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Blood & Treasure (2019) Blood & Treasure (2019) [Season 1, Episode 1] The Curse of Cleopatra Part I
Shown 21 May 19

Dr. Ana Castilla ( Alicia Coppola ) discovers the tomb of Anthony and Cleopatra. It is inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, something so unlikely it is lampshaded by the characters repeatedly. Karim Farouk (Oded Fehr - The Mummy (1999) ) and his team of terrorists burst in, with SWAT-team weapons and equipment. These are some very well-equipped bad guys, financed by sale of stolen antiquities.

Castilla's financier Jay Reece (John Larroquette - ) hires Danny McNamara (Matt Barr - Sleepy Hollow (2014) ), an ex-FBI Agent who specialises in blood antiquities. Presumably, this is the equivalent to blood diamonds, a label that destroys the economies of war-torn areas.

Danny teams up with an expert thief, Lexi Vaziri ( Sofia Pernas ). She is also his ex-lover, as a series of flashbacks shows their troubled relationship. At a black market get-together they meet a Relic Hunter named Simon Hardwick (James Callis - Battlestar Galactica (2003) ). Interpol Agent Gwen Karlsson ( Katia Winter ), another one of Danny's lover interests, is also in town. Yes, it looks like all the important recurring characters are being introduced in the very first episode.

Blood & Treasure (2019) Blood & Treasure (2019) [Season 1, Episode 2] The Curse of Cleopatra Part II
Shown 21 May 19

After a recap of the story so far, featuring footage that has not been shown in the previous episode, we get a flashback to 1942. Cleopatra's tomb was raided by the Afrika Korps, who somehow got a convoy of trucks hundreds of miles behind British lines. Luckily there is a secret society of Arabs, like the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade .

The protagonists' agenda switches from rescuing the hostage to locating and assassinating the antagonist, Karim Farouk (Oded Fehr - The Mummy (1999) ).

Interpol Agent Gwen Karlsson ( Katia Winter ) gets involved in the plot again. Winter and co-star Matt Barr both appeared in Sleepy Hollow (2014) , but not in the same Seasons. Now they actually have a chance to shine, rather than being relegated to supporting roles.

It turns out that the mysterious third force who are trying to protect Cleopatra's mummy are the Cult of Serapis, led by Julian Richings ( Supernatural ).

Blood & Treasure (2019) Blood & Treasure (2019) [Season 1, Episode 3] Code of the Hawaladar
Shown 28 May 19

The flashback is to Northern France in 1944. The 28th Infantry, US Army Intelligence, interrogates a German Colonel. He is willing to tell them everything he knows about Cleopatra's location. Unfortunately the US Army has been infiltrated by the Brotherhood of Serapis, who murder the German in order to keep him quiet. Luckily for the storyline, he handed over a photo of the mummy which ended up in the US Army Intel archives. It becomes a major plot device.

While in Rome, Danny McNamara (Matt Barr - Sleepy Hollow (2014) ) hangs out in the Vatican apartment of his childhood friend Father Chuck Donnelly (Mark Gagliardi - ). Yes, much like the title character of similar show Hooten And The Lady (2016) ) he was raised in a strict Roman Catholic upbringing.

Interpol Agent Gwen Karlsson ( Katia Winter ) and her team use Shaw as bait to lure out Karim Farouk (Oded Fehr - The Mummy (1999) ).

Lexi Vaziri ( Sofia Pernas ) is normally a kick-ass action babe. Now she has a more realistic fight scene, where she goes head-to-head against a fat old man.

Blood & Treasure (2019) Blood & Treasure (2019) [Season 1, Episode 4] The Secret of Macho Grande
Shown 04 Jun 19

The flashback is to Bavaria, Germany, in 1944. The photo that served as the plot device in the previous episode was taken at Castle Schadelberg, under the purview of the Institute for Occult Warfare. Colonel Steiner and his men tried to get Cleopatra's mummy to safety during an Allied bombing raid. Now the good guys are trying to retrace Steiner's footsteps before Farouk can find and weaponise the mummy.

Our heroes visit the castle and locate the secret basement. It turns out that Cleopatra was targeted by yet another secret society - the Kreisau Circle, a secret society of Germans opposed to the Nazis. Luckily many of the members were Jesuits, so the Vatican might have records on them.

There is a flashback to a few years ago. FBI Agent James McNamara led a raid on Farouk's camp, and rescued Simon Hardwick (James Callis - Battlestar Galactica (2003) ) who had been held hostage for a year. Now Simon has readjusted to his normal life, but the Interpol cops turn up to question him. He had done business with a renegade member of the Brotherhood of Serapis, which means that several different groups might now have him in their sights.

The Cleopatra trail leads to a tank repair depot in a German military base. The whole building has remained untouched since World War Two, which is incredibly hard to believe. Surely it would have been rebuilt or re-used at some time in the last seventy-five years.

Blood & Treasure (2019) Blood & Treasure (2019) [Season 1, Episode 5] The Brotherhood of Serapis
Shown 11 Jun 19

The flashback is to Carcassonne, Southern France, in 1944. Colonel Steiner and his SS troops are escorting the treasure on a train destined for neutral Spain. For some reason they are going to a neutral port so they can transport the cargo by sea ... instead of just using an occupied French port. Anyway, they are intercepted by men in Wehrmacht uniforms. Yes, the Brotherhood of Serapis has assassins on both sides now.

In the main storyline, Lexi ( Sofia Pernas ) makes a deal with the Brotherhood of Serapis. They will enable her to get closer to Farouk (Oded Fehr - The Mummy (1999) ), since he is their mutual enemy.

The Fed and his boss, Jay ( ), turn the Cleopatra treasure over to the Egyptian government. Since Farouk is short of funds, his obvious move is to steal the treasure back and then sell it to the original buyer he had lined up. Yes, he course-corrects back to his original plan. Do the good guys see this coming?

The episode is dedicated to one of the actors, Elia Petschmann, who played one of the German officers. He passed away at the age of only thirty years of age.

Blood & Treasure (2019) Blood & Treasure (2019) [Season 1, Episode 6] The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida
Shown 18 Jun 19

The flashback is to the Andalucia mountains of northern Spain in 1944. With Colonel Steiner out of the way, his loyal SS troopers decide to fight among their own ranks. Some of them want to take the treasure for themselves.

Farouk (Oded Fehr - The Mummy (1999) ) is closer on the trail of Cleo's corpse than the good guys are. He has his men digging in the mountains of Spain. The Mafia somehow find out about this, and send some men in to extort money from the terrorists.

The good guys are on Farouk's trail. They try to find the buyer who purchased the items that were stolen in the previous episode. This means gatecrashing a VIP party, where they run into Simon (James Callis - Battlestar Galactica (2003) ). He offers to help Lexi again.

Our heroes manage to get ahead of Farouk's men for a change. The bad news is that the Mafia also get dragged into the storyline.

Blood & Treasure (2019) Blood & Treasure (2019) [Season 1, Episode 7] Escape from Casablanca
Shown 25 Jun 19

The flashback is to Casablanca in Morocco in 1945. The survivors from Steiner's crew got that far, but before they get their next ship they are stopped by the harbour patrol.

In the main storyline, Danny and Lexi have managed to get ahead of Farouk for a change. However, now Gwen ( Katia Winter ) has turned against them. Instead of using the opportunity to find Cleopatra and catch Farouk, she wants to have our heroes arrested for causing collateral damage.

The Mafia boss from the previous episode is back. He blames Danny and Lexi for the death of his son - not that they did the killing, but that they were peripherally involved and thus they bring him bad luck. As a result, as well as running from the local police our heroes also have a bounty on their heads that the local criminal underworld are looking to collect on.

Predictably, there are a few references to the film Casablanca. The black guy playing piano in the bar isn't Sam, it is Shaw - the ex-SAS military contractor who went on the run a few episodes ago. He offers Lexi a side deal of his own. She would certainly be better off with him, since she has more in common with him than with Danny. That said, Simon (James Callis - Battlestar Galactica (2003) ) tried to help her but she ratted him out to the Brotherhood of Serapis. Maybe Shaw would be better off without her as well.

Blood & Treasure (2019) Blood & Treasure (2019) [Season 1, Episode 8] The Lunchbox of Destiny
Shown 02 Jul 19

The flashback is to Boston, USA in 1997. Danny McNamara's father (Mark Valley - Fringe ) was part of a heist crew who carried out a daring robbery of the local museum.

Since Danny and Lexi are in custody of Interpol, they get handed over to the FBI. They manage to cut a deal with the Feds. If Danny and Lexi catch the thieves in the 1997 gang, the Feds will drop all charges against our heroes and give them an Operation Paperclip file on Steiner's crew.

This gives a real change of perspective. In previous episodes, Lexi suspected that her own father had been working with Farouk - or with the Brotherhood of Serapis. Now it is Danny's father who is the dodgy one. This explains why Danny is such a straight arrow: even as a kid he chose to destroy his own family in order to save it.

Can our heroes beat a confession out of a senior citizen? More importantly, can they escape Anna Silk and the hit-squad who are also after the paintings?

Gwen from Interpol ( Katia Winter ) and Captain Fabi the Carabinieri interrogate Omar, Farouk's sidekick. Unfortunately Farouk has a new sidekick - The Scorpion ( Sharon Taylor ). Worse, Gwen is hunting for Lexi's secret source so it is only a matter of time before she closes in on Captain Fabi.

Blood & Treasure (2019) Blood & Treasure (2019) [Season 1, Episode 9] The Shadow of Projekt Athena
Shown 09 Jul 19

The flashback is to Quebec, Canada in 1945. The survivors of the German team got to North America, although without the help of Operation Paperclip. Apparently Colonel Steiner joined them, even though he got seperated from them in Carcassone, France.

Gwen ( Katia Winter ) uses her info to close in on Captain Fabi. She makes an enormous leap of logic, assuming that he is a member of the Brotherhood of Serapis and that he assassinated the traitor who was working for Farouk. Somehow she managed to guess correctly, but she has absolutely no evidence to support her hunch. Regardless, she gets the carabinieri to arrest their own Captain!

Danny and Lexi go hunting for the old Germans. Well, their big quest in the previous episode was to torture info out of an old man, so a violent obsession with hurting elderly people simply because they were born in a country that spoke German should not be too much of a leap. Still, it seems a bit out of character for Lexi to fantasise about sending the last Nazi to Hell.

This episode ties up a couple of loose plot thread, but it asks as many questions as it answers.

Blood & Treasure (2019) Blood & Treasure (2019) [Season 1, Episode 10] The Wages of Vengeance
Shown 16 Jul 19

Gwen ( Katia Winter ) tried to pin something on Captain Fabi. Now she arrests Father Chuck on flimsy grounds, in the hope that she can lure Danny out.

Danny and Lexi pay their respects to the Brotherhood of Serapis. The leader (Julian Richings - Supernatural ) will not help them, but one of his underlings gives them a lead. Farouk has one remaining relative, in a hospital in Moldova.

Danny and Lexi trace Farouk to Cyprus. Unfortunately this means they need help from Simon (James Callis - Battlestar Galactica (2003) ). After what he suffered, he wants revenge on Farouk too.

Blood & Treasure (2019) Blood & Treasure (2019) [Season 1, Episode 11] Return of the Queen
Shown 23 Jul 19

Blood & Treasure (2019) Blood & Treasure (2019) [Season 1, Episode 12] Legacy of the Father
Shown 30 Jul 19

Blood & Treasure (2019) Blood & Treasure (2019) [Season 1, Episode 13] The Revenge of Farouk
Shown 06 Aug 19





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