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Dimension 404

Season 1

This starts with a 21st-Century version of the classic 1950s The Outer Limits intro. Instead of controlling the horizontal and vertical lines of a black and white TV screen, there is an Internet-style 404 web-page. It is narrated by Mark Hamill ( Star Wars: ANH ), and despite his fame as Luke Skywalker this is more reminiscent of his other famous role - The Joker!
Dimension 404 Dimension 404 [Season 1, Episode 1] Matchmaker (40 min)
Shown 4th April 2017

Adam (Robert Buckley - iZombie ) is a New Yorker with no luck on the dating scene. He has a very specific set of criteria for his perfect woman. His buddy puts him on a new dating app, and he meets his suspiciously perfect woman - Lea Michele !

Predictably, the App's creator Matthew Maker (Joel McHale - Spy Kids IV ) is up to no good.

Dimension 404 Dimension 404 [Season 1, Episode 2] Cinethrax
Shown 4th April 2017

Movie reviewer California Fanboy (Patton Oswalt - Agents Of Shield ) takes his niece ( Sarah Hyland ) to a horror movie. She refuses to go to a classic/retro movie, and instead insists on a new blockbuster at the Cinethrax multiplex. It turns out that she wants to hang out with the Mean Girls.

The protagonist is the oldest person there by a couple of decades, and there is a lot of culture-shock from the generation gap. However, it soon becomes apparent that some Cthulhu-type entity is active in the cinema.

The storyline may be a rehash of the John Lithgow story in Twilight Zone: The Movie , but it has been updated and is extremely well done.

Dimension 404 Dimension 404 [Season 1, Episode 3] Chronos
Shown 4th April 2017

College student Sue Hirsch ( Ashley Rickards ) is a big fan of childrens cartoon show Time Ryder and the Crono-Teens. Much like the childrens TV show in Channel Zero: Candle Cove , it turns out that the show never existed.

A real-life Time Ryder appears, and the protagonists accompany him in a convoluted series of time-jumps.

Dimension 404 Dimension 404 [Season 1, Episode 4] Polybius
Shown 11th April 2017

In 1984, a teenage American boy hangs around in a video arcade run by Wilma ( Adrienne Barbeau ). He becomes obsessed with a game named Polybius. The arcade staff do not know where the game came from - a bit like The Last Starfighter .

A creepy old man (Ken Foree - Dawn of the Dead (1978) ) investigates the kids who play the game. He is working with local law enforcement, so he seems to be a MIB. However, rather than pull rank and reveal he is a Federal Agent he just acts like a creepy child abductor in ordre to avoid attracting attention.

The kids who play the game have nightmares about a demonic entity. It seems that Polybius is an ancient demon that got digitised, like in Buffy the Vampire Slayer . In what looks like a deliberate reference, the MIBs have a file on a previous incident in a California town named Sunnyvale.

In a strange twist, there is an unnecessary subplot about the protagonist being suspected of homosexuality. This does not add anything to the storyline, it just makes things awkward for him and the other characters. At least it ticks a box when it comes to representation.

Dimension 404 Dimension 404 [Season 1, Episode 5] Bob
Shown 18th April 2017

Captain Jane Lee ( Constance Wu ) is the best combat psychiatrist in the US military. She is also in a politically correct lesbian marriage to an African-American woman. Jane is the breadwinner, while her wife is the home-maker. Her marital status and sexual identity are important to the story, insofar as this automatically de-sexualises her interaction with her male cow-orkers.

NSA Director Megan Mullaly calls the shrink in to deal with her top analyst, Bob. Bob is a blob - an enormous generically-engineered brain the size of a small house. He processes all the NSA's data, basically all info in the world, in real time. Unfortunately the problem with this artificial intelligence is that he is now mentally unstable.

Bob seems obsessive, using his powers to snoop into every aspect of Jane's life. However, this appears to be a classic case of deflection and avoidance.

Bob's main task is to hunt down a home-grown terrorist, a unabomber type. Unfortunately his mental health problems are distracting him from his work. The NSA has a whole room full of regular human analysts, but either they are no use at checking CCTV videos or the Director does not bother to assign them to the case. The tech support guy (the black nerd from Timeless ) spends most of his time just mopping up Bob's sweat.

Bob knows everything about everyone on Earth. Well, everyone on-line which means almost everyone north of the Brandt line and probably most of the ones south of it as well. Given the ability to control military drones, this would make him the equivalent of the wrath of god. However, the flip side of this is that with Amazon-type delivery drones he could also be a real-life Santa Claus.

Dimension 404 Dimension 404 [Season 1, Episode 6] Impulse
Shown 25th April 2017

This is a battle-of-the-sexes story. The protagonist is a latina girl who wants to be the best video-game player in the world. Her arch-rival is that typical stereotype of evil, a straight white boy.

The protagonist discovers that her rival has been cheating. He uses a magical elixir named Impulse that allows him to stretch time. She starts to use the same stuff, in order to even the odds.

Unfortunately, an overdose makes her skip a dozen years. She ends up in a post-apocalyptic future. This is actually tied in with the main plot, because Impulse went mainstream and everyone started to use it.





Dimension 404

Dimension 404 Dimension 404 [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th April 2017

Reviewed in our special supplement Dimension 404

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