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The Librarians

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The Librarians The Librarian [TV Movie 1] Quest For The Spear

Reviewed in our special supplement

The Librarians The Librarian [TV Movie 2] Return to King Solomon's Mines

This was written by Dean Devlin ( ID4 ), and directed by Jonathan Frakes ( Clockstoppers ).

Flynn the Librarian (Noah Wyle - Falling Skies ) has problems. He has split up with Sonya Walger (the love interest from the previous film, Quest for the Spear ). Now he is in danger of living the life of a celibate monk. Luckily, our hero goes on a mission and bumps into a hot lady archaeologist ( Gabrielle Anwar ).

We discover that the Librarian's father died mysteriously, and the dead man's best friend was Robert Foxworthy ( Babylon 5 ). Will this give our hero a compulsory personal motive to do his actual job?

The Librarians The Librarian [TV Movie 3] Quest for the Judas Chalice

Flynn the Librarian (Noah Wyle - Falling Skies ) has problems. He has split up with Gabrielle Anwar (the love interest from the previous film, Return to King Solomon's Mines ). Now he is in danger of living the life of a celibate monk. His superiors send him for a vacation in New Orleans.

By incredible coincidence, our hero bumps into Simone ( Stana Katic ). She is on the run from some ex-KGB thugs.

The villains have kidnapped Professor Bruce Davison ( X-Men ). They want to get the Judas Chalice, so they can create an army of vampire super-soldiers. Apparently the backstory of Dracula 2000 has been maintained, giving vamps a supernatural basis in the Xian mythology.

Season 1

The Librarians The Librarians [Season 1, Episode 1] And the Crown of King Arthur
Shown 07/Dec/14

Flynn the Librarian (Noah Wyle - Falling Skies ) is appointed a new Guardian; the role that Sonya Walger filled in the original TV movie. This one is a female SWAT team commander - Eve Baird ( Rebecca Romjin ).

Someone is killing off the candidates who Noah beat for the role of Librarian, ten years previously. Our heroes recruit the three survivors; a synaesthesia savant named Cassandra ( Lindy Booth ), a cowboy genius (Christian Kane - Angel ) and a thief (token Oriental person). Together, the new Library staff must beat the murderous Lesley-Ann Brandt .

The Librarians The Librarians [Season 1, Episode 2] And the Sword in the Stone
Shown 07/Dec/14

Our heroes travel to England, where they discover that the gem they seek is held in the same vault as the Crown Jewels. And when they defeat that security, they then have to infiltrate Buck House while Betty Saxe-Coburg-Gotha hosts a party. Worse, the arch-villain (Matt Frewer - Max Headroom ) is in attendance.

The bad guys are the serpent brotherhood. They want to bring magic back to the world; but such a powerful tool will eventually corrupt its users and in turn be used for evil. After all, look at the dangers of nuclear energy!

This is all a setup for the new TV show. The Library (a precursor to Warehouse 13 ) is lost, but the new team of Librarians must still collect magical artefacts every week.

The Librarians The Librarians [Season 1, Episode 3] And the Horns of a Dilemma
Shown 14/Dec/14

Trish Helfer leads a cabal of office-workers who maintain profits by sacrificing interns to a minotaur. The trainee Librarians volunteer to investigate the disappearances. Rebecca Romjin is reluctant to send them out, since they lack military training. However, she is talked into it by her colleague.

The intern Librarians naturally end up in the Labyrinth. Worse, it turns out to be a state of mind, rather than a physical place. Luckily, Christian Kane still has his tough-guy persona from Leverage.

Cassandra ( Lindy Booth ) may look like a red-headed version of Claudia from Relic Hunter (where she also entered the Labyrinth), albeit without the cleavage. However, she is a synaesthesia savant whose 3-d mathematics are displayed visually for the audience at home.

The Librarians The Librarians [Season 1, Episode 4] And Santa's Midnight Run
Shown 21/Dec/14

Santa (Bruce Campbell - Evil Dead ) is in trouble. The Serpent Brotherhood are after him.

The Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) tries to send the Serpent brotherhood off the scent by using Cassandra ( Lindy Booth ) and the Chinese guy as decoys. Since they have absolutely no means of self-defence this means they are as good as dead, but she does not care. Also, she gives them Santa’s magic hat to help the decoy manoeuvre. If she had bothered to ask Santa or the guy back in HQ, they could have told her that this would split Santa’s powers between himself and whoever wore the hat, essentially compromising both of them. This is a good way of preventing Deus Ex Machina by having the artefact make the characters super-powerful, but at the same time it makes the Guardian look like a complete idiot for nearly getting the whole team (and Santa) killed in a completely avoidable way!

The Librarians The Librarians [Season 1, Episode 5] And the Apple of Discord
Shown 28/Dec/14

The Dragons have been awakened, causing earthquakes worldwide. They send a representative (Cary-Hiro Taganawa – Babylon 5 ) to the library for an official meeting.

Flynn (Noah Wyle - Falling Skies ) is back! He leads the team on this week's quest.

An evil apple is in play. Well, all it does is unleash the repressed desires of the victim. Naturally, the protagonists each get affected by it. Cassandra ( Lindy Booth ) takes out the assassin ( Lesley-Ann Brandt ) without breaking a sweat.

The Librarians The Librarians [Season 1, Episode 6] And the Fables of Doom
Shown 04/Jan/15

A monster is discovered living below a bridge. By the time the Librarians turn up, the sun has risen and the monster has turned to stone. They seem to take forever to reach the natural conclusion - it is from the Grimm fairytale of the Billy-Goats Gruff!

The town librarian (Rene Auberjonais – Star Trek: DS9 ) is reading a book of fairy tales to a sick girl in hospital. This would be the obvious place to look, given the traits of this particular artefact. Instead, the crew hang around and pad the plot out.

The magic starts to affect the team in predictable ways. While the show itself is a copy of Warehouse 13 , the actors all revert to their stereotypes in previous shows. Elliott – oops, Christian Kane – is the hard-ass axe-wielding wolf-slaying woodsman. Claudia – oops, Cassie ( Lindy Booth ) - is a ditzy little princess. Ezekiel Jones, the Chinese-Australian guy, is an arrogant jerk. In fact, these are exactly the same stereotypes they reverted to in the previous episode, when they were possessed by different magic.

The Librarians The Librarians [Season 1, Episode 7] And the Rule of Three
Shown 11/Jan/15

The next mission is at a STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, medicine) convention – basically a High School science faire. Cassandra ( Lindy Booth ) is in her element, since she competed in such contests when she was slightly younger. Jake (Christian Kane - Angel ) shows his softer side as he bonds with one of the kids. This evokes some of the better stories in Leverage, when Elliott showed depth of character.

Someone has involved a magical artefact. Bad things start happening to the contestants. Luckily, the lady running the event ( Alicia Witt ) plays along with the cover story.

The contestants include Sin from Arrow , so we know she will be important in the climax.

The Librarians The Librarians [Season 1, Episode 8] And the Heart of Darkness
Shown 11/Jan/15

The team go looking for a glitch in the ley lines in the Czech Republic. They discover a mysterious house, and Jake notices that the architecture is anachronistically American. A Final Girl tells the team that a mysterious figure attacked her friends, so our heroes must go in and save everyone.

Cassie ( Lindy Booth ) is ordered to nursemaid the tweenage girl. However, she prefers to shirk her duty so she can have adventures like the boys. The idea of teamwork or looking out for the others does not come into her head. Instead, she complains that either she is not trusted (because of the previous betrayal) or that she is over-protected (because of the brain tumour). It makes you wish for the Evil Cassie from the Apple of Discord episode, who was more effective and efficient (and sexy, let’s face it).

The Librarians The Librarians [Season 1, Episode 9] And the City of Light
Shown 18/Jan/15

The team go to an American town where a UFOlogist has gone missing. Was he abducted by alien invaders? Is the town full of Body-Snatchers ?

Elliot (or whatever the Christian Kane guy is called) falls for the local archivist. Well, she is the nearest thing they have to a town librarian.

The Librarians The Librarians [Season 1, Episode 10] And the Loom of Fate
Shown 18/Jan/15

Flynn (Noah Wyle - Falling Skies ) is back, and he has a plan to rescue the Library from oblivion. It turns out that the missions that Jenkins (John Larroquette - Almost Human ) sent the trainees on were also opportunities to amass a series of artefacts that are essential to the plan. By combining the artefacts, they open the gateway to oblivion.

Unfortunately, Mr DuLac is one step ahead. He wants to get access to the title artefact, the Loom of Fate (like in Xena: Warrior Princess ) and rewrite history. But if Camelot never fell …

The Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) travels through different time-lines, where each of the trainees in turn was Librarian. Elliot is a fighter, like in Leverage. The Asian-American is a scientist, yet another racial stereotype (although since the character is normally a thief, this is an improvement of sorts). And Cassie ( Lindy Booth ) lives in a world of Dragons, where Lamia ( Lesley-Ann Brandt ) is the new Guardian. Yes, in all time-lines Ms Romjin died ...

DuLac’s identity is revealed, although it was obvious anyway. His younger self looks like Romjin's RL husband Jerry O’Connell ( Sliders ), which is a nice touch. And we also discover Jenkins’ true identity too.





The Librarians

The Librarians The Librarians [Season 4 , Episode 1 ]

Reviewed in our special supplement The Librarians

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    Season 2

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 2, Episode 1] And the Drowned Book
    Shown 01 Nov 15

    The Librarian (Noah Wyle – Falling Skies ) and the Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) are still doing missions together, with dialogue from The Mummy series and scenes reminiscent of Raiders Of The Lost Ark . But on their next mission they bump into the Junior Librarians, as there are four separate artefacts under the same roof!

    The artefacts are not there by chance, because a mastermind needs them all for a specific purpose. It turns out that the villains of the week are characters magically created from fictional works – like in Inkheart .

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 2, Episode 2] And the Broken Staff
    Shown 01 Nov 15

    The villains this time are fictional characters from great works of literature. Our heroes forget that their own HQ is in a library, where great works of literature are stored. Therefore it takes almost no effort at all for the villains to infiltrate the library and to take it over.

    Prospero unleashes two new minions on the Librarians. This show is turning into Once Upon A Time , although this time the Fictionals are based on the actual characters in the literature rather than just taken from the Walt Disney version of them. One is the monster from Frankenstein , a well-built man with unpleasant facial scarring. The other is the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland , although instead of the tradition Queen Victoria type figure this one is an athletic supermodel in a skimpy costume. Okay, she does not owe as much to the original book as the Monster does.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 2, Episode 3] And What Lies Beneath the Stones
    Shown 08 Nov 15

    Mysterious goings-on occur at a pipeline construction site on ancient Native American caves in Oklahoma. Flynn (Noah Wyle - Falling Skies ) is off-screen hunting for artefacts, and the Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) is catching up on paperwork. This means the three junior Librarians are sent off together as a team again.

    Jake Stone (Christian Kane - Angel ) discovers that the foreman in charge of the construction is his estranged father (Jeff Fahy – Lost ). Naturally, the two must overcome their differences. The freak of the week is a Trickster demon, which can shapeshift into anyone nearby. It feeds on lies, so it can only be fought with truths. This gives everyone an excuse to open their hearts and express their true feelings.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 2, Episode 4] And the Cost of Education
    Shown 15 Nov 15

    The team get called to investigate mysterious disappearances at Wexler University. This is the place that was the inspiration behind HP Lovecraft ‘s Miskatonic University. One in five students and faculty members mysteriously transfers out in the middle of the night and is never seen again. It turns out that a tentacle creature from another dimension is attacking smug, arrogant people. Luckily the Librarians have the Australian ego-maniac to act as bait.

    Last week was a Stone-centric episode. This time Cassie ( Lindy Booth ) gets a chance to shine. She makes friends with another nerdy girl who has an interest in science and magic – yes, now there are two of them! Also, she bumps into Beth Riesgraf (Christian Kane’s co-star from Leverage) and discovers that she has a destiny. This is linked in to the Arthurian theme of the previous Season.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 2, Episode 5] And the Hollow Men
    Shown 22 Nov 15

    Flynn (Noah Wyle - Falling Skies ) is back, but he gets trapped with an amnesiac who has been stalking the library crew.

    The Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) and the three junior Librarians must team up with Moriarty again.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 2, Episode 6] And the Infernal Contract
    Shown 29 Nov 15

    A young woman is abducted by mystical means. Flynn (Noah Wyle - Falling Skies ) is off-screen hunting for artefacts, and the Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) is catching up on her social life. This means the three junior Librarians are sent off together as a team again.

    The missing girl is an intern in the political campaign of a small-town mayoral candidate. He is one of Starbuck's love interests in BSG 2003 , and he is also the old friend that the Guardian took time off to help. Is he involved in the magical goings-on, or is he too incorruptible to be tempted?

    The antagonist of the week is a devilish entity who offers Faustian deals. He is a trickster of phenomenal power, and the actor John Delancie ( Star Trek: TNG ) is at his best playing this archetype. The episode was directed by a fellow Trek alum, Jonathan Frakes.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 2, Episode 7] And the Image of Image
    Shown 06 Dec 15

    Jake Stone (Christian Kane - Angel ) and Cassie ( Lindy Booth ) are in London when they witness a supernatural occurance. Everything is traced back to a particular night-club. The Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) and the three junior Librarians must go undercover as nightclubbers.

    The bouncer refuses to let Stone into the club, instead challenging him to an intellectual debate as to whose homeland has more great writers. Stone claims that Seamus Heaney and James Joyce were both Irish rather than British, apparently unaware that Britain is a union of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. More importantly, both were born in areas that were at that time under UK jurisdiction. As was Oscar Wilde, who is not mentioned in this context.

    The mystery centres around a young man who does not show the effects of any drugs. Neither does he age or bear the effects of trauma. However, these effects are borne out on people who had their photo taken in the club - like in The Picture of Dorian Gray .

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 2, Episode 8] And the Point of Salvation
    Shown 13 Dec 15

    The team go to a research lab where the research staff are Fast Zombies. However, when the artefact is disconnected they discover they are trapped in a Groundhog Day time loop.

    Ezekiel Jones is the only one who can remember the reset. He has to work out a way of getting everyone through the building. However, the emotional strain of seeing his friends get repeatedly killed starts to take a mental toll on the thieving little git.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 2, Episode 9] And the Happily Ever Afters
    Shown 20 Dec 15

    The Librarians all finally get their happy ending. However, they all end up stuck together in a remote town in rural USA. Can they give up the lives they always wanted and return to work as interns in the Library?

    It turns out they have been summoned by Ariel ( Hayley McLaughlin ). She delivers a show-stealing performance, it would be nice to see her more often. However, this show rarely re-uses guest characters.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 2, Episode 10] And the Final Curtain
    Shown 27 Dec 15

    The villains have successfully changed the world. The Librarian (Noah Wyle – Falling Skies ) and the Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) borrow a Time Machine from the Library's appropriate storage room. Cassie ( Lindy Booth ) uncovers a Police Box ( Doctor Who ) and a DeLorean ( Back to the Future ).

    The Librarian and Guardian go back to Shakespeare's time, to the first staging of The Tempest. Eve stands out because she is a foot taller than every other woman in the period, so she has to pass herself off as a very tall boy. The Librarian tries to speak in the local dialect, but nobody in this entire episode gets the accent right so it is a waste of time. The Elizabethan/Jacobean era preceded the vowel shift, so the accent would have been closer to Ulster-Scots than anything else. In fact, the cast's everyday pseudo-Canadian tones would be closer to a Jacobean accent than the modern-day Received Pronunciation accents the yankees adopt in historical shows.

    Moriarty offers to help the good guys. Will he finally get to properly romance The Guardian? He offers them a simple plan to save the world, but since he is a super-villain it will require a certain moral flexability. Are they prepared to kill the greatest playwright the English-speaking world ever produced? This is a moot point, because Kit Marlowe was assassinated in 1593 and by the reign of King James the Sixth and First he had already been dead for over a decade. However, they could assassinate Shakespeare instead, and thus prevent Prospero from conquering the world.

    The previous Season was about stopping DuLac from bringing back Camelot. However, since Eve is the new Lady in the Lake and the Librarian is the new wielder of Excalibur, they have basically re-established the Knights of the Round Table.

    Season 3

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 3, Episode 1] And the Rise of Chaos
    Shown 20 Nov 16

    There is a brief intro skit which allows the team to show off their individual skills. They beat up some Druid priests and steal a magic tablet from The Wicker Man .

    Meanwhile, at the pyramids in Egypt a man uncovers an ancient sarcophagus and gets possessed by a parasitic entity that poses as a god. Well, the series is written and produced by Dean Devlin, one of the creators of Stargate . This particular god is Ahab, and although he may no be pursuing Moby Dick there is still an important scene aboard a submarine. Like all museum vehicles in movies, it is fully armed and fueled.

    The events are being monitored by a group of US Government MIBs, the Department of Statistical Anomalies. Presumably they want to capture the artefacts, although they would need somewhere special to store them. At least Warehouse 13 had a supernatural history to the institution that the US Federal Government worked with.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 3, Episode 2] And the Fangs of Death
    Shown 27 Nov 16

    Charlene ( Jane Curtin ) goes missing, and it looks like Ahab is responsible. The Librarians alter the teleportation doorway (a kind of Stargate ) to take them to her position. The good news is, it works - kind of. The bad news is they end up trapped in an underground supercollider where some of the workers have been turned into werewolves.

    Eve the Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) gets left behind with Jenkins (John Larroquette - Almost Human ). Together they must find a way to rescue the others. Luckily she still has her credentials as a Colonel in NATO.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 3, Episode 3] And the Reunion of Evil
    Shown 04 Dec 16

    Jake Stone (Christian Kane - Angel ) and Cassandra Cillian ( Lindy Booth ) go off to retrieve a magic crystal from an ice cave. However, someone interferes and Cassie decides (against all good advice) to use magic. Remember - Magic comes at a price, Dearie!

    The bickering duo seek shelter at a nearby hotel. The place is host to a reunion party, so Jake poses as one of the attendees. He does a really good job of blending in - speaking the old Norse languages, playing dangerous games ...

    Cassie has the magic crystal embedded in her chest. And she discovers that the people who want it are the Ice Giants - like in The Almighty Johnsons .

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 3, Episode 4] And the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
    Shown 11 Dec 16

    Eve the Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) and the two male Librarians wake up in a mysterious labyrinth. They try to piece together the events that got them there.

    The Guardian had been cursed with a prophecy. A supernatural being called the Reaper would claim her soul.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 3, Episode 5] And the Tears of a Clown
    Shown 18 Dec 16

    Just like in the previous story, the Librarians have gone missing so Jenkins (John Larroquette - Almost Human ) must come looking for them. He follows the trail to a mysterious carnival.

    The Ringmaster (Sean Astin - Lord of the Rings ) is a lonely individual who just wants to be loved. Will the Librarians talk sense to him, or just brutally murder him?

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 3, Episode 6] And the Trial of the Triangle
    Shown 25 Dec 16

    This episode was written and directed by Noah Wyle ( Falling Skies ), and is focused mainly on his character, Flynn. However it is actually one of the best so far this Season.

    Flynn traces the most powerful artefact they need to defeat Ahab. Unfortunately it was aboard a ship that was lost in the Bermuda Triangle. The Librarians decide to smuggle their magical devices onto the next commercial plane due to crash in the Triangle. Of course, it is a Venezuelan airliner. Somehow our heroes get by with a plan that the Leverage team would laugh at. However, despite the Venezuelan security people being easily fooled there is a DOSA Agent conducting surveillance on the Librarians.

    The magic mcguffin is guarded by an elderly librarian (Morgan Sheppard - seaQuest DSV ) who constructed a pocket universe based on the works of Lewis Carroll . The poor man has been trapped there for a century and a half, which would have driven a normal person completely insane a long time ago, but presumably he just really likes it.

    Flynn faces a series of tests. He must confront his own inadequacies as a teacher.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 3, Episode 7] And the Curse of Cindy
    Shown 2th January 2017

    The Librarians investigate a Cult centred around a young woman named Cyndi. She sprays herself with perfume when she wants to influence people, so for some reason the Librarians suspect she might have a magic statue.

    Cyndi's cultists include a SWAT team of DOSA goons. Worse, they have a big missile that they are prepping to launch.

    Cyndi is a lonely individual who just wants to be loved. Basically she is the female version of the Ringmaster in The Librarians [Season 3, Episode 5] And the Tears of a Clown. So, will the Librarians talk sense to her, or just brutally murder her?

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 3, Episode 8] And the Eternal Question
    Shown 9th January 2017

    The Librarians investigate when people burst into flames on exposure to bright sunlight. They trace the problem back to a health spa, where garlic is mysteriously missing from the menu.

    Jake Stone hates vamps - a reference to the fact that Christian Kane's arch-enemy in Angel was one. Jenkins (John Larroquette - Almost Human ) points out that vampires have been in the show's mythology since The Librarian [TV Movie 3] Quest for the Judas Chalice , and they are not all bad. Flynn (Noah Wyle - Falling Skies ) fell in love with one, although he is not around to share memories of the unhappy ending because he has taken Eve off on a secret mission.

    Cassandra ( Lindy Booth ) was selected as a Librarian because of her superpower - mathematical synesthesia. Then she found out that she was a Lady of the Lake. Now she gets the chance to become an immortal vampire. Unfortunately her superpower was caused by the incurable brain tumour that is killing her. She went to incredible lengths to bring magic back so she could be saved. Now she seems to want a science-based solution such as a surgical procedure.

    Cassandra's love life is also of interest this week. She tries to date Jenkins, which is completely out of the blue. Naturally he turns her down, because of the age gap. He is immortal, after all, and unless she becomes a vamp this could be a problem. Also, he promised to a woman while he was still human, and a knight can never break a promise. That said, never takes on an entirely new meaning when one becomes immortal. Luckily, Cassandra develops another potential love interest by the end of the episode. And this one is also completely unexpected.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 3, Episode 9] And the Fatal Separation
    Shown 16th January 2017

    This episode takes place at least two months after the previous one. Jake (Christian Kane - Angel ) has spent the time in Shangri-La, learning martial arts from Monkey himself. This version of him has a prehensile tail, but he is still our favourite Great Sage, Equal of Heaven.

    A gang of Ninjas invade the compound. Flynn (Noah Wyle - Falling Skies ) brings the team in to save everyone. The good news is, they find out what happened to Charlene ( Jane Curtin ). The bad news is, Jake must face off against his Sifu.

    Cassandra ( Lindy Booth ) was worried that she would lose her superpower. In fact it has now gotten stronger, but it is harder to control. Also, her dress sense (which appeared at the end of the previous episode) has vanished again. Luckily she spends most of the episode in disguise, so she still looks great.

    Eve the Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) gets captured and interrogated by her former superior - Vanessa Williams . They apparently served together in the military, which is probably code for starring together in Ugly Betty. Williams is now head of DOSA, and completely mistrusts the Library's ability to safeguard dangerous artefacts. Not without good cause, to be fair. She does not propse a joint enterprise like Warehouse 13 , because she has her own plan.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 3, Episode 10] And the Wrath of Chaos
    Shown 23rd January 2017

    Eve the Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) makes a deal with her superior - General Vanessa Williams , head of DOSA. The Feds can have the Library and the artefacts, as long as they let the Librarians go.

    The Junior Team are lured out on a wild goose chase. Meanwhile, the DOSA SWAT team capture the Library.

    The General has Eypep's sarcophagus under lock and key. She claims it is protected against all forms of magic ... but she does not realise that magic is all about the unknown. Naturally, it is all about to go wrong.

    Jenkins (John Larroquette - Almost Human ) is captured and taken to the DOSA facility, which looks like Warehouse 13 . The junior team try to rescue him, but his prison has been Librarian-proofed.

    This all leads up to a climactic confrontation. Can the Librarians defeat Eypep without losing one of their own in a human sacrifice? And since DOSA has already invested billions of dollars in a massive warehouse, can they afford to shut down their entire Department?

    Season 4

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 4, Episode 1] And The Dark Secret
    Shown 14/12/17

    Eve the Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) and Flynn (Noah Wyle - Falling Skies ) are preparing for a special ceremony. They are not just getting married to each other, but they are getting tethered to the Library.

    A secret vatican sect finds one of the four cornerstones of the original library - the Library of Alexandria! Founded in the Seventeenth Century to fight the Enlightenment, they are led by the Monseigneur (John Noble - Sleepy Hollow ).

    Jenkins (John Larroquette - Almost Human ) has a horrible secret. In a cell in the Annexe basement is a prisoner - Flynn's first guardian, Nicole ( Rachel Nichols ). This is the same character from the first movie, Quest For The Spear , and although the original actress has been replaced by a North American the English accent has been retained.

    Jenkins claims that Nicole has been driven insane by centuries of immortality, although the fact he kept her chained up in the basement for a hundred years might also be a factor. Prolonged periods of solitary confinement are a form of torture, and definitely qualify as a cruel and unusual punishment. However, now Flynn must trust the mentally unstable Nicole if he wants to save the Library from destruction.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 4, Episode 2] And The Steal Of Fortune
    Shown 4th Jan 2018

    Jake (Christian Kane - Angel ) visits an old friend, only to discover that his whole town has been hit by an incredible amount of bad luck. The beneficiaries of this luck seem to be a casino owner (Richard Kind - Gotham ) and his Moll ( Sunny Mabry ).

    Once again, the Librarians take on a one-off villain who wants to better their own life. Rather than try to talk to the person (the Jean-Luc Picard approach) they adopt a more confrontational manner (the James T. Kirk method). They do not have a jail, but they are happy to kill people or imprison them inside an artefact and then lock it in storage for an eternity. Nobody should be surprised at Nicole's fate in the previous episode.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 4, Episode 3] And The Christmas Thief
    Shown 21st Dec 2017

    This is a sequel to The Librarians [Season 1, Episode 4] And Santa's Midnight Run . Santa (Bruce Campbell - Evil Dead ) has invited Eve the Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) and Flynn (Noah Wyle - Falling Skies ) on vacation with him. The junior Librarians are left in charge of Santa's rocket-sled.

    Ezekiel Jones pays a visit to his foster-mother. She raised him and his three foster-sisters (Charity, Honor and Mercy) to be thieves. Now, instead of Xmas they celebrate Thanks-Taking. This is a celebration in honour of Santa's brother, the patron saint of thieves.

    Mrs Jones steals the Library's globe that makes the magic doors work. She then steals from the Governor of the Bank of Thieves (Steven Weber - Helix: Season 2 ). Ezekiel and the junior team catch up with her. However, the magic door globe overheats - so the Librarians have to return the stolen item the old-fashioned way. This means breaking into the thieves' vault.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 4, Episode 4] And The Silver Screen
    Shown 28th Dec 2017

    Eve the Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) and Flynn (Noah Wyle - Falling Skies ) were off on vacation in the previous episode. Now they spend an evening in a movie theatre, watching a classic film noir detective story. Unfortunately they gets magically trapped inside the film.

    The dynamic duo must work through the movie's storyline in order to get out. Luckily Eve is a big fan, and knows it word for word. She reminds Flynn that this was before the Lara Croft era, back in the days when men did the punching and women did the sleuthing.

    The Junior team try to get into the film noir. They end up in a technicolour musical western instead. Jake Stone (Christian Kane - Angel ) gets to sing a guitar song. Well, Kane is a singer-songwriter in his own right.

    Jenkins (John Larroquette - Almost Human ) is stuck with the cinema owner ( Gloria Rebuens ), who is also the daughter of the film-director.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 4, Episode 5] And The Bleeding Crown
    Shown 11th Jan 2018

    The Librarians investigate a town where everyone has become very old. They team up with another Librarian, the one from the 1890s who has time-traveled into the future. His villainous counterpart, the Moriarty to his Holmes, used the crown of Elizabeth Bathory to cause the aging curse.

    As always in this kind of thing, the curse affects some of the good guys. Eve and the junior team get super-aged. Flynn and his new best friend must defeat the bad guy and save the others.

    The Victorian Librarian was Flynn's childhood hero. Unfortunately this puts Flynn in the same position as Marty McFly in Back To The Future . He knows when his friend will die ... but warning him may change history.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 4, Episode 6] And The Grave Of Time
    Shown 18th Jan 2018

    A suspicious-looking Russian (Christopher Heyerdahl - Stargate: Atlantis ) and his gang are digging up the fake graves of the false identities used by Nicole ( Rachel Nichols ). He is after a series of keys she hid in them.

    Nicole tries to get to her old graves before the Russians can find them. Eve the Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) is keeping tabs on her, and the two women must team up together.

    Jenkins (John Larroquette - Almost Human ) and Flynn (Noah Wyle - Falling Skies ) go looking for the two Guardians. Flynn is worried about the threat of a Librarian Civil War, as predicted by the Victorian Librarian in the previous episode. Jenkins is more worried about Nicole, whose agenda is unclear. Meanwhile the B-Team are left in charge of the Library, and they do not even get a sub-plot.

    It turns out that one of Nicole's friends before her capture was Gregori Rasputin himself. Despite the newly-resurgent Russian Orthodox Church considering him for sainthood, here is is portrayed as a wicked magician who was responsible for the murders of the Romanov dynasty.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 4, Episode 7] And The Disenchanted Forest
    Shown 25th Jan 2018

    Eve the Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) takes the junior Librarians on a team-building exercise. This brings out her competitive side. Worse,one of the other teams is from DOSA and they are equally competitive against her.

    Cassandra ( Lindy Booth ) plays lots of practical jokes on Ezekiel. It turns out that since she grew up with a brain tumour she was something of a bubble kid, and her idea of summer-camp is taken from 1980s comedy films. It is a bit strange that this immature side of her personality has not emerged in the previous two years.

    Jake Stone (Christian Kane - Angel ) gets a love interest, a young South Asian woman. She is smart enough to realise that there is something wrong at the camp. People go mysteriously missing ...

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 4, Episode 8] And The Hidden Sanctuary
    Reviewed 1st Feb 2018

    Cassandra ( Lindy Booth ) grew up with a brain tumour she was something of a bubble kid Now she wants to go out and live a normal life for a change. It is a bit strange that this immature side of her personality has not emerged in the previous two years.

    Cassie goes to live in a town called Havenport. The name is reminiscent of Haven , although it is land-locked so it is not a port. She chose it because it was the safest town in the world. What she does not realise is that it is TOO safe. Luckily, her land-lady's teenage son points out the statistical impossibility.

    Since Flynn is not in the cast this episode, that allows Noah Wyle ( Falling Skies ) the chance to direct the episode.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 4, Episode 9] And a Town Called Feud
    Shown 17 Jan 18
    Reviewed 8th Feb 2018

    Eve the Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) takes Jake Stone (Christian Kane - Angel ) and Ezekiel to a town in MidWest USA. Apparently the place is haunted by ghosts of the US Civil War. The whole town is basically a tourist trap, and its only business is a historical festival run by the town's museum.

    Cassandra ( Lindy Booth ) stays back with Jenkins (John Larroquette - Almost Human ). He is having trouble adjusting to being human again after over a dozen centuries of immortality. She has also been adjusting to the idea of having an average human life-span, after her lethal brain-tumour was removed a few years ago.

    The theme of the episode is brother-against-brother civil War. Cassie and Jenkins explore the Library's records in order to locate the letters of the only joint-Librarians in history. If they can find out why that partnership failed, they can avert a future war between the Librarians.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 4, Episode 10] And Some Dude Named Jeff
    Shown 24 Jan 18
    Reviewed 15th Feb 2018

    This episode was directed by Lindy Booth . It is notable because Cassie and the other Librarians are mostly sidelined for the whole episode.

    Jenkins (John Larroquette - Almost Human ) wakes up in another man's body.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 4, Episode 11] And the Trial of the One
    Shown 31 Jan 18
    Reviewed 21st Feb 2018

    The Library holds Jenkins (John Larroquette - Almost Human ) hostage, and forces the three Librarians to fight until there is only one left. To do this, it puts each into their own worst nightmare.

    Cassie relives a time at camp, when she was harrassed by other kids. Jake and Ezekiel are two of the harassers.

    Ezekiel is on a chain gang. Jake is a dangerous convict, in a Hannibal style mask, and Cassie is a sexy prison guard.

    Jake is a confronted by a wicked witch and her henchman. Yes, under the masks are Cassie and Ezekiel.

    The Librarians The Librarians [Season 4, Episode 12] And the Echoes of Memory
    Shown 07 Feb 18
    Reviewed 28th Feb 2018

    The Library has been removed from history. Unfortunately this has also removed all creativity from the human spirit. The result is a bland dystopia, devoid of variety or choice. This centrally-planned economy is run by The Company, which means this is a very strange mix of Capitalism and Communism.

    Eve the Guardian ( Rebecca Romjin ) must find Flynn (Noah Wyle - Falling Skies ) and restore the Library.