accused of a conflict of interest. She is not entirely happy about the way cameron was running things in her absence.

    For a show that is all about memories, this episode is the first time we really explore those of the main characters. Linus was unpopular at school because he boasted he knew Pi to 185 places. Well, it worked for the main character in Life of Pi . But at least he has good memories of his father, unlike Cameron.

    Camille ( Alison Scagliotti ) has memory issues of her own. She grew up in a trailer park with her drug-dealing brother, and survived by being a liar and con-woman. This made her very cynical, especially about Kirsten's sister Ivy. Among other things, Ivy has disappeared and will not return Linus' texts.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 3, Episode 6] The Gremlin and the Fixer (43 min)
    Shown 17 Jul 17

    The murder victim this week is an engineer at ASR, a fictional equivalent of JPL (NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab).

    Cameron goes undercover at the victim's hobby, which is the video-gaming equivalent of Fight Club . Linus investigates at the day job, the only place that has technology equal to the Stitchers programme. Camille tries to patch things up with her ex.

    Maggie ran a background check on Ivy. Instead of using in-house NSA surveillance assets she hired a local PI, who got photos of Ivy and her father together. Now Maggie and Fisher have leverage to blackmail Ivy into trapping her dad.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 3, Episode 7] Just the Two of Us (43 min)
    Shown 24 Jul 17

    The murder victim this week is missing. Kirsten wakes up alone in the lab. Cameron is unconscious on the floor, but everyone else is missing. Neither of the two survivors has any memory of anything after the prep for the stitch.

    The two of them head to Kirsten's home, where they have to hang out and wait to be contacted. They get a message that Mother is handling things, and discover that a shadowy old woman is watching them.

    Our heroes follow a series of clues and puzzles, including a jigsaw and a rubiks cube.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 3, Episode 8] Dreamland
    Shown 31 Jul 17

    The murder victim this week is a retired US Air Force officer. He was involved with UFO enthusiasts, so Cameron and Kirsten visit Dreamland in Nevada.

    The DA gets a better job in Washington DC. She wants Fisher, her ex-husband, to transfer there so he can live with her. He is in two minds about leaving his career and his life in Los Angeles.

    Maggie is back in DC, which means Cameron is running things again. As usual, he puts his relationship with Kirsten above his duty to the NSA. He abandons secrecy and gives Kirsten the file on her sister. So much for setting a subtle trap to lure out Stinger.

    Cameron also assigns his mother as Kirsten's doctor. Yes, since Linus' parents were the computer programmers and Kirsten's parents designed the stitching process, it makes sense that Cameron's family would be involved as well.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 3, Episode 9] Kill It Forward
    Shown 07 Aug 17

    Kirsten refuses to do any more stitches until she finds out where Maggie stashed her mother. Quid pro quo, Clarice, as Cameron quotes Silence of the Lambs . Well, presumably the NSA pays Kirsten a salary to do her stitches. That should be compensation enough.

    The murder victim this week is a beach volleyball player. The killer live-streamed her murder on the Dark Web.

    The person behind the Dark Web site is a former associate of Maggie, from her days as a black-ops operator for the CIA.

    Stitchers Stitchers [Season 3, Episode 10] Maternis
    Shown 14 Aug 17

    The murder victim this week is a NASA mathematician. She is basically Katherine Johnston from Hidden Faces , but she is of special importance because she is the one who picked the Stitchers cases.

    Kirsten discovers where the NSA stashed her mother's stasis pod. This is the best chance to catch Stinger, who always cared more for his wife than either daughter. But Stinger is the only one who knows the Stitchers technology well enough to save them.

    The story ties up a few loose plot threads, but ends on a very minor cliffhanger. This implies that there was more yet to come. However, the series ended and this is the final episode.