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Season 1

Killjoys Killjoys [Season 1, Episode 1] Bangarang
Shown 19 Jun 15

Johnny (Aaron Ashmore - Smallville ) and his gal-pal Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) are interstellar bounty hunters.

Johnny's estranged brother has a kill-warrant on his head. Johnny takes a few days off work to catch up with his prodigal sibling, who is earning his passage on a starship through Indentured servitude and is paying it off through cage-fighting.

Dutch is being stalked by a mysterious assassin (Rob Stewart - Amazon ). It turns out she has a backstory - like Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass .

Dutch agrees to help Johnny get the bounty on his brother's head cancelled. To do this, they must do a freebie for the fascist Mining Corporation.

Killjoys Killjoys [Season 1, Episode 2] The Sugar Point Run
Shown 26 Jun 15

Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) and her sidekicks are hired to do a prisoner exchange. Johnny's brother proves his worth to the team.

Yet again, the Dystopian background is all-important to the story. The so-called heroes take it for granted that the Mega-Corps will reduce any troublesome city to a post-Apocalyptic wilderness rather than give decent terms to the workers.

Killjoys Killjoys [Season 1, Episode 3] The Harvest
Shown 03 Jul 15

The new recruit manages to pass the final interview with Lisa Ryder . The only problem is, now he has to pass the psych evaluation. The good news is, he can get it signed off by the barmaid upstairs. The bad news is, she wants him to do a favour for her in return.

A dollymop hires Johnny (Aaron Ashmore - Smallville ) and Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) to retrieve her husband. He is working as a sharecropper on a plantation world, and if he over-stays his work visa there then SHE will get ten years hard labour! Johnny goes undercover as an indentured worker, while Dutch dresses up as a high-class buyer of the plantation's product.

Killjoys Killjoys [Season 1, Episode 4] Vessel
Shown 10 Jul 15

Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) and her team are hired to transport a Vessel (a surrogate mother, pregnant with an aristocrat's child). The girl is in a secret fortress run by a breeder cult. A rival Noble House wants the Vessel and her child, so they can stage a hostile takeover. They send in a team of supposedly elite soldiers, who lack basic military skills like taking cover or backing each other up.

The surrogates stick together in times of trouble, and they are all trained to use Belgian P-90 assault weapons. Johnny (Aaron Ashmore - Smallville ) starts to bond with one of the surrogates. She is a farm-girl who specialised in engineering - like a more virginal version of Kaylee from Firefly .

We gets few clues to Dutch's origins. It has already been established that she was trained from childhood as an assassin, and now we discover that she was originally raised in a Royal harem. Also, the rookie's secret agenda gets some exposure. He is looking for a female medic he knew when he served in the military.

Killjoys Killjoys [Season 1, Episode 5] A Glitch in the System
Shown 17 Jul 15

Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) takes the team on a simple salvage mission. In an asteroid belt there is an unregistered freighter. The team board it, and follow standard prodecure ... split up so the bad guys can pick you off, one at a time!

The new guy gets tortured for info, and reveals the nasty secret that caused him to quit the military. However, it asks more questions than it answers because he discovers his memories were tampered with by persons unknown. Luckily, back in the bar there is a hot female doctor named Pawter who makes him pay her with sexual services instead of money. She must already have a lot of money, because she can afford expensive-looking lingerie!

Killjoys Killjoys [Season 1, Episode 6] One Blood
Shown 24 Jul 15

All the best Killjoy teams are called together for a competitive warrant. One of their own has gone rogue, and they have to hunt him down. Unfortunately, Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) gets sidetracked with a solo mission. Her mentor, the mysterious assassin (Rob Stewart - Amazon ), wants her to get to the target first and retrieve a weapon the man stole. To help her, the mento gives her a piece of technology that allows him to appear to her as a helpful hologram - like in Quantum Leap .

Johnny (Aaron Ashmore - Smallville ) and his brother team up with a rival Bounty Hunter, the oriental guy from the first episode. They close in on the target, who has taken refuge with some Nationalists led by Ian Tracey ( Continuum ). This allows some exposition about how bad the Company that runs everything is. After all, Mega-Corps seem to be a standard feature in every Dystopia - and these days, all SciFi is either Dystopian or Post-Apocalyptic!

Back home, the Pawter lady Doctor roofies the Company Man. She wants some Intel on the mysterious Doctor that her favourite petient keeps talking about. Can she find out who deleted his memories? And will she do a good enough job of deleting the Company man's memories?

Killjoys Killjoys [Season 1, Episode 7] Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye
Shown 31 Jul 15

The ex-military guy breaks up with the lady doctor. This leads on to a couple of things. Firstly, she gives him a lead on the mysterious doctor who messed with his memories. Secondly, it leaves him free and single to be with Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ). Unfortunately, this will remove the UST (Unrestrained Sexual Tension) and so their relationship is hardly going to end as a happy ever after.

The team close in on Doctor Yeager ( Amanda Tapping ). Will she help her former patient get his memory back?

As a sub-plot, Johnny (Aaron Ashmore - Smallville ) tries to decode the mangled tech that the mysterious assassin (Rob Stewart - Amazon ) gave Dutch in the previous tech. It is their best clue as to how to hunt him down before he comes after them.

Killjoys Killjoys [Season 1, Episode 8] Come The Rain
Shown 07 Aug 15

This starts ten days after the events of the previous episode. Johnny (Aaron Ashmore - Smallville ) gets out of his sickbed and into the bar. While he is there he bumps into his doctor, who needs some painkillers. Not for her patients but for herself, since she is an addict and is beginning to go cold turkey. Other patrons of the bar include Alvis the scar-back monk (Morgan Kelly - Being Erica ) who runs the local Rebellion, a plainclothes Mining Company officer and a gang of armed robbers!

The town is hit by a bad case of acid rain, courtesy of pollution created by the Mining Company. This is the same Company that executes people by crucifying them in a public street during the acid rain storm. Worse, the armed robbers take over the bar in the cliched Desperate Hours storyline. Johnny is caught between the robbers and the Company, but he is perfectly willing to side with the evil Company.

Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) and the military guy cannot help because they are away on a simple delivery mission. It turns out to be not-so-simple, however. They end up in a hostage scenario of their own, forced to answer a lie detector before they can get back control of their starship. The idea is to get them to talk, thus healing their damaged relationship.

Killjoys Killjoys [Season 1, Episode 9] Enemy Khlyen
Shown 14 Aug 15

Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) goes after the mysterious assassin (Rob Stewart - Amazon ), Khylen. It turns out that he has an office on the space station used as the HQ of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. Yes, she thought that by becoming a Bounty Hunter she was escaping him, but it turns out she was just playing into his hands.

Dutch and her team infiltrate the HQ. Despite being a space station, the interior looks a bit like a concrete office building. Not unlike the location used in the infamous Space Mutiny . I mean, in this day and age shows like V (2009) use green-screen for their large starship interiors. This reviewer is old-school, but in this case the retro filming style just makes the show look cheap.

Killjoys Killjoys [Season 1, Episode 10] Escape Velocity
Shown 21 Aug 15

This episode tries to tie up a few plot threads from this first Season, before the second Season can begin. However, that just makes it look a bit rushed and convoluted.

After the previous episode, the mysterious assassin (Rob Stewart - Amazon ) is after Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) and her team.

The rebellious flagellant priests, secretly plotting a revolution and smuggling weapons in Killjoys [Season 1, Episode 8] Come The Rain, now bear the brunt of the Police State they all live in. All this was meant to lead somewhere - well, maybe it will pay off next Season.

The aristocrat who sold out Doctor Yeager ( Amanda Tapping ) in Killjoys [Season 1, Episode 7] Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye now calls in her favour from Dutch. The good news is, we find out what happened to the genetic bomb from Killjoys [Season 1, Episode 6] One Blood. Since it evidently found its way into the intended hands anyway, Dutch's side-trip was presumably a waste of time.






Killjoys Killjoys [Season 2, Episode 1 ]
Shown th June 2016 [Wednesday]

Reviewed in our special supplement Killjoys

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    Season 2

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 2, Episode 1] Dutch and the Real Girl
    Shown 1st July 2016

    The tall brother has been held prisoner for five days. Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) and the crew track him to a fortress moon, but the defences are too strong for a full frontal assault. They need a hi-tech device to infiltrate the base.

    Dutch has a new crew member. He has a criminal record, so he gets them into a crooks-only town called Eulogy. A crook has stashed the device they need there. This necessitates a team-up with Clara the killer cyborg ( Stephanie Leonidas ). Yes, just like in Dark Matter we have a mixed-gender crew where the men are mundane and the women have superpowers.

    Khylen the mysterious assassin (Rob Stewart - Amazon ) is subjecting the tall brother to Virtual Reality. Strangely he is unaffected by the process. Kline has his own agenda, and he holds the lives of his minions cheap.

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 2, Episode 2] Wild, Wild Westerley
    Shown 8th July 2016

    The team try to get back to business as usual. This week they end up working for a couple of Mutts from Bitten: Season One . One is their boss at the Reclamation Agency, while the other is Jelco, the Company Officer in charge of the blockade on Old Town.

    The team are hired to track down eight escaped convicts. No, not the crew from sister-show Dark Matter but that would be a great idea for a crossover. Think of this as yet another missed opportunity, or just an homage to what might have been.

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 2, Episode 3] Skin Deep
    Shown 15th July 2016

    Khylen the mysterious assassin (Rob Stewart - Amazon ) has abandoned a team of bounty hunters. Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) and the boys go in to rescue them. It turns out they are trapped in a mysterious mine filled with strange rock formations. The result is impressively claustrophobic.

    Alvis the scar-backed flagellant monk (Morgan Kelly - Being Erica ) is still with the team. This is lucky, because the mine has ancient symbols carved by other monks from his religion. It turns out that Khylen has been concealing links between Level Six and the scar-backs. Similarly, Alvis also seems to be unwilling to trust Dutch's partners with what he knows.

    Back at the Oldtown security HQ, Pawter the lady doctor is under house arrest with Jelco (the Mutt from Bitten: Season One ). However, she has a few tricks up her sleeve.

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 2, Episode 4] Thursday's Child AKA Schooled
    Shown 22ndth July 2016

    Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) and the tall guy are on close terms again. They work up a sweat having a wrestle - that is, practicing hand-to-hand combat. However, they are not lovers since last time. Just as well, because despite being half his weight she still manages to defeat him. The good news is, there is a hot blonde bartender at the gay bar.

    Johnny goes looking for Pawter the female doctor. She managed to escape from the militarised cops with ease, and now she manages to outsmart a gang of slavers single-handed too. Just like Dutch, she is significantly superior to her male counterpart in every way. This is reminiscent of the sister-show Dark Matter , where the male crew-members are also dead weight and the female crew would do much better without them.

    The team deliver a child to a space station which is a school for gifted children. This is a cover for their investigation of the Level Sixes. A coded transmission was sent there from the Level six base. However, when the team turn up they meet the asian aristocrat woman. They must form an uneasy alliance with her, despite what she did in the previous Season's finale.

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 2, Episode 5] A Killing Frost AKA Meet The Parents
    Shown 29th July 2016

    Doctor Pawter gets Johnny (Aaron Ashmore - Smallville ) to accompany her to her parents' house. She wants to get back in their favour, so she can work the system from the inside. After all, they are one of the Nine Families, the ruling aristocracy of the system. Her father (Andrew Gillies - Codename Eternity ) is nice enough, but he is only the home-maker. They live in a matriarchy, and Pawter's mother is a total Matriarch.

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 2, Episode 6] Tricks of the Trade AKA I Love Lucy
    Shown 5th August 2016

    Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) puts the word about, and gets a lead on a trader who has a stash of the green plasma. The team fly to his secret space station so they can trade for it. The trader has bodyguards, a group of unkillable robot women. This makes a change from unkillable Level Six agents.

    Johnny has a secret weapon of his own. He is able to get Lucy, the ship's AI, to take over one of the robot women. Yes, the ship now has a hot sexy female avatar robot like in Andromeda . But how unkillable is the robot body?

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 2, Episode 7] Heart-Shaped Box
    Shown 12th August 2016

    The episode takes up where we left off last week. Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) hooks up with Alvis the scar-backed flagellant (Morgan Kelly - Being Erica ). The tall guy hooks up with the blonde bartender. Johnny (Aaron Ashmore - Smallville ) hooks up with Pawter the lady doctor in the flesh, although afterwards they are back to communicating by hologram again.

    The team unexpectedly uncover a Level Six. One of our heroes literally bangs the green stuff out of them. Dutch tries torturing the prisoner, but just like in real life it is a waste of time.

    Dutch goes undercover as a sexy flirty girl with great cleavage. This lets her locate and identify the Level Six agents clustered in Oldtown. Johnny also investigates the wall around Oldtown by getting a secret warrant put on an engineer. She helped build the wall, so she knows about the builders' secret plan.

    Dutch claims to hate Khylen the mysterious assassin (Rob Stewart - Amazon ) because he made her into a killer. However, she seems addicted to killing and unwilling to even contemplate changing her ways.

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 2, Episode 8] Lost in My Mind
    Shown 19th August 2016

    Doctor Pawter gets Johnny (Aaron Ashmore - Smallville ) out of police custody. Together they return to Oldtown, where they investigate the wall. It is obvious that the Company has a secret plan. Are they poisoning the food, or is there an electronic form of brainwashing? After all, to use BOTH systems would be excessive. And what has this got to do with the cluster of Level Six agents in Oldtown?

    Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) and the tall guy fly off to see Alvis the scarback (Morgan Kelly - Being Erica ). The boy who got the electronic brain-dump in Killjoys [Season 2, Episode 4] Thursday's Child AKA Schooled has the next clue to finding the secret of the Level Sixes. He gives them a map to a secret base where they find out what happened to the Twelfth Monk (Julian Richings - Supernatural ).

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 2, Episode 9] Born or Made
    Shown 26th August 2016

    Confusingly, this episode starts with Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) a prisoner, under severe interrogation. The population of Oldtown are bloodthirsty rioters, and their leader is the last surviving Trade Unionist. The main story is told in flashback.

    After the events of the previous episode, Dutch and her sidekicks infiltrated the police HQ. They wanted to shut down the wall's defences. Also, they wanted to murder Captain Jelco ( Bitten: Season One ) even though he was merely a pawn. After all, the plan has been in operation for decades, since long before Jelco was even born.

    Our heroes learn a few things this episode. Sometimes they have to sacrifice a few expendables, and sometimes they have to make a bargain with the devil. But it is always best to use a long spoon ...

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 2, Episode 10] How to Kill Friends and Influence People
    Shown 2nd September 2016

    Dutch ( Hannah John-Kamen ) and her team join forces with Khylen the mysterious assassin (Rob Stewart - Amazon ). The mission is to destroy the source of the green plasma. To do this they must raid a space-bank run by Rick Howland ( Sanctuary ). This is all a bit similar to the Shadow Depository storyline in Farscape , although nowhere near as good.

    The epilogue ties up a few loose ends, but also sets up the start of the next Season. It is not about simple bounty-hunting or even the Nine Families, it is all-out war!

    Season 3

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 3, Episode 1] Boondoggie
    Shown 4th July 2017 [Tuesday]

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 3, Episode 2] A Skinner, Darkley
    Shown 11th July 2017 [Tuesday]

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 3, Episode 3] The Hullen Have Eyes
    Shown 18th July 2017 [Tuesday]

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 3, Episode 4] The Lion, The Witch and the Warlord
    Shown 25th July 2017 [Tuesday]

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 3, Episode 5]
    Shown 1st Aug 2017 [Tuesday]

    Killjoys Killjoys [Season 3, Episode 1 ]
    Shown th August 2017 [Tuesday]