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Season 1

Zapped Zapped [Season 1, Episode 1] Mr Weaver
Shown 13th October 2016 [Thursday]

One of The Inbetweeners discovers an unusual device and ends up lost in a parallel universe. Surely Blake Harrison already did this a year ago in Tripped ? Well, now his former co-star James Buckley has a go at it.

A delivery boy (not unlike Philip J. Fry in Futurama ) finds a magic amulet that was accidentally delivered to him instead of his new mobile phone charger. He ends up in a Fantasy world, where he seeks help from Howell (Paul Kaye - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell ), the owner of a magic shop.

Zapped Zapped [Season 1, Episode 2] Mr Charisma
Shown 20th October 2016 [Thursday]

Howell (Paul Kaye - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell ), the owner of the magic shop, has a magic potion that gives him unbelievable charisma. This is just what the delivery boy needs to infiltrate the vault and steal the amulet back. Can he make friends with the violent thuggish police fairies?

The half-man, half-giant goes on a blind date with another mixed-race person. She is a mermaid, and she looks like the mixed race girl from Two Pints of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps.

Zapped Zapped [Season 1, Episode 3] Mr Wuffles
Shown 27th October 2016 [Thursday]

Paul Kaye is desperate to pay back the money he owes to Slasher ( Sally Phillips ). Luckily, the office-boy has found a magic sprite (Steve Coogan - ) who must grant him a single wish. Will he use it to go home, or to do something more altruistic?

The dwarf sets up a group to help his new charitable cause, the preservation of an endangered species of carnivorous monsters. He persuades James Buckley to come along to make up the numbers. They meet a beautiful girl who has one of the monsters as a pet. She calls it Mr Wuffles, hence the title of the episode.






Zapped Zapped [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th November 2016 [Thursday]

Reviewed in our special supplement Zapped

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