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Midnight, Texas

Season 1

Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 24 Jul 17

A fugitive psychic who can talk to the dead arrives in a remote Texas town. However, when he gets there he discovers it provides sanctuary for witches, vampires and anyone who is different.

This is based on a series of books by Charlaine Harris . However, it does not seem to be the same world as the True Blood series. Or at least, if it is then it is set BEFORE the vampires come out of the closet. Arielle Kebbel is in both series, but she plays entirely different characters.

Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 1, Episode 2] Bad Moon Rising
Shown 31 Jul 17

The Reverend is a were-tiger, and it is the full moon. He locks himself in the basement of his church, as per usual. However, a cop gets nosy and investigates the locked door.

The local biker gang blame the Midnight folk for the murder of a young woman. Of course, the Midnighters point the cops right back at the bikers. Hey, anyone poor and white must be a racist villain, while the Midnighters are an interracial crowd and are therefore good.

Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 1, Episode 3] Lemuel, Unchained
Shown 07 Aug 17

A group of vampires come to town. Lemuel Bridger (Peter Mensah - 300 ) is friends with their leader. This is Lem's origin story, which explains how he became a special emotion-sucking vampire instead of always needing to kill in order to feed.

Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 1, Episode 4] Sexy Beast
Shown 14 Aug 17

A sexy succubus is killing naughty men. The townsfolk must hunt her down before she runs out of victims.

Creek's younger brother gets involved in the hunt. However, she has somehow concealed the true nature of the townsfolk from him.

We get to see Olivia ( Arielle Kebbel ) carry out her daily business. Someone else is keeping track of her, so she has to explore her own backstory.

Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 1, Episode 5] Unearthed
Shown 21 Aug 17

The Nazi biker gang kidnap the African-American woman. New new boyfriend has a secret stash of weapons he stole from them, and they want their property back. Lemuel Bridger (Peter Mensah - 300 ) tags along as backup. Yes, the so-called good guys had no intention of holding up their end of the deal.

Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 1, Episode 6] Blinded by the Light
Shown 28 Aug 17

Some college boys vandalise the pet cemetary, then run off and abandon their gal-pal. She is picked up by persons unknown who mean to harm her.

Someone is murdering young women in the town. The victims all have something in common, apart from gender and age group. They have all sinned against the town. Is someone going full Dexter on the community?

The main suspects are Creek's father and her brother. Manfred shows the witness a photo of the two men together, and does not bother to get her to identify which specific one is the attacker.

Lemuel Bridger (Peter Mensah - 300 ) and Olivia have both been shown to kill humans at the slightest provocation. Yet Creek states that they do it for justice. Now she has another killer on her hands, but becomes judgemental. It seems that hot women have more value than beefy biker gang members.

Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 1, Episode 7] Angel Heart
Shown 4th September 2017

A bounty hunter comes after one of the townsfolk. This one is a female angel, and her target is her former cow-orker. A thousand years ago they happily fought demons together, but now she is after him with a vengeance.

Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 1, Episode 8] Last Temptation of Midnight
Shown 11th September 2017

Another monster is summoned to the hellmouth. This one can shape-shift by murdering people, ripping their faces off and wearing them like a mask. So, just like the villain in Haven: Season 3 .

Manfred leaves town, but his vehicle breaks down and he ends up thumbing a lift. By predictable coincidence, he hitches a ride with the killer. The killer's agenda is to create a human sacrifice in the town, so it can open the hellmouth and set its master free.

The hellmouth's influence gets stronger on Lemuel Bridger (Peter Mensah - 300 ). He feels an almost irresistable urge to bite Olivia. Not only does she not want to be turned, as a professional assassin she has reflexes and danger sense. She also has a tendency to take pre-emptive action.

Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 1, Episode 9] Riders on the Storm
Shown 13th September 2017

A dust-devil comes to town. The regular cast members jump in their cars and try to out-run it.

The monster is after the witch. She has a secret that makes her very powerful. Everyone else has much bigger secrets, but she is very embarrassed when she has to reveal hers.

Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 1, Episode 10] The Virgin Sacrifice
Shown 19 Sep 17

The good guys return to the town for the final battle.





Midnight, Texas

Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 2, Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2018 [Wednesday]

Reviewed in our special supplement Midnight, Texas

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    Season 2

  • Jaime Ray Newman as Patience Lucero [ 2 ]
  • Nestor Carbonell ( Lost ) as Kai Lucero [ 2 ]
  • Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 2, Episode 1] Head Games
    Shown 27th October 2018 [Saturday]

    Manfred has reconciled with his girlfriend, but he still has problems. He had six demons inside him in the previous Season's finale. Now he is sleep-walking, under some form of evil influence.

    A faith healer (Nestor Carbonell - Lost ) and his wife ( Jaime Ray Newman ) have bought the haunted hotel and turned it into a health spa. Yes, the sleepy little town now has tourists passing through.

    Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 2, Episode 2] The Monster Of The Week Is Patriarchy
    Shown 8th November 2018 [Thursday]

    A murderous ghost is on the loose in the haunted day-spa hotel. The faith healer (Nestor Carbonell - Lost ) and his wife ( Jaime Ray Newman ) call in Manfred the local psychic exorcist.

    Meanwhile, the newly married couple are having problems. Getting married has given them an empathic psychic bond. She is a freelance assassin while he is a vampire, but their storyline is basically something out of a soap opera. Luckily things get livened up when he is roofied by a stripper who wants to become a vamp herself so she can take revenge on everyone who somehow wronged her. Yes, this is the supernatural equivalent of a workplace shooter. However, women are portrayed as victims so they rarely get held responsible for their actions.

    It turns out that in this universe, vamps that get staked turn to dust like in Buffy The Vampire Slayer , and do not explode like a balloon filled with blood (as seen in True Blood ).

    Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 2, Episode 3] To Witch Hell And Back
    Shown 15th November 2018 [Thursday]

    The witch girl and her boyfriend have a problem. If she even thinks about sex with him, a near-fatal accident will happen. This is pure fan-service for the female audience, so we must acknowledge the double standard that the female gaze is acceptable in exactly the same way that the so-called male gaze is not. See also: Outlander .

    The gay angel is shacked up with a gay demon. However, he also finds love with a gay demon-hunter. Yes, these three Fabio-looking men have a love triangle.

    The preacher has a crisis of faith. The faith healer (Nestor Carbonell - Lost ) can cure supernatural curses, so the preacher might get a cure for his lycanthropy.

    The healer is out of town, so his wife ( Jaime Ray Newman ) hangs out with Manfred the local psychic exorcist.

    Olivia ( Arielle Kebbel ) hangs out in the bar with her gal-pal. What we the audience know, but Olivia does not, is the gal-pal has her own secret agenda.

    Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 2, Episode 4] I Put A Spell On a You
    Shown 22nd November 2018 [Thursday]

    A woman comes to town, and gives birth to a were-tiger cub. The mother does not survive the birth, so the cub needs a foster family. Olivia ( Arielle Kebbel ) looks after it by day, and Lemuel Bridger (Peter Mensah - 300 ) can do the night shift. The baby girl grows up quickly, and is a teenager within a few hours. Unfortunately some thugs are after her.

    Manfred hangs out with the faith healer's wife ( Jaime Ray Newman ). She goes undercover to help him, and manages to look classy while posing as trailer trash. First they go to the morgue to interrogate a ghost, then they visit the circus.

    The villains of the week are a clan of gypsies. Luckily Manfred is a member of the tribe, and has the tattoos to prove it. This means he is the token good one, to avoid accusations of racism. In Season One it was the working-class blue-collar whites who were the villains, so we can say that things are slightly more right-wing now. The gypsies run a circus that features fights to the death by supernatural monsters. Were-tigers, banshees, demons – all kinds of murderous man-eaters. So they managed to earn a living and protected the human species from predators.

    Fiji the witch-woman wants Bobo to stop loving her. She drugs him without his consent to do an Everlasting Sunset Of The Spotless Mind on him, but even without memories he is still smitten by the sight of her.

    Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 2, Episode 5] Drown The Sadness In Chardonnay
    Shown 6th December 2018 [Thursday]

    Lemuel Bridger (Peter Mensah - 300 ) has had himself de-vampirised. Olivia ( Arielle Kebbel ) should be happy now that her dream of having a regular relationship is actually attainable. However, she is stressed out because it is all too real, too soon. She goes to the bar to drown her sorrows, and discovers that mercenaries still get paid in paper cheques instead of untraceable cash or instantaneous electronic bank transfers.

    Olivia finally decides to go after her father. He was an absentee parent after her mother died, but she blames him for everything bad that happened in her childhood. At least now this subplot will be ended.

    Fiji the witch girl has turned her boyfriend into a dog. It is the only way they can hang out without the curse killing him. She goes online to find a community of witches who can help. One contacts her, but has unexpected news. She can only overcome the curse if she falls to the Dark Side.

    Manfred hangs out with the faith healer's wife ( Jaime Ray Newman ). To cover for the adultery, he has to investigate a murder. One of the faith-healer's groupies died in mysterious circumstances. A ghostly presence might be responsible - or something worse.

    Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 2, Episode 6] No More Mr. Nice Kai
    Shown 13th December 2018 [Thursday]

    Manfred hooks up with the faith healer's wife ( Jaime Ray Newman ). unfortunately, they are both technically in relationships with other people. Worse, someone impersonates them and leaves messages on their partners' voice-mail.

    Fiji the friendly witch does the spell to unleash her dark side. All it does is remove her conscience, so she behaves with no apparent guilt or remorse.

    A trickster is in town. Yes, just like in Supernatural he loves to stir up trouble. Fiji compares him to a Reality TV producer. She has fallen to the Dark Side and become a sociopath, although like the viewers at home her only crime is watching the story unfold for her own amusement.

    Lemuel Bridger (Peter Mensah - 300 ) visits Kai the faith healer and requests to have himself re-vampirised. Olivia ( Arielle Kebbel ) is okay with him becoming a vamp again, but the real point is to test Kai's motives. If he gives the power back, he must be a good guy. But if he refuses, he must be stockpiling them for some nefarious purpose.

    Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 2, Episode 7] Resting Witch Face
    Shown 20th December 2018 [Thursday]

    The townsfolk have worked out that the faith healer (Nestor Carbonell - Lost ) is up to no good. They do not waste time looking for more info, and instead they go after him. Unfortunately the town witch, who fell to the dark side a few episodes back, has been hired by the Season Villain to get in their way. Can they defeat a super-powerful witch without permanently damaging her?

    Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 2, Episode 8] Patience Is a Virtue
    Shown 21 Dec 18

    Manfred Bernardo (François Arnaud - ) and Kai Lucero (Nestor Carbonell - Lost ) team up against a common foe.

    Bobo Winthrop (Dylan Bruce - ) and Olivia ( Arielle Kebbel ) search for a way to bring Fiji Cavanaugh ( Parisa Fitz-Henley ) back to their side.

    Joe Strong (Jason Lewis - ) gets a surprising visitor.

    Midnight, Texas Midnight, Texas [Season 2, Episode 9] Yasss, Queen
    Shown 28 Dec 18

    The Dark Witches now rule the town. The townsfolk team up to take their town back.

    Guest-starring Jaime Murray as Delilah.