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Season 1

Zoo Zoo [Season 1, Episode 1] First Blood
Shown 30 Jun 15

This is based on a book by James Patterson , best known for whodunnit police-procedural thrillers. Animals all around the globe start to attack human beings, like in 1970s B-movie Day of the Animals .

Jackson Oz (James Wolk - ) and his best friend Abraham Kenyatta (Nonso Anozie - Dracula ) are safari guides in sub-saharan Africa. Their job is to let tourists photograph wild animals, and their hobby is to prevent hunters from killing dangerous animals. The bad news is, the animals are now dangerous to friendly humans. The good news is they get a chance to rescue beautiful tourist Chloe Tousignant ( Nora Arnezeder ).

Jamie Campbell ( Kristen Connolly ) is a journalist in Los Angeles. She discovers stories of unusual behaviour in local animals, and gets zoological pathologist Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) to help her. She has a wild conspiracy theory that a MegaCorp is responsible.

Zoo Zoo [Season 1, Episode 2] Fight Or Flight
Shown 07 Jul 15

Jackson Oz (James Wolk - ) goes back to retrieve the body of Abraham Kenyatta (Nonso Anozie - Dracula ).

Chloe Tousignant ( Nora Arnezeder ) goes back to France.

Jamie Campbell ( Kristen Connolly ) and Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) continue investigating the MegaCorp.

Zoo Zoo [Season 1, Episode 3] The Silence Of The Cicadas
Shown 14 Jul 15

Jackson Oz (James Wolk - ) and Abraham Kenyatta (Nonso Anozie - Dracula ) go looking for the lost legacy of Jackson's father. They end up on a radioactive island near Fukushima in Japan.

Chloe Tousignant ( Nora Arnezeder ) gets recruited by a mysterious Frenchman. He knows about the animal attacks, including other ones that have happened in subplots.

Zoo Zoo [Season 1, Episode 4] Pack Mentality
Shown 21 Jul 15

Chloe Tousignant ( Nora Arnezeder ) takes the team to Biloxi to investigate a prison that was invaded by wolves. She gets flirted with by an FBI agent named Schaefer, but tries to be an aloof and superior type to recover from her damsel-in-distress role in the first episode.

Jackson Oz (James Wolk - ) tracks the escapee to the woods. It turns out the wolves have accepted the escapee as their alpha. This mirrors the way that humans first domesticated wolves and thus created their largest sub-species, the domestic dog. However, the whole premise of the show is that even domesticated animals like dogs will turn against humans.

Abraham Kenyatta (Nonso Anozie - Dracula ) and Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) try to trap one of the wolves.

The story is intercut with filler scenes shot at a research lab in Antarctica. A lesbian couple are conducting harmless tests on seagulls. Suddenly a massive swarm of bats blocks out their solar panels. Maybe these are the same bats that took down the light airplane in Japan a few episodes ago. More likely the CGI people had a lot of bat profiles on computer file, and thus it was the easiest animal to cut and paste into the sequence. After all, they get used for the next episode - in Brazil!

Zoo Zoo [Season 1, Episode 5] Blame It On Leo
Shown 28 Jul 15

Most of the team go to Rio De Janeiro in Brazil to investigate bat swarms.

Two of the youngest, prettiest ones - Journalist Jamie and Jackson Oz (James Wolk - ) - stay in the USA. They want to catch the prison escapee. It turns out he was a scientist who knew Jackson's father, and thus may know how the plague started. Luckily, FBI Agent Schaefer teams up with them.

Zoo Zoo [Season 1, Episode 6] This Is What It Sounds Like
Shown 04 Aug 15

An upper-middle class woman in France walks around her house. Either there are no doors or she leaves them all open. Unfortunately, a big brown bear is following her around. The thing must weigh half a ton, but it does not even make the floorboards squeak.

In the USA, the runaway scientist finds an eye doctor who has enough medical knowledge to stick a four-inch needle into his optic nerve.

Zoo Zoo [Season 1, Episode 7] Sleuths
Shown 11 Aug 15

The bear in the previous episode was in a suburb of Paris, France. The team jet off to investigate. By incredible coincidence the Frenchman in charge of the investigation is the ex-boyfriend of Chloe Tousignant ( Nora Arnezeder ), the token French girl on the team.

Jamie the nerdy girl is on the run for killing someone. It seems that the best way to clear her name is to prove that the dead person worked for the MegaCorp that created the problem. Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) gets left alone with the hibernating bear while the others run off to do an Alias -style espionage subplot.

Zoo Zoo [Season 1, Episode 8] The Cheese Stands Alone
Shown 18 Aug 15

A horde of rats took over a cargo ship and ate the crew. The team go to an island where the rats have been spotted. However, the only place anybody has seen them is in an old disused hotel. Luckily the local ratcatcher has a full-on flamethrower! Unfortunately he also has the instincts of Hudson in Aliens !

Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) spends some time with his daughter and ex-wife. He has to convince himself that he is doing the right thing if he betrays people who are depending on him.

Zoo Zoo [Season 1, Episode 9] Murmuration
Shown 25 Aug 15

Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) discovers that he has been deceived by the conspiracy. He has to come clean to the rest of the team, although they will never trust him again. After all, none of them have children so they will not understand.

The team have to go on the run. Not only are the MegaCorp security team after them, but FBI boss Xander Berkley ( Barb Wire ) wants revenge for them killing one of his minions.

The Birds go on the rampage. Strangely they poke people in random body parts, rather than just pecking their eyes out like crows would. The good news is, there is a fire-truck nearby. The bad news is, despite there being a truck-full of firefighters only the African gamekeeper knows how to use a fire-hose!

Zoo Zoo [Season 1, Episode 10] Emotional Contagion
Shown 01 Sep 15

The team flee to Florida, in the hope of somehow getting to Zambia. Luckily they know a local monkey-wrencher named Ray (Warren Christie - Alphas ). However, he wants them to help him steal some animals from a zoo.

FBI boss Xander Berkley ( Barb Wire ) wants revenge for them killing one of his minions.

Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) gets another clue about the pathogen that is infecting the animals. He realises it spreads directly from one creature to another, like an Emotional Contagion such as yawning or laughter.

Zoo Zoo [Season 1, Episode 11] Eats, Shoots And Leaves
Shown 08 Sep 15

FBI boss Xander Berkley ( Barb Wire ) drives his prisoner all the way from Florida to Virginia. This is not a great idea, because he has no backup in case of escape or extraction.

Ray (Warren Christie - Alphas ) gets the team to Zambia. The bad news is, the local leopards have started to eat the local humans. Our heroes have no real weapons and nothing resembling a plan. Well, they can distract the carnivores by feeding them a supporting character, then steal a leopard cub from its mother's lair.

A rent-a-villain from Sleeper Cell interrogates one of the team.

Zoo Zoo [Season 1, Episode 12] Wild Things
Shown 08 Sep 15

The team get the leopard cub to a hospital. Unfortunately, the building (and the rest of the city) is besieged by predators. This may be happening in sub-saharan Africa, but it is unlikely that so many crocodiles, leopards and lions would end up in the same city-block.

Carl Lumbly ( Alias ) takes French girl Chloe Tousignant ( Nora Arnezeder ) to a conference of scientists. She is expected to convince everyone that her team has found the cause of the problem. However, she has not bothered to prepare a speech or any powerpoint slides.

Zoo Zoo [Season 1, Episode 13] That Great Big Hill Of Hope
Shown 15 Sep 15

Last week's cliffhanger had the plane break up mid-air off the coast of Canada. One of the girls survived and got picked up by a hairy old man who lives alone in a Cabin in the Woods . There is a lot of security around it, so either she is illegally imprisoned there or the Animal Uprising has happened and they are besieged by wild beasts.

Months later, the rest of the team are all living in the big city. They have gone their seperate ways, although they still keep in touch. The Animal Uprising has happened - as the saying in 12 Monkeys goes, dogs and cats living together - madness! Of course, as well as the household animals there are a lot of zoo animals, and they all seem to have congregated in the city centre where the heroes are most likely to see them.

The US Government sends a Special Forces team to Zambia to catch a fresh leopard. Unfortunately the Government does not seem to have a positive attitude. Firstly they do not plan the animal extraction properly, since they have no backup plan. Secondly they cannot develop a dispersal method for the cure because it will not survive the atmosphere if given aerial dispersal. Nobody considers that they merely need to use a vector, until one of the hero team realises that mosquitos are more prevalent now due to the rotting corpses.






Zoo Zoo [Season 3 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th July 2017

Reviewed in our special supplement Zoo

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  • Alyssa Diaz as Dariela Marzan [ 2 ]
  • Josh Salatin as Logan Jones / Edward Collins [ 2-3 ]

    Season 2

  • Zoo Zoo [Season 2, Episode 1] The Day Of The Beast
    Shown 28th June 2016

    The team make their getaway as an inter-species army chases them. Unfortunately one of the team has strange symptoms from a previous animal bite. A later blood test shows that the mutation has changed his blood group.

    The team go looking for the journalist girl who was last seen with the leopard cub. They act as if she is a vulnerable little damsel in distress, but in the previous Season she shot an unarmed man repeatedly in the chest so she is hardly an innocent bystander.

    Someone has discovered a Phase Two mutation in Argentina. He goes searching for it, with a half-dozen US Army Rangers to protect him. They have no helmets or headgear of any kind, which is obviously for cinematic reasons rather than authenticity. One of them is a female, more like Vasquez in Aliens than anyone serving in the US Army Rangers at the time this episode was filmed.

    The team jet off to Argentina to help catch the Phase two mutant. They use their new jetliner, a double-decker (presumably an Airbus) that has been internally refitted with the same fittings as the jetliner in Agents of Shield .

    Zoo Zoo [Season 2, Episode 2] Caraquet
    Shown 28th June 2016

    The journalist girl has been hiding in the woods since last time. It might not be an entire week, but it was long enough for the rest of the team to get home and then jet off to rural Argentina to discover the Second Stage carrier. Now she goes walkabout, in the hope of finding shelter elsewhere. She ignores a police car that might contain useful weapons and tools, and might even have enough fuel to get her to her destination. Instead she teams up with another survivor, a young man who is either too young to shave or has too much time on his hands.

    In Argentina the team splits into three parts. Not only does this allow greater exposition, it also creates greater jeopardy for the team. After all, if they do not split up they cannot be picked off one at a time.

    Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) and the French woman Chloe Tousignant ( Nora Arnezeder ) stay aboard the new Agents of Shield plane so they can examine the Stage Two victim. Unfortunately he is neither as well-secured or as dead as they assumed.

    Abraham Kenyatta (Nonso Anozie - Dracula ) and the female Ranger forget about their actual task. Instead they go off to solve the mystery of the disappearing bodies. Also, the sky is raining blood and there is a lot of unusual vulture activity in the area.

    The final team-member joins a local peasant - yes, an expendable redshirt. They go off in search of an African Elephant that has been spotted wandering around the area.

    Zoo Zoo [Season 2, Episode 3] Collision Point
    Shown 5th July 2016

    The journalist girl and her un-bearded friend run into problems. The river they have been following was re-routed by beavers. Those furry little pests have deliberately diverted it in order to flood a quarry that humans were using. This shows that the animals are displaying a level of strategic thinking.

    The team get back from Argentina to Geneva. Their political contact falls victim to an unusual animal attack. This leaves them at a loose end. However, it seems that the new enemy this Season is not the bio-chem MegaCorp, it is a four-star General named Davies who has his own agenda.

    The US Army Ranger woman warms up to Abraham Kenyatta (Nonso Anozie - Dracula ). After all, she is a Latina so it is acceptable to the USA TV audience. Two brunettes can be paired together, but not with a blonde or a redhead.

    The Ranger woman wants to get returned to her unit in South America. Unfortunately she gets distracted at the train station. She sees the four-star General, and discovers that despite his rank he does his own dirty work and does not delegate it to minions.

    Zoo Zoo [Season 2, Episode 4] The Walls of Jericho
    Shown 12th July 2016

    Four-star General Davies has a sloth in captivity at his lab in a skyscraper. Unfortunately it calls in backup - a pack of moles that burrow through the foundations and cause the entire building to collapse.

    The journalist girl and her un-bearded friend run into problems yet again. He was not in the woods alone, and he has something stashed in his backpack. The other guys are back, and they want their fair share.

    The main team infiltrate the super-villain's wine-and-cheese party at the MegaCorp's HQ in Vancouver . They want to prevent him deploying a superweapon that will kill millions of humans. This is straight out of James Bond . What our heroes ignore is the fact that, despite creating a lot of collateral damage, the superweapon would successfully eliminate the threat and prevent the extinction of the human race.

    Zoo Zoo [Season 2, Episode 5] The Moon and the Star
    Shown 19 Jul 16

    After the events of the previous episode, the team seem to down one female member. Luckily another female can easily be promoted to regular cast member status, so the gender balance of the show is not upset.

    The team's super-plane is hijacked. Luckily they discover that their secret benefactor is Alison Shaw ( Joanne Kelly ), who is also the stepmother of Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ). Her orchards in California are suffering from a mysterious blight, and she wants the team to investigate. Previously the vultures were affecting the rain-clouds and beavers were redirecting rivers. Now the snakes are contaminating the soil.

    The journalist girl and her un-bearded friend arrive at their destination. The bad news is, it is on fire. The good news is, the fires were set by human survivors and have driven off the animals. The bad news is, just like in The Walking Dead any settlement of post-apocalyptic survivors is bad news. Yes, once again our heroes run into problems.

    Zoo Zoo [Season 2, Episode 6] Sex, Lies And Jellyfish
    Shown 26 Jul 16

    Alison Shaw ( Joanne Kelly ) has discovered that the animal attacks previously happened in the late 1800s. The next stage will be hurricanes caused by jellyfish. The good news is, the species of jellyfish is practically immortal, so one of them might easily be old enough to have been involved in the last outbreak.

    The team go to Portugal, and the local black-market venom dealer is willing to cut a deal with them. Much like a level in a video game, the team must retrieve a plot device so they can proceed to the next level. Unfortunately this week's plot device is a venomous spider.

    Zoo Zoo [Season 2, Episode 7] Jamie's Got A Gun
    Shown 02 Aug 16

    Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) delivers some exposition, and the mystery of the 1890s animal attacks is solved. A man named Howard Pierce, a travelling carnie grifter, wandered the Earth with a stolen X-Ray machine. Every animal he x-rayed was given a mutation, which Morgan has nicknamed the Ghost Gene. The animals responsible for the modern-day attacks carry that gene, so they are descended from the original mutants. None of this makes any sense, it all seems to have been bolted on to the original setup from Season One.

    Alison Shaw ( Joanne Kelly ), the untrustworthy benefactor who probably has a secret agenda, is not the only problem. The token black guy is having an affair with the hot Latina Ranger, who wants to kill the pretty-boy Yank guy who has been infected with the Ghost Gene. Also, the female reporter still has PTSD from her time in Canada, and she wants the untrustworthy pretty-boy mercenary to hang around too. In other words, pretty much everyone on the team is a loose cannon on deck.

    The team go to Holbeach, England, where Pierce's home was. The Ranger girl reveals that she does not know what Twelve O'Clock means. Of course, one cannot expect a TV show to use any kind of realism when it comes to the military. The so-called English accents that the locals use are equally unconvincing.

    Mitch keeps the infected man aboard the plane, and uses brainwashing techniques in order to access his subconscious. The patient's father was a scientist who knew about the Ghost Gene decades ago.

    Zoo Zoo [Season 2, Episode 8] Zero Sum
    Shown 09 Aug 16

    Alison Shaw ( Joanne Kelly ) tells Jackson Oz (James Wolk - ) that his mother is MIA, and she cannot send a team to save her. However, he soon has other things to think about.

    General Davies and a team of very scruffy-looking Special Forces operators storm the plane. The bad new is that they have automatic weapons, which is dangerous considering they are on a pressurized airplane at high altitude. The good news is, they now have all the different strands of the plot in the same place. Soon they can tie up the Season storyline in no time at all.

    Our so-called heroes are happy to commit torture and murder. This is certainly not a surprise when it comes to the innocent-looking young girl, who has already killed two people in cold blood so far. However, at least the show has some medical realism in it. If a character is declared dead, they can keep him alive with CPR and even try recussitation using a defibrilator. This is rarely used in television shows, and tends to only be the case when the character is deemed vital to the plot. Another self-knowing nod is when Mitch tells a colleague all our messes seem to be mysteriously cleaned up, despite the lack of a crew aboard this plane. Certainly all the dead bodies seem to have disappeared somewhere.

    Zoo Zoo [Season 2, Episode 9] Sins of the Father
    Shown 16 Aug 16

    The team get to Botswana, but there is no sign of Jackson's mother. Jackson Oz (James Wolk - ) wants to go into the bush to find her. Abraham Kenyatta (Nonso Anozie - Dracula ) goes along with him to watch his back. However, they forget that there is a new apex predator to watch out for.

    Back in England, the Ranger girl has led the civilian refugees to Ipswitch. They are only a mile from safety, so they shoud be able to walk it in twenty minutes. Unfortunately some greenscreened horses seem to be targeing the Ranger.

    Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) is unable to work out what the last animal is that they are looking for. It has the skull of a lion, the feet of a bear, the jaws of a snake ... And there are some leftover bits that he cannot place anywhere. It turns out to be a sabre-tooth tiger. Luckily Mitch's estranged father is a world-class Crypto-zoologist. They make a detour to Helsinki to pick him up. Alison Shaw ( Joanne Kelly ) got the super-plane off him when she divorced him, which means that being a Crypto-zoologist must be the most highly-paid job on Earth. Seriously, if this is only ONE of his divorce payouts then he could probably finance SHIELD single-handedly!

    Zoo Zoo [Season 2, Episode 10] The Yellow Brick Road
    Shown 23 Aug 16

    Jackson Oz (James Wolk - ) has found out some unpleasant personal secrets. This resulted in rage, which apparently flipped his transformation. As a result he goes on the run in Helsinki. Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) and Abraham Kenyatta (Nonso Anozie - Dracula ) go looking for him.

    The female cast members stay aboard the plane. They try to convince the Russian ambassador to back their plan to save the world. This results in a trade of info. The Russians have a lead on Jackson's father. Remember, both Jackson and Mitch have been estranged from their fathers. The other team members do not mention their families, although there is a good chance they are equally estranged from one or more of their parents. There certainly seems to be a pattern emerging.

    Zoo Zoo [Season 2, Episode 11] The Contingency
    Shown 30 Aug 16

    Abraham Kenyatta (Nonso Anozie - Dracula ) and the female Ranger are on the plane. Their relationship problems, based on the theme of secrecy, are put on the back-burner for the moment. Jackson Oz (James Wolk - ) returns, with his father in tow. Unfortunately the mad General wants the formula for the Noah gas. Papa Oz claims to have a cunning plan, but from the way things have gone for the last two Seasons he is probably just making it up as he goes along. That certainly seems to be what the writers have been doing.

    Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) has a soap opera problem of his own - a love triangle with the journalist girl and Alison Shaw ( Joanne Kelly ). They are at the Russian Ambassador's get-together. The plan is to persuade the International community against the Noah Objective, AKA the death-by-gas of every infected creature on Earth. The journalist girl has worked out that 90% of plants are pollinated by animal species, so the gas will basically destroy most of the human race's food supply.

    A giant gorilla gets loose in the building before the Russian can give his speach. Our heroes have to play a cat-and-mouse game with it. For some reason, the US Paramedics use blue blankets to cover casualties instead of red ones. Luckily none of the blood seeps through, so this remains family-friendly television.

    Zoo Zoo [Season 2, Episode 12] Shepherds Of Men
    Shown 06 Sep 16

    Jackson's dad takes the team to the island now known as Pangea. It turns out that all the little conspiracies of the previous two Seasons were all part of one enormous super-conspiracy. This seems a bit like the tying up of loose ends.

    Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) and the journalist girl try to destroy the mad General's specimens of clean animal DNA. If he cannot repopulate the world's animal species, will he be hero enough to cancel the Noah Objective? Unfortunately, a third party has hired a familiar-looking mercenary to steal the DNA samples.

    Abraham Kenyatta (Nonso Anozie - Dracula ) and his pregnant US Army Ranger girlfriend go looking for the sabre-tooth cat. Unfortunately the cat is an alpha predator, and starts to hunt them. Even the expert guide with his custom-made crossbow is out of his depth. They also discover a secure area for the failed experiments, with a perimeter fence that looks like something out of Jurassic Park .

    Zoo Zoo [Season 2, Episode 13] Clementine
    Shown 06 Sep 16

    Our heroes get thrown into a prison cell, and they discover what happened to the friendly mercenary. Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) and the journalist girl are not keen to see him again, even though he helped them repeatedly and could be a useful ally against mutual enemies.

    The key to our heroes success was established in the previous episode, when the team discovered a secure area with a perimeter fence that looks like something out of Jurassic Park . They only have to release the failed experiments, a set of genetically enhanced carnivores, and the Sheppards' centuries of planning is for nothing. The bad news is, it is too late to stop the Noah Objective. The question is, what was the Sheppards' secret plan (before they were eaten by the conveniently-located super-carnivores)?

    There is an epilogue, set a dozen years after the main storyline. This is setup for a third Season ...

  • Gracie Dzienny as Clementine Lewis [ 3, recurring previously ]
  • Hilary Jardine as Tessa Williams [ 3 ]
  • Athena Karkanis as Abigail Westbrook [ recurring 3 ]

    Season 3

  • Zoo Zoo [Season 3, Episode 1] No Place Like Home
    Shown 29th June 2017

    This starts with an intro sequence, which covers the epilogue of last Season's final episode. Ten years have passed, and it turns out that the Shepherds caused global sterility. Yes, the old Children of Men doomsday scenario has begun. The team has split up and followed their own agendas.

    Abraham Kenyatta (Nonso Anozie - Dracula ) and Dariela Marzan ( Alyssa Diaz ) have married and are raising their child together. They have quit their old jobs as safari guide and US Army Ranger respectively, and have now become scientists. In fact, they are so world-class that using their basement lab they are the closest ones yet to discovering a cure for the sterility virus.

    Clementine arrives, all grown up. She believes that her daddy, Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ), somehow survived being eaten by a monster. He has spent a decade in a suspended animation pod in Siberia. She needs a team to come and rescue him. Unfortunately, Stephen Lobo and his commandos from Continuum have gotten there first.

    Jamie the Journalist has become a best-selling writer by day and a Shepherd-hunter by night. Much like Sydney Bristow in Alias , when she is not swanning around in cleavage-enhancing evening gowns she is a leather-clad motor-cycling ninja girl. Oh, and she also has the enormous airplane that belonged to Mitch's ex-stepmother.

    Jackson is hiding out under an assumed name in the contaminated zone. This is the west coast of the USA, which has been overrun by hybrid animals. Luckily for him he has created a way of taming and controlling the animals. Also, he has moved on and gotten himself a new love interest.

    Zoo Zoo [Season 3, Episode 2] Diaspora
    Shown 6th July 2017

    Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) is debriefed by a girl who claims to be his daughter, Clementine. Meanwhile, the other Clementine is en route with Jamie. Which one is the real one? Jamie is the show's Jack Bauer, since she can torture prisoners and out-shoot a team of soldiers.

    Reiden Global is back, and despite offering save mankind they are willing to do lots of bad things in order to achieve a good goal.

    Zoo Zoo [Season 3, Episode 3] Ten Years Gone
    Shown 13 Jul 17

    Jamie still only has one Shepherd prisoner in her little dungeon. So what happened to Stephen Lobo and his commandos from Continuum ? She shot them with a knock-out dart gun, so they should all be locked up and prepped for interrogation. But it seems that she left them behind at the airstrip. Were they dead or alive?

    Jackson learns that the terrorist he is hunting is his sister. She is head of the Shepherds, and wants to destroy the human race.

    Zoo Zoo [Season 3, Episode 4] Welcome To The Terra Dome
    Shown 20 Jul 17

    Abraham Kenyatta (Nonso Anozie - Dracula ) and Dariela Marzan ( Alyssa Diaz ) join the rest of the team again. However, they have a secret agenda and a terrible dilemma. Can they betray an ally in order to get their son back?

    Our heroes discover a few new things about the hybrids. Firstly, they can breed asexually so they will soon overpopulate the world. This is in stark contrast to the human species, which is infertile. Secondly, now the hybrids can fly. Thirdly, they can be controlled by a radio beacon. The Shepherd woman has built just such a beacon, and plans to put it in the Reiden HQ in New York City.

    Jamie divulges that she had the jetliner converted to tablet control. Yes, instead of being flown by a well-trained pilot and air crew it is controlled by an untrained person with a wifi device. Evidently her tablet is not password protected, because the rest of the team can fly the plane when she is not around.

    Zoo Zoo [Season 3, Episode 5] Drop it Like It's Hot
    Shown 27 Jul 17

    The team on the plane have a couple of jobs. First they must fly over a nearby volcano and dump the beacon in. Then they must fly all the way to Yacutan in southern Mexico, four thousand miles away, in super-quick time without refuelling. They meet up with a familiar face from California, which may only two thousand miles away but the person had to drive the whole way!

    Clementine has been abducted. The kidnappers are a bunch of butch biker babes. Their original plan was to collect cash on delivery, but now they must auction her off to the highest bidder.

    Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) and the cop must investigate the Reiden CEO's secret computer files. Was she really one of the Shepherds? After all, if she was then why would Jackson's sister try to kill her?

    Jamie tells Mitch that she never killed any of the Shepherds. Well, when they were reunited after he was defrosted the first thing she did was shoot someone dead. She broke a guard's neck in the first episode, or did she only choke him unconscious? And she may only have imprisoned and tortured the man in her dungeon, but what happened to Stephen Lobo and his commandos from Continuum ?

    Jackson used a special clicker device to control hybrid lions, and his sister also built electronic beacons that could summon the beasts. Was it just the technology, or do they have magical powers?

    Zoo Zoo [Season 3, Episode 6] Oz is Oz
    Shown 03 Aug 17

    Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke - Revolution ) must rescue Clementine. He finds the enemy base, infiltrates and saves her in double-quick time. Just like Jack Bauer in 24, he is a one-man army.

    Jackson and his sidekick steal some hybrids. This means burning bridges with potential allies, but this has never stopped our heroes before.

    Zoo Zoo [Season 3, Episode 7] Wham, Bam, Thank You Sam
    Shown 10 Aug 17

    Zoo Zoo [Season 3, Episode 8] Stakes on a Plane
    Shown 17 Aug 17

    Zoo Zoo [Season 3, Episode 9] The Black Forest
    Shown 24 Aug 17

    Zoo Zoo [Season 3, Episode 10] Once Upon a Time in the Nest
    Shown 31 Aug 17

    Zoo Zoo [Season 3, Episode 11] Cradles and Graves
    Shown 07 Sep 17

    Zoo Zoo [Season 3, Episode 12] West Side Story
    Shown 14 Sep 17

    Zoo Zoo [Season 3, Episode 13] The Barrier
    Shown 21 Sep 17