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The InBetween (2019)

Season 1

The InBetween (2019) The InBetween (2019) [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 29 May 19

The protagonist is a young woman who can see ghosts. She uses this power to help the police and solve crimes. If this sounds familiar, it was the plot of Medium .

There are a few differences, so it does not get sued for copyright theft. The heroine's name is Cassandra, a reference to the precog character in Homer's tales of the Trojan Wars. Her friendly cop is Paul Blackthorne. To differentiate him from the same role he played in Arrow , this time he is super-gay and uses an English accent. It sounds too over-the-top to be his own one, so presumably he is just putting it on for the show.

The InBetween (2019) The InBetween (2019) [Season 1, Episode 2] Made of Stone
Shown 05 Jun 19

A woman and her young son go missing. The cops think the husband is responsible. Cassie discovers that he is the intended victim.

This episode features the kind of methodical plotting revenge killer that US TV police procedurals often feature these days. It is far-fetched as far as real life goes, but generic as far as the genre goes.

The InBetween (2019) The InBetween (2019) [Season 1, Episode 3] Where the Shadows Fall
Shown 19 Jun 19

Cassandra goes to a hospital to visit a patient who is comatose. Her ghostly companion tags along, but she still rejects his help. Instead she just bumbles through. Well, she needs an excuse to stretch the episode out to 42 minutes.

Instead of having a vision related to the patient, Cassie has a vision related to a nearby murder. Naturally, her friendly cop (Paul Blackthorne - Arrow ) is the one assigned to investigate.

Cassie tries to ignore the ghosts in the hospital. Allison Dubois had a much better strategy in Medium: Season One . Later, Cassie discovers lots of childrens' ghosts in the basement. Not unlike Kingdom Hospital . Yes, this show seems incredibly derivative.

The InBetween (2019) The InBetween (2019) [Season 1, Episode 4] Kiss Them for Me
Shown 03 Jul 19

Cassie has dreams about a supernatural entity. It turns out to be a Slenderman type urban myth called Mr Nightfall, and is somehow tied into the murder of the week.

A couple of teenagers and their parents are killed, apparently by Mr Nightfall himself. The friendly cop (Paul Blackthorne - Arrow ) and his partner question people at the boys' school, including their teacher (Stephen Lobo - Continuum ).

While the cops investigate the murders, Cassie has the B-story about a missing persons case. She meets the ghost of the missing woman, and follows the clues the woman gives her to find the body. Unfortunately, the ghost's story seems to be misleading. In life she had an addiction to painkillers, and this is a red flag to Cassie because Cassie's own neglectful mother was an alcoholic.

The InBetween (2019) The InBetween (2019) [Season 1, Episode 5] Another Broken Morning
Shown 10 Jul 19

The friendly cop (Paul Blackthorne - Arrow ) investigates the murder of a Filipino election worker. It turns out to be political, but not in a local sense. The killer is an old acquaintance from his home town in the Philipines.

Cassie is busy with the B-plot this week, so the A-plot is basically a standard police procedural story. The ghost girl distracts Cassie with the plight of the girl's mother ( Ann Dudek ). Just like Cassie's mother, this woman has a history of making bad decisions. Yes, the domestic drama story is more important than the murder-mystery one.

The InBetween (2019) The InBetween (2019) [Season 1, Episode 6] The Length of a River
Shown 17 Jul 19

The friendly cop (Paul Blackthorne - Arrow ) investigates a serial killer who targets newly-wed couples. Yet again, the storyline is reminiscent of Medium .

Cassie's old friend from High School comes to her for help. She is not a newly-wed, although she does have a problem in her relationship. Her lesbian lover died in a car crash a few years previously. Is this case linked to the other one? Or is it just a soap opera subplot intended to fill out the episode?

The InBetween (2019) The InBetween (2019) [Season 1, Episode 7] Let Me in Your Window
Shown 24 Jul 19

Cassie has a vision of being in a fireball explosion. The cops are investigating an arson incident, which appears to be related. The friendly cop (Paul Blackthorne - Arrow ) carries out the main storyline. It is basically a regular police procedural.

Cassie's main storyline concerns a cow-orker at her day-job as a barmaid. Every time she meets this girl, she gets a strange sensation. Did the girl murder her own stalker? Or is it the ghost of the stalker, still obsessed with his killer? The Texan serial killer's ghost turns up and offers to help. Will she take a walk on the wild side? Since the man already had his life taken from him, it will not be such a big deal to take his afterlife too.

The black cop's coma-bound wife has unusual brain activity. Cassie sees the woman's spirit, trying to make contact.

The InBetween (2019) The InBetween (2019) [Season 1, Episode 8] While the Song Remains the Same
Shown 31 Jul 19

Cassie has a vision about being stabbed to death by a hooded figure with a sword. The cops investigate a severed arm which has been washed up on a beach, either a reference to Jaws (1975) or to the real-life mystery of the severed feet washed ashore in the Sea-Couver area. The limb belongs to a woman who worked as a fortune-teller who read tarot cards.

Cassie has a storyline of her own. The ghost of a former grunge musician (Nicholas Lea - X-Files: Season 2 ) wants to get in contact with the son he never knew. The baby-mama was a groupie named Penny, presumably a reference to Penny Lane in Almost Famous. Somehow the musician's ghost can get into Cassie's house uninvited, even though a major plot point in the previous episode was her apparent high security levels against ghostly incursions.

Cassie's foster-father is about to get results of his oncology tests. She has visions involving tarot cards.

The InBetween (2019) The InBetween (2019) [Season 1, Episode 9] The Devil's Refugee
Shown 07 Aug 19

Cassie has a vision of a young woman who has been missing since 1985. It turns out she is victim of a serial killer. This time, Cassie actually is central to the main storyline rather than being stuck in a soap-opera B-plot of her own.

Cassie's helpful spirit guide, the undead ghost of an executed serial killer, does what he can to obstruct her efforts. He even gets another ghost whisperer, a crazy homeless man (Christopher Heyderdahl - Sanctuary ), to help.

The InBetween (2019) The InBetween (2019) [Season 1, Episode 10] Monsters & Angels
Shown 14 Aug 19

Cassie has a vision about one of the serial killers she caught. She and the cops begin to put things together. The ghost wants revenge for their success in the previous episode. Both the creepy homeless guy (Christopher Heyderdahl - Sanctuary ) and the incarcerated suspect can hear him, and willingly obey his orders to kill. Their main target is Cassie.

Cassie goes to find a friendly ghost. She goes to Ann Dudek , in the hope of contactint the dead girl.

If fighting ghosts and serial killers is not exciting enough, there is also a soap opera sub-plot. Cassie's gay dad has cancer, and needs urgent surgery. Unfortunately she thinks he is going to die.

The main storyline, a recurring serial killer ghost who manipulates the living, is clearly taken from Medium . Since this show was cancelled, and this is the last episode, the storyline gets neatly tied up rather than being left as a cliffhanger. However, there is a cliffhanger involving Christopher Heyderdahl ( Sanctuary ) which introduces the storyline for the next Season which never happened.





The InBetween (2019)

The InBetween (2019) The InBetween (2019) [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th August 2019

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