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Season 1

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 1-2] Broken Bow
Shown 7th January 2002 [Monday]

This is the newest series in the Star Trek franchise, though notably the name lacks the Trek prefix. It is set 95 years after the events in the movie First Contact . This episode tells of the human race's first encounter with Klingons. A Klingon courier (with TNG facial features) lands on Earth, pursued by flat-boned humanoid aliens. The aliens are destroyed but the Klingon is seriously injured. Earth's Vulcan Ambassador (Gary Graham - Alien Nation ) advises that the Klingon be allowed an honorable death, and then the Vulcans will take the corpse to Kronos.

The heroic Captain Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) uses humanity over logic and diplomacy. He decides that Earth's first starship (the Enterprise) can spend its maiden voyage taking the living Klingon home. Of note, Archer is the Enterprise's Captain and also the son of the ship's designer - a clear case of nepotism of ever there was one.

Archer gets his crew sorted out for the voyage. In a step away from Trek tradition, the humans actually have personality. For example, Captain Archer actually resents Vulcans for the way they treat his species. This makes for potential conflict when his crew is joined by the babelicious T'Pol ( Jolene Blalock ). Her characterisation is not stiff like Spock or Tuvok, perhaps owing more to Mark Lenard's portrayal of Spock's father. She is the Science Officer, a tad predictable when you consider how much this show is inspired to TOS.

The rest of the crew includes an alien doctor (a cross between Neelix and the HoloDoc). Ethnicity-wise there is an oriental woman translator and a token black man.

Before the Enterprise sets off there is a dedication ceremony. We get a vidclip of James Cromwell, 32 years previously. Apparently in the sixty years after First Contact he did not age a day! Also odd is the fact that the Enterprise is owned by Starfleet, operating out of San Francisco, even though this is set long before the Federation is established.

The Enterprise is ambushed by more of the aliens, and they have to take a detour on their trip to meet with a woman named Sarin ( Melinda Clarke ). While searching for her they go to a non-human stripper bar, which is pretty inferior to the Cantina scene in Star Wars IV: A New Hope . In best Star Trek tradition, the Captain himself leads the away mission.

Back aboard the ship, T'Pol the Vulcan babe and Trip the square-jawed Yank hero type strip to their skivvies and smear each other with grease. This is a blatant T&A scene, but there is no sexual tension between them. A great opportunity for character development has gone to waste.

The climax has all the stuff we know to expect from Trek: phasers set to stun, transporter beams, reversing the polarity of something - this time it is actually a set of magnets!

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 3] Fight Or Flight
Shown 14th January 2002 [Monday]

The Enterprise detects a distress beacon and discovers a wrecked ship. A bunch of redshirts board the wreck and wander around in space-suits. Yes, the new show has tried for a certain amount of gritty realism.

The boarding party discover mutilated corpses hung up by their feet. Also stolen from the film Predator is the unknown villains' motivation: they kill for trivial reasons, though this is closer to harvesting rhino-horn than it is to blood-sports.

The other surprising thing about this episode, compared to Trek, is the amount of emotional reaction the humans have. Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) is a seething mass of emotions, especially compared with the previous Trek Captains. The translator woman falls apart, and the climax of the episode requires her to grow a spine in order to save the entire crew from being horribly killed.

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 4] Strange New World
Shown 21st January 2002 [Monday]

Enterprise discovers an apparently uninhabited M-Class world. Much to T'Pol's objections (and all common sense) Captain Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) and a small band of buddies take a shuttle down for a brief holiday. The thing about this show is, because of the uniforms (and the fact we cannot recognise all the regular cast yet) we do not know who the redshirts are ...

The holiday soon turns into the camping trip from hell. Surprise, surprise.

The Away Team take shelter in a cave, but there seems to be some creatures lurking deep inside it. The crew follow standard procedure for this kind of TV show: they split up in order to let the creatures pick them off one by one.

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 5] Unexpected
Shown 28th January 2002 [Monday]

The Enterprise has problems with some electronic systems. It turns out that the source of the problems is a nearby alien vessel, with a damaged engine. Trip the Enterprise Chief Engineer travels to the alien ship to repair it. The aliens may be oxygen-breathing humanoids who live in Earth gravity, but they have fully-scaled skin as opposed to just some putty on their noses!

After the Enterprise and the aliens part company, it seems that one of the Enterprise crew is pregnant by an alien. T'Pol the Vulcan babe seems almost jealous!

The Enterprise hunts down the alien vessel, but the Klingons are there.

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 6] Terra Nova
Shown 4th February 2002 [Monday]

Enterprise arrives at a remote planet where a human colony was established seventy years previously. However, there is no sign of any colony now. It seems that some terrible planetary disaster befell the planet.

The Away Team discovers a race of humanoids who hate humans. Typical Trek aliens, the humanoids are just actors with face-paint. Are they the descendants of the original colonists?

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 7] The Andorian Incident
Shown 11th February 2002 [Monday]

This is the best episode so far, and certainly the closest to Star Trek: The Original Series . The ending is surprisingly cynical for a Trek show. Of note, the director was Roxanne Biggs-Dawson , of all people.

The Enterprise stops by a remote planet to visit a Vulcan monastery. However, Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) and T'Pol get captured by aliens with blue skin and antennae. Yes, the Andorians - often touted as the silliest aliens in Trek - are back. Jeffrey Combs ( The Frighteners ) plays their leader, Shran. He has played every other species, and he is still instantly recognisable.

The Vulcans themselves appear to be acting very illogically. T'Pol displays her superhuman strength, by hogging the blanket when she bunks up with Captain Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ).

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 8] Breaking the Ice
Shown 18th February 2002 [Monday]

The Enterprise detects a comet - the largest that humans have ever seen. They fly closer in order to investigate. The comet contains an important mineral, too deep to get a transporter lock on it, so they land a shuttle on it to drill.

A Vulcan ship appears, and keeps an eye on Enterprise's activities.

Meanwhile, Trip Tucker the square-jawed yank is trying to thaw T'Pol's frosty exterior. He discovers that she has received a secret letter from the Vulcan ship. He confronts her, and she later confides in him on a personal matter.

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 9] Civilization
Shown 25th February 2002 [Monday]

Voyager detects an inhabited M-Class world, so the Enterprise crew fly closer to take a look. The planet has a medieval-level society. Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) decides to break the Vulcan non-interference protocol and send an Away Team down. Luckily the Enterprise's scanners can focus on an individual face from orbit!

An anti-matter reactor is detected in one of the cities. Archer beams down to investigate, along with T'Pol, the translator and the redneck engineer dude. The aliens differ from humans only insofar as having two cranial ridges. In her new garb, T'Pol is breathtakingly attractive.

Archer and company discover that the reactor is inside a trader's building. The local apothecary, a babe who Archer takes a liking to, has deduced that an inexplicable local epidemic is linked to the place. Archer must defeat the alien interlopers and kiss the girl, just like in the good old-fashioned Kirk stories!

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 10] Fortunate Son
Shown 4th March 2002 [Monday]

The Enterprise is contacted by Admiral Forrest ( Vaughn Armstrong ), who orders them to assist an Earth freighter that has been attacked by Nausican pirates.

The freighter crew are used to doing things by themselves, and are thus somewhat prone to vigilante justice. Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) finds himself between the spacers and the pirates ...

The director is Levar Burton ( Star Trek: TNG ).

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 11] Cold Front
Shown 11th March 2002 [Monday]

Enterprise meets an alien transport ship, taking pilgrims to see an astronomical phenomenon. Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) decides to invite the pilgrims to visit his ship, and they accept. One of them is secretly the villainous pseulopod leader from the pilot episode!

Yes, this episode returns us to the story arc about the temporal cold war. The phony pilgrim actually saves the ship for some strange reason. This makes Archer's position a lot more confusing, because a time-traveller working for the other side is aboard the Enterprise, hunting the pseulopod.

The director is Robert Duncan MacNeil ( Star Trek: VGR ).

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 12] Silent Enemy
Shown 18th March 2002 [Monday]

The Enterprise encounters an unknown alien vessel, which stalks and repeatedly attacks them. The Engineer and Malcolm the Weapons guy decide to build and install three phaser cannons.

Meanwhile, since Malcolm's birthday is coming up Captain Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) plans a surprise celebration. However, Malcolm is something of a reclusive workaholic and therefore nobody knows what his favourite food is. Hoshi the translator girl is assigned this difficult task.

Guy Siner ( Babylon 5, Season 5 ) guest-stars as Malcolm's father.

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 13] Dear Doctor
Shown 25th March 2002 [Monday]

This episode centres around Doctor Phlox, and shows the crew from his point of view. It explores his friendships with Hoshi the translator girl and the xeno-biologist girl. We see the differences between his society and theirs. His people do not have films because they found Real Life more interesting, so when he goes to the cinema he watches the audience! The Doctor himself narrates the episode as a voice-mail to a friend.

The Enterprise encounters a sub-light ship from a species that is dying of an unknown epidemic. They live alongside a different species which is untouched by the illness.

The aliens request that Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) share warp technology with them. He is put in the same position that the Vulcans were in when they first reached Earth. The Doctor has to make a choice as well.

Archer mentions that there is not yet a Doctrine to tell him when he cannot intervene or interfere.

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 14] Sleeping Dogs
Shown 1st April 2002 [Monday]

The Enterprise detects a crippled alien ship slowly being sucked into the heart of a gas giant. T'Pol takes a shuttle down to investigate. Hoshi the translator volunteers, and Malcolm tags along despite having a cold.

The ship turns out to be Klingon. The crew have been poisoned, but still pose a potential threat to the away team. Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) must retrieve the away team and get the Klingons to trust him.

Vaughn Armstrong is listed as a guest-star. Since the Starfleet Admiral does not appear, Vaughn must play the Klingon Captain. This must be the episode he filmed in December 2001, just before he attended the Enterprise event in Dublin.

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 15] Shadows of P'Jem
Shown 8th April 2002 [Monday]

This is a sequel to the episode The Andorian Incident, written by long-time Trek Producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. Admiral Forrest ( Vaughn Armstrong ) contacts Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) and tells him that because of the Andorians' actions, the Vulcans have decided to recall T'Pol from her assignment on the Enterprise. A Vulcan ship will arrive to collect her within 48 hours.

Archer and T'Pol take a shuttle down to a friendly alien planet. They are kidnapped and help to ransom by alien rebels. This is apparently a new species, but the set is so dark that their face-putty is not visible. How cheap!

Archer and T'Pol end up in a compromising situation, but there is no sexual tension between them. Meanwhile, Trip and Malcolm attempt a rescue. They bump into some old acquaintances, including Shran (Jeffrey Combs - The Frighteners )!

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 16] Shuttlepod One
Shown 15th April 2002 [Monday]

This is a nice example of a bottle show, self-contained with no guest-stars. It was written by Berman and Braga, but is surprisingly good.

Trip and Malcolm return to the rendezvous point in a shuttle. However, Enterprise is gone and all they find is wreckage. Yes, it looks like Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) and the other gimps are all dead. That is the good news. The bad news is, the two survivors do not have enough power or oxygen to get to safety.

This is a good character-based episode. The two start to get on each others' nerves once the seriousness of their situation. There is a debate on the merits of Science Fiction over classics such as Ulysses - though the Odyssey is a Speculative Fiction tale. Malcolm records his logs, and a letter to his parents.

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 17] Fusion
Shown 22nd April 2002 [Monday]

Enterprise is contacted by Admiral Forrest ( Vaughn Armstrong ), who tells them to make contact with a Vulcan ship.

The Vulcans are a breakaway sect who are trying to master their emotions, rather than repressing them. They have been exploring space for eight years, and have been trying to make the Ponn Farr happen more often than every seven years ... but there is no sign of any female Vulcans aboard their ship!

Also on the mating front, T'Pol befriends a male Vulcan. He persuades her to go a night without meditating, and she has a dream. The story allows hints of the dark passions that Vulcans harbour, but unfortunately it also casts T'Pol as a frigid damsel-in-distress!

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 18] Rogue Planet
Shown 29th April 2002 [Monday]

The Enterprise discovers a planet that is drifting through deep space. The landing party discovers a trio of hunters - Keith Szarabajka ( Angel ), Conor O'Farrell ( Dark Skies ) and Eric Pierpoint ( Alien Nation ). They are after an unmentioned species of Big Game.

In many ways the story is similar to the Farscape S1 ep Bone To Be Wild . However, Farscape did it much better. The sets are very dimly-lit, and the Guest-Stars (an excellent trio of veteran actors) are concealed in darkness and make-up. What a Waste!

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 19] Acquisition
Shown 6th May 2002 [Monday]

The episode starts with Enterprise dead in space. She is boarded by a group of familiar-looking big-eared aliens led by Ethan Philips ( Star Trek: Voyager ). Yes, this is the Ferengi episode!

The first part of the episode is reasonable enough. The Ferengi, including Jeffrey Combs ( The Frighteners ) and Clint Howard, explore the ship. The dialogue is in Ferengi, without subtitles, which works quite well. For some reason the Ferengi become physically attracted to T'Pol.

This is more or less the standard Die Hard episode. The story is, predictably, by Berman and Braga. Trip the redneck engineer has to outsmart the invaders.

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 20] Oasis
Shown 13th May 2002 [Monday]

The Enterprise encounters a crash-landed ship which hosts a colony ruled by Rene Auberjonais ( DS9 ). As in the episode of Stargate SG-1 where he had a similar role, the Earthlings become suspicious of his secret ...

This episode has certain similarities with Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 5] Unexpected.

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 21] Detained
Shown 20th May 2002 [Monday]

Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) is held prisoner by his old co-star Dean Stockwell ( Battlestar Galactica ), who thinks he might be friends with the pseudo-pods.

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 22] Vox Sola
Shown 27th May 2002 [Monday]

Enterprise makes contact with an alien species, but they unintentionally offend the aliens. Vaughn Armstrong guest-stars as the alien Captain.

When the aliens leave they unintentionally infect Enterprise with a strange alien lifeform. The alien invader, like the Borg, tries to assimilate several crew members. It is nice to see crew who are not series regulars, though they could easily be regarded as Redshirts ...

This episode allows the supporting characters - specifically Hoshi, but also Malcolm and Meriweather the black guy - to better define themselves.

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 23] Fallen Hero
Shown 3rd June 2002 [Monday]

Enterprise is hailed by Admiral Forrest ( Vaughn Armstrong ), who has them take a detour to collect a Vulcan Ambassador ( Fionulla O'Flanagan ).

The Ambassador is the one who inspired T'Pol to become a space explorer. It is nice to see a Vulcan who is not the cliched stereotype. She gives good arguments for the Vulcan refusal to help Earth technologically.

The plot itself concerns, surprise surprise, the Vulcans' interfering in another society.

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 24] Desert Crossing
Shown 10th June 2002 [Monday]

Still en route to Risa, Enterprise answers a distress beacon. Clancy Brown ( Highlander ) invites Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) and Trip to enjoy a few hours of hospitality with his tribe of desert nomads.

As per usual, the friendly aliens have something to hide. Things turn bad for our heroes.

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 25] Two Days And Two Nights
Shown 17th June 2002 [Monday]

The Enterprise finally gets to the pleasure-planet Risa. The senior crew all take a holiday, except for T'Pol who stays aboard. Captain Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) wants some peace and quiet, Trip and Malcolm want to meet some alien babes, and Hoshi the translator wants to learn an alien language. The black guy goes rock-climbing, and the Doctor hibernates. Is this a recipe for disaster?

As you can probably predict, nothing goes as planned. Archer gets an unwelcome reminder about the temporal Cold War, while Trip and Malcolm discover that the humanoid females so prevalent in the other Trek series are mysteriously missing!

Enterprise Enterprise [Season 1, Episode 26] Shockwave (1)
Shown 24th June 2002 [Monday]

Enterprise visits an alien colony. However, the Enterprise shuttlecraft accidentally creates a natural disaster. The political ramifications, according to Admiral Forrest ( Vaughn Armstrong ) are that Enterprise is recalled to base and Starfleet will be put back twenty years.

Of course, there is more to this than it seems. The series' tiny effort at a plot arc, the Temporal Cold War, gets another mention.

The end is a cliff-hanger. We will have to wait until next Season to see what happens ...







Enterprise Enterprise [Season , Episode ]
Shown th May 200 [Monday]

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  • Season 2

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 1] Shockwave (2)
    Shown 18 Sep 02

    The Pseudo-pods take over the ship.

    Admiral Forrest ( Vaughn Armstrong ) and Vulcan ambassador (Gary Graham - Alien Nation ) guest-star.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 2] Carbon Creek
    Shown 25 Sep 02

    T'Pol narrates a flashback to the 1950s. T'Pol's ancestor (also played by Jolene Blalock ) and fellow Vulcans investigate Sputnik. Unfortunately they crash-land in Pennsylvania, and have to blend in with the local humans until they are collected.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 3] Minefield
    Shown 2 Oct 02

    Malcolm and the Captain have to defuse a mine, and start bonding. They do not fraternize with fellow officers? There is no officers' mess? Malcolm states that the Royal Navy still exists. Are there still political countries, and international conflicts on Earth?

    This episode may constitute First Contact with the Romulans.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 4] Dead Stop
    Shown 9 Oct 02

    The ship was damaged in a minefield in the previous ep. They go to an alien repair station, where mysterious things start to happen.

    The director is Roxann Dawson .

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 5] A Night in Sickbay
    Shown 16 Oct 02

    The dog is sick, so Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) spends a night with the Dog and Phlox in sickbay. There is sexual tension with T'Pol. Vaughn Armstrong co-stars.

    This is a good example of a Bottle Show, filmed on a limited number of sets and featuring mostly the regular cast. It also got nominated for a Hugo award!

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 6] Marauders
    Shown 30 Oct 02

    An isolated settlement is trading with Klingons. Well, the Klingons are running a protection racket. Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) takes it upon himself to interfere. After all, there is no point in NOT antagonising the Klingons, is there?

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 7] The Seventh
    Shown 6 Nov 02

    T'Pol is ordered to capture a fugitive - an old enemy from her rookie days. The standard conscience question is asked. Unfortunately the ending is a cop-out.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 8] The Communicator
    Shown 13 Nov 02

    The team send an Away Mission, based on an idea in an episode of Star Trek: TOS . Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) and Malcolm are captured by 1930s tech aliens led by Tim Kelleher ( Dark Skies ).

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 9] Singularity
    Shown 20 Nov 02

    The Ship goes into a Black Hole, the crew become workaholics. Red alert!

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 11] Vanishing Point
    Shown 27 Nov 02

    Hoshi beams up. Then she starts to disappear ...

    A crew-member tells a tale about a mishap with a prototype teleporter. Apparently someone used it and disappeared forever. This idea was used as the basis of an episode in Season 4 , although the ending of this episode seems to contradict it entirely!

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 11] Precious Cargo
    Shown 11 Dec 02

    Trip and an Alien princess are trapped in a tropical paradise. No, this is not predictable or cliched at all. (end sarcasm).

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 12] The Catwalk
    Shown 18 Dec 02

    The ship enters a space-storm. Luckily some passing traders show the engineers how to storm-proof a single catwalk. The entire crew can hide there, along with enough supplies for the duration.

    Are the friendly traders all that they seem? A group of gun-toting strangers are looking for them ...

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 13] Dawn
    Shown 8 Jan 03

    Trip's shuttle is shot down by unknowns. Trip and an alien enemy are trapped together. Like in Alien Mine (itself a take on a World War Two film).

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 14] Stigma
    Shown 5 Feb 03

    The Enterprise hosts a Medical conference. T'Pol's secret disease was contracted from a non-consensual mind-meld. This is a poor metaphor for Aids.

    Phlox's wife takes a liking to Trip. Phlox's marriage is open, but Trip's mind is not.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 15] Cease Fire
    Shown 12 Feb 03

    Shran (Jeffrey Combs - The Frighteners ) and the Andorians have captured a Vulcan settlement on a disputed planet. They have taken hostages, and the only mediator Shran trusts is Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ).

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 16] Future Tense
    Shown 19 Feb 03

    The crew discover a pod with a dead human. Captain Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) goes in first! The pseudopods want it too.

    This ep begs the question What is the fun of exploring when you know how it is going to turn out?

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 17] Canamar
    Shown 26 Feb 03

    Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) and Trip have been wrongly arrested by aliens. They are put on a ship bound for a prison colony. The other inmates include Kuroda (Mark Rolston - Supernatural ) and Zoumas (Sean Whalen - Lost ).

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 18] The Crossing
    Shown 2 Apr 03

    Noncorporeal entities possess some crew members, allowing the actors to do some interesting work (and well, too).

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 19] Judgment
    Shown 9 Apr 03

    Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) is on trial by the Klingons. This mirrors Kirk's trial in ST VI: Undiscovered Country . But at least there is a non-cliche Klingon.

    JG Hertzler (Chancellor Gowron in Star Trek: DS9 ) is the Prosecutor.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 20] Horizon
    Shown 16 Apr 03

    Travis Meriweather (token black guy) is on his family's freighter (the ECS Horizon) when some Pirates attack.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 21] The Breach
    Shown 23 Apr 03

    In caves the Doc meets an enemy species (the first time in 300 years).

    This was directed by Robert Duncan McNeill ( Star Trek: Voyager ).

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 22] Cogenitor
    Shown 30 Apr 03

    The Enterprise encounters a 3-gender species.

    Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) befriends the alien captain (Andreas Katsulas - Babylon 5 ).

    Trip becomes obsessed with the third species, the Cogenitor. It looks not unlike a human female, so he tries to elevate it from its servile position.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 23] Regeneration
    Shown 7 May 03

    Scientists at the South Pole uncover remnants of a crashed UFO, like in The Thing ... The only difference is, this time the alien invaders are the Borg from Star Trek: First Contact !

    The Borg flee aboard a hijacked ship, and Enterprise gives chase. Can the flagship defeat these Picard-era cyborgs?

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 24] First Flight
    Shown 14 May 03

    Flashback - Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) was in the Academy. Other officers included Keith Carradine (AG) and Admiral Forrest ( Vaughn Armstrong ).

    This was directed by LeVar Burton ( Star Trek: TNG ).

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 25] Bounty
    Shown 14 May 03

    Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) is kidnapped by a Bounty Hunter, who wants to sell him to the Klingons.

    The Hunter is not a greedy guy, he just needs the cash. But Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) talks him round. After all, the Klingons will try a double-crosss ...

    Phlox and T'Pol are quarantined. T'Pol becomes the first female Vulcan in Trek to undergo Pon Farr. Although the director is Roxann Dawson , this is handled very poorly compared to her performance in Blood Fever.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 2, Episode 26] The Expanse
    Shown 21 May 03
    Shown 5/1/2004

    An Alien probe attacks Earth. It leaves a 4kkm long scar from Florida to Venezuela. This is mostly ocean, but still causes seven million casualties - including Trip's sister.

    The pseudopods call a truce, and introduce Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) to their time-travelling mystery boss. The Aliens want a pre-emptive strike on the Feds, so they are building a WMD in the Delphic Expanse (a warzone).

    The Enterprise detects an Event Horizon style distress signal.

    There is a Klingon subplot - the Duros clan are after Archer.

    T'Pol is reassigned by Earth's Vulcan Ambassador (Gary Graham - Alien Nation ).

    Season 3

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 1] The Xindi
    Shown 10 Sep 03

    This season the show has new theme music (jazzed up), and Star Trek in the title. There is a blue breast-enhancing costume for T'Pol - light red, figure tight, nice hair ...

    War is the theme of the Season Arc. They have new sets (a command centre) and a cargo of military assault Mako commandos, including Corporal Chang (Daniel Dae Kim - Crusade, Angel, Lost ). The English officer, Malcolm, lets his rivalry with the commandos get in his way.

    Tpol and Trip's UST is unconvincing.

    This ep, Enterprise goes to a slave-mine and tries to buy a Xindi slave. Stephen McHattie ( X-Files ) is the evil mine foreman.

    Tucker Smallwood ( Space: AAB ) is the Xindi Leader.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 2] Anomaly
    Shown 17 Sep 03

    The Enterprise runs into space pirates! The pirates have targeted a Xindi ship, which will give the Enterprise crew a chance to study the species and its technology.

    The crew are building a database on the Xindi.

    The consulting producer is Brent V. Friedman ( Dark Skies ).

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 3] Extinction
    Shown 24 Sep 03

    Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) has personally reconstructed the Xindi star-charts and retraced their route. Yes, T'Pol the science officer is not assigned to this duty. Instead, she is obeying orders and giving Trip a soothing massage every night.

    The Xindi visited a nearby world, so Archer leads his command crew down to investigate. Archer, Hoshi and Malcolm are infected by a DNA-altering virus that gives them the facial features and memories of an alien species. Luckily T'pol has partial immunity. Her facial features alter slightly, but her memories remain intact. The others are not so lucky. This does not make up for the fact that the humans get to wear sturdy uniforms like in Babylon 5 , while T'Pol the Vulcan gets stuck in a skin-tight body-stocking straight out of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century !

    Trip is left in charge of the ship. He tries a rescue mission, leading Corporal Chang (Daniel Dae Kim - Crusade, Angel, Lost ) and his commandos to capture Malcolm. However, this is not enough. Roger R Cross ( Continuum ) arrives with his alien warships, and delivers much-needed exposition. The contagion has no known cure, so his job is to kill everyone who gets infected with it before it can spread.

    The contagion was created by an alien civilisation that was dying out. They must have been quite advanced, with their massive underground city. However, Archer and his friends are basically violent xenophobic cavemen. When Phlox develops a cure, Archer is in two minds about using it. He points out that when the virus is eradicated, the species that created it will become extinct. Nobody points out that from both a moral and Darwinian perspective, the species did not DESERVE to survive. Their use of a bio-weapon to alter the DNA of other species is genocide, and the aliens were the equivalent of the Borg. Archer orders Phlox to keep a phial of the virus in storage. This is meant to be like the episode of Star Trek: Voyager where Janeway repaired and reactivated a war memorial beacon that was torturing her crew by psychically projecting memories of a horrible war into their minds. However, it is more like the US and Soviet military-industrial complexes saving samples of smallpox for biological warfare after the disease was exterminated in the wild.

    The director is Levar Burton ( Star Trek: TNG ).

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 4] Raijin
    Shown 1 Oct 03

    Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) is still using medication to deal with the symptoms of his transformation in the previous episode. Nice to see a bit of continuity, something that is usually missing in freak-of-the-week episodes.

    Archer, Trip and Malcolm visit a chemist who offers to sell them instructions for synthesising Trellium D. Since they need this to line their ship's hull to avoid problems with the anomalies, this would be a very useful thing to have. At the market they meet the title character, a slave girl who gets herself rescued and brought aboard the ship.

    She gets hot with T'Pol, and there is a John Woo -style shootout. It is not up to the Farscape level, though.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 5] Impulse
    Shown 8 Oct 03

    Tpol is berserk. The flashback reveals they received a distress call from a vulcan ship, the crew of which had gone mad.

    There is a redshirt - one of the Starfleet Marine Corps Mako commandos. Will he make it? That is the only tension in the show.

    Trip and Travis are in the other shuttle, trapped.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 6] Exile
    Shown 15 Oct 03

    Hoshi visits an alien telepath who offers to help the ship. He has been exiled by his own people, and wants Hoshi for companionship. There is an implied relationship between her and Travis?

    Tpol maps the stars.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 7] The Shipment
    Shown 29 Oct 03

    The Enterprise locates a Xindi colony. Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) and Malcolm and the Mako Commando Major (Stephen Culp) do recon. The site is manufacturing high explosives for the Xindi weapon. Will this help them locate the WMD?

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 8] Twilight
    Shown 5 Nov 03

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 9] North Star
    Shown 12 Nov 03

    The Enterprise discovers a cowboy world (200 years after an Amistad-style revolt). Is it a metaphor for the apparent AF-AM obsession with slavery?

    It is shocking that in 200 years the survivors have made no technological progress!

    The Alien skegs are discernable only by the pimples beside their ears.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 10] Similitude
    Shown 19 Nov 03

    This is a bottle show, with no sets or guest stars. Trip is dying, so they make a clone with his memories and a 15-day lifespan.

    This was Written by Manny Coto , and the director is Levar Burton ( Star Trek: TNG ).

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 11] Carpenter Street
    Shown 26 Nov 03

    There are time-travelling Xindi in Detroit, 2004.

    Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) and T'pol go back in time. They have trouble stealing a car! Luckily there is a very trusting hooker.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 12] Chosen Realm
    Shown 14 Jan 04

    The Enterprise must rescue some religious fanatics.

    This was Written by Manny Coto , the director is Roxann Dawson .

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 13] Proving Ground
    Shown 21 Jan 04

    Enterprise is joined by Shran (Jeffrey Combs - The Frighteners ) and the Andorians. Together, they are strong enough to attack the Xindi.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 14] Stratagem
    Shown 4 Feb 04

    Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) and Degra (the Xindi scientist who built the WMD) are in a shuttle, being chased by Xindi insectoids. It is three years since the previous episode!

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 15] Harbinger
    Shown 11 Feb 04

    Trip has a GF - a female commando, Corporal Cole ( Noa Tishby ). T'Pol seems to be jealous.

    Malcolm and the Mako Commando C.O. (Stephen Culp - ) work on their rivalry.

    Enterprise investigates a massive cluster of spacial anomalies. They discover a trans-dimensional alien (somehow related to the spheres).

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 16] Doctor's Orders
    Shown 18 Feb 04

    This ep resembles the plot from an ep of Star Trek: Voyager . Phlox sedates the crew and runs ship single-handed through weird-space area. Is he halucinating?

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 17] Hatchery
    Shown 25 Feb 04

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 18] Azati Prime
    Shown 3 Mar 04

    Enterprise discovers the Xindi base of the completed superweapon. Should they do a suicide mission to destroy it?

    Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) gets a message from the future.

    T'pol becoming emotionally unstable. To be continued ...

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 19] Damage
    Shown 21 Apr 04

    The Xindi Council has an internal dispute.

    The T'Pol and Trip subplot is developed.

    Enterprise is crippled. They meet an unhelpful alien ship, and face a moral decision.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 20] The Forgotten
    Shown 28 Apr 04

    Degra meets Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ), and is shown the evidence (dead reptilians from Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 11] Carpenter Street). They still cannot convince the council. Degra and Archer try to uncover the Sphere-builders conspiracy. The Reptilians give them trouble ...

    Trip resents the Xindi, and is obsessed with his dead sister and crewmates. He has a mental breakdown - he is haunted by the ghosts of the dead crew.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 21] Ent X2
    Shown 5 May 04

    En route to the rendezvous, the Enterprise meets a future version of the Enterprise. It is the same ship, but the crew are their offspring (including the son of Trip and Tpol - he looks like Alex McArthur!).

    This ep resembles the plot from an ep of Star Trek: DS9 .

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 22] The Council
    Shown 12 May 04

    Degra introduces Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) to the Xindi council. The reptiles are rebellious, and side with the sphere-builders.

    Meanwhile, a shuttle team (Malcolm, Token Black Guy, T'Pol and one redshirt Mako) infiltrate a sphere.

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 23] Countdown
    Shown 19 May 04

    The Reptiles use the sphere-builders' help and torture Hoshi.

    Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ) and the Makos chase them to ...

    Enterprise Enterprise [Season 3, Episode 24] Zero Hour
    Shown 26 May 04

    Archer (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap ), Malcolm, Hoshi and Xindi are after the super-weapon.

    Enterprise (crewed by T'Pol, Trip, the Doc and the Token Black Guy) is against the sphere.

    Shran (Jeffrey Combs - The Frighteners ) the Andorian helps Earth.

    This is the ending of the Arc ... And the start of a new one!