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Season 1

Zapped Zapped [Season 1, Episode 1] Mr Weaver
Shown 13th October 2016 [Thursday]

One of The Inbetweeners discovers an unusual device and ends up lost in a parallel universe. Surely Blake Harrison already did this a year ago in Tripped ? Well, now his former co-star James Buckley has a go at it.

A delivery boy (not unlike Philip J. Fry in Futurama ) finds a magic amulet that was accidentally delivered to him instead of his new mobile phone charger. He ends up in a Fantasy world, where he seeks help from Howell (Paul Kaye - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell ), the owner of a magic shop.

Zapped Zapped [Season 1, Episode 2] Mr Charisma
Shown 20th October 2016 [Thursday]

Howell (Paul Kaye - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell ), the owner of the magic shop, has a magic potion that gives him unbelievable charisma. This is just what Brian the delivery boy (James Buckley - The Inbetweeners ) needs to infiltrate the vault and steal the amulet back. Can he make friends with the violent thuggish police fairies?

The half-man, half-giant goes on a blind date with another mixed-race person. She is a mermaid, and she looks like the mixed race girl from Two Pints of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps.

Zapped Zapped [Season 1, Episode 3] Mr Wuffles
Shown 27th October 2016 [Thursday]

Howell (Paul Kaye - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell ) is desperate to pay back the money he owes to Slasher ( Sally Phillips ). Luckily, the office-boy has found a magic sprite (Steve Coogan - ) who must grant him a single wish. Will he use it to go home, or to do something more altruistic?

The dwarf sets up a group to help his new charitable cause, the preservation of an endangered species of carnivorous monsters. He persuades Brian the delivery boy (James Buckley - The Inbetweeners ) to come along to make up the numbers. They meet a beautiful girl who has one of the monsters as a pet. She calls it Mr Wuffles, hence the title of the episode.






Zapped Zapped [Season 2 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th November 2017 [Thursday]

Reviewed in our special supplement Zapped

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    Season 2

    Zapped Zapped [Season 2, Episode 1] The Trial
    Shown 12 Oct 17

    Brian the delivery boy (James Buckley - The Inbetweeners ) is thrown in the dungeon for assaulting the ambassador of the snail people. His friends from the pub try idiotic schemes to help him.

    Zapped Zapped [Season 2, Episode 2] Magic Darts
    Shown 19 Oct 17

    Brian the delivery boy (James Buckley - The Inbetweeners ) is back in the pub. He has taught the others about the game of darts, and they now have a dart-board in the place. Unfortunately the Fairies drop by and take an interest in the game.

    Brian needs a job, so he pays Howell (Paul Kaye - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell ) to take him on as an apprentice. Yes, he has no idea of how the apprenticeship thing works. Worse, he forgets that Howell is a dodgy double-dealer who is little better than a con-man and lets himself get tricked into agreeing to a body-swap spell.

    Meanwhile, the dwarf accidentally hatches a lizard-monster egg and ends up having to raise the lizard monster as if it were his own child.

    Zapped Zapped [Season 2, Episode 3] The Party
    Shown 26 Oct 17

    The pub's owner wants to hold a fifteen year anniversary party. However, all the regulars have decided to go elsewhere for a change.

    Brian the delivery boy (James Buckley - The Inbetweeners ) checks out a new bar, down by the docks. They have a very exclusive membership policy, but the security man is very well-groomed and takes a somewhat predatory interest in Brian. Of course, our hero is an idiot and does not pick up on the somewhat rapey vibe.

    The soothsayer bumps into an old friend, Rina ( Susan Wokoma ). Rina offers to help her invest her life-savings. What could possibly go wrong?

    Howell (Paul Kaye - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell ) tries to sell a magic gem to Slasher ( Sally Phillips ). Naturally it all goes badly wrong for him.

    Zapped Zapped [Season 2, Episode 4] Pear Fair
    Shown 02 Nov 17

    Brian needs money in order to get to the City of a Thousand Towers. He smartly avoids a card game that involves Slasher. Unfortunately Slasher loses, so she demands that Howell create a foolproof method of cheating for her.

    It is Pear Day, the annual Pear-related festival. Brian and Steg get hired to protect the town's lucky albino pear tree. It would make more sense to use the Fairies, but nobody seems to think things through. The boss man helpfully supplies them with salty snacks, strong Brandy, comfy pillows and blankets. No danger of them falling asleep and letting something bad happen, then.

    Barbara the soothsayer needs to memorise the entire book of the Guild's history before she can become a member. She needs Howell's help.

    Zapped Zapped [Season 2, Episode 5] Showtime
    Shown 09 Nov 17

    Brian needs to get to the City of a Thousand Towers. He joins the local theatre troupe, who whose tour will take them there. Unfortunately the only vacancy is among the crew, so he must be general dogs-body while the actors just sit around and practice make-believe.

    There is a dangerous beast on the loose. Howell tries to catch it so he can claim the reward.

    Barbara the soothsayer befriends an injured fairy.

    Steg meets a disgruntled Orc who is part of a construction crew working for the Lord Protector (Sylvestor McCoy - Doctor Who ). Yes, the Orcs are now the underclass who are exploited for hard manual labour. Well, they have no other usable skills.

    Impressively, all these plot threads come together at the end.

    Zapped Zapped [Season 2, Episode 6] The Henge
    Shown 16 Nov 17

    The Asian warrior-babe who spent the Season walking to Munty has finally arrived there. However, Brian is about to get sent home. If Howell can remain sober for the rest of the day, that is.

    Barbara gets a boyfriend and Steg gets a job. Neither of these works out as intended.

    The gang get to the Henge in time. However, the story is left open for another Season.