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The Gifted

Season 1

The Gifted The Gifted [Season 1, Episode 1] Exposed
Shown 02 Oct 17

This is set in the same cinematic universe as Marvel's X-Men . Mutants are feared and despised. The famous ones have disappeared, and the minor ones are hunted by the police. The LAPD only have conventional weapons like pistols and tasers, while the mutants have telekinesis to manipulate matter or energy. Yes, the police are sorely out-classed when it comes to a fight.

Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) is a Government prosecutor who specialises in cases concerning mutants. He and his wife, Caitlin Strucker ( Amy Acker ), are worried that their son is being bullied at school. As a result they put him on lockdown at home.

Strucker Junior sneaks out with his sister Lauren ( Natalie Alyn Lind ). They go to the school dance, held in the school gymnasium. It turns out that the Strucker children have mutant powers. He gets attacked by the bullies, and the result is like something out of Carrie (albeit toned down for television).

The family must go on the run from the government. The Sentinel Service is on their tail. It is not a group of indestructible killer robots like in X-Men: Days of Future Past , it is just a group of Federal agents led by Jesse from Burn Notice. Let us bear in mind that the mutant underground, a well-organised group of mutant people-smugglers, is left to the poorly-equipped LAPD. Why are the Struckers the only ones of interest to the Feds?

The Gifted The Gifted [Season 1, Episode 2] Rx
Shown 09 Oct 17

Clarice "Blink" Fong ( Jamie Chung ) is in a feverish state, and opens portals uncontrollably. Nobody thinks to render her fully unconscious. The police investigate the portal, and try to send a SWAT team in to raid the Mutant Underground HQ. Well, they send in one man who is unsupported. So much for teamwork.

Caitlin Strucker ( Amy Acker ) agrees to help the Mutant Underground steal medicine from a hospital. The doctor assumes she is the victim of domestic violence. The subtext of this is that the Mutant Underground Army fights oppression the same way that Mens' Rights Activists do.

Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) is in Sentinel custody. They even pull in his mother ( ) for questioning too. Meanwhile, a much more valuable prisoner - MRA leader Lorna "Polaris" Dane ( Emma Dumont ) - is left in LAPD custody. They have put a special collar on her, and thrown her into gen-pop. Since the other inmates are violently prejudiced against mutants she might not live long enough to sit trial, never mind provide the Sentinels with valuable info.

The Gifted The Gifted [Season 1, Episode 3] eXodus
Shown 16 Oct 17

Caitlin Strucker ( Amy Acker ) takes her teenagers to hide out at her brother's house. Unfortunately the whole family are civilians and have no idea of how to keep a low profile. It is only a matter of time before someone screws up and gets them all caught. The good news is, instead of having to dodge a highly-trained Sentinel SWAT team all they have to worry about is every shotgun-toting redneck in the suburbs.

Clarice "Blink" Fong ( Jamie Chung ) has lost her mojo since she was ill last week. Can she master her powers again in time to save the day?

Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) goes undercover to help the Sentinels. At the MRA safe-house he gets to chat to a fellow runner - the little blonde woman from Alphas .

The Gifted The Gifted [Season 1, Episode 4] eXit Strategy
Shown 23 Oct 17

Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) and MRA leader Lorna "Polaris" Dane ( Emma Dumont ) are about to be transferred to a more secure prison. Can the Mutant Underground get their act together and stage a rescue?

Unfortunately the Mutant Underground rely on their superpowers. They have little to nothing in terms of weapons and tactics, especially compared to the Feds' SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) team.

The Gifted The Gifted [Season 1, Episode 5] boXed In
Shown 30 Oct 17

The Feds set up a bunch of road blocks to keep the rebels penned into the city. Their next step will be to start searching the area. They will never stop, until they find the rebel HQ.

Eclipse (Sean Teale - Reign ) and his girlfriend get stopped at a Fed roadblock. The Feds have realistic-looking costumes, props and tactics. However, they are no match for a girl with telekinetic superpowers. Jessie gets taken hostage by the very woman he held prisoner in the previous episode. She calls in her telepathic friend to read his memories. However, messing with a person's memory can cause them severe issues.

Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) volunteers to act as a decoy and lead off the cops. He does not really have much choice. The getaway driver recognised him from the time he admitted to wearing a wire for the Feds, and has ungratefully tried to rile the other mutants up against him.

The Gifted The Gifted [Season 1, Episode 6] got your siX
Shown 6th November 2017

The Mutant Underground go on the offensive. Their target is a government building in Baton Rouge. Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) goes along, because he is the only one who knows much about the system. His son goes along, because his superpower can be useful for breaking through walls.

The Mutant Underground HQ is full to 78% over-capacity. The good news is, this means new foot-soldiers for the Mutant Underground. The bad news is, the mutant family members tend to be teenagers rather than adults. Caitlin ( Amy Acker ) objects to her children being recruited as child soldiers in the Mutant Underground. However, they are high-powered mutants and should be trained to defend themselves. After all, the government will be after them even if they leave the Mutant Underground.

The teenage daughter makes a new friend, a fellow teenage recruit into the Mutant Underground. He is set up as her potential love interest. By an incredible stroke of luck, his superpower is just the one that they will need in the episode's climax.

The Gifted The Gifted [Season 1, Episode 7] quick fiX AKA eXtreme measures
Shown 13th November 2017

The Feds have re-doubled their efforts to find the Mutant Underground. Dr Campbell (Garrett Dillahunt - Sarah Connor Chronicles ) has a plan to deploy extra assets. They take the view that the Mutants are not just terrorists but seperatists, not merely from the US government but from the human species. In other words, the Feds' line about removing civil rights from suspected terrorists is compared the the historical Dred Scott decision by SCOTUS that removed human rights from all African-Americans - even the free ones!

Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) goes through the Feds' files, and discovers that his daughter's boyfriend has a criminal record. He acts like an over-controlling psycho-dad, as if they were still living a happy life in the suburbs. It turns out that the young man was once homeless, because his family kicked him out when he turned out to be a mutant, and he had to steal food in order to eat. Well, he joined a street-gang and perhaps stole some luxury goods instead. But the principle is the same - he lived the Oliver Twist lifestyle, and the rich suburbanites judge him over it.

Eclipse (Sean Teale - Reign ) gets called in by his ex-GF, the gangster. She wants him to help destroy a rival gang's drug shipment. Her motive is to increase her own profits, but Torch has an anti-drug agenda so he should consider this a good thing.

The Gifted The Gifted [Season 1, Episode 8] threat of eXtinction
Shown 20th November 2017

Eclipse (Sean Teale - Reign ) and his team go to pick up another batch of refugees. One is a telepath, and she warns them about a potential threat.

The ex-DA Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) pays his estranged father a visit. The old man does not know much about Trask Industries, because it was originally shut down many years ago. However, he knows a lot about the DA's family tree. The twins are not the first mutants in the family.

Caitlin Strucker ( Amy Acker ), as the only Doctor in the mutant HQ, helps deprogramme one of Dr Campbell's mutants.

The Gifted The Gifted [Season 1, Episode 9] outfoX
Shown 04 Dec 17

Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) updates his wife Caitlin ( Amy Acker ) on what he discovered about their children. By working together, the kids can amplify their powers and destroy an entire building. The Mutant Underground know about this too, and they plan to use the kids as a weapon on their next mission.

Dr Campbell (Garrett Dillahunt - Sarah Connor Chronicles ) was badly burned in the previous episode. He refuses surgery, and instead relies on his mutant sidekick to heal him.

Jesse from Burn Notice realises that the mutants will go on the offensive. The next logical step is for them to attack Trask Industries HQ, to free all their friends who are imprisoned there. However, Trask is so secret that even the Feds do not know where the HQ is. Can he find it before the mutants break in?

The Gifted The Gifted [Season 1, Episode 10] eXploited
Shown 11 Dec 17

This starts with a flashback, two months previously. A Trump-type politician complains about low turnout at his hate rally. His familiar-looking blonde intern tries to ingratiate herself with her boss, although she seems unhappy about being referred to as Hon. Then the anti-mutant cops turn up ...

Back in the main timeline, the Strucker kids are in the custody of Dr Campbell (Garrett Dillahunt - Sarah Connor Chronicles ). He wants them to combine their powers, so he can test their Fenris superpower.

Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) and his wife Caitlin ( Amy Acker ) go after Sentinel Services Agent Jace Turner (Coby Bell - Showdown At Area 51 ). If they convince him to do his duty, he will transfer Trask's mutants into Federal custody. After all, if they are really criminals then they deserve due process and a fair trial.

The blonde girl who joined the Mutant Underground a few episodes back has a plan for attacking Trask Industries. There are a lot of guards there, but they soon learn what the SWAT teams learned in Extant . Mundane humans are incredibly vulnerable to inception by Teeps, and firearms are a force multiplier to that.

The Gifted The Gifted [Season 1, Episode 11] 3X 1 AKA quick fiX
Shown 01 Jan 18

The Mutant Underground hold a private remembrance ceremony for the member who was killed in the previous episode. Meanwhile, Jesse from Burn Notice does the same. His partner was killed, and he wants payback. He views the mutants as fallen angels, people corrupted by their own power. Dr Campbell (Garrett Dillahunt - Sarah Connor Chronicles ) offers a team-up, using the next level of anti-mutant tech.

There are now three blonde girls - the Frost triplets. If they look familiar, they were the boring girl Grace in Scream Queens . Now that they are evil, they seem much hotter. They report back to their master. It turns out they are trying to re-build the Hellfire Club, the villains from X-Men: First Class . They return to the Mutant Underground, and request backup on their next mission. This causes the leaders to debate their morality. Eclipse (Sean Teale - Reign ) does not want to team up with a terrorist group - if he was so easily led, he would just have stayed with his ex the gangster.

Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) and his wife Caitlin ( Amy Acker ) are unhappy at the way things are going. They choose to go to safety in Mexico, and get shipped off to a safe-house elsewhere.

Campbell takes Jesse on a mission, to demonstrate his new tech. Naturally this involves a big battle with the other main characters. The terrible triplets just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Nobody seems to realise that they probably set it all up so they could seem like saviours to the mutants.

The Gifted The Gifted [Season 1, Episode 12] eXtraction
Shown 15 Jan 18

Dr Campbell (Garrett Dillahunt - Sarah Connor Chronicles ) attends a conference for rich and powerful anti-mutant types. The Frost sisters have a plan to gate-crash it, and they bring the Mutant Underground along for muscle.

Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) has to get to his mother ( Sharon Gless ) before the Feds do. He and his wife Caitlin ( Amy Acker ) bring the kids for backup. Unfortunately Randy has begun to get a bit bloodthirsty.

The Gifted The Gifted [Season 1, Episode 13] X-roads
Shown 15 Jan 18

This is the second part of the two-part Season finale. Dr Campbell (Garrett Dillahunt - Sarah Connor Chronicles ) has won more support, as the victim of a mutant attack. Now it looks like he will get the political concessions he requested.

Randy admires the Frost sisters, and not just because they are hot. They have embraced their mother's heritage as super-villains. He wants to bring back the Von Struckers. Nobody has ever told him that it was a bad thing to be a Nazi war criminal!

Sentinel Servives closes in on the Mutant HQ. He has the tame mutants that Campbell brainwashed, plus a full SWAT team with an armoured truck. In contrast, all the main mutants are off on a mission. Luckily, Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) gets a defence cobbled together while Caitlin ( Amy Acker ) gets the mutants to create an escape tunnel.

At the end, the Mutants have a choice. Will they stick with the Struckers, who saved everyone ... or will they join the Hellfire Club, who are to blame for all the trouble in recent episodes?





The Gifted

The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th November 2018

Reviewed in our special supplement The Gifted

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    Season 2

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 1] eMergence
    Shown 14th October 2018 (Sunday)

    The Hellfire Club have left Atlanta and returned to their HQ. The Inner Council object to the blood-bath they caused, so the girls decide to do what they do best. Yes, their armed struggle is not against the normals - it is all about attaining personal power and privilege.

    The Mutant Resistance have also moved to a new city. Caitlin ( Amy Acker ) is obsessed with finding her runaway son. By incredible coincidence, they are in the same city as the other group!

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 2] unMoored
    Shown 21st October 2018 (Sunday)

    The Inner Council take their next step. They decide to kill off all the witnesses. Esme Frost ( Skyler Samuels ) points out that this is unnecessary, because nobody will rat them out. However, the others think she has gone soft because she went undercover with the good guys.

    The good guys have a file on the villains' financials. They get in touch with a friendly lawyer who handles mutant rights cases, in the hope she can help track the villains down. Unfortunately she is not happy to see the Native American guy, Thunderbird. She recruited him as the leader of the Atlanta cell, and he takes an unfair amount of blame for the failure last Season.

    Agent Jace Turner (Coby Bell - Showdown At Area 51 ) no longer works for Sentinel Services, but he is still obsessed with solving his last big case. He keeps his attic filled with files on the Mutant Resistance.

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 3] coMplications
    Shown 28th October 2018 (Sunday)

    The pregnant woman, Polaris ( Emma Dumont ), has problems with her pregnancy. The triplets pick up her husband Eclipse (Sean Teale - Reign ) and take him to see her.

    The Native American guy takes Clarice "Blink" Fong ( Jamie Chung ) into the sewers to look for the Morlocks, a group of mutant separatists so fanatical that the ones who can pass for normal will scar themselves so they still stand out.

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 4] outMatched
    Shown 4th November 2018 (Sunday)

    The team need more info, so they go after the hacker who got them the info previously. He has been murdered by the telepathic triplets - evidently he did not leave town when he had the chance. Anyway, his brother is still around. The bad news is that the brother is a junkie, and blames the Mutant Resistance for getting the hacker killed.

    Mrs Strucker ( Amy Acker ) is obsessed with getting her son back. She tortures the junkie, first by injecting him with a detox formula and then by overdosing him on the drug he is addicted to.

    The Inner Circle stage a raid on a psychiatric clinic where mutants are held without trial. Well, if they pose a danger to themselves or others it is the natural place to put them. This raid is about more than just revenge. The villains want to rescue a specific individual, presumably a very dangerous and powerful mutant.

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 5] afterMath
    Shown 11th November 2018 (Sunday)

    Mrs Strucker ( Amy Acker ) ministers to the injured survivors of last week's defeat.

    Clarice "Blink" Fong ( Jamie Chung ) takes her refugees to shelter with the Morlocks in the tunnels. She has to help steal food for them, even though theft is beyond her good-guy code.

    Jace (Coby Bell - Showdown At Area 51 ) has flashbacks to his early days as a beat cop. He attends the Purifiers meeting, and helps them make a plan. They know the mutant survivors are injured, so they raid the local hospitals and steal the records.

    The evil mutants rescued a teenage girl. She is still traumatised by her imprisonment, so the Strucker boy starts to bond with her.

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 6] iMprint
    Shown 18th November 2018 (Sunday)

    Esme Frost ( Skyler Samuels ) is not bonding well with her sisters. They thought she was weak because she hung around with the Mutant Underground, and now she has a visible scar on her arm they blame her for preventing them from wearing short-sleeved dresses. She tries to bond with the girl who defected from the Mutant Underground, but this will not be an easy job.

    The Inner Circle's next target is a bank called Creed financial. The story is that in the 1950s it financed mutant slavery in South America, in the 1970s it financed a drug epidemic that affected mutants, and it is currently financing the Purifiers. The Inner Circle claims that by taking out this bank they will spark a nation-wide mutant uprising and possibly cause positive political change in the world.

    The Mutant Underground do not believe the Inner Circle's plan can succeed. After all, every time the Inner Circle stage an attack there is a backlash that has a negative effect on the mutant community. They go to Baltimore to rescue refugees who were bombed out of a church by the Purifiers. Stucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) comes along to help, although he has not mastered his new superpowers yet.

    Jace (Coby Bell - Showdown At Area 51 ) has made a lot of progress with the Purifiers. He wants them to play by his set of rules, which means minimal fatalities and the best possible relationship with the authorities and the press. This is a great way to show both sides of the issue, since the Purifiers are not evil and just want to protect their families. The show Supergirl has a similar storyline, with anti-alien vigilantes, but does not have any depth in the way those characters are treated.

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 7] no Mercy
    Shown 25th November 2018 (Sunday)

    This starts with a flashback. Seven years ago Reeva Payge ( Grace Gealey ), the Siren woman who now commands the Inner Circle, was a moderate among the mutant community. Her best buddy, Agam Darshi , was a segregationist who loved beating up people who were weaker than her. She picked a fight with some average humans, and the Siren became radicalised.

    In the modern time, the Siren takes her plan to the next stage. She seduces an African American executive at the bank they are targeting, and then uses extortion to make him disable the bank's alarm system. Her team carry out their raid with precision. The Strucker boy is the token male. The baby momma leaves her offspring with Esme Frost ( Skyler Samuels ). The weak link is the mentally unstable girl who was broken out of the mental asylum. Everyone knows about her superpower, because that is what makes her so valuable an asset. Nobody in the Inner Circle realises how dangerous she is. After all, she turned her own family inside out!

    The Mutant Underground, the so-called good guys, are in turmoil. Clarice "Blink" Fong ( Jamie Chung ) turns against Eclipse (Sean Teale - Reign ) because of the loyalties of his girlfriends in the previous Season. In return, he tells Thunderbird (the Native American guy) that she is too close to the Morlocks. Yes, the Mutants are completely splintered into factions.

    The Struckers have their own problems. Mr Stucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) has no control over his newly-found superpower. First he could not turn it on, but now he cannot turn it off. And because it lets him melt anything with his hands, even flesh or metal, this makes him a risk to anyone and everyone around him.

    Jace (Coby Bell - Showdown At Area 51 ) is the only one who has it together. His performance in the previous episode was so good, he gets invited to meet the man behind the Purifiers. They want him to go public as a whistle-blower to reveal that Sentinel Services has been covering up its mistakes. He is reluctant to do so, because he feels that by holding management to account he would be doing his former cow-orkers a disservice.

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 8] the dreaM
    Shown 2nd December 2018 (Sunday)

    The Mutant Underground go looking for the Inner Circle. After the murderous teenage girl slaughtered three dozen people, there have been anti-mutant riots. Of course, the Underground care more about catching their rivals than they do about getting the girl who has so much blood on her hands. As a result, they are willing to let her get away as long as she tells them everything they want to know.

    The Struckers have their own suplot. Mrs Strucker ( Amy Acker ) takes Mr Stucker (Stephen Moyer - True Blood ) to see an old friend of his father. If anyone can help him control his powers, it is her.

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 9] gaMe changer
    Shown 9th December 2018 (Sunday)

    The Mutant Underground have a clue about the Inner Circle's next target. It is the tech company that controls the anti-mutant collars. Yes, the villains want to release ALL mutants from government control. Not just the political prisoners but the dangerous super-villains too. In other words, they believe that no mutant should be held responsible for their actions.

    The Purifiers are still around. Jace (Coby Bell - Showdown At Area 51 ) is now the field commander, and he is doing a good job. This is the kind of things that Jimmy Olsen should be doing in Supergirl , so both sides are given equal treatment.

    The Struckers have their own sub-plot. They have sought the cure for mutantism from a lady scientist. However, it seems she plans to cure ALL mutants. The Struckers seem to regard this as a civil rights issue. However, the X-gene just makes random people into potential murderers. It is the equivalent of handing out deadly weapons to strangers.

    So what kind of world are the mutants trying to create? One where the most deadly of powers are commonplace, and there is no defence or method of control. Humans will have to choose between being exterminated or fighting back. The backlash will mean mutants will be killed on sight.

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 10] eneMy of My eneMy
    Shown 01 Jan 19

    The Purifiers have Thunderbird. Jace (Coby Bell - Showdown At Area 51 ) subjects him to extreme interrogation. Of course, the Purifiers do not know about the existence of the Inner Circle, and blame its actions on the Mutant Underground. After all, two of the leading members are defectors.

    The Strucker boy has a dream about being reunited with his sister Lauren ( Natalie Alyn Lind ). This begins to come true when he gets pulled into helping the Mutant Underground rescue Thunderbird. Unfortunately he has been with the Inner Circle too long, and has now become a bit too sadistic and bloodthirsty for his family's liking. His mother may have done some nasty things, but she did not do them merely for her own pleasure.

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 11] meMento
    Shown 08 Jan 19

    The Purifiers have had a 60% increase in recruitment. Yes, the mutants' actions have consequences. Jace (Coby Bell - Showdown At Area 51 ) recovers from his recent defeat, and goes on the hunt again. Unfortunately his sidekick has not recovered fully, and may have PTSD. Will Jace stick by the man who recruited him, or will he be honest and throw the guy to the wolves? This is a major test of his integrity.

    This actually seems to be a major left-wing slant on the show, which is unusual because it is broadcast on the right-wing Fox network. The Purifiers get likened to the Klu Klux Klan, and use the term stand your ground to justify killing an unarmed suspect. Yes, it is all a bit political. Even-handedness and the subtlety of metaphor have been left behind.

    Reeva Payge ( Grace Gealey ), boss of the Inner Circle, has a cunning plan. She used the jailbreak as an opportunity to recruit a trio of spree-killers who used their superpowers to murder thousands of people on a cruise-ship. This sickens the defector, who leaks the plan to her old friends in the Mutant Underground.

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 12] hoMe
    Shown 15 Jan 19

    Reeva Payge ( Grace Gealey ), the leader of the Inner Circle, is not consistently written. Previously she was a reluctant freedom fighter who felt driven to using extreme methods but wanted to prevent the mentally ill girl from unnecessary bloodshed. Now she is making secret deals with the head of the Purifiers, and still training the spree killers for a secret mission. Polaris ( Emma Dumont ) also knows that the boss-lady wants to kill any mutants who challenge her authority. It would be an easy thing to do, to plant the idea in the triplets' heads that there will be a second house-cleaning, and that they will be the boss-lady's new victims.

    Polaris is wavering in her loyalties. Angelyne calls a summit of all the leaders of the Mutant Underground. This might be their best chance to defeat the Inner Circle. She sends the regular cast out to bring the head of the Morlocks.

    The Strucker family have their own subplots. Daddy is still struggling with his new powers, while his wife goes in search of an old friend who can help out. The son tells the triplets that he has been telepathically communicating with his sister. They try to convince him to let them exploit that connection, with the intention of converting the sister to their cause. Either she joins the Inner Circle, or they will kill her.

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 13] teMpted
    Shown 22nd January 2019

    Polaris ( Emma Dumont ) tries to spy on the creepy psycho that Reeva Payge ( Grace Gealey ) recruited. He seems to be the weak link in the chain, due to his predeliction to sneak out of the secret base so he can stock up on hard liquor. However, his time in prison has made him paranoid.

    The triplets try to brainwash the boy's sister Lauren ( Natalie Alyn Lind ).

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 14] calaMity
    Shown 12 Feb 19

    We discover how Reeva Payge ( Grace Gealey ) has been manipulating the Purifiers for years. Well, her stated goals are the same as theirs - a segregated society. She gives their leader a new mission. He has to send his men into the tunnels under the city. Their mission is to murder the Morlocks.

    Jace (Coby Bell - Showdown At Area 51 ) is selected to lead the hit-team. He and his men do not have superpowers. However, they have hi-tech weapons such as bullpup assault rifles and gas grenades. Combined with military tactics, they actually have unexpected success.

    Clarice "Blink" Fong ( Jamie Chung ) tries to get the Morlocks to safety. The Purifiers have sealed all the exits, but she can make a new one.

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 15] Monsters
    Shown 19 Feb 19

    Reeva Payge ( Grace Gealey ) is about to take her plan to the next level. Her end-game is a seperate nation-state for the Mutants, and since she has eliminated all rivals she obviously sees herself as the dictator in chief. However, the next stage is to render the USA completely defenceless. She has already freed all the dangerous murderous muties. Her next step will be to break into Sentinal Services and massacre anyone who can pose a threat to the new mutant homeland. But if the normal people are defenceless, what will stop the mutant horde from conquering the whole country?

    The Strucker family have had their seperate subplots. However, now they team up with the Mutant Resistance again.

    Jace (Coby Bell - Showdown At Area 51 ) begins to have his doubts about his work as a Purifier.

    The Gifted The Gifted [Season 2, Episode 16] oMens
    Shown 26 Feb 19

    This starts with a flashback to five years previously, when a massive loss of life started the anti-mutant paranoia.

    In the modern day, Polaris ( Emma Dumont ) and Andy have returned to the Mutant Underground. Reeva Payge ( Grace Gealey ) makes a call to the Purifiers, and tips them off to where the Mutant Underground is hiding out. Jace (Coby Bell - Showdown At Area 51 ) gets his chance at revenge.

    Esme Frost ( Skyler Samuels ) and her sisters kidnap the strucker children. Their plan is to use them as the new Fenris, and to destroy the Sentinal Services skyscraper. Of course, in this kind of story there are often massive 9/11-style events that have absolutely no consequences for the characters.

    The Mutant Underground survivors go after the Inner Circle. They stage a full frontal assault on the enemy HQ. The final confrontation is between Reeva and Mr Strucker. Well, he had to be useful for something.

    There is a final scene that leads the survivors off on a new adventure. This could be the next Season, in some kind of post-apocalyptic world. Like Futureman .