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Season 1

iZombie iZombie [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 17 Mar 15

Olivia 'Liv' Moore ( Rose McIver ) is a lady Doctor in Seattle, like Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy. Her life is a normal (for TV shows) soap opera. The bad news is, she becomes a zombie. The good news is, she is a type FOUR zombie - a smart one, like in Warm Bodies . When she eats a person's brain, she can relive some of that person's memories.

There is a pseudo-thriller subplot that pads out the relationship drama story. The heroine uses her brain-eating ability to solve crimes. Not unlike the pie-maker in Pushing Daisies she can find out the final memories of a murder victim. She then uses this to help the Token Black Guy - no, not Emmerson Cod, but Det. Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin - Breakout Kings ).

Her first case turns out to be a high-class prostitute, and the side-effect Liv gains is kleptomania. Elysia Rutaru is a fellow call-girl, while Ty Olssen ( Supernatural: Season 7 ) pops up as a police detective.

iZombie iZombie [Season 1, Episode 2] Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?
Shown 24 Mar 15

The victim of the week is a n artist. Liv's side-affect of the week is sex addiction. Well, the television-friendly version anyway. She gets a slightly heightened libido, but all she really does is flirt with a couple of people in a half-hearted way.

Liv's other skill of the week is sketching. She draws a portrait of zombie drug-dealer Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ), the one who infected her. He even pays her a visit - and tries to charm her. In all fairness, he is quite a charming chap. However, his pleas of innocence are undermined when a couple of his former associates in the local underworld pay him a visit.

Liv may have made a big mistake by refusing his overtures of friendship. He will still need human brains to feed on, and if he cannot get them from her supply in the morgue then he will have to source them himself - the traditional way.

iZombie iZombie [Season 1, Episode 3] The Exterminator
Shown 31 Mar 15

The victim of the week is a hit-man. Liv's side-affect of the week is sociopathy. She acts as this is a bad thing, although all it means is that she knows a lot of facts and she does not have painful emotional reactions such as fear or grief. To anyone else this would seem like a super-power, although since she is a zombie she should already be a sociopath.

Liv's flat-mate is a District Attorney, which is typical of US TV shows' collusion between Government departments. The flatmate's big case is her first murder case. Unfortunately, the shoddy investigation overlooked the suspect's innocence. Liv's hit-man meal was the real killer. Unfortunately, the visions of a self-proclaimed Medium are not admissable in court. However, the flatmate is ungrateful towards Liv for saving her from being involved in a terrible miscarriage of justice.

Liv discovers that there is another survivor from the boat party. It is a girl that she used to know, but who is now a zombie. The bad news is, she has degraded due to starvation. The good news is, she is trapped in a confined space so she will be unlikely to hurt anyone in the near future. Liv's boss tries to run tests on the new zombie, to see if her condition is reversible.

Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) pops up and asks for some brains, but Liv turns him down cold. This is because she thinks he is a shifty low-life, in spite of the fact that he will end up killing people for food sooner or later. On a related note, Liv's ex-BF Major drops by with a request. Teenage homeless kids are going missing, and he wants the cops to investigate.

iZombie iZombie [Season 1, Episode 4] Liv and Let Clive
Shown 07 Apr 15

The victim of the week is a Chinese-American street-gang member. Liv's side-affect of the week is paranoia. She also gets the victim's skill in kung fu, which comes in useful in the climax.

Liv's visions are of the Chinese-American street-gang. They tortured some of their own members because they thought there was a police informant. One of the torturers was Det. Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin - Breakout Kings ), the token black guy. He is also Liv's helper in the Police Department. However, he warns her to stay away from the case. She assumes he is a corrupt cop, even though he has always been a straight arrow on every case she was involved in. At no point does she give him the benefit of the doubt and consider that he might have been working undercover.

Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) does not get brains from Liv, but he has found another source. This means getting his hands dirty, although as a member of the criminal underworld he has no problem with that. In fact, he has set up his own network. He turns rich people into zombies, then sells them the brains his mother has cooked. His delivery team decide to go into business for themselves.

iZombie iZombie [Season 1, Episode 5] Flight of the Living Dead
Shown 14 Apr 15

The victim of the week is a sky-diving extreme sports girl. Liv's side-affect of the week is risk-taking. The victim was also a former sorority sister of Liv and her flatmate, the DA.

The sky-diver was part of a group sponsored by Max Rager, a drinks company. The rest of the group are suspects, including Lowell Tracey (Bradley James - Merlin ), Carson McComb (Ryan Hansen - Veronica Mars ) and Eliza Marquet ( Summer Bishill ).

Det. Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin - Breakout Kings ) helps Liv run an unofficial investigation, and gets chewed out by his boss (Hiro Kanagawa - Lost ). This presents further difficulies when Major drops by. Even more people have been going missing, but the Police Missing Persons unit is too busy to look for the kids from the shelter. Nobody thinks it suspicious that sixty people mysteriously disappeared from the same skate-park over a few weeks. Nobody mentions it to Liv, or she might deduce that there are at least a dozen zombies in town. She is busy, because she actually has a potential zombie love interest this week.

iZombie iZombie [Season 1, Episode 6] Virtual Reality Bites
Shown 21 Apr 15

The victim of the week is a n Internet troll. Liv's side-affect of the week is agoraphobia. He rotted for ten days before anyone found the body, so she has to drink his brain in a milkshake. The good news is, she also gets his skills in computer hacking. This comes in useful when her tame cop, Det. Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin - Breakout Kings ), cannot get a search warrant.

Liv has agreed to test-date a fellow zombie, Lowell Tracey (Bradley James - Merlin ). However, she has problems such as the agoraphobia. How far will he go out of his way to make nice with her?

When the killer is found, Babineaux states that the sentence will most likely be life imprisonment. Given the circumstances, this seems excessive. The victim was a troll who ruined many innocent lives. The fact that this show takes the typical police procedural stance of the criminal element must always be punished.

Meanwhile, the local criminal element - zombie dealer in drugs and brains Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ), has problems of his own. His delivery boy is sloppy, and his zombie girlfriend is hungry. This leads to further complications, such as a dead body turning up and a certain cop asking questions at Blaine's shop.

iZombie iZombie [Season 1, Episode 7] Maternity Liv
Shown 28 Apr 15

The victim of the week is a pregnant woman. Liv's side-affect of the week is heightened empathy.

The Homicide Department's Lieutenant (Hiro Kanagawa - Lost ) takes personal charge of the investigation. He even holds a press conference. One journalist is interested in the missing persons case. Unfortunately instead of helping Det. Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin - Breakout Kings ) she decides to make him look bad in order to improve her ratings.

Liv is dating a fellow zombie, Lowell Tracey (Bradley James - Merlin ). She is willing to move to the next level, and start shagging instead of dating. Unfortunately he recently ate a gay biologist's brain. The good news is that being gay does not stop him from helping the morgue attendant find a cure to zombie-ism.

iZombie iZombie [Season 1, Episode 8] Dead Air
Shown 05 May 15

The victim of the week is Erica Cerra - a relationship therapist who had her own radio show. Liv starts to use her newly borrowed skills to psychotherapise her friends' relationships.

Det. Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin - Breakout Kings ) follows several leads that Liv gives him, and harrasses suspects on very dubious grounds. Circumstantial evidence will not stand up in court, and the testimony of a brain-eating zombie is hearsay at best. This might be a good soap opera, but it is not a great police procedural.

Liv's co-worker goes to the police station to bail out Major, his flat-mate (and Liv's ex-lover). He also meets the lady DA - Liv's flat-mate, who only dates over-achievers. The good news is that he might be eligible, because he has discovered the cause of zombification - and thus is closer to finding a cure as well.

Liv is dating a fellow zombie, Lowell Tracey (Bradley James - Merlin ). She discovers that he might be linked to zombie brains dealer Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ). Blaine's cover-up has worked well, however. The Homicide Department's Lieutenant (Hiro Kanagawa - Lost ) has successfully framed last week's villains for killing the skater kids.

iZombie iZombie [Season 1, Episode 9] Patriot Brains
Shown 12 May 15

The victim of the week is a US Military sniper. Liv's side-affect of the week is PTSD. The suspects include Percy Daggs III, former sidekick to another amateur female sleuth - Veronica Mars .

Major the ex-boyfriend thinks that the drug-dealer is selling human brains as a form of steroid for body-builders. He starts being nosy, and this is not a good idea when dealing with dangerous felons.

Our heroine takes it upon herself to arrange the assassination of Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ), the drug-dealer who is also supplying Smart Zombies with fresh human brains. However, Blaine is also a well-armed career criminal. Not the kind of person a first-time murderer should choose as a victim. Liv gets her not-a-boyfriend fellow zombie, Lowell Tracey (Bradley James - Merlin ), involved.

iZombie iZombie [Season 1, Episode 10] Mr. Berserk
Shown 19 May 15

The victim of the week is a Journalist. Liv's side-affect of the week is Alcoholism.

Liv investigates a conspiracy run by corporate CEO Steven Weber ( Helix: Season 2 ). He seeks to cover up the fact that a certain energy drink drives a small proportion of consumers into raging killers. The name of the drink, Max Rager, should be a dead giveaway!

Liv also has to deal with the emotional fallout from her mess-up last week. Her lack of a killer instinct is now a bigger deal than before, because there is a hitman after her. She is more intent on making a kill than she is on retrieving the only piece of evidence she needs.

The ex-boyfriend, Major, cannot explain what he saw in the previous episode, so he signs himself into a mental health facility. Not so long ago he helped the mentally ill, now he thinks he is one.

iZombie iZombie [Season 1, Episode 11] Astroburger
Shown 26 May 15

The victim of the week is a mental patient. Liv's side-affect of the week is halucinations.

The victim was a friend of Major, Liv's ex-BF who institutionalised himself. By incredible coincidence, this was the very same friend who told Major about Zombies. And now Major checks himself out of the Asylum, intent on hunting down and killing all the zombies!

Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) is hired by a rich zombie to obtain a specific dish - the brains of a famous astronaut. After all, a zombie cannot pass the fitness tests to go to the moon, but they can enjoy the memories of someone who did by eating his brain!

iZombie iZombie [Season 1, Episode 12] Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat
Shown 02 Jun 15

The hitman that Liv managed to kill in iZombie [Season 1, Episode 10] Mr. Berserk comes back as a zombie. Then he is victim of a hit-and-run by some teenagers, including Bex Taylor-Klaus (Sarah Lance's sidekick from Arrow ). Naturally, he comes back from the shallow grave - and a full-on I Know What You Did Last Summer situation takes place.

The first victim of the week is a cheerleader. Liv's side-affect of the week is she begins to act like a teenage Valley girl. Unfortunately the killer is on a spree, so she has to eat a Stoner's brain and get high as well.

Liv eats the brains as a pizza topping. Naturally, this allows for the cliched accidental food mix-up to occur. It turns out that the Token Black guy may know about Liv's visions, but nobody bothers to tell him never to touch her food!

Can the morgue attendant girl take out a professional killer? The first time she did it by pure luck, but this time he is a zombie too so she has lost that advantage. However, she does have one advantage. She has been snacking on cheerleader brains while he has eaten grandma's brains instead - and you are what you eat.

Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) is hunting for the missing brain of the astronaut he killed. Liv's ex-BF Major is the thief, and he is hunting Blaine. He even buys a pump-action shotgun and a .44 magnum revolver. If he runs out of zombies, he can go hunting Grizzly Bears!

iZombie iZombie [Season 1, Episode 13] Blaine's World
Shown 09 Jun 15

The victim of the week is the rocker chick from the previous episode. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes a snarky bitch.

Liv and her cop buddy Det. Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin - Breakout Kings ) investigate the Max Rager Corporation. After all, they were the ones who hired the hitman. However, the corporate CEO (Steven Weber - Helix: Season 2 ) has hired a new Head of Research (Brian Markinson - Caprica ). Worse, they now know that zombification is a side-effect of the drink.

Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) has a lead on the astronaut brains he stole to order. This is actually a good thing. If he goes out of business then the zombies will have to get their brains elsewhere. And we saw in the previous episode what happens when a zombie has to find his own dinner.






iZombie iZombie [Season 3, Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2016 [Wednesday]

Reviewed in our special supplement iZombie

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    Season 2

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 1] Grumpy Old Liv
    Shown 06 Oct 15

    The victim of the week is a grumpy old man. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes a grumpy bitch. Unfortunately this happens when she is already depressed. Major has dumped her because he is prejudiced against zombies. Her mother ( Molly Hagan ) and brother will not speak to her because she refused to allow her tainted blood be transfused.

    The grumpy old man died in an unlikely accident. It turns out that he was a bit of a racist. When Liv is sexually harrassed by a criminal, Det. Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin - Breakout Kings ) defends her honour. She replies thanks, you're one of the good ones. In a matriarchal world, this misandry is taken for granted. However, since both the suspect and the cop are BLACK men it makes her look like a racist instead of a feminist.

    Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) is now an undertaker, and uses the alias John Deaux. He is cured of zombieism, but he still has one superpower. His body-hairs stand up when he is near a zombie.

    Major, the other ex-zombie, has the same superpower as Blaine. He has quit his hobby as a zombie-killer. However, he killed five henchmen - either too few or too many. He does not realise that he cannot just quit. Corporate CEO Vaughn (Steven Weber - Helix: Season 2 ) did not get round to wiping out all Seattle's zombies last week, and now needs a henchman to do it for him.

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 2] Zombie Bro
    Shown 13 Oct 15

    The victim of the week is a frat-boy. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes a practical joker. She takes her new flatmate (a spy for the MegaCorp) to a Frat party, where Liv looks very attractive in a dress made entirely of crime-scene tape.

    Major, Liv's ex, is feeling guilty over his actions as a zombie-hunter. He agrees to accompany his flatmate Ravi (Liv's co-worker pathologist) to a nightclub where they attempt to secure some samples of utopium.

    Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) expands his utopium drug-peddling empire. Unfortunately this means going to war with the local gang boss, the appropriately named Mister Boss. Blaine needs funds so he goes to his estranged father (Robert Knepper - Heroes: S4 ).

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 3] Real Dead Housewife of Seattle
    Shown 20 Oct 15

    The victim of the week is an upper-class housewife. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes vain and shallow. However, she spends a lot more time and money on her appearance. It seems that sexing-up is a standard thing in Season Two of a TV show these days, presumably as a way of pulling in extra viewers and expanding the audience.

    The deceased was victim of a second-rate hit-man. It turns out that her husband is on the board of the Max Rager company. Corporate CEO Vaughn (Steven Weber - Helix: Season 2 ) is Liv's main suspect.

    Major is still a physical trainer by day and zombie-killer by night. Liv discovers that the CEO is one of his clients. However, he is also secretly taking orders via the CEO's assistant ... who is also undercover as Liv's new room-mate. It is only a matter of time before Liv makes the inevitable discovery.

    We finally find out what happened to Max Rager's new Head of Research (Brian Markinson - Caprica ).

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 4] Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues
    Shown 27 Oct 15

    The victim of the week is a country and western singer. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes a guitar-playing singer-songwriter who uses redneck slang.

    The main suspect is the victim's manager (Raphael Sbarge - Once Upon A Time ), a lonely man who is trapped in a loveless marriage. Unfortunately he is not deemed conventionally attractive enough to have sex with the singer girl, who had a preference for violent convicted felons.

    Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) has problems of his own. Two of his richest clients have mysteriously disappeared. However, he concentrates on his mission of locating the original zombie-creating formula. Luckily his new minions have tracked down the dealer who cut the original batch. The bad news is, he is unwilling to help.

    Peyton, Liv's ex-flatmate, is back in town. Last week she got her old job back as a District Attorney, and is in charge of investigating local narcotics kingpin Mister Boss. The whole case was actually Blaine's idea, and he is more than happy to let her debrief him.

    Det. Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin - Breakout Kings ) has a new cow-orker, who is also a possible love interest. She is a hot blonde FBI Agent who is investigating the disappearances. After all, when a couple of rich people go MIA it is an important case.

    Major has pretty much hit rock bottom. The stress of executing zombies before they eat peoples' brains has driven him to become a drug addict. However, at least he gets to have hot sex with Liv's new flatmate. Also, he has a new dog. And a flatmate that looks out for him.

    Part of what puts this show above the others is that, like Gotham , it is more than just a police procedural. There are numerous ongoing plot threads inhabited by numerous supporting characters. In other words, this is like a 1980s Soap Opera (in the best sense).

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 5] Love & Basketball
    Shown 03 Nov 15

    The victim of the week is a basketball coach. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes a bossy alpha personality who loves sports.

    Major is getting great sex with his hot controller. However, for some strange inexplicable reason he still pines after Liv. In fact, he is even willing to risk getting sexually transmitted zombism. However, Liv has dumped him and he is now friend-zoned.

    Det. Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin - Breakout Kings ) continues enquiries into the death of his boss. The new cow-orker, the FBI babe, is also interested in the case. There is a DNA link between the crime scene and a missing VIP's case.

    Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) gets the tainted Utopium formula to Ravi. However, he is impatient when it comes to finding a cure. He should be worried about other things, since he is caught between the FBI investigation and the drug war with Mister Boss.

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 6] Max Wager
    Shown 10 Nov 15

    The victim of the week is a witness in a murder trial. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes a compulsive gambler.

    The suspects include the victim's bookie, The Barber (Steve Williams - Supernatural ) and his college buddy Calvin (Rick Fox - Ugly Betty ). Liv also gets to meet the mysterious crime lord, Stacy Boss.

    The grieving widow sends the victim to Shady Plots, the funeral home that Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) uses as a front for his brain-dealing business. Unfortunately Blaine has fallen victim to a takeover attempt by his estranged father (Robert Knepper - Heroes: S4 ).

    Liv and Major try to get back together. However, Ravi has not yet done the research yet. This should have been the first thing he did when he confronted Liv. Is zombieism sexually transmittable?

    Major learns that the FBI has an agent working the Missing Persons cases. After all, if a bunch of street kids go missing nobody will care but when it is a bunch of stale male pale billionaires it is literally a Federal case. However, this will not prevent Major from doing his duty.

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 7] Abra Cadaver
    Shown 17 Nov 15

    The victim of the week is a stage magician. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes a stage magician.

    The killing is a classic locked room mystery. Suspects include a pair of Penn & Teller impersonators.

    In the Season arc sub-plot, Liv is enlisted by Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) to break into the home of Det. Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin - Breakout Kings ) and steal the results from the FBI's lab tests.

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 8] The Hurt Stalker
    Shown 01 Dec 15

    The victim of the week is an obsessive stalker. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes incredibly jealous and possessive regarding her boyfriend, Major. Of course, Major is actually keeping a major secret from her - he is hunting zombies on behalf of Corporate CEO Vaughn (Steven Weber - Helix: Season 2 ) and the Max Rager company.

    The suspects include Det. Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin - Breakout Kings ), who was the stalker's most recent victim. Also among the guest-stars is Nathalie Brown .

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 9] Cape Town
    Shown 08 Dec 15

    The victim of the week is a costumed vigilante. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes a superhero. Yes, unlike the original she has ACTUAL superpowers, since she has superhuman strength and is virtually unkillable.

    The killing is linked to the local crime lord, Stacy Boss. He has apparently imported a shipment of fifty-calibre weapons. Obviously he is arming up to start a war. Naturally, Liv does not bother to warn either of his potential targets - her best buddy the Assistant DA (who is mysteriously off-screen this week) or her tame local gangster Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ).

    Blaine is actually making good on his promise to obtain the tainted utopium. He has identified the one person who can help locate it. Unfortunately, that person is dying - and only Liv can save him. But will she agree to turn someone into a zombie?

    Meanwhile, Major carries on his campaign against zombies. His newest target is a zombie call-girl. This poor woman has sex in exchange for food. Yes, she is incapable of sourcing brains herself, like Liv and Blaine did. Also, she screws so she can eat brains while Major kills so he can eat p*ssy. Well, he cannot actually touch Liv so he does work for a sexless relationship.

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 10] Method Head
    Shown 12 Jan 16

    Liv has a couple of cases to solve this week. The first one is a Santa Claus impersonator, killed in what appears to be a mugging. The second one is an actor, killed on the set of ... a television show about zombies! This allows a few jokey references to zombies and TV tropes.

    Ravi has narrowed the tainted utopium's location down to a single field. Unfortunately it is a hundred acres in size. This means a lot of leg-work with a metal detector and a shovel. Worse, even if he makes the cure again it is not permanent.

    Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) gets interviewed by the FBI woman. His phone number was found in the contacts list of a couple of the missing persons. Can he bluff his way out of this?

    Meanwhile, Major is still working for Corporate CEO Vaughn (Steven Weber - Helix: Season 2 ), the CEO of Max Rager. Of course, his loyalties will eventually be tested. Can the one-man zombie-killing army outsmart the smartest businessman in town?

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 11] Fifty Shades of Grey Matter
    Shown 02 Feb 16

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 12] Physician, Heal Thy Selfie
    Shown 09 Feb 16

    The victim of the week is an Internet blogger. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes a compulsive tweeter.

    Three decapitated bodies are pulled out of the lake. This is obviously a gangland hit, and since the wallets and fingerprints are left the decapitation was not intended to disguise the victims' identity. It must be related to the gangland war between Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) and Stacey Boss, and the killer must know about zombies.

    The District Attorney, Baracus (yes - D.A. Baracus!) has gone missing. Someone has put Chaos Killer graffeti across his front room.

    Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) plays host to the funeral of one of the deceased. He does not check the paperwork, because the dead gangster is the nephew of Stacey Boss. Mister Boss attends the funeral and bumps into Blaine, but this is obviously not a coincidence. Boss is willing to let Blaine off with a warning - and a weekly protection payment of five thousand dollars.

    Liv has second thoughts about her new boyfriend, Drake. She realises she does not know every little detail about his personal history. After all, normally she would force a man to go on three dates before sex. This is like a three-stage interview (with full background check), as if he were applying to be a Secret Service Agent instead of just a one-night stand. She is shocked to find out he (like one in four young men) has a criminal record. But the reality is, she knows he is an associate of Blaine so she should probably assume the worst.

    Meanwhile, Major is still working for Max Rager CEO Vaughn (Steven Weber - Helix: Season 2 ). Unfortunately, the CEO does not believe there is a copycat. Instead he assumes that Major is somehow pulling a fast one. As a result he pulls in a dodgy military contractor as his security consultant.

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 13] The Whopper
    Shown 16 Feb 16

    Major and Ravi dig up a body in the field where the tainted utopium was buried. It turns out that this is the wrong body. Stacey Boss has probably been using the place as a body-dump site for years.

    The victim of the week is a gangster. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes a compulsive liar.

    Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) gets the reading of the will of his father (Robert Knepper - Heroes: S4 ). Unfortunately, Daddy knew his little boy all too well. In the event of foul play, it all goes to the German nanny.

    Major gets over-confident with his Chaos Killer routine. As a result, he is forced to have a face-to-face with Blaine. Despite Major being a total ass about Blaine, they have a lot in common and make a great team.

    Stacey Boss decides to tie up some loose ends. He wants Drake to make his bones, and prove his loyalty with some wet-work.

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 14] Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind
    Shown 23 Feb 16

    The victim of the week is a coffee-shop owner. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes an annoyingly cheery person.

    Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) makes his first payment to Mister Boss. However, the debt collector recognises him and knows his reputation. How long will it take Boss to work out that Blaine is the ex-employee who has been leaking info to the DA's office?

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 15] He Blinded Me with Science
    Shown 22 Mar 16

    The victim of the week is a scientist. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes a compulsive analyser. She turns her attentions to her boyfriend, Drake. After all, she does not want to be dating a zombie. She judgementally broke up Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) and the ADA, and will probably turn on Major if she finds out his hobby.

    One suspect is the scientist's former business partner (Wallace Langham - CSI).

    It turns out that the scientist also got a job working for Max Rager. Liv disguises herself as a human woman (yes, she is much more attractive than usual) and goes undercover in the company. She discovers the existence of the secret basement lab.

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 16] Pour Some Sugar, Zombie
    Shown 29 Mar 16

    Liv's ex-flatmate drops by to raid the freezer. Ever since the lab accident in the previous episode, they have shared a certain dietary requirement. Luckily Liv gets her Season One flatmate back. Ravi and Major help the ADA move in.

    The victim of the week is a stripper. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes a violent aggressive trouble-maker. As always in this kind of thing, the hot female star has to become a stripper and do a lap-dance.

    The main suspect is her boyfriend, one of Mr Boss's henchmen. However, despite the open-and-shut nature of the case Liv still has to eat the stripper's brain in order to help the ADA get info on one of Boss's stash houses.

    The ADA insists she and Liv visit Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ). After all, he is the key witness in the case against Mister Boss. Unfortunately, Blaine took the zombie cure and now has amnesia.

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 17] Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be
    Shown 05 Apr 16

    The victim of the week is a college student. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes an anal retentive over-achiever. Apparently this is what she was like before she became a zombie.

    One of the suspects is a frat-boy that Liv met in iZombie [Season 2, Episode 2] Zombie Bro .

    Liv discovers that her missing boyfriend, Drake, was a trained killer and secret member of a fraternity of fascist thugs. No, not just in his day job working for Stacey Boss. Worse, he was also working for a dodgy vice cop (Enrico Colantoni - Veronica Mars ).

    Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) is now useless in the prosecution of Mister Boss, which means that the case will collapse and Boss will walk free. Despite knowing this, Blaine's minions stupidly go back to selling Utopium. If the cops do not get them, Mister Boss will.

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 18] Dead Beat
    Shown 12 Apr 16

    Major gets arrested by the FBI. His lawyer is Ken Marino - the second former Sheriff from Veronica Mars in as many episodes.

    Det. Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin - Breakout Kings ) continues his investigation into the Meat Cute shootings. The FBI woman wants to with-hold exculpatory evidence. Will Clive lower his own personal integrity in order to get into the FBI (and keep having great sex with the Fed lady)?

    With Major turning back into a zombie, Liv has to get him some brains before he turns feral.

    Since Max Rager now has a huge zombie problem to deal with, and Major cannot be relied upon, they are going to start cleaning up his mess.

    iZombie iZombie [Season 2, Episode 19] Salivation Army
    Shown 12 Apr 16

    The victim of the week is Max Rager's hitman. Liv's side-affect of the week is she becomes a ruthless mercenary.

    Liv and Major want to break into the Max Rager basement and rescue all the zombies imprisoned there. Naturally, Det. Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin - Breakout Kings ) wants nothing to do with this. Likewise, Ravi is not really one for field work.

    Blaine DeBeers (David Anders - Alias ) is on the run from Stacey Boss's henchmen. This is a pity, because he would have been useful for Liv to have around. Instead he and Ravi have their own subplot to deal with. But even though Blaine has lost his memory, at least he has begun to get his personality back.

    Max Rager is being sold off to a private security company. After all, the zombie drug can be used as a super-soldier serum. But this is a great set-up for next Season.

    Max Rager CEO Vaughn (Steven Weber - Helix: Season 2 ) holds a big party to celebrate. However, the tainted utopium in the lab was not properly labelled. One of the staff decides to brighten up the party with the illegal drug. As a result, there is a zombie outbreak.


    Season 3

    iZombie iZombie [Season 3, Episode 1] Heaven Just Got A Little Smoother
    Shown 04 Apr 17

    iZombie iZombie [Season 3, Episode 2] Zombie Knows Best
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    iZombie iZombie [Season 3, Episode 3] Eat, Pray, Liv
    Shown 18 Apr 17

    iZombie iZombie [Season 3, Episode 4] Wag the Tongue Slowly
    Shown 25 Apr 17

    iZombie iZombie [Season 3, Episode 5] Spanking the Zombie
    Shown 02 May 17

    iZombie iZombie [Season 3, Episode 6] Some Like It Hot Mess
    Shown 09 May 17

    iZombie iZombie [Season 3, Episode 7] Dirt Nap Time
    Shown 16 May 17

    iZombie iZombie [Season 3, Episode 8] Eat a Knievel
    Shown 23 May 17

    iZombie iZombie [Season 3, Episode 9] Twenty Sided, Die
    Shown 30 May 17

    iZombie iZombie [Season 3, Episode 10] Return of the Dead Guy
    Shown 06 Jun 17

    iZombie iZombie [Season 3, Episode 11] Conspiracy Weary
    Shown 13 Jun 17

    iZombie iZombie [Season 3, Episode 12] Looking for Mr. Goodbrain (1)
    Shown 20 Jun 17

    iZombie iZombie [Season 3, Episode 13] Looking for Mr. Goodbrain (2)
    Shown 27 Jun 17