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Season 1

Fear Itself Fear Itself [Season 1, Episode 1] The Sacrifice
Shown 05/Jun/08

A van-full of crooks get stranded in a snowy wilderness. They seek refuge at a wooden fort, inhabited by 3 beautiful sisters (including Rachel Miner ). Unfortunately, there is something else living there too.

Fear Itself Fear Itself [Season 1, Episode 2] Spooked
Shown 12/Jun/08

A hard-nosed Police Detective gets kicked off the force when he tortures a crook to save a kidnapped boy. He becomes a sleazy Private Eye.

A dozen years later, the PI is hired to do a stakeout. But the house he is keeping watch from is haunted ...

Fear Itself Fear Itself [Season 1, Episode 3] Family Man
Shown 19/Jun/08

The Sheriff from Eureka has loving wife and kids. Then he is in a car crash, and wakes up in the body of a man suspected of being a serial killer.

The ep works because of the excellent performances of the bodyswap leads. The gradual descent from perfect father to psycho is chilling.

Fear Itself Fear Itself [Season 1, Episode 4] In Sickness and in Health
Shown 26/Jun/08

This ep was written by Victor Salva (best known for Jeepers Creepers ) and directed by John Landis (the man behind American Werewolf in London ).

A beautiful young woman is getting married to the guy from Psych. She gets an anonymous note saying the person you are marrying is a serial killer. As a result she runs around in the shadows a lot, dodging dodgy types like the priest William B. Davis ( X-Files ) and the groom's twin uncles (both played by Marshall Bell - Total Recall ). The real stand-out is the groom himself, who is exceedingly creepy.

As a side note, there is some nice casting at work. The bride is Maggie Lawson and the groom is James Roday her co-star and love interest in Psych. At time of writing this, they are still a couple in Real Life.

Fear Itself Fear Itself [Season 1, Episode 5] Eater
Shown 03/Jul/08

A cannibalistic Cajun serial-killer is placed in a Police holding cell. Then the cops all pack up and go home for the night. All except a couple of gits and a female rookie - the Last girl.

The Last Girl gets creeped out as the paranoia factor is slowly increased. Are her fellow cops playing a cruel initiation prank on her? Or is the Eater using voodoo to swap bodies?

Luckily the Police sergeant is the token Black detective from Grimm .

Fear Itself Fear Itself [Season 1, Episode 6] New Year's Day
Shown 17/Jul/08

A young woman wakes up on New Year's Day, unable to remember the previous night's party. But the world is in the wake of a Zombie Apocalypse!

As she staggers through the streets, trying to get to her boyfriend's house, she recalls the events of the night before. Eventually she remembers a shocking event that puts a new twist on events ...

Fear Itself Fear Itself [Season 1, Episode 7] Community
Shown 24/Jul/08

Young married couple Brandon Routh ( Superman Returns ) and Shiri Appleby buy a house in a beautiful suburban gated community. However, Routh soon discovers the place is a bit like Stepford ...

Rules of family life are enforced by a council of residents. The punishments are medieval in nature, breaking the US constitution's Cruel and unusual rule.

Fear Itself Fear Itself [Season 1, Episode 8] Skin & Bones
Shown 31/Jul/08

A family is snowed in on their remote ranch in rural USA. When they send out a party on foot, only one man returns. His skin is pasty and pale, his eyes sunken, his gums retracted to reveal his teeth. He looks just like a zombie. Naturally, the white folk are genre-blind and cannot see the signs. Luckily there is a wise old Native American man who knows the legend of the Wendigo. Like in Ravenous .

Fear Itself Fear Itself [Season 1, Episode 9] Something With Bite

A serial killer is stalking the city of Milwalkee. Some enormous animal, like a bear or a wolf that walks on two legs. And the local vet (McNulty's partner from The Wire) encounters just such a beast. Despite supposedly being an expert animal handler, he gets a bite ...

Our hero's newfound lease on life turns him from zero to hero. He mends his slobbish ways, and becomes a better husband and father. It looks like getting the bite was the best thing that ever happened to him.

His enquiries into the serial killings lead him to encounter George Buzo ( Mutant X: Season 3 ) and an annoying police detective.

Fear Itself Fear Itself [Season 1, Episode 10] Chance

A loser spends his life savings (and a lot of borrowed money) on a vase. He takes it to Antiques dealer Vondie Curtis-Hall ( ), who tells him it is not worth what he paid. Then things turn violent ...

The protagonist's mirror self, his darker side, realises that he must kill off everyone who knows his secret. This never ends well!

Fear Itself Fear Itself [Season 1, Episode 11] The Spirit Box

A couple of High School girls from Secret Circle hold a seance with a home-made Ouiji Board. They get a message that a girl at their school had been murdered. Their main suspect is a creepy teacher (Lucifer from Supernatural ).

Fear Itself Fear Itself [Season 1, Episode 12] Echoes

A 20-something Grad student (Aaron Stanford - 12 Monkeys ) moves into new digs. But the place seems filled with memories of its one-time owners, a thug (Eric Balfour - Haven ) and his girlfriend. The student mentions this to his psychiatrist (yes, he is ALREADY undergoing psychotherapy). Hypnotic Regression reveals that the student is the reincarnation of the thug. And his personality changes completely as he starts to act out his memories of the thug's life.

Fear Itself Fear Itself [Season 1, Episode 13] The Circle

Victoria Pratt is a vengeful witch who has her coven cast a spell on her ex-BF (Jonathan Schaech - Roadhouse 2).

The ex, his new GF ( Ashley Scott ), his agent and editor all meet up at a cliched Cabin In The Woods . He is a best-selling horror writer, and the coven has made his book's monstrous Fog Come alive to kill him (and his associates).





Fear Itself

Fear Itself Fear Itself [Season 1, Episode 10]
Shown th October 2010 [Wednesday]

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