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Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 1, Episode 1] The Sandkings (1)
Shown 26 Mar 95

Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 1, Episode 2] The Sandkings (2)
Shown 26 Mar 95

Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 1, Episode 3] Valerie 23
Shown 31 Mar 95
Shown 28th May 2001 - Monday

William Sadler ( Roswell ) plays a crippled technician at a firm that has built a humanoid robot. He is offered the chance to test-drive the prototype, Sofia Shinas , who looks like a dark-haired Cameron Diaz . At first he refuses, but then relents - hell, he plays chess with a computer.

Sadler prefers the company of his physiotherapist ( Nancy Allen ), and the robot gets jealous. This episode was written by Jonathan Glassner ( Stargate SG-1 ). One of the techs is played by Bruce Harwood, a Lone Gunman from X-Files .

  4.   1- 4                
 7 Apr 95
Blood Brothers

  5.   1- 5                
14 Apr 95
Second Soul

  6.   1- 6                
21 Apr 95
White Light Fever
Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 1, Episode 7] The Choice
Shown Third Week, April 2000

Thora Birch (American Beauty) plays a young girl who develops Carrie-like telekinetic powers. Frances Sternhagen is a mysterious old woman who may know the answers ...

Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 1, Episode 8] Virtual Future
Shown 5 May 95

Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 1, Episode 9] Living Hell
Shown Second Week, April 2000

Sam Robards ( Something Wicked This Way Comes ) plays a man who gets a life-saving electronic device implanted into his brain. However, afterwards he has strange visions; he can see through the eyes of a serial killer, but the killer can see through his eyes too.

 10.   1-10                
19 May 95
Corner of the Eye

 11.   1-11                
26 May 95
Under the Bed

 12.   1-12                
 2 Jun 95
Dark Matters

 13.   1-13                
 9 Jun 95
The Conversion

 14.   1-14                
16 Jun 95
Quality of Mercy

 15.   1-15                
23 Jun 95
The New Breed

 16.   1-16                
30 Jun 95
The Voyage Home

 17.   1-17                
 1 Jul 95
Caught in the Act

 18.   1-18                
16 Jul 95
The Message

 19.   1-19                
23 Jul 95
I, Robot

 20.   1-20                
30 Jul 95
If These Walls Could Talk
Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 1, Episode 21] Birthright
Shown 13 Aug 95

A United States Senator vows to encourage the use of super-fuel BE45.

The politician wakes up in hospital diagnosed with a severe concussion. His Security Detail enter and walk him out, along with all records and x-rays. He is interrogated by men who want to know what his mission is, and finds himself reliant on regular injections of a strange substance.

Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 1, Episode 22 - Finale] Voice of Reason
Shown 20 Aug 95
Shown 24th November 2000

A civilian (Gordon Clapp - NYPD Blue) tries to convince a US Government committee (including a General played by Don S. Davis - Stargate SG-1 ) that Aliens are tryng to take over the world. Because this is the last episode of the series, we get flashbacks to other episodes ...

  • Sandkings - Beau Bridges
  • The Voyage Home - Jay O. Sanders
  • Caught In The Act - Alyssa Milano
  • If These Walls Could Talk - Dwight Schultz
  • The New Breed - Richard Thomas
  • Corner of the Eye - Chris Sarandon
  • Birthright - Perry King

    Season 2

  • Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 2, Episode 1] A Stitch In Time
    Shown 14 Jan 96
    Shown Nov 2001

    Amanda Plummer plays a woman who travels back in time to assassinate serial killers before they make their first kill. Michelle Forbes is the FBI Agent assigned to investigate the killings.

    It is nice to see how the world changes every time Plummer goes back in time. However, the fact that we see Plummer commit the first killing in the pre-credits sequence spoils the whole thing. It would have been better told entirely from Forbes' perspective.

     24.   2- 2                
    14 Jan 96
     25.   2- 3                
    19 Jan 96
    Unnatural Selection
     26.   2- 4                
    26 Jan 96
    I Hear You Calling
    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 2, Episode 5] Mind Over Matter
    Shown 2 Feb 96

    Mark Hamill ( The Flash ) stars in this episode, as a scientist who has invented a VR system that allows access to the minds of coma victims.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 2, Episode 6] Beyond the Veil
    Shown 9 Feb 96

    An inmate in a mental hospital has flashbacks to an alien abduction experience. He discovers that other patients there have had similar experiences. Then he starts to suspect that the Doctor is part of an alien conspiracy ...

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 2, Episode 7] First Anniversary
    Shown 16 Feb 96

    Jayne Heitmeyer guest-stars.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 2, Episode 8] Straight and Narrow
    Shown 23 Feb 96

    This is set in an Upper-class American boys' Reform School. New inmate Ryan Phillipe (Way of the Gun) discovers that the pupils are being brainwashed.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 2, Episode 9] Trial by Fire
    Shown 1 Mar 96

    The US President (Robert Foxworthy - Star Trek: DS9 ) must decide if an approaching alien armada is peaceful or not.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 2, Episode 10] Worlds Apart
    Shown 22 Mar 96

    An Astronaut is on a liferaft in an alien ocean.

    Space Agency Director Bonny Bedlia (his ex-GF) must organise a rescue.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 2, Episode 11] The Refuge
    Shown 5 Apr 96

    This episode features a man trapped in a post-apocalyptic world, with nuclear winter in full effect. He finds himself in a survival lodge run by a control freak, and stocked with a number of strange characters. However, all is not what it appears to be.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 2, Episode 12] Inconstant Moon
    Shown 12 Apr 96
    Shown 30th May 1999 [Sunday]

    This week the moral of the story was Carpe Diem. The moon is shining twice as bright as usual, and a scientist realises that the sun has gone nova and he only has hours to live out the rest of his life.

    This episode is one of this reviewer's favourites, and is certainly worth watching again. The scientific reasoning is acceptable, the storytelling admirable; instead of the standard SPFX-intensive fare this story is actually character-driven.

     35.   2-13                
    28 Apr 96
    From Within
     36.   2-14                 
    5 May 96
    The Heist
    Outer Limits Outer Limits [season 2, Episode 15] Afterlife
    Shown 21st August 1999 [Saturday]

    Clancy Brown stars this week. As much as this reviewer admires Mr Brown's work ( Highlander, Starship Troopers ), the BBC should rerun the Alyssa Milano episode instead!

    Our boy Clancy is a Death Row convict who applies to a medical project; he gets infected with an alien organism at the behest of LA Law's Alan Rachins (recently on Stargate SG-1 ).

    Clancy escapes from the facility, and Rachins sends his hunter-killer unit out after the alien. Yes, the whole thing was a plan to test humanity's readiness for an Alien incursion - but who is running the experiment?

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [season 2, Episode 16] The Deprogrammers
    Shown 26 May 96

    Brent Spiner, formerly of TNG and ID4, is now exiled to The Outer Limits - and he is actually quite a talented actor!

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 2, Episode 17] Paradise
    Shown 16 Jun 96
    Shown 12th June 1999 [Saturday]

    This ep lets old women regain their youth in order to get laid. How intellectual!

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 2, Episode 18]
    Shown First Week, December 1999 The Light Brigade

    This week guest-stars Robert Patrick ( Terminator 2 ) and Wil Wheaton ( Star Trek: TNG ). Graham Greene ( Wolf Lake ) is in a supporting role. Their ship's reactor has gone, and both of them have received a lethal dose of radiation. But they have successfully breached the aliens' defences, and will soon be in a position to attack the creatures' homeworld.

    Yes, this is the sequel to the Season 1 shocker where Patrick and Nikki de Boer (Ezri Dax in DS9) were POWs held in Alien custody. And though Patrick has a metal hand and a chance to avenge his suffering, one cannot help but wonder as the show progresses ... is it a double-bluff? Are we going to get the same sting-in-the-tale we did last time? And if it is a simple action-adventure story and ending, the anticlimax will be blatant.

    Rest-assured, the twists are worth it - the final one almost too obvious, but what the hell. A worthy sequel, and nice to see that something was carried over from Season 1 - even if it was not the copious female nudity.

    Outer Limits
     41.   2-19                
    30 Jun 96
    Falling Star
    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 2, Episode 20] Out of Body AKA Ethically Yours
    Shown Third Weekend, November 1999

    This stars Peri Gilpin (Frasier) and Joely Fisher (Ellen). A more familiar SF face crops up too - CSM ( X-Files ) is his ever-creepy self as a religious fanatic opposed to Professor Gilpin's experiments to find the human soul.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 2, Episode 21] Vanishing Act
    Shown 21 Jul 96

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 2, Episode 22] The Sentence
    Shown Fourth Weekend, November 1999

    The show is visited by yet another Frasier star - last week it was Peri Gilpin , this time David Hyde Pierce is the scientist struggling to make a breakthrough that will revolutionise society. He has a machine that will make the penal system obsolete - but a convict dies while the machine is being tested, and the inventor finds himself a victim of the RL penal system!

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 1, Episode 2 ]
    Shown th December 2006 [Saturday]

    Reviewed in our special supplement

    Outer Limits

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    19 Jan 97
    Bits of Love
     ON DVD 1
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    19 Jan 97
    Second Thoughts
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    24 Jan 97
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    31 Jan 97
    Last Supper
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     7 Feb 97
    Stream of Consciousness
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    14 Feb 97
    Dark Rain
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    21 Feb 97
    The Camp
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    28 Feb 97
    Heart's Desire
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     7 Mar 97
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    14 Mar 97
    The Awakening
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    21 Mar 97
    New Lease
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    28 Mar 97
    Double Helix
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     4 Apr 97
    Dead Man's Switch
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     9 May 97
    Music of the Spheres
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     6 Jun 97
    Revelations of 'Becka Paulson
     60.   3-16                
    20 Jun 97
    Bodies of Evidence
     61.   3-17                
    11 Jul 97
    Feasibility Study
     62.   3-18                
    25 Jul 97
    A Special Edition
    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 1] The Criminal Nature
    Shown 19th February 2002 - Tuesday

    In the near future, children will be genetically mutated to order. Gary Cole ( American Gothic, Crusade ) is a police detective assigned to hunt down dangerous genetic mutants. One is an Elephant Man-looking serial killer with Predator-type infrared vision. He is killing off Cole's friends - because he is secretly Cole's son!

    Cole injects himself with the mutation serum in order to get the same physical advantages his son has. However, now he falls foul of his fellow cops ...

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 2] The Hunt
    Shown 20th February 2002 - Wednesday

    A group of prisoners are released in the middle of a forest. They are ordered to run - they are the prey in a version of The Most Dangerous Game.

    The hunters are a gung-ho man, his pacifist teenage son, and a pair of experienced guides.

    The prisoners are actually androids, perfect enough to pass for human. They are not Terminator-style war machines, they are used for slave labour down the mines! Also, they have inhibitors which prevent them from harming humans.

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 3] Hearts And Minds
    shown 21st February 2002 - Thursday

    A small group of soldiers and scientists land on an alien planet which looks oddly like the Canadian forest. They wander around, dressed in SG-1 uniforms, until one of them is killed. It appears there are unfriendly locals, lizard men with very primitive technology ...

    The survivors suit up in proper combat gear, more like the uniforms in Aliens . Although the expedition is officially under the command of a female scientist, she is usurped by the psychotic military commander. He adopts a search-and-destroy policy towards the locals, as opposed to the British policy of hearts-and-minds.

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 4] In Another Life
    Shown 22nd February 2002 - Friday

    Out in the Canadian forest, a young girl takes a bad fall down a slope. A helpful bystander (Alex McArthur - L.A. Takedown) provides First Aid - and gets videotaped reviving her from death with a supernatural glow!

    A nosy TV reporter ( Kate Vernon ) and her cameraman (Grant Heslov - True Lies ) start to harrass McArthur. The MIBs, or rather a USAF SWAT team, also take an interest in him.

    The USAF Captain thinks McArthur is God. The Colonel thinks he is an alien. The General thinks he is too dangerous to let live ...

     67.   4- 5                
    20 Feb 98
    In The Zone
     68.   4- 6                
    27 Feb 98
    Relativity Theory
     69.   4- 7                
     6 Mar 98
     70.   4- 8                
    13 Mar 98
    Rite of Passage
    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 11] Glyphic
    Shown 25th February 2002 - Monday

    A doctor travels to a small town to examine a young woman named Cassie who has a strange mental disorder. Twelve years previously every child in the town developed brain tumours. Cassie and her brother, children of the town doctor (Lane Smith - V, Lois & Clark ), are the only survivors.

    Cassie is hypnotically regressed back to age six, when the brain tumours began. She remembers discovering a strange artefact in a cave in the woods ...

    Colonel Mayborne from Stargate: SG-1 pops up as a brain surgeon intent on operating on the patient.

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 10] Identity Crisis
    Shown 26th February 2002 - Tuesday

    In a secret lab, the US military is testing a new android. The control system works by downloading the mind of a soldier (Lou Diamond Philips - Stargate Universe ) into the machine. However, things go wrong. Of course.

    Philips' body is destroyed, and his mind is trapped in the machine. Worse, the robot is slowly rejecting his mind and he has only 12 hours to live. With the help of his wife ( Teri Polo ) he tries to find out who sabotaged the transfer machine.

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 11] The Vaccine
    Shown 27th February 2002 - Wednesday

    The streets of big-city America are empty, cleared out by the deadly Berlin Virus. The only survivors are in a hermetically sealed clinic; a Doctor ( Maria Conchita Alonso ) and twelve patients.

    A US Army truck delivers a supply of vaccine to the virus. However, there is only enough for three people. The vaccine cannot be used for 72 hours, so there is a long and stressful countdown.

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 12] Fear Itself
    Shown 28th February 2002 - Thursday

    Ayre Gross ( ) plays a man who has paranoid halucinations. His psychiatrist (Jeffrey DeMunn - ) decides the only way to save him is through brain surgery.

    Predictably, the surgery is too successful. He develops the ability to instill fear in others ...

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 13] The Joining
    Shown 1st March 2002 - Friday

    The Aphrodite Highlands, Venus. The wreckage of a research station is explored by a suited-up Amanda Tapping . She manages to rescue C. Thomas Howell ( Red Dawn ). Seven Months later they are back on Earth, and Howell is debriefed by NASA bigwigs Jim Byrnes ( Highlander ) and Jeffrey Jones ( Howard The Duck ).

    Howell managed to survive in the hostile conditions because he was somehow infected by alien insect-like things. His body has physically changed ...

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 14] To Tell The Truth
    Shown 4th March 2002 - Monday

    A scientist in a colony on a distant planet predicts that the sun will flare and destroy the colony. He has discovered strange artefacts that indicate an alien civilisation existed there, but that (as in Nightfall by Isaac Asimov ) all life on the planet was destroyed every thousand years.

    The colony's rulers, William Atherton ( Biodome ) and Alan Scarfe ( The Others ) take measure to undermine his findings.

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 15] Mary 25
    Shown 5th March 2002 - Tuesday

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 16] Final Exam
    Shown 6th March 2002 - Wednesday

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 17] Lithia
    Shown 3 Jul 98

    A man is unfrozen from cryo into a Post-apocalypse, female-only world where he is enslaved. Only two women are hetero (the man-hating lesbo is more typical), they never argue (no bitchy backstabbing), and always share with other enclaves (one steals water but will not share hydro-electricity)! Not like RL women at all!

    It should be every man's dream, but becomes a nightmare. The women do not like progress, and prefer poverty.

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 18] Monster
    Shown 8th March 2002 - Friday

    Nicole DeBoer and Harry Hamlin ( Clash of the Titans ) are recruited by the CIA to be telekinetic assassins. However, they are attacked by Monsters of the Id - as in Forbidden Planet .

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 19] Sarcophagus
    Shown 11th March 2002 - Monday

    A group of American geologists, including Robert Picardo ( Star Trek: VGR ) and Lisa Zane , are on a field expedition in the mountains. Unlike glossy American shows the actors actually look haggard, the men unshaven and Zane somewhat dowdy. They discover a Neolithic cave habitation filled with skeletons, along with an apparently well-preserved survivor ... an alien creature, sealed in a transparent sacrophagus, regererating.

    The Alien creature looks like a slime-covered Unas monster from Stargate SG-1 . Zane wants to keep it secret, while Picardo wants to sell it. Zane's husband develops a psychic link with the creature when he touches it.

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 20] Nightmare
    Shown 12th March 2002 - Tuesday

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 21] Promised Land
    Shown 13th March 2002 - Wednesday

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 22] Balance of Nature
    Shown 14th March 2002 - Thursday

    A man tries to cure his wife of a disfiguring and deadly disease. However, his technology is not up to the task and she dies.

    A year later, he relocates to a small town and secretly continues his experiments in his basement. However, he bargains without his wife-beating OAP neighbour.

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 23] The Origin Of The Species
    Shown 15th March 2002 - Friday

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 24] Phobos Rising
    Shown 18th March 2002 - Monday

    The future, and Earth is split pollitically between the American-led Free Alliance and the Chinese-dominated Coalition of Middle Eastern states. Both sides have established bases on Mars. However, a nuclear war destroys Earth. The Free Alliance crew suspect that the Coalition started it using a weapon smuggled from Mars. Will cool heads prevail, or will both sides destroy each other?

    Our hero is Adam Baldwin, who flirts with Coalition liaison Joan Chen . A young-looking Gordon Currie ( Codename: Eternity ) is among the computer techs.

    This episode was directed by the actress Helen Shaver .

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 25] Black Box

    Outer Limits The Outer Limits [Season 4, Episode 26] In Our Own Image
    Shown 20th March 2002 - Wednesday

    Scientists build a robot, then worry it might be too human.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 1] Alien Radio
    Shown 22 Jan 99
    Shown 5th January 2002 - Saturday

    Joe Pantoliano ( Goonies ) is a radio shock jock who hosts a call-in show on conspiracies and aliens, then slanders everyone who phones in. He sees an alien himself, but his sceptical nature means he will not allow himself to accept it.

    Cynthia Nixon plays the radio show's producer.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 2] Donor
    Shown 29 Jan 99
    Shown 12th January 2002 - Saturday

    An American doctor prepares to perform the first FBT - Full Body Transplant. In order to save her boyfriend (Robert Hays - Airplane) she murders a potential donor.

    The operation is a success and the patient survives. However, he starts to have visions from the donor's memories. He even has a relationship with the donor's woman ...

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 3] Small Friends
    Shown 5 Feb 99
    Shown 19th January 2002 - Saturday

    In a US Penitentiary where a scientist builds microscopic machines, he has secretly created a group of small-size fairy creatures.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 4] The Grell
    Shown 12 Feb 99
    Shown 26th January 2002 - Saturday

    An alien race named The Grell, refugees from their dying planet, have been enslaved by the humans. We follow the adventures of a Grell slave and his owners, a human family (including Marina Sirtis ) as they trek through a forest filled with dangerous runaway slaves.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 5] The Other Side

    Karate Kid Ralph Macchio plays a doctor who is researching coma patients. He discovers that the patients in his ward have telepathically linked, and takes it upon himself to guide them back to the real world.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 6] Joyride
    Shown 2nd March 2002 - Saturday

    An entrepreneur (Barry Corbin - Northern Exposure) builds a space-plane, the Daedalus. For the first flight, he choses a pilot (Cliff Robertson - Malone) who was fired from NASA thirty years previously for seeing a UFO.

    The passengers are a sarcastic journalist, a newlywed couple and a cosmetics millionairess.

     95.   5- 7                
    12 Mar 99
    The Human Operators
     ON DVD 1
    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 8] Blank Slate

    A bedraggled-looking man (Dale Midkiff - Time Trax ) is on the run from some MIBs. He takes refuge in a hostel for tramps run by a beautiful African-American woman. He is an amnesiac, and the only thing in his possessions is a small case containing glass tubes. He claims they are his memories, and when he injects one he starts to recover his memory.

    This was directed by Lou Diamond Philips ( Bats ).

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 9] What Will The Neighbours Think?
    Shown 23rd February 2002 - Saturday

    A disabled woman sees her neighbours having graphic sex in their apartment block's laundromat. She accidentally electrocutes herself, and develops the ability to read minds.

    While everyone in the building pretends to be nice, they are all filled with rage and hate. As her power becomes stronger, reality blurs for her and she starts to envision her own death.

    She tries to use her powers in a way that will benefit people. She joins in a poker game with Brent Stait ( Andromeda ) and Byers from the X-Files . However, everything she does causes the neighbours to become more angry and bitter than ever.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 9] The Shroud
    Shown 9th March 2002 - Saturday

    Scientists try to create a clone using DNA extracted from the Turin Shroud.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 11] Ripper
    Shown 16th March 2002 - Saturday

    London 1888, and a mentally unstable doctor named Jack is trying to uncover the identity of the Ripper. He discovers it is a body-hopping demon that makes the host's voice change (like the Ghouls in Stargate SG-1 ) and spits green slime ...

    David Warner (Titanic) is the police detective in charge of the investigation.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 12] Tribuneral
    Shown 6th April 2002 - Saturday

    Saul Rubinek is a Jewish investigator obsessed with bringing a Nazi War Criminal to justice. Lindsay Crouse plays Rubinek's ex-wife, now-boss.

    Rubinek gets helped by a time-traveller, who provides useful clues and evidence. That is the only real scifi element to the episode, which is basically a political exercise by one of the producers.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 13] Summit
    Shown 13th April 2002 - Saturday

    The Earth Alliance sends a diplomatic delegation to a neutral planet. The hawkish military type is played by Leo from The West Wing. Unfortunately the Ambassador of the other side, the Dregs, crashes due to sabotage. Both fleets prepare for war.

    The Dreg ambassador arrives, in the shape of Michael Ironside ( V, SeaQuest ). He and the Terrans try to negotiate a way to prevent the war ...

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 14] Descent
    Shown 27th April 2002 - Saturday

    The episode starts with a scene straight from 2001: A Space Odyssey - some low-budget cave-men fight over a female. Our protagonist is a nerdy museum curator who is studying the biological basis for alpha-male dominance. He believes that he has isolated the appropriate substance, which he predictably injects himself with.

    This is a terribly unoriginal concept, and not terribly well executed.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 15] Haven
    Shown 11th May 2002 - Saturday

    This is set in a hi-tech apartment block where everything is automated. However, there is a power cut ...

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 16] Deja Vu
    Shown 20th April 2002 - Saturday

    The US Military develops a system of teleportation. However, something goes wrong ...

    The scientist in charge of the experiment is trapped in a time loop. He must correct the malfunction, but avoid the suspicions of the paranoid USMC Colonel (Ronny Cox - Robocop, Total Recall ).

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 16] The Inheritors
    Shown 16 Jul 99

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 5, Episode 18] Essense of Life
    Shown 25th May 2002 - Saturday

    Dr Seward (Joel Grey - Remo: Unarmed And Dangerous ) is a drug-dealer with a difference: he supplies a potion that lets the user see the ghost of their beloved. Daniel Baldwin ( John Carpenter's Vampires ) is the detective assigned to capture him. He is grieving his own wife ( Daphne Zuniga ), but at least he has his sexy partner ( Jessica Steen ) to help him get over his loss.

    107.   5-19                
    30 Jul 99
    108.   5-20                
     6 Aug 99
    Fathers and Sons
    109.   5-21                
    13 Aug 99
    Star Crossed
    110.   5-22                
    20 Aug 99
    Better Luck Next Time

    Season 6

    111.   6- 1                
    21 Jan 00
    Judgement Day
    112.   6- 2                
    28 Jan 00
    The Gun
    113.   6- 3                
     4 Feb 00
    Skin Deep
     ON DVD 1
    114.   6- 4                
    11 Feb 00
    Manifest Destiny
    115.   6- 5                
    18 Feb 00
    Breaking Point
    116.   6- 6                
    25 Feb 00
    117.   6- 7                
     3 Mar 00
    Seeds of Destruction
    118.   6- 8                
    10 Mar 00
    Simon Says
    119.   6- 9                
    14 Apr 00
    120.   6-10                
    21 Apr 00
    Down to Earth
    121.   6-11                
    28 Apr 00
    Inner Child
    122.   6-12                
     5 May 00
    123.   6-13                
    30 Jun 00
    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 6, Episode 14] Abaddon
    Shown 7 Jul 00
    Shown 11th August 2006 [Saturday]

    Aliens -style, some space-truckers encounter a mysterious piece of space debris. Earth is now run by The Company, and the Company Rep orders they take it aboard.

    The coffin contains Vergil Nygard (Corbin Bernsen - The Dentist ), a Cult leader who led a rebellion against the Company 200 years previously. Sort of like Khan Noonan Singh.

    125.   6-15                
    14 Jul 00
    The Grid
    126.   6-16                
    21 Jul 00
    127.   6-17                
    28 Jul 00
     ON DVD 1
    128.   6-18                
     4 Aug 00
    Something About Harry
    129.   6-19                
    11 Aug 00
    Zig Zag
    130.   6-20                
    18 Aug 00
    131.   6-21                
     3 Sep 00
    Final Appeal (1)
    132.   6-22                
     3 Sep 00
    Final Appeal (2)
    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 1] Family Values
    Shown 16 Mar 01
    Shown October 2006 [Saturday]

    Tom Arnold ( True Lies ) buys a home-help robot, Gideon - a surly version of the Bicentennial Man . However, the bot replaces Tom as head of the household.

    This is a role-reversal of Stepford Wives .

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 2] Patient Zero
    Shown 23 Mar 01
    ON DVD 1

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 3] A New Life
    Shown 30 Mar 01

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 4] The Surrogate
    Shown 6 Apr 01

    Heather Donahue is pregnant.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 5] The Vessel
    Shown 13 Apr 01

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 6] Mona Lisa
    Shown 20 Apr 01

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 7] Replica
    Shown 27 Apr 01

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 8] Think Like a Dinosaur
    Shown 15 Jun 01
    Shown 3rd December 2006 [Saturday]

    A rookie goes to a space-station run by intelligent dinosaurs and Enrico Cantolioni ( Veronica Mars ). The station is a transmission point for the dinosaurs' interstellar teleportation tech. An attractive young woman is the next person due to jump.

    The teleportation creates a duplicate at the destination - Mr Mars' job is to manually annihilate the original person at the source! Unfortunately, something goes wrong and he is left with a terrible choice.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 9] Alien Shop
    Shown 22 Jun 01
    Shown 19th June 2008 [Thursday]

    This is a rather boring and humdrum morality tale. The narrator is an alien shapeshifter who poses as the owner of a back-street shop of curiosities.

    The protagonist is a worthless piece of white trash, like Earl Hickey (though slightly better-dressed). After a mugging gone wrong he stumbles into the shop - and is given a magic wallet that fills itself with the property of anyone he shakes hands with!

    The thug is made to be somewhat sympathetic, with a pregnant wife. However, eventually he is forced to take the consequences of his actions. All very predictable.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 10] Worlds Within
    Shown 29 Jun 01

    A Female scientist has visions.

    William B Davis ( X-Files ) is her boss. Despite being easily recognisable, he has alreeady played TWO entirely different characters in this show. Perhaps because it is an anthology series the showrunners think tghey can get away with recycling the Guest Stars.

    143.   7-11                
     6 Jul 01
    In the Blood
    144.   7-12                
    21 Jul 01
    Flower Child
     ON DVD 1
    145.   7-13                
    28 Jul 01
    Free Spirit
    146.   7-14                
     4 Aug 01
    147.   7-15                
    11 Aug 01
    Time to Time
     ON DVD 1
    148.   7-16                
    18 Aug 01
    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 17] Rule of Law
    Shown 25 Aug 01

    Frontier Planet, a Judge (Denis Haysbert - Now and Again ) and sheriff (Michael Ironside - Total Recall ) investigate a native (lizardman) accused of murder.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 18] Lion's Den
    Shown 8 Sep 01

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 19] The Tipping Point
    Shown 15 Sep 01

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 20] Dark Child
    Shown 4 Jan 02

    Nora Dunn remembers alien abduction.

    katherine Isabelle is her Daughter.

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 21] The Human Factor
    Shown 11 Jan 02

    Outer Limits Outer Limits [Season 7, Episode 22] Human Trials
    Shown 18 Jan 02